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Making Steak On The Grill

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Which Cut Of Steak Is Best For Grilling

How to Grill the Perfect Steak | Weber Genesis II Gas Grill | BBQGuys Recipe

When I first started working on this recipe, my top contenders for the steak were the ribeye , the rib steak , the porterhouse, and the T-bone.

Any of those cuts will taste great grilled due to the significant marbling of fat, which leaves the meat tender, and flavorful. Let’s take a closer look at each:

  • Ribeyes vs. Rib steaks: A ribeye has the bone taken out a rib steak, also known as a bone-in ribeye, is a ribeye with the bone in. Due to its extensive marbling, this cut cooks beautifully on the grill, bone in or out. Trim the thick fat from the outside edgeleaving it on will cause flame flare-ups that can give your steak an unpleasant burnt flavor. Don’t worry, trimming it off won’t result in lost flavor!
  • T-Bones vs. Porterhouses: People often confuse these two cuts, which is understandable because both cuts come from the loin and both have a T-shaped bone with meat on both sides. But porterhouses are larger and actually have more of the tenderloin than the T-bone. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications say the tenderloin of a porterhouse must be at least 1 1/4 inches thick at its widest, while that of a T-bone must be at least 1/2-inch.

Ultimately, I chose to use ribeye steak for its flavor, size, and the lack of bone — I wanted to slice and serve this steak family-style, and the fact that it doesn’t have a bone makes that easier.

Clean And Season Your Grill

Make sure your grill is clean and seasoned with a high-heat cooking oil before you get started. In order to avoid flare-ups, you don’t want too much excess oil, which can affect the taste of your steak. Brush the grates before and after use so that it’s unsullied and ready for your next grilling adventure.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Cook Steak On A Grill

Before your steak goes anywhere near the grill, you’ll want to consider the cut. This will change depending on who you’re serving:

  • Larger cuts like Porterhouse are perfect for gatherings, as just one of these can feed a few people.
  • If you’re just feeding a couple of guests, a smaller cut like New York strip might be appropriate.

Finding a farm where you can get to know the farmer who raises your food is a great way to be sure you’re getting a higher quality product than youd get from a large supermarket.

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Thicker Steaks Should Slide Over

Most steaks grill beautifully over direct high heat alone. The only time you might need to move them is if/when they cause flare-ups. However, some steaks are so thick that if you left them over direct heat alone, they would burn on the outside before they reached the internal doneness you like.

If your steaks are much thicker than an inch, consider the sear and slide approach. After you have seared both sides nicely over direct high heat, slide the steaks to a part of the grill that is not so hot, perhaps over indirect heat, and finish cooking them safely there.

How To Grill A Thin Steak

How to Grill Steak (Ultimate Grilled Steak)

When grilling steak that is 1 ½ inches in thickness or less, the best way to get the perfect char on the outside and desired doneness in the center is to sear over direct heat. You simply grill. the steak over the direct heat until it reaches the desired temperature, flipping it about every minute. This will ensure that the surface gets nice and golden brown and that the middle wont cook too quickly. Take the steak off of the grill once it reaches the desired temperature and let it rest 5 minutes before serving.

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Grilled Steak With Herb Butter Recipe Highlights

I think this is the perfect grilled steak recipe, & Im pretty sure youll agree. Its

  • MELTINGLY TENDER. The 2-zone grilling method cooks the steak with low, gentle heat before finishing with a beautiful char. It cuts smooth as butter juicy, melt-in-your-mouth perfection!
  • RESTAURANT-QUALITY. Simply seasoned steaks hit next-level deliciousness when basted in herby, garlicky butter over direct heat. An herb basting brush is a seriously simple technique that feels oh-so-fancy as delicious as your favorite steakhouse, guaranteed!
  • THE PERFECT SPECIAL OCCASION MEAL. Steak dinners are the best way to celebrate! Make simple grilled steak for summer holidays like Fathers Day, date night at home, or any other special occasion this summer.

Grilling steak perfectly has never been easier! Read on to learn more about how to make the perfect Grilled Steak with Herb Butter Brush, or jump straight to the recipe& get grilling!

Salt Salt And Salt Again

A few hours before you grill, lightly sprinkle both sides of the steak with salt put it on a wire rack set on a rimmed baking sheet. The salt helps the cells retain water, guaranteeing juicy meat. Before placing it on the grill, pat dry with paper towels, and generously salt the meat again. Finally, pass some fleur de sel at the table to sprinkle over the sliced steak for more flavor.

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How To Grill Sirloin Steaks Tender

Do you grill your sirloin steaks as though they were meatloaf? If not, you should definitely start doing so! Grilling sirloin steak is a great way to get that tender, juicy texture without any of the dryness. Plus, grilling it on a direct medium-high heat will help cook it evenly and prevent it from sticking to the grill grate.

How Do You Grill The Perfect Steak

Southern Style Cube Steak and Gravy Recipe | Ray Mack’s Kitchen & Grill

The trick for perfect grilled steak is to create two heat zones on your grill one side will be screaming hot with a high flame, while the second side will be unlit and cooler. Sear the steaks on the hot side to get a flavorful, golden brown crust and those coveted grill lines, then move them over to the cooler side to finish cooking all the way through. This creates a sizzling steak on the outside, and tender, buttery steak on the inside.


Hey you know what? Steaks on the grill with sweet corn on the side? THIS is the kickoff to summer Ive been waiting for!

Grilled steak with herb butter melted on top

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How To Make My Steak Juicy And Tender

  • : it is so nice to add in that little extra flavor!
  • Pierce with fork : this isnt necessary, but piercing the steak with a fork to create some tiny holes allows either your salt and pepper or your marinade to penetrate the meat much faster.
  • Sear on both sides: The sear is the key and then you can move to indirect heat to finish cooking. This seals in all those juices and leaves a nice char on the outside.
  • Do NOT over-cook: remember that your steak will continue to cook after you take it off the grill, so really you should shoot for about 5 degrees under where you ultimately want to be when you take the steaks off the grill.
  • Let rest: Your steak will continue to raise about 5 degrees while resting and this allows the juices to redistribute evenly throughout the piece of steak so when you do cut into it, it will be juicy and perfect! Then slice against the grain into nice thick slices.
  • How To Grill A Rib

    Rib-eye is a fatty, flavorful cut of steak. You can marinate rib-eye if you’d like, but it tastes great with a simple seasoning of salt and pepper right before it hits the grill. As chef Frothingham says, “This is where less is more.”

  • Preheat the grill.
  • Season the rib-eye generously with salt and pepper.
  • Cook the rib-eye for about four to six minutes on each side, or until it reaches your desired doneness. Chef Frothingham prefers an internal temperature of 125 degrees. Rib-eye is a fatty cut, so watch out for flare ups.
  • Let the steak rest and enjoy!
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    How To Prepare Steak For Grilling

    Two things are important here – temperature and seasoning. Especially for larger cuts, letting the meat come to room temperature before you cook it ensures the beef will cook evenly.

    Small steaks benefit from a bit of chill if you’re aiming for mid-rare, as they cook much more quickly. We highly recommend letting the cut sit out for at least half an hour, even up to two hours for big pieces of meat.

    Secondly, seasoning is king. Salt and pepper are the classics, and there’s a reason for that. While all sorts of rubs and marinades exist, if you’re just starting out, learn how to use the basics first. They’re your best friends when it comes to getting to know seasoning.

    Salting your steak a couple of hours before you grill allows the seasoning to penetrate right through the meat, making it flavorful throughout. Some people even salt overnight.

    If you’re in a hurry, don’t salt a cold steak 10-20 minutes before cooking – this will mostly just draw out moisture and dry the meat out. Salting right before the steak hits the heat means that you won’t lose moisture in this way.

    One final tip is to pat the beef dry when you’re bringing it up to temp. This will allow it to develop a better sear when you grill it.

    Best Grilled Steak Recipes

    Even Crappy Grills Can Make Perfect Steaks

    There are a few things I look forward to more than grilling ribeye steak, and this is coming from a person who loves recipes on the grill. What could be better than a perfectly grilled steak you can make right at home in minutes?

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    How To Grill A Perfect Steak


    How to Grill a Perfect Steak is your go-to grilled steak guide! Every step is broken down to make the process of grilling steak easy and approachable perfect for a gas grill or charcoal grill.

    THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY:This post is sponsored by Country Natural Beef, the opinions are my own.

    What To Serve With Grilled Steak

    Baked Potato in Foil: there is nothing better than steak and potatoes! Try our baked potato in foil recipe. Cook it on the grill or in the oven. The choice is yours.

    Foil Pack Potatoes: These foil pack grilled red potatoes are an easy side to add to any bbq. All you need to do to make these grilled potatoes in foil is toss them in olive oil, spices, and create foil pack!

    Grilled Asparagus In Foil: Jump into asparagus season with the easiest and yummiest way to eat it. Make Grilled Asparagus in foil for a 20-minute side perfect for all types of eaters!

    Butter Lettuce Salad: This butter lettuce salad has a combination of vegetables, fruit, nuts, cheese, and is drizzled with a simple lemon vinaigrette. Everything on a bed of tender butter lettuce makes a perfect and delicious salad.

    Foil Pack Peach Crumble: Its made with juicy peaches tossed in maple syrup and a yummy crumble topping, making it a gluten-free fruit crumble and a healthy dessert recipe for the summertime!

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    How To Use A Meat Thermometer

    Since the best way to determine when a steak is done is by checking the internal temperature of the meat, using an instant-read thermometer is key. To test for the correct temperature, stick the thermometer probe in the thickest part, away from fat, bone, or gristle. It’s important to keep in mind that the meat will continue cooking with residual heat even after it’s removed from the grill, by about 5 degrees. So if you’re going for a final internal temperature of 160 F, remove the steak from the heat at about 155 F, give or take.

    The Spruce Eats / Diana Chistruga

    Grilled Steak Internal Temperature

    Miami’s #1 Steak, Skirt Steak Grilled AKA Churrasco Recipe!

    The best way to know if your steak is done is by measuring the internal temperature. Everyone likes to eat their steak slightly differently. Some like it well-done and some like it medium rare. So, below you will find internal temperatures corresponding to doneness.

    • 165ºF well-done

    Remember to always let your steak rest for at least 5 minutes after they finish cooking so they can continue to rise in temperature by 5ºF.

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    How To Cook A Skirt Steak

    You can cook skirt steak perfectly using many different cooking techniques. I chose to highlight two of my favorite cooking methods grilling and pan-frying. Other than that, its a versatile cut of meat that can be cooked in many ways .

    Im not going to use marinades however, if you want to have a tender skirt steak, I highly advise using lactic acids to do so.

    Im a firm believer the less is more therefore, Im using kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper, and some fresh herbs. I do not want to overpower the natural flavors of the meat. Smoke from the grill will add a smokey flavor to the steak. While butter and fresh herbs, when pan searing the steak, will make it crispy on the outside and flavorful and juicy on the inside.

    It seems to me most home cooks do not know what the difference between a skirt steak and a flank steak is. Well, skirt steak comes from the plate primal, found below the ribs, while flank steak is from the abdominal muscles of the cow.

    Heres a list of equipment youll need for grilling:

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    The Two Best Ways To Grill Steak

    The ideal grilled steak has an appetizing browned exterior with tender, still-pink meat inside. The tricky part is making sure that you don’t burn the surface of the meat before the inside gets warm enough to eat, or cooking the inside too much before getting those nice surface grill marks.

    There are two ways to go about it.

  • Direct grilling: Cooking the steak over high heat, and flipping occasionally until the meat reaches the desired internal temperature .

  • Reverse searing: Cooking the steak slowly at a low temperature with indirect heat to get the meat 10 to 15 degrees from the final desired internal temperature, then finishing by cooking over high heat to get browning and grill marks.

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    Internal Temp Of Steak

    To check the internal temp of steak use an instant-read thermometer. Insert it into the thickest part of the steak. Here are the temperature ranges to look for :

    • Rare : 120 130 degrees
    • Medium-Rare : 130 140 degrees
    • Medium : 140 145 degrees
    • Medium-Well : 145 155 degrees
    • Well-Done : 160 degrees

    Grill It In The Instant Pot Using The Air Fryer Lid

    10 Mistakes You Make When Learning How to Cook Steak

    Get the complete ingredients list and instructions from the recipe card below.

  • Place steaks in the air fry basket and place in your Instant Pot.
  • Plugin the air fryer lid on your instant pot, press the air fry button, set the temperature to 400 degrees F / 200 degrees C and set the cooking time for 12 minutes.
  • Halfway through, open the lid and flip the beef. This will help you get an idea of how much more cook time is needed.
  • Cook until you think it is done, open, check the temperature using a fast-read thermometer. Remove the steak if done, and let it rest.
  • If not cooked enough, then grill for another 2-3 minutes.
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    How To Cook Steak On A Grill

    A perfectly grilled steak is one of life’s great joys. The warm summer air, the laughter of friends, and beautiful cuts of meat cooking to perfection on the grill create some of the best memories and meals.

    Of course, if you’re the one cooking for your family or throwing the party, you have to know how to get it just right. It’s just as true if you’re cooking for yourself as a group – you deserve amazing steak all of the time!

    Read on to discover how to grill meat just right, every time.

    How To Rest A Steak

    A cooked steak should rest at room temperature for at least five minutes and ideally around half the cooking time it will stay warm for anything up to 10 minutes. Here, pure science comes into play the fibres of the meat will reabsorb the free-running juices, resulting in a moist and tender steak. Any resting juices should be poured over the steak before serving.

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    Final Thoughts: Grilling Steak Times

    Hopefully, this guide helps you learn how to cook a medium steak or medium rare steak on the grill! As with any other cooking method, learning how to cook steak on the grill takes some practice to perfect. But, once you get the hang of checking the temperature and understanding how each level of doneness feels with your finger, youll become a pro at grilling ribeye steak or any other cut of steak you choose. You can always check out Steak University for other helpful grilling tips and recipes to create your perfect steaks.

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