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Yellowfin Tuna Steaks For Sale

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Enjoy Our Yellowfin And Bluefin Tuna Selections

How to cut 700 lb Giant bluefin tuna for Sashimi – Taiwanese food

Yellowfin tuna, also known as ahi, is a lean, flavourful fish great for sashimi and steaks. Our yellowfin tuna comes in two cuts. Choose from a regular steak cut or, a Saku block cut valued for its uniformity and preferred by Japanese chefs for classic presentations. Yellowfin tuna has a more pronounced flavour than albacore, but with a less fatty feel than bluefin tuna. Versatile and flavourful, yellowfin is eaten raw, smoked, cooked or canned throughout the world.

Greenwood Fish Market also has three cuts of bluefin tuna sashimi on offer. Those who want to enjoy their sashimi pre-sliced can opt for either the otoro, chutoro or akame sections of bluefin tuna. Akame refers to the lean meat on the side of the fish and is most commonly found in rice bowls or sushi rolls. Otoro and chutoro, on the other hand, refers to the fattier portions of tuna with luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth quality and are often enjoyed as sashimi or sushi.

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What Are The 4 Fish You Must By No Means Eat

Making the dont eat record are King Mackerel, Shark, Swordfish and Tilefish. All fish advisories as a consequence of elevated mercury ranges needs to be taken severely. This is particularly essential for susceptible populations reminiscent of younger youngsters, pregnant or breastfeeding ladies, and older adults.

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How Much Does Bluefin Tuna Cost

Prized for its fatty marbling, the Bluefin tuna is very much in demand in Japanese sushi restaurants and has grown its popularity in America and Europe in recent years. Especially with the Bluefin tuna populations dwindling numbers, coupled with incredible and sometimes ridiculous marketing ploy, the demand is understandably very high.

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Tuna Steaks Iqf Yellow

Theres nothing better during warmer weather than firing up the grill and having some friends over for a cookout. With delicious scents wafting through the air, conversations by the pool, and outdoor string light aglow, this is the perfect time to try something new. Sure, you could go with a tried and true cookout option, or you could try our frozen yellowfin tuna steaks. Yellowfin tuna, also known as ahi tuna, hails from tropical and subtropical waters. It is popular to serve yellowfin raw, as well as seared rare. This makes it a great option for a quick cookout, especially in the warmer weather. As with all of the options available in our selection, our frozen yellowfin tuna steaks are among the highest quality available. Each order comes with about 2 pounds of 8-ounce vacuum sealed tuna steaks. These are perfectly portioned, so you can easily prepare a meal for one or two, or a meal for 20, depending on how many people you are having over. No matter how you choose to prepared these steaks, they offer a unique twist on a typical meal. Enjoy free shipping on select orders!

Taste The Best Salmon Tuna Hamachi Sashimi

Tuna Steaks Yellow fin 6 oz



Sashimi Markets origin traces back to a small family of fisherman on the beautiful Pacific coast in San Diego, California. Sashimi Market was born out of our love for fresh fish and seafood. We believe that food is one of the truest forms of happiness you can experience and taste. Food is nourishment, love, and happiness that brings families and friends together for a great experience every day.

Our mission at Sashimi Market is to provide the best gourmet sushi grade fish for sushi and sashimi so you can enjoy Michelin star restaurant quality with your family and friends at home. Customize your own Sashimi Market Box with our bluefin tuna, king salmon, hamachi, fatty tuna, and uni for the ultimate tasting experience.

Our fish is 100% fresh, caught from the Pacific Sea and sustainably sourced. Our sushi grade fish is 100% safe to eat raw as sashimi. We take pride in our fish as fishermen, food purveyors, and chefs. You wont believe how fresh and delicious our gourmet sushi fish is! Taste our buttery, melt in your mouth sushi grade fish! Taste a bite of bliss!

Enjoy our delicious, fresh fish that have sushi chefs saying, Oishii! Order now and get our Sashimi Market fish shipped fresh off the boat to your door with Express 2-Day Shipping. Subscribe and enjoy delicious, gourmet sushi fish every day!

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Ahi Tuna Steak For Sale At The Best Prices

Global Seafoods prides itself on offering only the finest fresh and frozen seafoods at the best prices. We have a great money-back guarantee and fast delivery right to your door. If you’re ready to try our delicious frozen yellowfin tuna steaks, now is a great time! Let’s face it, Global Seafoods is the best place to order tuna steaks online!

*The Surgeon General of the United States warns that eating raw or undercooked seafood may pose risk of food borne illness.

Tuna Yellow Fin Steaks 2 X 150g


Watch our no frills video on how to prepare tuna sashimi

Our top quality pole caught wild yellow fin tuna portions are freshly prepared by hand by us.

Yellow fin tuna is mild with a meaty flavour, leaner than the blue fin tuna with more flavour than the albacore.

Sashimi grade so it is therefore suitable for sashimi/sushi.

This premium quality seafood is now being made available in portion sizes direct to our customers via home delivery.

Tuna is best eaten fresh we therefore do not recommend freezing this product.

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Are You Able To Eat Costco Tuna Uncooked

Is Costco ahi tuna fit for human consumption uncooked? Costcos Wagyu sashimi-grade Hamachi, which is additionally referred to as yellowtail or ahi tuna, is secure to be eaten uncooked as a consequence of their freezing course of, which occurs on the fishing boats. However any fish not labeled sushi or sashimi-grade is technically not fit for human consumption uncooked.

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A Far Cry From The Dry Flakes You Find In Tins Our Beautiful Tuna When Cooked To Perfection Are A Feast For All The Senses

Yellowfin Tuna Catch and Sale

Yellowfin or Bigeye tuna itself is itself a stunningly pretty fish, growing up to 2 meters in length with a blue-silver hue all over.

Fillets are sold as steaks, which do best grilled or pan seared, and boast a very meaty flavour not dissimilar to beef.

This is due to a much higher percentage of a red protein called myoglobin which gives tuna its ability to stay warm in very cold seas.

Tuna steak should always be served rare in the middle and for best results, we think it should only be cooked a minute on each side.

Serve tuna steak with something light a salad or dry salsa.

May arrive in one loin if multiple kilos are ordered. The finest yellow fin tuna comes from Sri Lanka or the Maldives Islands. The tuna we source is selected by our agents and graded for quality we only buy the top grade of tuna.

Please note that due to market conditions, sometimes dictated by the weather on rare occasions we may have to send you frozen fish, which could arrive partially-defrosted.

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What Is Ahi Tuna

Ahi tuna is type of tuna that is divided into two different species: yellowfin and bigeye. And its often cheaper than bluefin tuna, with a very similar flavor profile and texture. You can usually find it frozen at Trader Joes or your local grocery store for very inexpensive.

While I love salmon, it can be a bit pricey. And tuna, like salmon, is healthy and has an array of serious health benefits .

A seared tuna steak is a bit different than the canned tuna everyone is used to. For one thing: it comes in a whole, beautiful raw steak that holds its form much easier than other kinds of fish, which may tend to flake apart.

For another thing: it is usually cooked medium-rare: seared on the outside, red on the inside.

It actually looks very similar to a beef steak in this regard. It. Is. AMAZING.

How To Thaw Frozen Fish

I bought my ahi tuna steaks frozen, but you may be able to find fresh. If you use frozen, just make sure its completely defrosted before cooking.

I usually take mine out of the vacuum sealed plastic and leave it on a plate, covered in plastic wrap, in the fridge for 24 hours before I plan on cooking. Then, I make sure to pat them dry before cooking, as this will create a better sear.

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Choosing A Tuna Steak

There are different types of tuna and in most grocery stores you will find ahi tuna. This is the common yellowfin tuna or bigeye tuna. Here in the Midwest, you will find it priced around $13.00 To $20.00 dollars a pound.

Fish markets may have a better grade of tuna that is wild-caught and a deep red color. Our local fish market has this more premium tuna at $40.00 a pound.

Bluefin tuna is the most costly tuna there is. It is the tuna which in Japan they sell for $200.00 a pound. Just one fish can be worth thousands of dollars.

I can only remember seeing bluefin tuna for sale one time in Minnesota. This was probably 40 years ago. The market had a piece of tuna that was the prettiest reddish/purple color. At that time, the tuna was priced at $29.95. That would be a bargain today.

One additional thing to consider when buying your tuna. Choose a tuna steak that is at least 1 inch thick or more. Preferably 1 1/4 inches to 2 inches thick. Thinner tuna steaks can easily be over-cooked and the flavorful tuna taste will not be there. A piece of raw fish that is 12 to 14-ounces is the perfect size for 2 people.

What To Serve With Ahi Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna steaks are seen for sale at the Eastern Market... News ...

I like sprinkling some sliced green onions on top of the sliced ahi tuna, along with some toasted sesame seeds and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Its DELICIOUS served in a rice bowl with green beans or broccoli and a drizzle of spicy mayo or other sauce.

Or, for a super healthy and low-carb meal, serve it on a bed of greens with an Asian-style dressing. .

Alternatively, this would be great in a seared tuna poke bowl. Poke bowls are usually made with raw fish, but I think this fish, seared perhaps for a little less time than normal, cut up into cubes, would be excellent in a poke bowl.

I think this sliced tuna steak would be amazing on top of avocado toast, too!

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Grilled Tropical Tuna Steaks

These grilled tuna steaks with a tropical twist are a great way to enjoy a relaxing summer-evening cookout out with friends.

Provided by dakota kelly

4 tuna steaks, about 1 inch thick


  • To prepare marinade, combine preserves, hoisin, lime juice, cilantro, ginger, and sesame oil in a small bowl. Stir well.
  • Pour into a resealable plastic bag or glass bowl toss tuna with marinade to coat. Refrigerate for 1 hour.
  • Preheat an outdoor grill for high heat and lightly oil grate.
  • Remove tuna steaks from marinade, shake off excess, and discard remaining marinade. Cook on preheated grill for 4 to 5 minutes per side. Be careful not to overcook the tuna should be lightly browned on the outside but still slightly pink in the middle. Serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts : Calories 332.1 calories, Carbohydrate 33.5 g, Cholesterol 77.7 mg, Fat 3.4 g, Fiber 0.5 g, Protein 40.5 g, SaturatedFat 0.7 g, Sodium 319.3 mg, Sugar 28.3 g

How To Sear The Tuna Steaks

The fact that the tuna is served medium-rare accounts for its extremely fast cooking time. Just marinate the tuna in a mixture of soy sauce, oil, salt, and pepper preferably for at least ten minutes, or overnight.

For a typical ahi tuna steak , sear on each side for about two minutes . I recommend using a nonstick skillet for this, or a very well seasoned cast iron skillet .

Also, its important to get the pan SEARING hot before adding the fish. You want the outside to cook very quickly, while leaving the inside raw, so it should be as hot as possible before beginning to sear. I usually heat the pan for 3-5 minutes.

Let it rest for a few minutes, slice, and youre ready!

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Factors Affecting The Cost Of Bluefin Tuna

If you have been to a lot of countries and have tried different servings sushi and sashimi, you know that Bluefin tuna prices can vary significantly. But what do you think really contributes to this huge differences? Find out below.

  • The country or place where it was caught

If youre looking for the best Bluefin Tuna you could ever find on the surface of the earth, Japan is the place to be, particularly in Oma. It is said that the Bluefin Tuna caught here are of superior quality in terms of fat content. If youre looking to buy one, winter months are the ideal time as they are considered the peak season for this fish.

  • The country or place where it was sold

Just like any business, the cost of living and the cost of doing business affect the pricing of commodities. Supply and demand in certain places also affect the prices. Those states where Bluefin Tuna is scarce but a lot of people are raring to get a taste of this premium seafood, expect a surge in prices.

  • How the Bluefin Tuna was handled

Handling and storage of Bluefin Tuna after being caught not only increase the price due to the higher cost of the extra handling. It is also said that certain handling keeps or improves the taste of the fishs flesh. It automatically follows that a better-tasting fish fetches a higher price.

  • Whether caught from the seas or farmed

In Japan, particularly in Kindai University, a Bluefin tuna costs around $50 to $80 a pound when raised from an egg.

  • Part of the Bluefin Tuna being bought

Preparing The Tuna Steak

How to Smoke Fresh Tuna Steaks | Smoked Yellowfin Tuna on the Pit Boss

Getting your fresh tuna ready to sear is really easy. What I do first, is take the tuna out of the refrigerator about one hour prior to cooking. This will allow the tuna to warm up a bit so the rare center is not cold after searing.

Place your tuna on a plate and pat it dry with a paper towel. Then drizzle on about a teaspoon of soy sauce and toasted sesame oil. Rub the liquids on both sides and ends so the seasonings will stick.

The simple ingredients I used are:

  • Black sesame seeds
  • Kosher salt
  • Fresh ground black pepper

Combine all these ingredients in a small bowl. Sprinkle the seasonings onto the raw tuna and press the seeds so they stick well. Coat all sides of the tuna steak.

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Is It Safe To Eat Raw Ahi Tuna

If youre nervous about eating raw fish, you should use your best judgement. You can always choose to cook these ahi tuna steaks all the way through to be well-done.

But tuna steaks are usually served seared on the outside and raw on the inside. Look up any seared ahi tuna recipe and you will see that it is almost always cooked this way. If you order it a restaurant, its bound to be cooked medium-rare as well.

Id recommend getting over your fears and jumping on this bandwagon . Fully cooked tuna can be a bit dry , but when the outside is a crispy, salty, savory layer and the inside is a supple, soft, tender layer, it enhances the taste so much and the texture is amazing.

Plus, many of the bacteria that makes raw foods more risky to eat is usually found on the surface of the foods. If you sear the outside, as in this recipe, youre killing off the bacteria that may make you sick. Same goes for a good seared steak.

Fresh Bluefin Tuna Belly

  • Riviera Seafood Clubs Fresh Bluefin Tuna Belly , scientifically named Thunnus orientalis, is responsibly ranched and harvested using the Ikejime method in the waters surrounding Baja, Mexico. With each bite your palate is pleased with waves of full and rich umami flavor, complemented by a soft and buttery texture with the skin-off and no bones. Our Bluefin Tuna Belly is prepared as a sushi and sashimi grade Saku , which is typically only found at high-end sushi restaurants.

    Otoro is the belly cut of the highly prized Bluefin Tuna featuring intense fat marbling resulting in a rich, melt-in-your-mouth buttery flavor and tenderness not found with any other fish. Our Bluefin Tuna is responsibly wild-caught as a juvenile and farm raised at Baja Aqua Farms in Mexico where they are raised into healthy adults. Rivieras Bluefin Tuna and other fish are NEVER injected with artificial colorings or carbon monoxide to retain color.

    All orders of Fresh Bluefin Tuna Belly are individually packed and shipped in a refrigerated box using overnight express delivery. We guarantee our Bluefin Tuna is the best quality that you can find, perfect for sushi, sashimi or a light searing.


  • Species: Bluefin Tuna

Worth it!

You get what you paid for!! I was so happy and impressed with the quality and the taste of this otoro. Money well spent!

Luxurious and Extremely FreshExcellent OtoroHigh Quality Otoro

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