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How To Choose A Steak For Grilling

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Doneness Levels Of Grilled Steaks

How to Choose a Great Steak

One of the most important parts of the grilling process is to make sure the steak is cooked to the proper doneness. The best way to make sure youve properly cooked your meat is by using a meat thermometer to gauge the internal temperature.

The key to getting your desired doneness is to remove the steak when it is about five degrees cooler than the recommended temperature. If you like a medium-rare steak, which is done at an internal temperature of 135°F, you should remove it at 130°F and let it rest. Be sure to review the USDAs safe minimum internal temperatures chart for more information.

Choosing The Right Cut Of Beef

I want to be super clear about this part there are a lot of different cuts of beef out there, and even the ones that are tough and lean can make a great meal if you have marbling, thickness, and the know-how to cook them.

But the fact of the matter is, working with certain cuts of steak is a lot easier than working with others. It has to do with the inherent tenderness of the muscle fibers in each cut.

Generally speaking, the best cuts of steak come from muscles or areas of the cow that arent worked much, if at all, throughout the life of the animal. On the other end, muscles that are overworked and strong tend to be tougher and require low and slow cooking on a smoker to achieve acceptable tenderness .

So with that in mind, youll probably have an easier time making a delicious steak if you choose one of the following cuts:

How Long To Cook Steak On Grill

Heres how you will make the perfect steak this season

Not only Americans but food enthusiasts of every nation are into irresistible steak dishes. They are the glory of every famous restaurant here and there. However, people are nothing less enthusiastic about making steaks at home.

If you are planning the same as well, you are indeed in the right place. Here, you will get a certain idea about what smoking equipment to use, how long to cook steak on grill, what seasoning and smoking ingredients to use and more. So lets get started.

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Choose Your Grade Of Meat

Lets start with the grades of meat. There is Select, Choice, and Prime.

  • Select is usually the grade of sale-priced, or advertised meat. Its considered basic level meat by the USDA, there is not a lot of marbling.
  • Choice grade, will have a Choice sticker on it signifying the grade, is just above Select. It has moderate marbling and considered great meat by most, if youre on a budget Id recommend starting there so you still get good meat.
  • Prime grade. The last and best grade of meat in my opinion is Prime. It is the highest quality meat by the USDA and has abundant marbling. Trust me, it will always be worth it to pay the extra money per pound for the Prime grade.

Whats The Best Steak For Grilling

Steak guide: How to choose the best grilling steak ...

Honestly, when it comes to cooking a steak on the grill, you cant really go wrong with any cut you choose. However, getting a perfectly cooked steak from a grill can be tricky if youre new to steak cooking or using a grill. Each cut of steak is a different size, thickness, and texture, so itll be a different process to grill ribeye steak than it would be to grill a much thicker steak, like a filet mignon.

Another issue you might have with the grill lies in the fat content of steak. Although steaks with more fat tend to be more flavorful and tender , they also can be more dangerous to cook on the grill. As fat drips off cut steaks, grill flare-ups can happen. This is especially common with cuts like the rib eye, which are known for their marbling.

That doesnt mean you cant grill them, but youll definitely need to take extra precautions when doing so. Whether you want to cook a rib steak, a T-bone, or flat iron on the grill, you can learn to do it by following our helpful grilling tips for steak.

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Why Hasnt The Best Cut Of Steak Changed Over The Years

So much has changed in America since the 1800s that youd think the best cut of steak may have changed too but it hasnt.

Meat from the top and center of the steer is especially tender since this area doesnt get much work during the steers lifetime.

The general rule of thumb for any cut of meat is to remember that beef gets more tender as the distance from the horn and hoof increases. A steers legs do most of the work, so the muscles there are firmer. The loin and ribs dont get as much of a workout, so theyre more tender. If you need a refresher about all beef cuts, check out What Everybody Ought to Know About Beef Cuts.

How Long Do You Cook A Steak On An Electric Grill

It really depends on how well you want steaks done. If youre just looking for something on the medium or medium-rare side, for example, youll probably be fine with cooking your steak for about five to six minutes. If you want a steak that is well done, though, youre looking at eight to ten minutes.

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Get Your Foodie Fix Of Inspiration

There is no perfect technique on how to grill steak. But good steak grilling comes down to a few key factors: the right cut of meat, high heat, and preparing your meat properly. Make sure to invest in a good thermometer to help you perfect your cooking times.

If youre a food lover and looking for a little inspiration, this blog is for you. Explore for all things cakes and bakes, weekly menu planning, tons of recipes, and more.

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How To Cook Steak On The Grill

Steak 101: How to choose a steak and cook it in a pan (no thermometer)

We won’t get into the fiery debate between charcoal versus gas grills here we’ve covered that in depth. But for certain, great grilling can be had with either charcoal or gas.

We’ve also covered how to pick the best steak for grilling. The good news is, the perfect steak doesn’t need to be the most expensive. If breaking the bank isn’t part of your barbeque plan, consider less spendy sirloin, hanger, flank steak, and skirt steaks.

Choose cuts that are at least 1-inch thick. If the steak is too thin, the interior gets cooked well-done before the exterior can develop the crave-worthy crust. If you can, choose steaks of even thickness so they’ll be done at the same time. Also, meat near the bone will take a little longer to cook.

The ideal steak marinade combines acid, fat, and seasonings. The acid creates a tangy flavor foundation and tenderizes the meat the fat adds flavor, seals in juices, helps keep the meat from sticking to the grill, and promotes caramelization and the seasonings complete the flavor profile. Here’s a breakdown of The Best Steak Marinade in Existence.

  • If your steak was marinating, wipe off the wet marinade with a paper towel, then set it down on the hot grill and leave it alone for several minutes without turning.
  • After a few minutes, the meat will release its grip on the grill, and you can turn it without tearing the meat If you start to turn it, and it’s still gripping the grill, just give it another minute.
  • Some Favorite Grilled Steak Recipes:

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    Whether You Prefer Boneless Or Bone

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    The best cuts of beef for a juicy steak are well-marbled cuts with visible flecks of white fat throughout the cut.

    The USDAs beef grading system helps with this: beef graded as prime has the most marbling and is cut from young, well-fed cattle beef graded as choice has less marbling but will still be tender, juicy, and flavorful. Both are ideal choices for grilling!

    More specifically, here are the beef cuts that are a cut above the rest for the grill, at least!

    Rest A Grilled Steak And Slice It The Right Way

    Its important to know that beef will continue to cook for a bit after it is removed from a hot cooking surface. Following the direction above to remove a steak a few degrees before the desired doneness temperature, let your steak rest on a cutting board for between eight to ten minutes after removing it from the grill. This will allow it to also cook more evenly throughout.

    Finally, make sure to cut your steak correctly. There are a few cuts that will be tougher to eat if you dont cut it against the grain. Dont ruin your steak by slicing it wrong.

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    How To Choose The Best Charcoal Grill

    If youre interested in purchasing a charcoal grill, its a little more straightforward. Look for models that have tall, tight-fitting lids for indirect grilling, as well as adjustable vents in both the top and bottom for controlling the heat. Charcoal grills that feature a hinged grate or door in the front of the grill to allow for the addition of fresh charcoal and wood chips are great, too. Finally, make sure the grill has an ash catcher for easy cleanup.

    Should You Boil Steak Before Grilling

    A Beginner

    Never, never, never boil steak before grilling. Boiling the steak will give the exterior an unpleasant grey color, and it will probably be overcooked before it gets to the grill.

    There is a technique called sous vide cooking where you immerse steak in warm water to cook it to a desired temperature, then finish cooking it on the grill. But the water temperature is kept closer to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, never as high as the boiling point of 212 degrees.

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    Why Youll Love This Recipe:

    Im so guilty of claiming perfect this and perfect that I know, Im aware of that.

    Perfect is subjective. So lets define what a perfect steak means to me.

    Characteristics of a perfect steak:

    • Nice deep brown crust
    • Rosy pink from crust to crust

    So, if you agree on those descriptions of a perfect steak, then keep on reading.

    How To Tell A Steak Is Ideal For Grilling

    When picking the best cut of meat for grilling here are the things to keep in mind.

  • Grade of Meat I highly recommend buying Prime, you will definitely taste a huge difference. However, if its not in the budget then go Choice.
  • Date Dont be afraid to shuffle through the meat packages. I always buy the freshest meat, and actually prefer to go to the butchers counter to ask them. They know exactly whats out and what the best to buy is.
  • Amount of marbling Scan the marbling in your steak. I want to make sure I see a good amount of marbling but not so much that I barely get any steak because the fat just takes over. This is very common in Ribeye Steaks specifically.
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    Best Indoor Grill For Steaks 2022

    Who doesnt love a grilled steak? Smokey meat with a lot of flavor, texture, and protein. Grilling in the garden under the sun is great, and you get to spend quality time with your family and friends. But what to do if you are craving a grilled steak, and you cant use the outdoor grill for some reason. Well, we got two words for you Indoor Grill. We have done some research and found 10 of the best indoor grills for steaks that you can buy right now.

    Indoor grills are a revolutionary countertop appliance that allows you to grill food inside your kitchen and that too without any smoke.

    Some of the leading kitchen appliance manufacturers have now released their indoor grills in the market. The difference between an indoor and outdoor grill is the appearance.

    Where outdoor grills are bulky, heavy, and space-consuming- indoor grills provide the same grilling results in a much more compact and lightweight unit.

    Do You Close The Grill When Cooking Steak

    Weber Grills Steak Tips How to Choose a Steak

    Yes, you close the grill when cooking steak. Closing the grill helps the temperature stay high, achieving the tasty sear you want on the surface of the steak.

    But you should check the temperature of the steak frequently. If you have a Traeger that’s no problem, because you can use the temperature probe to keep track.

    The higher the cooking temperature, the more often you should peek and test. Different cuts cook at different rates, and you never know exactly how long it’s going to take. Sometimes the steak’s internal temperature will putter along around 100 degrees Fahrenheit and suddenly shoot past the 135-degree target.

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    Whats The Difference Between Grain

    In recent years, theres been a lot of talk about the benefits for consumers and for the environment of choosing grass-fed beef over grain-fed beef. But theres a lot of misinformation surrounding these two types of meat as well.

    For starters, all cattle, even grain-fed cattle, are raised on grass for the first 85% of their lives. Grain-fed cattle get moved to a feedlot and switched from a diet of grass to a diet of grain about three months before theyre dispatched. Grass-fed cattle maintain access to pasture and keep eating grass all the way up until slaughter.

    So rather than calling certain cattle grain fed or grass fed, it would be more accurate to label them as grain finished and grass finished.

    Eating an all-grain diet fattens cattle up quickly and imparts that nice marbling which makes their meat taste delicious. Grass-finished cattle, because of their diet and because they move their muscles more, produce a meat thats slightly leaner and tougher.

    Nutrient and health wise, grass-finished beef contains more Omega-3s, CLA, and vitamins A and E. However, the difference in these nutrients between grass-finished and grain-finished beef isnt huge. Also, unless the meat is specifically labeled as being antibiotic free, both kinds of cattle may be given antibiotics.

    So pick whichever type you want and makes you feel good. Theres not going to be much difference except in price.

    How To Season The Steak

    Put that seasoning mix down right now! The best seasoning for a good piece of steak is salt and pepper. If youre looking to enjoy a good cut of steak, the flavor will be all there in the meat, no need to add anything but salt and pepper.

    If you are spending a lot of money on a good cut of beef and put a lot of effort into the preparation, you dont want to mask the natural flavor of the meat with sauces, marinades, and spice mixes. Save those for lesser cuts of meat.

    Before putting it on the grill, pat the steak dry with a paper towel, rub it with some oil on all sides, and season it generously with salt and pepper on both sides. Remember, you always want to put oil on the actual meat, not on the grill.

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    Q: Is It Easy To Clean The Infrared Grill

    A: The process of cleaning an infrared grill is the same as the others, but you have to be careful about the steel or metal object that sends out the heat. When cleaning, leave the grill on empty for 20 mins, so it burns all the debris left from cooking. After this, you can take the rest of the particles out with a brush or a wire.

    What Are The Best Cuts Of Steak

    How to Grill the Perfect Steak: A Step

    Theres really nothing quite like a well-cooked steak. It pairs perfectly with just about anything, its extremely versatile, and its great for any occasion and in any setting.

    While the cooking method and surface you use are certainly important, a great steak actually starts with a great cut of meat. You can have the best seasoning, the best grill, and the best cooking tricks up your sleeve, but if youre starting out with a mediocre cut of steak, the steak will be, well, mediocre.

    Youve probably noticed there are a lot of different types of steaks, whether youre browsing the meat department at the grocery store or checking out a restaurant menu. How do you know which ones are any good? Do you have to shell out big bucks to get a decent steak? Hint: not necessarily. To make steaks slightly less mysterious, weve put together this guide to the top five cuts.

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    How To Cook Steak Sous Vide

    There’s another way to get juicy steaks on the stovetop. It’s a technique called sous vide . It starts with the same searing technique as above. but instead of going from skillet into a very hot oven, the steak gets sealed in a plastic bag and goes into a hot water bath to finish cooking. Interested? Watch this video for all the details:

    VIDEO: Sous Vide New York Strip Steaks

    Chef John’s technique doesn’t require expensive sous vide equipment — all you need is a heavy pot and a cooking thermometer. See how it’s done!

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