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How Long To Cook Steak On Pellet Grill

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Final Words About Pellet Grill Steaks

How to Reverse Sear a Steak on a Pellet Grill | Grilla Grills Pellet Smokers

The perfect steak sear is the mark of a grill master. We hope these tips help you get your best grilling results so that all of your guests will be impressed with whats on their plate and not just how it tastes!

We has provided an in-depth guide to how you can grill perfect steaks on your pellet grill. You now have the information needed so that next time, youll be able to cook up a sensational steak for yourself and any guests who may stop by!

If you find yourself struggling to maintain an even temperature, try cooking at lower temperatures for longer periods of time. This should work well in most cases!

How To Prepare The Meat Before Grilling

The next bus-stop the steaks need to reach before finally arriving on the grill is preparation or seasoning.

First thing first, remove the steak from the refrigerator and allow it to sit out for 40 minutes at room temperature. Remember, a cold steak will take extra time to cook and, by implication making the steaks tougher. It is best to cook at room temperature.

You can as well trim out the excess fat from the steaks but do not trim it all.

It is not hygienic to leave the steak out for too long- you wouldnt want to compromise your health by leaving it out for hours that encroaches into the food safety Hazard territory.

Also, it is ideally suitable for you to have the center of the steak a bit cool when it hits the grill to achieve a perfect medium-rare steak. Additionally, leaving the steak out for too long makes the whole steak warm and increases your chances of error.

At this junction, lets talk about the seasoning of the steaks. No need to get complicated about seasoning, and if you want to, it yours. There are various kinds of spices, rubs, and seasoning mixes that you can buy. But a simple salt and black pepper will work out a perfect steak.

I love mine with garlic, chili pepper, and paprika.

Finally, you have to seal it by brushing it with oil before grilling. This will prevent sticking the steaks to the grill grates and help moisturize them. You should try melted butter as it is said to add its own taste to the lot.

Are Pellet Grills Good For Steaks

Yes, pellet grills are good for cooking steaks. In fact, pellet grills are perfect for cooking steaks. A good steak is juicy and mouth-watering, and seared on both sides, and you can achieve this perfection with a pellet grill.

Pellet grills are packed with wonderful features that make them excellent, from efficiency to less mess, and the fact that they do not run on charcoal. All of these features that make pellet grills excellent, also explain why they are so good for cooking steak.

For example, the last thing that you want is to be eating a steak that stinks of charcoal. With a pellet grill, this will never happen.

So, yes, pellet grills are good for steaks. This is mainly because a pellet grill will showcase the natural flavor of the steak, instead of masking it with the scent of charcoal. So, if you have a pellet grill, you definitely can cook your steak on it.

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Smoked Steak Vs Grilled Steak

The biggest difference between smoking and grilling is the cooking time involved. Smoking is a long and slow process with constant temperature monitoring. Grilling takes far less time, but smoking produces a tender and flavorful steak thats nearly impossible to replicate. Read more about the differences by .

Should You Marinate Steaks

Steak temperature chart for how long to cook steaks

Its not required to marinate a steak. But most cuts of beef can benefit from the marinating process.

A good marinade will add make the steak more flavorful. Plus a good marinate can help tenderize the meat if you have a tough cut.

I recommend marinating your steak for a minimum of one hour and no more than 24 hours.

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You Should Know 4 Important Things About Grilling Steaks:

Bring the meat to room temperature before you put it on the grill. If you dont, the outside will cook much faster than the cold inside, and you will get a dry exterior with a cold interior.

Use rubs without a high salt content. Copious quantities of salt tend to draw moisture out of the steak. Sugar will caramelize and add that great char on the surface.

Baste with butter or spritz with apple juice/Worcestershire mix. Or both!

Let the meat rest about 10 minutes after youve finished cooking. This will keep the flavorful juices inside the steak where they belong. Cut into one too early, and the juices will run all over the plate.

Technique: As a general rule, you should grill a high quality steaks on high heat . A lower quality steaks will likely benefit from a slower cook . Occasionally, if I have the time, I will cook a steak for an hour or so at 150°F and then turn it up to 500°F to finish it off.

TIME: Grill about 7-10 minutes per side at high temperatures or 15-20 minutes per side at the lower temperatures mentioned above. The actual amount of time will depend on the thickness of the meat and your preference for doneness.

Do Pellet Grills Get Hot Enough To Sear

However, there is a general criticism of pellet grills that you may have heard pellet grills dont get hot enough to sear! However, some pellet grills, such as earlier generation Traeger pellet grills would not exceed 450 degrees. Thats not really hot enough to get a good sear going on steaks and burgers etc.

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Do You Need To Flip Steaks On A Traeger

The Perfect Traeger Steak For getting a good sear, preheat your grill and set the temperature to smoke. Make sure the lid of the wood pellet grill remains open while doing so. After 5 minutes, flip the steak and repeat the same process.

Cooking Steak On A Pellet Grill: Perfect Bbq

How To Cook Steaks On A Pellet Grill
  • More Grilling Goodness:
  • Have you been craving a flawlessly cooked restaurant-quality steak lately? Well, you dont always have to make the effort of physically going out to a restaurant for overpriced steaks. Why dont you just fire up the pellet grill and make one for yourself?

    It is a challenging task to cook steak on a pellet grill granted. However, if you put your mind to it, its not rocket science and you can cook a great steak from the comfort of your home.

    Heres what youll need to do.

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    How Long Do You Cook Steak On A Pit Boss

    A one-inch steak will take about 5-8 minutes on high heat to cook. While a 2-inch steak will take about 10-12 minutes to be cooked at medium-rare.

    Below is a table of the different doneness level and when to remove it from the grill.

    160-210°F 12 Minutes

    That said, you should always use the meat probe or thermometer to ensure the meat cooks to your desired internal temperature.

    As every Pit Boss grill is different and some will cook faster than others.

    Equip Yourself With The Right Tools To Cook The Perfect Steak

    Before getting down to the cooking part, it is necessary that you get hold of good grilling gear. They say that artists are only as good as the paints they use, and your equipment dictates how good or bad a job you do with the cooking.

    You need a thermometer to keep tabs of the meats temperature accurately. Youll also require grill grates, which allow you to sear your meat on the pellet grill with much ease. Use this tool for professional-level results.

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    Smoking At 225 Degrees

    Top sirloin steak does not have a lot of fat so this smoke will be quick. Heat up your pellet smoker to 225 degrees. My two-pound steak took roughly 45 minutes to reach 120 degrees. I highly recommend that you take your steak out of the smoker 10 degrees before your preferred temperature. Reverse seeing this sirloin will bring the temperature up to my familys desired medium-rare 130-135 degrees.

    Why These Beef Kabobs Are So Good

    PelletGrilling Steak Technique. Learn how to make the BEST ...
    • Easy: These kabobs are super easy to prep. Just marinate the meat, arrange on skewers, wrap in Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil, and on the grill they go!
    • Delicious: The beef for these skewers is marinated in a tangy soy sauce mix and they are so juicy once cooked on the grill. And the foil helps to keep them juicy and flavorful.
    • Great for entertaining: Its really easy to double up on this recipe and make enough to feed a small army. Kabobs are a great handheld food that you can enjoy anytime or place!
    • Peace of mind: Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil is perfect for grilling, so you dont have to worry about foil breaking or tearing even with heavier foods

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    Tips On Cooking A Perfect Steak Sear On A Pellet Grill

    • Start with high heat.
    • Turn down the outside burners to medium after preheating your grill, and turn one burner on high in the center of the grill for searing.
    • Sear steaks 4 minutes per side , 6 minutes , or 8 minutes .
    • Flip 90 degrees after four minutes, then sear an additional 5 to 9 minutes depending on how you like them cooked.

    If your steaks are over 1 inch thick you should cook them at least 10 minutes before closing the lid for any noticeable result. Its important that you use a probe style thermometer so you can keep track of the internal temperature.

    This will ensure perfect steak every time! Start by measuring the core temperature of your steak about 5 minutes into cooking.

    If its lower than you want, turn the heat up to high while keeping an eye on itif its higher than you want, turn down the heat a little bit.

    The most important thing to remember is not to overcook them! That will ruin all that great flavor and juiciness.

    You can always throw them back on if you do happen to overcook them, but theyre best when served right off the grill with some grilled veggies or a salad along side.

    Which Wood Pellets Are Best For Steak On The Pellet Grill

    When I cook steak, I typically stick to either Hickory, Mesquite, or Pecan. Hickory and Mesquite are on the stronger end in terms of smokiness. Steaks are very beefy and strong cuts of meat though and hold up very nicely to strong smoke flavor.

    If Im looking to mix things up Ill go with pecan. Pecan is an under-appreciated wood type for grilling and smoking in my opinion. Its just a tiny bit less strong on the smoke flavor compared to hickory but has a vanilla and nutty finish that adds some fantastic layering and complexity to steaks flavor profile.

    I know many people who also use Oak wood pellets for steak and rave about the results. Oak is also a great choice, I just personally dont use it for steak.

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    What Kind Of Steak To Use For Kabobs

    You are open to options here. Porterhouse, Sirlion steaks, I used KC Strips cause that is what I had on hand. Feel free to use any cut of steak you would like.

    The one thing to remember is depending on the cut of meat will vary in the tenderness of the steak once it is fully cooked.

    Beef kabobs will tenderize a bit as it marinates, which helps if you buy a cheaper cut of meat.

    I used wood skewers that I cut down for my shish kabobs. Now, you can buy metal you just want to make sure they will fit in your grill, as you close the lid to cook your kabobs.

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    What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Pellet Grill: The Verdict

    How To Smoke STEAK on a Pellet Grill

    To make the perfect steaks on a pellet grill, you really will befeit form having an area to sear them such as on a Grill Grate.

    This will ensure that the steaks are cooked at the best possible temperature resulting in a quality maillard reaction, and give you that sizzling crispy exterior you are looking for rather than a soft, pot roast like texture.

    In regards to the internal temperatures, this will vary on how you like to eat your steaks.

    Please see the list above to note the internal temperatures. The best tip we can give you when cooking steaks is to not rush the process.

    Take your time and try not to overcook your steaks, this can make them tasteless and not as enjoyable to eat!

    We hope this article helped you to discover what temperature you cook steak on a pellet grill.

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    Preparing Steaks For The Grill

    So now that you have the right tools to go with your grill, its time to start preparing the meat. Remember that the results of your steak will also depend on the quality of the meat that youre grilling. There are basically 8 beef prime cuts although most would opt for the T-bone, rib eye, strip steak, and sirloin steak. If youre a big fan of steaks, then you know that rib eye is the king!

    How To Grill Ribeye Steak

    For the best and most evenly cooked steak, youll want to take your steaks out of the refrigerator and allow to reach room temperature for about 30 minutes before you plan on grilling them. This allows the steak to cook more evenly.

    Theres no need to pre-season your steaks at this point, but you will want to make sure that the surface is dry before putting them on your grill. So give them a shake of salt and pepper right before they hit the grill but after you pat them dry with a paper towel.

    The key to a good sear is high temperature. So get it hot and let the grill do its thing if you are doing a traditional grilled steak.

    Im including instructions here for both a traditional grilled steak and a reverse seared steak also. I prefer the reverse sear, but it takes about 3x as long as a regularly grilled steak so if you are pinched for time, either option is totally awesome.

    Get my easy Side Dish recipes!

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    Cooking Tips On Pellet Grill

    • You need to know what you are cooking. For example, knowing the cut of meat is important for cooking a steak.

    That is because every cut requires a different treatment. Also, it is the same as other meats and veggies.

    • Always offering the good quality of weed pellets. You have been explained about the best choice of products for the fuel.

    Importantly, pay attention to the wood that matches the flavor you desired. Simply find out the pellets that go well with the dish

    • Using a pellet grill like an oven is the simplest trick to learn. Thus, you can set the right time and temperature of cooking just like while using the oven.
    • Importantly, use a thermometer to know that the cooking is done. It is one of the best steak tips on pellet grill.

    After it reaches the cooking time, you have to check the internal temperature before taking it out of the grill.

    • The upper racks have extra space inside the grill. This part will give you a more even cook since it is cooked by convection, not radiant heat.
    • You should choose the reverse searing method. It is obviously the best method for cooking for this smoker.

    A sirloin steak on pellet grill? It is going to be perfect.

    Rest Wrapped To Relieve Meat Muscle Tension

    Traeger Pellet Grill Steak Test in Northern Ireland

    So for some reason youll still find youtube videos where people dont bother to rest the meat.

    The science behind it is when you have been using direct heat to cook a piece of meat its very tense from all that extreme heat. So you need to let those tense muscle fibers relax. And this is basically why you rest the meat, it will be softer & juicier.

    With its resting time, you can use foil or a couple of plates, top one upside down. There is an old traditional rule, which is you rest the meat for as long as you cook it.

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    Should You Traditionally Sear Or Reverse Sear When Grilling Steak On A Pellet Grill

    Which type of searing will net you the best results? Honestly, theres no clear-cut winner between traditional and reverse searing except for you and your hungry guests.

    Now that you know how to cook steak on a pellet grill, you have no excuse not to pick up some ribeyes, T-bones or sirloins for dinner tonight. Perfect isnt always possible when it comes to grilling steaks, particularly on a pellet grill. But when youre cooking on a Grilla, youre on your way.

    Traeger Grilled New York Strip Steak

    New York Strip Steak comes about as close to the tenderloin as you can get in terms of tenderness. It is cheaper and less marbled than ribeye but has as much flavor without as much fat.

    Grilling the New York Strip Steak cooks fast on your Traeger or the grill of your choice. I enjoy the versatility of the cut, because you can serve it as an appetizer in wide slices or serve whole steaks as an entree.

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