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Texas Roadhouse Steaks For Sale

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Is The Texas Roadhouse Steak Good For You

Texas Roadhouse ready-to-grill

Ordering a big hunk of steak, some mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, and a whole lot of bread isn’t exactly the recipe for a healthy, light dinner. There’s nothing wrong with that in moderation, but you probably shouldn’t kid yourself into thinking that eating out at a steakhouse is the most calorie-friendly thing to do for your diet. In all fairness, however, Texas Roadhouse actually does have its own nutritional spreadsheet, so you can at least stay informed while you eat.

According to both Texas Roadhouse and Fast Food Nutrition, the lightest item on the menu in terms of steak is the USDA Choice 6-ounce sirloin, which comes in at a surprisingly modest 250 calories with 6 grams of fat and 560 milligrams of sodium. The most offending item is the Bone-In Ribeye, clocking it at a whopping 1,480 calories, 101 grams of fat , and 1,720 milligrams of sodium. To reiterate, there is no shame in kicking back and enjoying a good hearty meal of steak, rolls, and cocktails just be sure to put an extra hour or two on your next workout.

Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning Recipe

A flavorful steak seasoning blend to prepare Texas Roadhouse steak this summer! Its all about how much love you add to the seasoning of your steak, making perfect dining for you and your loved ones.

Get the Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning recipe emailed to you!Click Here

Do you know how to season a steak in the right way? Have you ever tried juicy, flavorful beef steak from Texas Roadhouse?

If you love to dine in at Texas Roadhouse, you must try their recipes at home. So, lets get started.

I love to order steaks whenever we go there, and I prefer their fried pickles as an appetizer.

I have shared copycat recipes of Texas Roadhouse chili and fried dill pickle coins before. Ive always loved the Texas Roadhouse steaks, and now, I can prepare it at home.

Heres how to spend more time outdoors and enjoy steak this summer using Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning.

Texas Roadhouse Sells Ready

Restaurants everywhere are stepping up to help serve their communities with takeout and delivery deals, but Texas Roadhouse is taking it a step further. The franchise recently announced that they will be selling ready-to-grill steaks to customers that want to grill at home. The reason? Grocery stores all over the country are struggling to keep a meat supply, so Texas Roadhouse wants to help ensure families can get their favorite cuts, including ribeye, strips, sirloin, and filet.

Per a statement, Travis Doster, Texas Roadhouse vice president of communications said, The decision to sell steaks was based on demand from guests. Restaurants are a vital part of our nations food supply and were stepping in where we can to help fill the gaps.

To order your ready-to-grill steak from Texas Roadhouse, simply call your local restaurant.

You can also order from Texas Roadhouse Curbside To-Go service just place your order online, and a server will bring your order to your car upon your arrival. In addition to their regular menu, the franchise is serving new Family Value Packs to feed the whole family. Family Packs come with food for four individuals and include four entrees, four sides, a family-sized salad, rolls, and honey cinnamon butter. Each pack is $39.99.

Curious about more ways to get food during COVID-19 quarantine? Check out these 60 deals and delivery services for food and alcohol.

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It’s The Juiciest Steak I’ve Ever Had

First bite? Amazing. Second bite? Still amazing.

I do admit that I was skeptical at first. Cooking steaks at home has never been a great experience for me. The steak I grab at the store is either too cheap and doesn’t have the texture I desire, or I end up overcooking it and the texture is like eating rubber. Because of this, I ignore cooking steaks altogether. So if these Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop steaks could make a steak dinner at home actually a pleasurable experience, then I’m sold.

And, lucky for me, it was. These steaks were out of this world incredible. Perfectly caramelized on the outside, juicy on the inside. The texture of the steak was so soft, I couldn’t believe it didn’t go through a round of sous vide before searing it on the stove. It made me seriously wonder what kind of voodoo Texas Roadhouse must do to these steaks in order to have the texture so perfect.

The caramelized crust on the outside of the steak definitely came from a combination of cast-iron cooking and the Steak Seasoning. I took a closer look at the seasoning ingredients and noticed that sugar was the first listed ingredient for it, hence why the outer edges of the steak were slightly crispy and sweet. While sugar is the top ingredient, there isn’t enough in it for it to be detrimental at all to your health goals, so I’m a big fanand will definitely be using it again.

Legendary Steaksdelivered To Your Door

20 oz Cowboy Cut Top Sirloin w/ Loaded Potato and Fresh Vegetables ...

Since the opening of our very first restaurant in 1993, Texas Roadhouse has proudly served USDA Choice steaks, hand trimmed by our in-house Meat Cutters. Our passion for the highest quality cuts of beef, aged to perfection, paved the way to becoming the hometown favorite steakhouse across the country.

With the launch of Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop, you can now enjoy our hand-trimmed steaks delivered right to your door. We hope youll agree that our level of quality and everyday value makes us a cut above the rest.

So learn from our experts and fire up your grill get ready to savor the unmistakable flavor that only Texas Roadhouse delivers!

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Video Result For Texas Roadhouse Steaks For Sale

Texas Roadhouse ready-to-grill
What To Know Before Eating Texas Roadhouse Steak Again
The Truth You Didn’t Know About Texas Roadhouse














12 Ounce Ribeye & Ribs

On the other hand, the 12-ounce ribeye and ribs combo delivers a whopping 1,510 calories, 111 g fat, 46 g saturated fat, 6 g trans fat, 18 g carbohydrates, 6 g sugar, 122 g protein, and 2,040 mg sodium. If you’re craving ribeye and ribs, consider the 10-ounce option, which will cut down on cholesterol, calories, and sodium. This is also a meal that’s best shared.

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Texas Roadhouse Franchise Opportunities History

Texas Roadhouse was established in 1993 when Kent Taylor opened the firstrestaurant in Clarksville, Indiana, with the goal of providing a place that isfun for people of all ages and where everyone can enjoy a great meal. Thebrand expanded rapidly in the late 1990s and went public in 2004. The chainbegan expanding internationally in 2011 and opened its first restaurant abroadin Dubai, U.A.E., with plans to expand into China.

Now About The Most Crucial Part That Is How Long You Have To Cook It

What To Know Before Eating Texas Roadhouse Steak Again

Approximately 4-5 minutes would be enough after that, flip the steak and cook for 5 minutes of additional time.

Your beautiful, tender, and tasty steak is ready to start its destined journey, from your mouth, gratifying the taste buds to your stomach, satisfying your hunger.

It made you feel as if you are having steak at Texas Roadhouse restaurant!

And that is how you can have your steak ready at home during this lockdown situation when you cant be at restaurants and wait! It will taste exactly like the Texas Roadhouse Steak.

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Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse Franchise Opportunities

Texas Roadhouse steakhouse franchise originates from Louisville, Kentucky. It was started in 1993 as a family restaurant where kids and adults ate delicious food and enjoyed the atmosphere. The main dish in their menu is steak in Southwestern cuisine style. The chain includes 360 franchise units, however, there are still some Texas Roadhouse steakhouse restaurant franchise locations for sale. Don`t miss the opportunity to join the company now. Becoming our franchisee, you will get access to our outstanding concept, a set of useful trainings and our constant support. Find more investment information, including Texas Roadhouse steakhouse franchise cost & fees and requirements.

What Is Texas Roadhouse Seasoning

If youve ever eaten at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant, then youve tasted the delicious seasoning that makes their steaks so flavorful. But what is Texas Roadhouse seasoning, and how can you make it at home?

Texas Roadhouse seasoning is a mixture of salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and other spices. Its not too spicy, but it has a delicious flavor that enhances the taste of steak or any other meat. You can make your own Texas Roadhouse seasoning mix or buy it pre-made.

If youre looking to add some extra flavor to your next steak dinner, give my copycat Texas Roadhouse seasoning a try!

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Turn Your Home Into A Fancy Steakhouse

While a trip to Texas Roadhouse sure is a treat, we all know that going out to a restaurant can cause us to overeat andunfortunatelyoverconsume calories. Yes, it’s important to treat yourself every once in a while, but when I just have a craving for a juicy steak, it’s nice to know I don’t have to make a trip out of the house in order to have a steakhouse quality meal.

Cooking at home can significantly decrease the number of calories you end up consuming, especially if you serve your Texas Roadhouse steak with some crispy roasted vegetables. I ended up serving our filets with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts and extra crispy oven-baked fries. Because in my opinion, every steak should be served with a side of fries.

For even more taste tests, read these next:

Texas Roadhouse Now Sells Steak Online

24Oz Ribeye at Texas Roadhouse : steak

Texas Roadhouse fans can now buy the chain’s steaks online.

The company on Monday unveiled Butcher Shop, a website that offers a variety of ready-to-grill, hand-cut steaks for home delivery along with seasoning and cooking instructions.

Texas Roadhouse began selling steaks on Amazon last year and also soft-launched Butcher Shop, but had not made the new channels public until now. The chain came up with the idea during the pandemic after it noticed guests wanting to stock up on steaks.

Butcher Shop’s menu includes ribeyes, bone-in ribeyes, New York strips, filets, filet medallions and filet tips. All come in packs of four except the medallions, which come in packs of eight. The steaks range in price from $69.99 to $159.99.

Customers can also subscribe to have Roadhouse meats delivered every month, every other month or every quarter. They can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.

Roadhouse used the upcoming holidaysand coinciding turkey shortageas a hook for the new channel, encouraging customers to consider serving steak as an alternative. It said demand has surged for its steaks since the traditional poultry entree has been hard to come by.

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How To Store Seasoning

When you make Texas roadhouse seasoning, you will likely have more than you need for one recipe. It is a good idea to store the extra in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. This way, it will stay fresh and you can use it when you need it. Some people like to keep their Texas roadhouse seasoning

Does Texas Roadhouse Steak Taste Good

Since Texas Roadhouse is all over the country, surely it must mean they’re doing something good, right? After all, they wouldn’t be able to truly call themselves a Texas-style roadhouse without a darn good steak to back it up. Irene Jiang of Business Insider wrote, “I just ate at Texas Roadhouse for the first time, and it lived up to the hype.” Jiang praised her waitress’s warm and friendly hospitality, her Rattlesnake Bites appetizers, and most importantly, her steak a bone-in ribeye cooked medium-rare and served alongside a fully loaded baked potato and vegetables. “The ribeye looked gorgeous,” Jiang said. “It oozed fat, and it was encrusted in a criss-cross layer of crisp black char.” Jiang noted the steak was slightly crispy on the outside and was free of any sinew or fat, allowing her to enjoy only the tender, fatty, and flavorful meat.

Commentators on Reddit were a little less positive of the roadhouse, however. “Texas Roadhouse is to steak houses what Olive Garden is to Italian food,” said one user. “Not the best, not the worst, but it’s ok in all respects,” they continued. Another user, who worked at a Texas Roadhouse, gave an in-depth review of each steak you could purchase, noting that the prime rib is “tender enough to eat with your fingers and VERY flavorful.”

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How To Use Texas Roadhouse Seasoning To Prepare Steaks At Home

Have you ever imagined to enjoy a steak without any marinade? Well, you can prepare restaurant-style Texas Roadhouse Steak using a simple seasoning mix. I prefer dry seasoning over liquid marinades.

Spread the seasoning over the meat and let it rest for about 40 minutes. These 40 minutes will help the seasoning to penetrate the steak making the meat tender and juicer.


Is your mouth all watery already? It is still raw, dear. But the wait will be over soon.

Heat up the grill, and when its hot enough, put the steak over it to cook.

And if you are thinking about how you would know if the grill is hot enough or not?

The answer is a little warm, not the burning hot as you have to cook the streak into a cherished brown color, not the coal-black one!

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We Tried All The Steaks At Texas Roadhouse & This Was The Best

Contact us for a complimentary broker opinion of value for your off market Texas Roadhouse NNN property or Texas Roadhouse Ground lease for 1031 exchange so that you can have the clarity necessary to make an informed sale or hold decision.

We always work with 1031 exchange buyers looking for off market Texas Roadhouse properties to buy and can present you with an offer at a price acceptable to you with a reduced fees so you get the most money for your Texas Roadhouse property.


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I Cooked Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop Steaks At Homehere Are My Thoughts

Every now and then, I get pretty strong cravings for some of my restaurant favorites. Panera, Buffalo Wild Wings, and of course, nothing beats the happy hour and date night deals at Applebee’s. But this time, I had a specific craving for Texas Roadhouse. Unfortunately, this classic chain steakhouse isn’t anywhere within New York City linesso I had to get creative. Which is how I came across the glorious Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop.

That’s rightTexas Roadhouse will actually ship you their USDA Choice steaks right from their in-house meat cutters. They sell five different cuts of steak that you can order at different sizes, each package coming with four or six steaks per pack. You can choose from filets, New York strips, boneless and bone-in ribeyes, and filet medallions ranging from 6 ounces to 20 ounces in size. Steaks are delivered with a small container of their famous Steak Seasoning, and specific instructions on how to cook your steak to perfection.

Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop also sells over on and ships within about a week’s time. So I ordered a box for myself and dreamt of juicy steak all week long.

Can You Use This Seasoning For Steaks Only

No, you can use it to prepare burgers or sandwiches. I love this seasoning!

Its a great rub that is useful for things other than steak. I use it on everything. Best Steak Seasoning ever!

This is one of the most fantastic steak seasonings I have ever found. It gives every dish a tangy and unique taste!

I love to add this seasoning to meat dishes. For me, this condiment is unique and versatile because I can use it to prepare sandwiches and burgers.

It helps to add a pinch to any dish, and you will receive an exquisite and rich taste sensation. I am happy to have this seasoning on hand!

This EASY-T0-Prepare Texas Roadhouse steak seasoning recipe works well on steaks, chicken, sandwiches, seafood, and even vegetables.

Make it part of your daily cooking routine.

Youll become addicted to it. Its irresistibly delicious.

Are you looking for more Texas Roadhouse Recipe? Follow our blog to prepare copycat recipes at home.

Get the Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning recipe emailed to you!Click Here

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What Cut Of Steak Is The Most Tender

Before digging into the seasoning details, make sure to pick the most tender cut of steak, the most tender cut of steak is the filet mignon, this cut is taken from the small end of the tenderloin and is very lean. Other cuts that are considered to be tender include the porterhouse, T-bone, and ribeye.

Holiday Shoppers Can Buy Texas Roadhouse Steaks Online For First Time

Texas Roadhouse Steak Seasoning â All Recipes Guide

With national turkey inventory down more than 20 percent this year, consumers may be searching for new holiday alternatives this season. According to the USDA, high feed costs and supply chain disruptions are contributing to decreased turkey production.

In response to increased demand, for the first time, holiday shoppers can purchase Texas Roadhouse hand-trimmed steaks online at or on Amazon.

Each steak pack includes a shaker of Texas Roadhouse seasoning and detailed cooking instructions. All steaks are USDA Choice, aged a minimum of 28 days, and the highest-quality beef from Midwestern grain-fed cattle. Pack options include Ribeyes, Bone-in Ribeyes, NY Strips, Filets, and Filet Medallions. A customized subscription service is also available monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Given the turkey shortage and empty shelves at the grocery, demand has surged for high-quality holiday alternatives delivered straight to consumers front doors, says Megan Pence, Director of Retail Strategy for Texas Roadhouse. What better way to celebrate with friends and family than hand-trimmed steaks aged to perfection?

Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop steaks are individually sealed and arrive in a styrofoam cooler, packaged with dry ice. Thawing and cooking instructions are included in every box.

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