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Serrated Steak Knives Made In Usa

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Which Is The Best Knife For Cutting Corn Off The Cob

Six Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set Animation

Everyone has their own special go to knife or utensil in the kitchen. The same goes for the best knife to cut the corn off the cob. We have compiled a list of 4 knives and 1 utensil that our customers and the employees at Rada Mfg. Co. have expressed their love for when it is time to cut corn.

An all around favorite is the Rada Stubby Butcher knife. With its 5 3/8 blade and large comfortable handle you can easily cut bushels of corn.

An employee favorite is the Super Parer. This all around go-to knife is the largest of the paring knives Rada has to offer. The large handle provides comfort while cutting and the 4 3/8 tapered blade is razor sharp to make cutting corn fast and easy.

The utensil that received the most suggestions by our customers is the Deluxe Peeler and we have to agree with them. This is probably the fastest cutting tool when it comes to removing the kernels from the cob at lightning speeds. The Deluxe Peeler features an incredibly sharp blade that swivels with the shape of the corn cob and can be used by both right and left handed users. Give it a try the next time you are cutting corn, you might be surprised.

Another customer suggestion that we receive the most mentions is the Tomato Slicer. While slicing tomatoes was the main focus on the development of the Tomato Slicer we have found that it works like a charm on other vegetables such as cutting corn. The dual serrated blade ensures a straight cut and will stay sharp for lifetime.

Serrated Steak Knife Black

Serrated Steak Silver or Black handle. Blade 3 7/8, overall 7 ¾ The Serrated Steak Knife is one of our most popular knives at Rada, and with good reason its the best way to get perfect cuts of the meat you love. What makes our Serrated Steak special is the surgical-quality, high-carbon stainless steel blades, whose small, sharp, single-sided serrated edges effortlessly cut through all your favorites. Name a meat, and this will cut through it with ease beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, if it needs slicing, this knifes saw-like edge will get the job done. You will find yourself using this steak knife to cut pork chops, roasts, loins, ribs, ham, grilled chicken breast, and so much more! No kitchen is complete without a set of Rada Serrated Steak knives. We sell them individually and in sets, so they make a great buy for yourself or a wonderful gift for friends and family.

Best Laguiole Style: Flyingcolors Flying Colors Laguiole Steak Knife Set

  • Great price for this special style knife

  • Different handle finishes

  • Hand-wash only

Laguiole-style knives have a distinctive shape thats easy to recognize. Theyre distinct from other kitchen knives, making them a conversation piece as well as a cutting tool. This set of six knives has wood handles with three rivets for security and a full tang. An interesting feature is a decorative pattern in the metal along with the handle. The same knives are available with other handle materials, so its simple to find the one thats a good match with existing flatware. These should be washed by hand.

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Best Block Knives Set

Rada Cutlery S43 Colossal Oak Block Set

Once again, Rada Cutlery comes through with their high quality oak block set. This set of knives looks great on any kitchen counter and makes knives easy to access while youre cooking. In this set, you have 8 knives: a French chef knife, slicer knife, steak knife, veggie peeler, butcher knife , carving fork, super parer, and regular paring knife. The blades are made with a high carbon stainless steel, a strong material that prevents rust and lasts a long time.

  • Lifetime guarantee from Rada Cutlery
  • Sturdy, stylish oak holder

Things we dont like:

  • Hand wash and dry required

Steak Knife Made In Usa


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Best American Made Kitchen Knife Set

Case 9pc Knife Set Review:

This 9 piece knife set from Case Cutlery includes all the basic knives as well as a sharpening rod. The blades are made from surgical steel and the handles are solid walnut wood for durability. The knives and block have a very traditional look with the grainy hardwood. This set is also available with black handles. Not only does this Case knife set fit the bill as far as being made in America, but it also looks the part!

Why You Need A Good Set Of Steak Knives

Let us admit that once you have an expensive filet mignon, you do not want to ruin it with a terrible set of knives. That is when you definitely look for a high quality set to perfect your meal. In order not to shred the meat or lose the flavorsome juices, you need a perfectly sharp which can slice through steak like butter, so your dinner will not become a disaster. A good set of steak knives does not only reserve the taste of the food but also fulfills the eating enjoyment, especially on some special occasions. Can you imagine that your premium steak goes along with some beaten-up, old steak knives? Your appetite can be varnished in no time. Hence, using a high-quality steak knife set is more preferable.

Furthermore, a good set of steak knives brings about a great usage experience. Even if you are not a master in your kitchen, a sharp and easy knife set helps you to handle your cuts effortlessly even coincidentally when you are holding a conversation. A good knife will feel not only so natural and comfortable in hand but superb safe as well. The set needs a sturdy, high-quality construction so that the knife is less likely to loosen and begin to wobble over time. That is the reason why it has to have full tang to ensure the blade remains static and will not fall out from the handle unexpectedly. It is suggested to use ergonomically shaped handles to minimize the risk when using sharp blades.

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Here’s How Store Pickup Works:

When you add your item to cart, select the store pickup option and choose the store at which you’ll pick up your order.

We will notify you by email when the order is ready for pickup. You may opt in to text notifications as well during checkout.

Remember to bring Photo ID and your Order Number. Face coverings are required for in-store pickup.

Here Are Our Top Picks Read Our Helpful Reviews And Find Out Which Products Are Worth Buying

Kitchen Knife Set: Six Serrated Utility/Steak Knives |
  • Top Sale:

Imagine the perfect dinner. It’s been awhile since you had steak, so now is as good a time to enjoy it than any other! You grab your sharpened knife and start cutting into that juicy filet from top-to-bottom don’t worry about making slices – just cut all around its circumference until there are nice even pieces on top of one another in front of you .

The best serrated steak knives are made with a special Japanese steel and have an extremely sharp blade. They allow you to cut up your meat without it sticking or getting caught in between the blades, so they’re great for dealing with tough cuts of red meats like beef brisket!

What is the best serrated steak knife? You might think that this question doesn’t have an easy answer, but it does! The right cutlery will make your meal times more fun and exciting. There are many options for various budgets from affordable sets of knives all-the way up to high quality forged blades made by hand in Japan using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

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Lamson 5 Steak Knives Set Best High End

Lamson gorgeous steak knives set

  • Blade 4116 high-carbon steel
  • Handles triple-riveted acrylic handles

Lamson is the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the USA , oversees every step of the knife creation in New England, and still handcrafts each piece in Western Massachusetts.

To this day, a 62-piece Lamson dinner set, owned by former President Ulysses S. Grant, is presented at the Smithsonian Museum.

These steak knives offer the best balance between balance and weight, and youll love the comfortable thumb and finger support when you easily cut through your meat.

The Lamson company stands behind its products and offers a lifetime guarantee, along with a lifetime supply of complimentary professional sharpening.

Lamson Steak Knives Pros

  • Extra sharp out of the box
  • Choose between straight-edge or micro-serrated blades
  • Balanced yet not too heavy, excellent grip
  • Lifetime warranty and professional sharpening service at no cost


  • Pricy

Price check todays price

Cutco Table Knife Serrated Steak Knife 1759 Made In Usa Nice

Seller:luoliv-482593.8%, Location:Temecula, California, Ships to: US, Item:363510072756CUTCO Table Knife Serrated Steak Knife 1759 Made In USA NICE. CUTCO Table Knife Serrated Steak Knife 1759 Made In USA NICE.Condition:Used, All returns accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted, Number of Items in Set:1, Blade Length:3 in, Custom Bundle:No, Color:Brown, Blade Edge:Serrated, Material:Stainless Steel, MPN:1759, Set Includes:Serrated Steak Knife, Food Compatibility:Meat, Brand:Cutco, Type:Table Knife/Steak Knife, Manufacturer Warranty:Lifetime, Model:1759, Handle Material:Composite See More

  • Popularity – 142 views, 23.7 views per day, 6 days on eBay. Very high amount of views. 1 sold, 0 available. More

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What Makes A Good Steak Knife

  • Sharp blade you need a sharp blade to cut through those tough cuts with ease.
  • Full tang having a full tang is best for your safety and the longevity of your knife.
  • Balanced a good steak knife should be well balanced for ease of use.
  • Close handle fit look for a well-fitted handle without any gaps between the blade and the start of the handle.
  • Good-quality stainless steel the better the steel, the better your blade will cut and the longer it will retain its edge.
  • Sturdy handle material whether you opt for natural wood or plastic, make sure that the handle is comfortable, smooth and durable.

Best Straight Edge: Umogi Stainless Steel Steak Knives

ð¥ Cutco #1759 KA Brown Handle Steak Knife Serrated Edge ...
  • Need occasional resharpening

Made entirely from stainless steel, these knives will pair well with various flatware, dishes, or serving pieces. The straight edge is sharp and non-serrated to slice through steaks, roasts, and other meats. This six-piece set can easily be resharpened, and theyre affordable enough to buy several sets for large gatherings, family dinners, or small parties. Thanks to the all-metal construction, these are dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is easy when dinner is over. However, hand-washing is recommended.

  • Easy to grip ergonomic handle

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Not attractive for formal dining

These round-tipped steak knives offer a contemporary look with a little safety tucked in since theres no point for accidental knife pokes. The knives are handmade in Switzerland by the same folks who make Swiss army knives and have a serrated edge for smooth, easy cutting. Perfect for entertaining, these knives will look beautiful on the table.

The handle is made from polypropylene that is slip-resistant and easy to keep clean. The handle shape is ergonomic and easy to grasp, with a bolster for safety. This six-piece set is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

  • Economic price for large quantity

  • Durable 18/10 stainless steel construction

  • Clean design to match existing flatware set

  • Serrated edges aren’t especially deep or sharp

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Notes On Materials And Construction

If youve spent more than a few minutes researching knives, youve likely run into a bewildering fog of jargon and technical specifications. Heres a quick guide, which applies to steak knives, chefs knives, and everything in between:

The phrase high-carbon steel is basically marketing hype: every steel alloy used to make knives is high-carbon. You can ignore the phrase it if its used, and you neednt worry if its not. Do note, however, that if a knife is listed only as high-carbon or carbon steel, it will easily rust. To be sure your knife is rust-resistant, make sure it is also listed as stainless.

Stainless steel is steel alloyed with at least 12 percent, and usually 14 to 18 percent, chromium. The chromium forms a dense layer on any exposed surface which rapidly oxidizes, preventing oxidation of the steel underneath. There are multiple types of stainless steel, some more corrosion-resistant than others all those used on our recommended knives are high-performing: extremely corrosion-resistant, capable of taking and holding a sharp edge and easy to re-sharpen.

There are thousands of different steel alloysmixtures of iron, carbon, and any of 20 or more other elementseach designed for a different purpose. Knife alloys alone run into the dozens, and the names are alphabet soup: AEB-L, VG-10, 19C27, ZDP-189. My advice is: ignore them all, at least for steak knives. Whatever alloy a good manufacturer chooses will perform perfectly well.

Serrated Steak Knives Silver


The 4 Serrated Steak Knives Silver comes with four of our incomparable Serrated Steak Knives. These knives easily slice through beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, and any other meat that goes from the heat to your plate. This knife comes in the silver handle design. It is the perfect gift for any occasion.

4 Serrated Steak Knives Silver

  • Includes: Four Serrated Steak Knives
  • Blade Material: High Carbon SurgicalQuality Stainless Steel
  • Silver Handle Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Country of Production: USA

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Best High End: Jean Dubost Laguiole Steak Knives With Olive Wood Handles Set Of 6

  • Beautiful and generous wedding gift idea

  • Hand-wash only

  • Periodic sharpening and oiling to maintain

There are Laguiole-style knives, and then there are Jean Dubost Laguiole knives. As you probably know, Laguiole is not a brand , but rather a style of knife from the Laguiole village in France. Originally, it was a high-quality carving utility knife where the blade folded into the handle. But the dependability and interest in this unique style prompted the Jean Dubost cutlery company to produce the first non-folding Laguiole-style knife intended for dining in 1987. Since then, the Jean Dubost Laguiole steak knives have been seen in dining rooms around the world.

This set of knives is an impressive addition to any flatware set, with olive wood handles that encase a full tang stainless steel blade. The top of the blade is decorated with the traditional vine-like design, and the set includes a convenient wooden box for storage. These knives also require a little extra care, including hand-washing, resharpening, and oiling the handles.

Virginia Boys Kitchens 8 Inch Chef Knife

Four Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set Animation

The Virginia Boys Kitchens 8 Inch Chef Knife has an almost nordic design. For the blade, they use 420HC high-carbon stainless steel thats been heat-treated and tempered to a 58 Rockwell hardness. This should ensure that the knife can hold its sharpness longer. The blade is laser cut from a single piece of steel. After that, each knife is forged and ground to a tapered edge from the spine to the blade. The full tang knife is completed with a Walnut handle that has two brass rivets.The blade is only 0.07 inches thick so you can slice with less force compared to blades that are wider.

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What Makes A Good Steak Knife Set

When it comes to choosing a good steak knife set, there are some criteria you should bear in mind.

First, the blade must be extremely sharp to cut through steal without effort or difficulty. To do so, it has to be made of exceptional quality stainless steel. The better the steel is, the longer the set can be. Second, the knives have full tang, together with a close handle fit so the blade can fall out accidentally, offering the best safety for users. Furthermore, the knife should be well-balanced to hold with ease and comfort. Finally, the sturdy handle material is a must. It does not matter if you choose a natural wood or plastic handle. It has to be comfortable, smooth and durable.

Best Budget: Oneida Flight Steak Knives

  • Coordinates well with existing flatware

  • Heavier weight

  • Can easily be mistaken for dinner knives

Couples and small families dont need a wide array of steak knives taking space in storage, so this four-piece set makes sense for special family dinners, but they wont eat into the steak budget. Theyre made entirely from stainless steel with a high-luster finish and a swooping design on the handle that will look good with any flatware you already own.

The knives have a serrated edge for easy cutting and have weight to them that suggests quality construction. These are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. If the flight design doesnt fit your style perfectly, the company makes similar steak knives with different handle designs to better match your flatware.

  • Hand-wash only

The contemporary look of these steak knives is modern enough to pair with sleek dinnerware and classic enough to pair with grandmas china. The attractive blades and handles are made from stainless steel for durability, and the serrated edges will slice easily through steaks and roasts and stay sharp for a long time.

As an eight-piece set, these knives are great for large family dinners and parties. They come in an olivewood presentation box that makes them perfect for gift-giving, and the box is also excellent for safe storage, meaning you don’t have to worry about the knives rattling around in the utensil drawer.

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