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Omaha Steaks Prime Rib Slices

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Who Is Kansas City Steaks For

How to Grill a Prime Rib Roast

Kansas City Steaks sells more than steaks, but thats what they specialize in. If youre a hardcore beef fan who once in a while likes to switch things up, youll be happy to find a quality selection of cuts on the brands website along with several tasty sides and a smaller offering of meats like chicken, turkey, and lamb.

And thanks to the brands auto-delivery program, if youre someone who finds that shopping for your monthly stock of steak takes up too much of your precious time, you may be pleased with receiving your stash every 4 weeks instead of trekking to the meat market.

How Do You Warm Up A Precooked Prime Rib

Preheat your oven to 250F, and add the slices of prime rib to a small baking pan with a few tablespoons of broth . Cover the pan tightly with foil and warm it in oven until the prime rib slices feel like theyve heated through, about 10 minutes.

Prime Rib Feast For 8

This delicious cut of meat is seasoned with a dry rub and cooked to medium-rare perfection. Its easy to serve, too youll have time to focus on other party prep or time with family while it roasts in your oven. When its done, slice and serve it along with these delicious seasonal sides like scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole, and mini baguettes that rival any steakhouse. This prime rib is also great sliced up for sandwiches!

  • 1 Boneless Heart of Prime Rib Roast
  • 8 Individual Scalloped Potatoes
  • 4 Green Bean Casserole
  • 8 Mini Baguettes with Garlic Butter
  • 2 lbs. Gourmet Cheesecake Sampler
  • 1 Signature Seasoning
  • FREE Shipping

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How To Prepare Pre

Heating Instructions Preparation: Take it out of a plastic bag and wrap it in foil. Place in the oven at 300 ° F and follow with a meat thermometer until the desired internal temperature is reached. Recommended indoor temperature: 135 ° F Approximate time: 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Cooking time varies depending on the weight and temperature of the oven.

Overview Of Kansas City Steaks

Buy Omaha Steaks Precooked Prime Rib Slices at FSB Latest ...

Steak is simple food, but there are a few things that go into its production that make it exquisite. First, you need to care about what youre doing.

Kansas City Steaks started in 1932 as S& S Meat Company, a small, family-run butcher shop with a mission to offer only the finest meats and other foods at a fantastic value. Giovanni Scavuzzo opened the shop with his three sons, Santo, Edward, and Carlo, and stayed in operation for over 50 years.

Theres a reason family-run businesses are the ones you can count on for quality. The people involved are often hard-working, and put their heart and soul into making their business succeed.

Small businesses know that quality is what counts, and though the brand was acquired by National Beef in the 80s, it has stuck with its promise of high quality in each and every product it offers.

What started as a humble Kansas City-based meat shop has transformed into one that ships nationwide and offers more than steak. Its product selection includes all kinds of meats, seafood, and even sides to enhance your perfect meal.

Now that you know a little more about the brands roots, this Kansas City Steaks review will fill you in on its pros and cons.

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Top 10 Omaha Steaks Christmas Favorites

This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions if you choose to purchase through links I provide . As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read more about these links in my disclosure policy.

I am all about the best bang for my buck, especially in a large family we need to make it count which is why I am sharing the BEST Omaha Steaks Christmas Packages and our top 10 Holiday Favorites right now.

Our family has been a long-time customer of Omaha Steaks, as we like to find good package deals each month to keep our freezer stocked. This is such a great way to keep our meal planning on track, too! Ive also had the pleasure to serve as a brand ambassador for the past couple of years and we havent met a meal we havent liked yet, especially our holiday favorites from Omaha Steaks!

If you are new to ordering Omaha Steaks Christmas Packages let me share a few reasons why our family is low-key obsessed.

  • 5 Reasons We Buy Our Thanksgiving Dinner Online And The Best One To Get!
  • Chateaubriand Surf & Turf For 4

    Its such an impressive and popular items for holiday gatherings The Butchers Cut Chateaubriand is aged at least 28 days to maximize tenderness and flavor, double-trimmed by master butchers to remove imperfections, and delivers an extra-juicy, fork-tender consistency thats divine! The Wild Argentinian Shrimp are sweet and succulent with a texture more like lobster! Youll also get two steakhouse sides, dessert, and more.

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    The Ultimate Holiday Gift Package

    If youre looking for an extra special holiday gift to wow your family and friends, then look no further than this Omaha Steaks Ultimate Holiday Gift Package. This gift is a complete set of mouthwatering deliciousness and includes everything your loved ones will need to stock their freezer and make many amazing feasts.

    • 4 Butchers Cut Filet Mignons
    • 4 Boneless Chicken Breasts
    • 4 Omaha Steaks Burgers
    • 4 Gourmet Jumbo Franks
    • 1 All-Beef Meatballs
    • 4 Stuffed Baked Potatoes
    • 4 Caramel Apple Tartlets
    • 1 Signature Seasoning
    • FREE Digital Meat Thermometer
    • FREE Shipping

    Is Kansas City Steaks Worth It

    Dijon Herb Prime Rib with Garlic Butter Mushrooms

    With high prices, quality counts. We were pleased with what we found in terms of quality, reading many ecstatic reviews from customers who say they will definitely reorder. We also value the brands money-back guaranteeone that extends to 45 days after your purchase.

    This guarantee promises to give you a full refund or replacement if youre unhappy with your purchase, so really, buying from KC Steaks is extremely low risk. When comparing the brand to others, its less expensive andmay havebetter texture and taste.

    With all of that considered, this Kansas City Steaks review believes the brands beef is worth the buy.

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    How Do I Cook 2 Pieces Of Ribs First

    Preheat the oven to 475 ° F for about 15 minutes. Then bake for 15 minutes, then reduce to 325 ° until the desired internal temperature is reached, usually about 11-12 minutes per pound for a rare first rib, 12-13 minutes for a medium rare first rib, and 14 -15 minutes for an average first climb to a good primary climb.

    Kansas City Steaks Auto

    Love meat, but hate shopping? Thats where auto-delivery comes in.

    Certain Kansas City Steaks items are available as part of a subscription of sorts. That means you can get your meats and sides delivered on a frequency schedule that fits your needs. The brand offers 4, 8, 12, and 16 week delivery periodsand did we mention that all auto-ship orders are sent for free?

    If at any time you want to skipa shipment or pause while youre out of town, you can easily through your account. If there comes a time when you no longer want to receive shipments, youll be able to cancel without penalty.

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    Kansas City Steaks Review

    Theres nothing like a satisfying, juicy steak. Hearty and filling, the brand offers a variety of cuts of steak, but well be going through its bestselling ones here, along with a few other special types of meats, sides, and bundles.

    Lets start with the king of cuts, the Prime Rib Roast.

    When a prime rib is on the menu, theres cause for celebration. Its one of the best cuts of beef, is next-level tender, and packed with flavor. The Kansas City Steaks Prime Rib Roast comes in three sizes:

    • 3.5-4 lb Roast
    • 4-4.5 lb Roast
    • 5.5-6 lb Roast

    With gorgeous marbling of fat, this tasty, juicy roast is trimmed to optimize cost and texture. If youre not a fan of bones, dont worry, this roast is boneless. Its been aged for 28 days to pump up the flavor, but if youd like a little extra seasoning sprinkle with the Original Steak Seasoning packet included with your order.

    Available for purchase in quantities of one or two, the luxury Kansas City Steaks Prime Rib Roastis $80-$240.

    Kansas City Steaks Top Sirloin Steak

    Sirloin is one of the most flavorful cuts of beef when prepared correctly. Your order comes with a free Kansas City Steak Book to help make sure you get the most out of your meal.

    Available in a variety of sizes and quantities, enjoy this hearty steak for:

    • 5 oz: 8 ct $80
    • 6 oz: 4 ct $70 8 ct $100
    • 8 oz: 4 ct $85 8 ct $120

    Kansas City Steaks Porterhouse Steak

    With your order, youll receive a free book with delicious recipes and Kansas City Steaks cooking instructions inside.

    Recipe: Special Centerpieces For Holiday Celebrations

    Perfect Prime Rib: Fred Simons Rib Roast Dubarry  Omaha ...

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    How Do You Cook 2 Slices Of Prime Rib

    Preheat your oven to 475º F for about 15 minutes. Then roast for 15 minutes and then reduce to 325º until it reaches the desired internal temperature, usually about 11 12 minutes per pound for rare prime rib, 12 13 minutes for medium-rare prime rib, and 14 15 minutes for medium well prime rib.

    Our Omaha Steaks Review

    USDA Ungraded King Cuts Bone-In Ribeye 48 oz. – $110Bucket List SteakFilet Mignon served with Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus and a Grilled Onion HalfUSDA Ungraded Filet Mignon 10 Oz. – $23 King Cut NY Strip Steak served on a Bed of Grilled Onions with a Baked Sweet Potato and Sauteed ZucchiniUSDA Ungraded NY Strip 36 oz. King Cut – $80King Cut T-Bone Steak with Cheesy Potatos Au Gratin and Creamed SpinachUSDA Ungraded T-Bone Steak King Cut 48 oz. – $90USDA Ungraded Top Sirloin Steak King Cut 72 oz. – $120 ea.Bone-In NT Strip served with a Baked Potato and Corn.USDA Ungraded NY Strip Bone-In 14 oz. – $17Frenched Double Pork Chop with Grilled Red Potato Wedges, Broccoli Florets, and a Grilled Onion HalfPork Chops King Cut 16 oz. – $12Private Reserve NY Strip served with Mushroom Ravioli and Creamed SpinachUSDA Ungraded Private Reserve NY Strip 14 oz. – $28Sliced Chuck Roast with Sauteed Potatoes and Corn.USDA Ungraded Chuck Tender Beef Roast 2 lbs. – $20Beef Brisket Served with Seasoned Zucchini and Roasted CauliflowerUSDA Ungraded Whole Beef Brisket 12 lbs. – $99Braised Brisket RecipeOven Roasted Bone-In Prime Rib with Sauteed Breakfast Red Potatoes and AsparagusUSDA Ungraded Prime Rib Roast 6 lbs – $150Lobster Tails served with Red Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, and a Butter Lobster Tail BrothMain Lobster Tail Halves 2.5 oz $8.62 eaPan-seared Pork Tenderloin with Corn and Quartered Zucchini in Tomato SaucePork Tenderloins 9 oz. – $7.50 ea

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    What Is Kansas City Steaks Return Policy

    The company guarantees that if any time you are unhappy with a steak, let its team know so they can make it right. This may mean a full refund or a replacement productit wont be a Kansas City Steaks promo code, theyll simply send you a whole new product.

    To take them up on that guarantee, use any of the contact methods listed in the next section of this Kansas City Steaks review.

    Are Kansas City Steaks Grass

    How to Smoke a Prime Rib with Couple in the Kitchen

    Kansas City Steaks says that its cows are raised by trusted producers in the golden wheat and cornfields of the Midwest. That means that the majority of beef they use is not grass-fed, instead, it is most likely corn-fed.

    With that said, the brands website says that it does carry 100% grass-fed beef, but weeding out which ones are grass-fed and which ones arent is trying, as not every page mentions what the cows diets consist of.

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    Our Top 10 Omaha Steaks Christmas Favorites

    With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season in full swing, the last thing you want to worry about is what to get your friends and family. You want it to be an amazing gift that theyll enjoy and remember all year long!

    If you have someone on your list who loves to eat , Omaha Steaks has made things easy and weve scoured the site to round up our top 10 holiday favorites guaranteed to please all .

    From classic gift ideas like buttery Filet Mignon, to the perfect charcuterie board addition like their Italian Salame Sampler, to the best way to stock the freezer with a selection of family favorites in one package, Omaha Steaks offers something for everyone!

    Get started by browsing our top ten picks below.

    Comparison: Kansas City Steaks Vs Omaha Steaks

    These days, the list of products you can get online is growing. And things that you may have never dreamed of being shipped to your door, are now offered by a plethora of online brands and sent to customers across the country on a daily basis. And this is the case with not only steak but seafood and poultry as well.

    The concept may sound a bit out-of-the-ordinary but these brands put the utmost care in ensuring your order arrives frozen and on time. In this section of our Kansas City Steaks review, well be doing a side-by-sidecomparison of our featured brand and Omaha Steaks, a company that has a similar product lineup.

    In terms of products, the two seem to be on par. They both offer similar meats, seafood, and sides, and their steak selections include the same cutsbut to be honest, any quality steak company will. So the difference wont be in the selection, instead, well find most of our difference in the price and quality.

    How do we assess the quality? We look at what the cow is fed and how its aged. It appears that most of Kansas City Steaks cows are fed a diet of corn, although they do say that some do eat grass.

    Omaha Steaks feed its cows a grass-only diet, and that will result in an earthy flavor, whereas a corn-fed diet will produce sweeter meat and a buttery texture. Why does grass-fed tend to be higher in cost? Because it takes longer for the cows to reach their slaughter weight so theyre using up more resources like water and grass.

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    Holiday Magic Grill Pack

    Grilling is synonymous with summertime, but you can still enjoy all of these delicious eats and amazing flavors during chilly months. Its the perfect winter stock-up package!

    • 4 Butchers Cut Filet Mignons
    • 4 Omaha Steaks Burgers
    • 4 Chicken Fried Chicken
    • 4 Gourmet Jumbo Franks
    • 4 Individual Scalloped Potatoes
    • 4 Caramel Apple Tartlets
    • 1 Signature Seasoning
    • FREE 4 Boneless Pork Chops
    • FREE 4 Boneless Chicken Breasts
    • FREE Shipping


    Omaha Steaks 4 Precooked Prime Rib Slices

    Side Dishes For Prime Rib Steak : Omaha Steaks 4 (8 oz ...

    This item is non-returnable due to the consumable nature of the product.

    However, in the unlikely event of damaged, defective or different/wrong item delivered to you, we will provide a full refund or free replacement as applicable. We may contact you to ascertain the damage or defect in the product prior to issuing refund/replacement.

    The return timelines for seller-fulfilled items sold on are equivalent to the return timelines mentioned above for items fulfilled by Amazon.

    If youve received a seller-fulfilled product in a condition that is damaged, defective or different from its description on the product detail page on, returns are subject to the seller’s approval of the return.

    If you do not receive a response from the seller for your return request within two business days, you can submit an A-to-Z Guarantee claim. Learn more about returning seller fulfilled items.

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    For seller-fulfilled items from Sports collectibles and Entertainment collectibles categories, the sellers need to be informed of the damage / defect within 10 days of delivery.

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    Kansas City Steaks Promotions & Discounts

    When it comes to eating well, a large bill can really add up quickly. To help lessen the blow, throughout this Kansas City Steaks review we rounded up every last deal we could find on the brands website. Heres what we discovered:

    • Special Value Kansas City Steaks deals
    • Free shipping with Combos and Auto-Delivery orders

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