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How To Cook Steaks On A Pellet Grill

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What Exactly Is Reverse

How to cook the perfect steak on a Pit Boss pellet grill

Reverse-searing is simply the process of finishing a piece of meat with a high-heat sear after initially bringing the internal temperature up very slowly. The low-and-slow portion can take place in an oven or smoker, while the searing is typically done with a grill or cast iron pan. The versatility of a pellet grill allows you to handle the whole process with one piece of equipment, and your steak will end up with a deliciously subtle kiss of smoke.

Can I Cook Steak At 300 Degrees

Yes, you can cook steak at 300 degrees. However, it is important to select a high-quality cut of meat that is well-marbled and has good fat content. You will also need an accurate meat thermometer to ensure the steak reaches the appropriate internal temperature without overcooking it.

One of your best options for cooking steak at 300 degrees is to use a cast iron skillet or grill pan over medium-high heat with some vegetable oil or butter. Add the steaks to the pan when it begins to smoke, and let them sear for about 2 minutes. Then flip them over, add any seasonings you like , and continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 120 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit for medium-rare or 135 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for medium. Finally, let the steaks rest before slicing and serving them.

If you prefer to use your oven to cook steak at 300 degrees, preheat it to the same temperature and place a wire rack in a rimmed baking sheet. Add any spices or seasonings you like, along with some oil or butter, then add the steaks and cook until they reach an internal temperature of 120 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit for medium-rare or 135 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for medium. Let the steaks rest on the wire rack for 10 minutes before slicing and serving them.

How To Effectively Use A Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are easy to use and offer an excellent option for adding new, delicious flavors to your filet mignon, Tomahawk ribeye steak, or sirloin cut of steak. A pellet grill cooks your choice of meat cut using convection heating with your selection of hardwood to create that smoked flavor. To prepare your grill, keep it clean and clear of debris, then choose your style or taste of hardwood such as cedar, hickory, mesquite, cherry, or others that you want to sample with your next meal.

If you prefer to sear your meat in the smoker, a sear box is ideal to use for this purpose, as pellet grills take longer to heat up and cook slower than traditional barbeques. Alternatively, you can transfer your steak to a pan or propane grill to char instead.

Before you prepare to use your pellet grill, ensure that you have more than enough space to work with, so you can spread out your utensils, seasoning options, and other ingredients and equipment youll be using.

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How To Grill Ribeye Steak

For the best and most evenly cooked steak, youll want to take your steaks out of the refrigerator and allow to reach room temperature for about 30 minutes before you plan on grilling them. This allows the steak to cook more evenly.

Theres no need to pre-season your steaks at this point, but you will want to make sure that the surface is dry before putting them on your grill. So give them a shake of salt and pepper right before they hit the grill but after you pat them dry with a paper towel.

The key to a good sear is high temperature. So get it hot and let the grill do its thing if you are doing a traditional grilled steak.

Im including instructions here for both a traditional grilled steak and a reverse seared steak also. I prefer the reverse sear, but it takes about 3x as long as a regularly grilled steak so if you are pinched for time, either option is totally awesome.

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The Best Temperature To Cook Steaks On Pellet Grill


October 27, 2022 by Keesha

Today, we will discuss the best cooking temperature for steaks on pellet grills. Well also look at what affects the cooking times and how to make the perfect steaks on these modern advanced grills.

If you enjoy this informative and educational guide, check out the many others I have on my website. How Long To Bake Lasagna At 350 is one that people find especially useful.

  • Can you sear steaks on a pellet grill?
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    Successfully Cooking Steaks On A Pellet Grill

    Not all pellet grills are the same, and most of them will have varying recommended temperature settings for different kinds of meat.

    You can now learn how to cook steak on pellet grills and become a bona fide woodfired steak master using the steps we discussed. You can put your skills to the test and make steaks at home so that you can avoid spending top dollar on fancy steak restaurants.

    Remove From Fridge Let Steak Get To Room Temperature

    So you normally dont want to cook a steak straight out of the fridge you want to get it up to room temperature so that it doesnt take as long to actually start cooking.

    Its just a little bit harder to get a crust on the outside and the proper cook on the inside if you starting at a lower temperature stop.

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    How To Reverse Sear Steaks On The Grill

    Once youâre confident with traditional searing, why not move on to reverse searing your next steaks? Reverse searing is exactly like it sounds â you cook the inside of the meat first and sear the outside last.

    Youâll still go through all the general steps of searing, although with the reverse sear method, you can get away with a shorter time for the steaks to come to room temperature since they will be exposed to a lower heat before the sear. However, instead of bumping up your pellet grill to 500 degrees at the beginning, youâll bump it up at the end. In other words, youâll prepare your steaks, pop them onto the grill, let them get to your desired level of doneness and then give them each a three-minute searing job.

    Hereâs the lowdown on the general rules to follow:

    Searing A Steak: Grilled Outside Juicy Inside

    Grill Perfect Steaks on a Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill

    Most pitmasters follow a simple formula when grilling steaks the traditional way â a cooking method called searing. The secret to a mouthwatering steak is in this step, which involves cooking a steak on high heat for a short cook time. Below are the steps youâll want to follow:

    • Let your steaks rest for an hour at room temperature. Pat them dry with a paper towel to make sure theyâre not moist at all.
    • Season your steaks as desired. Some pitmasters like to add very little to their steaks. Others rub seasonings into the meat before searing.
    • Bump up the heat to 500 degrees.
    • Place your prepared, rested steaks on the hottest part of your pellet grill. When searing on a pellet grill, you want to hear that sizzle of the steak making contact with the heat of the grill.
    • Sear each side of the steak for about three minutes, or until the steaks have reached your desired internal temperature.
    • Remove the steaks from the pellet grill, slather them with about a tablespoon of unsalted butter, place them under a foil tent and wait 10 minutes.

    What could be more straightforward? Of course, if you want to get fancy, you could also try whatâs called a reverse sear.

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    Why I Wrote This Steak Recipe

    Youve probably noticed that mastering all different sorts of steaks with various kitchen appliances is a hobby in my house. This cut of meat ranks right up there with other favorites like this grilled skirt steak, smoked flank steak, and coulotte.

    We love grilled ribeyes cooked on super high heat, which are ready pretty quickly on the gas grill. And then we love super low cooked sous vide ribeye steak, especially with a mayo sear.

    So it wasnt long before perfecting how to cook ribeye on outdoor pellet smokers made it onto our bucket list.

    Waiting over 45 minutes for a steak to be cooked doesnt phase me anymore, as we start preparing for dinner around breakfast time!

    I was so eager to see how tender the smoker would make the meat the first time I tried it. It was a difficult debate to choose between the reverse-sear method, where for a portion of the time, the ribeye smokes at a high heat, to give it a seared crust.

    But actually, I find the brown crust of this recipe to be perfect. Its a pretty easy set it and forget it smoker recipe, and one I definitely recommend for an upscale BBQ menu, served with a side of smoked mashed potatoes or smoked mac and cheese.

    Six Internal Steak Temperature

    Before you start searing, or take the meat out of the pellet grill, it is vitally important to know the EXACT internal temperature of the meat to ensure that it will be cooked to your liking.

    Always use a good instant read thermometer when cooking steaks on a pellet grill.

    FINAL Target Temperatures of your Pellet Grill Steaks

    Rare: 125 Medium Rare: 130 135 Medium 140 145 Medium Well Done 150 Well Done 160

    For the perfect steak, allow it to rest, UNCOVERED! for at least 5 minutes and understand it may rise another 5 degrees F internal temperature after you remove it from the grill.

    Some Pro TIPS for Resting Steaks:

    • Do not stack your steaks on top of each other as the ones on the bottom will overcook from the ambient heat of the other steaks.
    • Do not cover or tent them with aluminum foil.
    • They will continue to overcook if you do.
    • Place them on a large platter, spread apart as much as possible, and allow them to rest.

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    Three Heat Up The Grill Grates For Searing

    Pellet Grills work great for smoking large cuts of meat like brisket, pork butt, and ribs, and maintaining a near perfect consistent air temperature, much like the best competition smokers promise to do.

    The downside is their ability to sear at high heat like you would over direct coals or a propane gas burner.

    In order to get the best of both worlds, we recommend coupling some Grill Grates with your pellet grill.

    Grill Grates are specialtywellgrates that sit right over the existing grates on your pellet grill that help capture and direct all that ambient heat and give you a nice searing station in the corner of your pellet grill.

    They claim to get temperatures up to 200°F HIGHER than the temperature you set your pellet grill, meaning even if your nice Traeger only goes up to 400°F on the control panel, you can still sear some steaks, pork chops, or chicken at 600°F at the beginning or end of the cook to give them a nice sear.

    Make sure to measure the size of your current grilling area.

    While you absolutely CAN cover your entire pellet grill with Grill Grates, like if you were doing a batch of burgers for a big party, in our case we only want to cover PART of the pellet grill, maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the cooking area for our pellet grill steaks.

    That way you can move food back and forth as your are smoking or searing the steaks or burgers, etc.

    Are Pellet Grills Good For Burgers And Steaks

    10 Best Pellet Grills for Searing Even the Toughest Steaks

    The pellet grills are good for burgers and steaks as they act like ovens, and you can choose whether to infuse the smoke into your food or not. The pellet grills are better as they give consistently. Although cooking burgers in the regular ovens would be the priority, you can try the pellet grills for the smoky flavors and enjoy a tasty meal.

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    Tips To Cook Steak On Pellet Grill

    There are many ways to cook steak on a pellet grill. If you want to cook some delicious steak, you can use the following tips and tricks to make a great meal. Firstly, you need to choose high-quality meat for cooking on a pellet grill. Avoid using cheap cuts of meat as they tend to dry out very easily. Good quality steaks have superior marbling and texture which will help them retain moisture better when cooked on the pellet grill.

    Secondly, apply some seasoning or rubs before placing the steaks directly onto the grates in order to add flavor and enhance their taste. Thirdly, make sure that your temperature is set correctly before placing any food items onto your pellet grills cooking grate since this will keep your meat from drying out too much.

    Finally, cook the steaks to a perfect level of perfection and serve them while they are still hot and juicy. Your steak will turn out juicier when cooked on a pellet grill than it would have been if you cooked it any other way.

    If you have any questions or comments about cooking steak on a pellet grill, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below! Meanwhile, keep cooking some delicious meals at home! Happy grilling!

    How Do You Grill The Perfect Steak On A Pellet Grill

    Grilling a steak can be tricky as you need to get the temperature right for optimum results. With a pellet grill, it isnt really difficult, and heres how you should do it:

    First, preheat your pellet grill by running the auger at high speed until the internal temperature reaches around 450°F. Then insert the thermometer or digital probe into the meat and start grilling on a low heat setting. As soon as any smoke starts appearing, move to a medium-low heat setting. Now, wait for 15 minutes so that the internal meat temperature reaches around 130°F.

    Next, increase heat to medium-high level and cook till around 130°F is reached again. Repeat this process two more times and your steak is sure to turn out perfectly cooked. Finally, let it rest for a few minutes before slicing and serving.

    So, now you know how to make the perfect steak on your pellet grill! Just follow these simple steps and enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends.

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    What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On Pit Boss

    The Pit Boss must be preheated at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. When cooking medium-rare steaks, it should take around 45 minutes. Once the desired temperature for the meat is achieved, remove the meat from the grill.

    Hi, I’m Joost, the founder of Lakeside Smokers. I love trying out new food with BBQ Smoking at the heart of my passion, and I’ve been creating in-depth guides since 2016 to help you with recipes & cooking tips.

    How To Pellet Grill The Best Beef Steak

    Smoked NY Strip Steak on Pit Boss Pellet Grill with Bacon-Onion Compound Butter

    It is better that you thaw the meat a few hours prior to smoking it. This will ensure that the meat is at room temperature, which is what you want to start with.

    Ignite your pellet smoker so that it approaches the desired temperature. You should set the thermostat to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a rather mild temperature, which ensures a high level of smoke.

    Wait until the pellet grill reaches the target temperature. When it achieves this temperature, keep the steak on the grilling grates.

    It is a good idea to use a temperature probe. You wont have to open the pellet grill repeatedly to monitor the smoking progress. Opening the lid disrupts not only temperature stability, but also the smoke level. Heat and smoke escape each time you open the lid. It is best to avoid this so that the final quality of the steak is consistent.

    One of the best temperature probes is the Habor 022 meat thermometer.

    There are several factors that make this a great meat probe. It gives you a temperature reading within 4 to 6 seconds, so it is quick in registering the temperature. The length of the probe is 4.7 inches. With such a long length, your hands will be much safer against burns. It can read temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit and is, therefore, perfect for pellet grills. Its accuracy is +/- 2 degrees due to which it has good precision.

    Besides the smoking method itself, you need to be aware of other key issues for smoking premium gourmet steak.

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    Are You A Foodie Too

    Hey home chefs, hope that answers all your questions about how to smoke a ribeye steak.

    In the future, Ill have more on exactly how to smoke a ribeye roast and other Traeger smoker recipes for beginners.

    For more smoked food inspiration, follow me on Instagram @sipbitego. And for more deliciousness, subscribe to the Sip Bite Go channel and see the Sip Bite Go recipe collection.

    How Long To Cook A Steak On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

    The time duration for which you smoke your steak depends on its thickness. Smoking for around 15 to 30 minutes is sufficient for most purposes. Once you reach the 15-minute mark, make sure that you check the internal temperature using a good thermometer. Keep checking the temperature after every 5 minutes to ensure consistent heating. You should also flip the steak after 15 minutes of grilling.

    Keep grilling your steak until its temperature is between 100 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, you should remove your steak from the grill and raise the temperature of your grill. The ideal temperature of your Pit Boss pellet grill for this phase of cooking is 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow your grilling grates to reach this temperature before putting the steak back in. Before you put your steak back on the grill, infuse it on both sides with barbecue rub.

    After this point, things will start moving pretty quickly, so you must be prepared and ensure that everything is in place. Carefully place the steak back on the grilling grates at a small angle. Continue to cook for another minute. After a minute has elapsed, rotate the steak by 45 degrees. Cook for at least another minute. You can then flip your steak over to the other side and repeat the previous process for this side as well.

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