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How To Cook Pork Steaks On The Grill

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Grilled Pork Steaks Recipe

Grilled Pork Steaks on Pit Boss Pellet Grill with Monroe County Dipping Sauce

These are our go-to steaks to share with family, friends and neighbors. Everyone is always blown away at the umami flavor from our special fish sauce marinade. Even those who have had an aversion to the thought of fish sauce still cant taste it on these grilled pork steaks. All they taste is a wonderful combination of umami and flavorful, juicy pork shoulder. Weve talked about our ultimate umami burgers recipe for over 10 years and its still one of our most popular recipes. You believed us back then when it came to burgers and give it a try again with this pork recipe. Yes, were telling you that a few splashes of fish sauce on these juicy pork butt steaks is a huge winner.

Video: Delicious Vietnamese Grilled Pork Steaks

Dont be afraid of the fish sauce in the pork steak marinade.

Again, trust us. When the fatty pork butt is marinated then grilled, its a flavor bomb thats perfect for sandwiches, salads or spring rolls. In fact, we wrap these slices of cut grilled pork steaks into fresh spring rolls. Weve had feasts with so many people in our backyard and it reigns as everyones top and favorite garden meal. Even our picky Vietnamese parents give this marinade a two enthusiastic thumbs up. If we still cant convince you to use fish sauce, you can always use soy sauce or Worcestershire!

What Temperature Do You Grill Pork Steaks

While there is no one perfect temperature for grilling pork steaks, there are a few things you can do to ensure they come out perfectly cooked.

First, preheat your grill to medium-high heat.

Then, brush the pork steaks with some olive oil to help prevent them from sticking to the grill.

Cook them for 4-5 minutes per side, being careful not to burn them.

Youll know theyre done when theyre slightly browned and slightly firm to the touch.


Can You Grill A Roast Like A Steak

So Ive learned to use my grill as a sort of an outdoor oven, cooking goodsized roasts like beef tenderloin and pork loin over indirect heat. Once you have a good fire going, this cooking method takes no longer than roasting in the oven, and the results are even better.

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Grilled Pork Shoulder Steak

This grilled recipe will not disappoint, and you dont have to worry about heating up the kitchen.

Using a dry rub is a quick way to season your cut of meat. Pork shoulder steaks tend to be cut pretty thin ours are about 1/2 inch thick. It doesnt take long for the dry rub to work its magic. If you have your pork steaks thawed out, you could be ready to grill in less than 20 minutes. Talk about a quick weeknight meal!

This dry rub recipe consists of only 4 ingredients that are most likely already in your cabinet garlic salt, paprika, brown sugar and black pepper.

The trick for a tender steak is to not overcook it. Once you pull it off the grill, cover with foil and let it rest so the juices redistribute back into the meat. This recipe was so delicious that my children demolished the steaks, leaving mom only one bite of meat.

Ingredients For Smoked Pork Steaks

The Best Barbecued Pork Steaks

This recipe only requires 5 ingredients, two of which you can pick up from my Store! The other two you should already have in your fridge. It doesnt get much easier than this.

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Tips For A Perfect Pork Steak

The meat pros at Kenricks Meat & Catering know pork steaks. They slice and sell upwards of 125,000 pounds of them a year.

They said the steaks are cut from pork butt, which means when done right, they can leave you going back for seconds.

If you cook a pork steak right, its really got a lot of flavor, can be super tender. If you dont really know what youre doing, it can be tough, said Mike Pesca, operations manager at Kenricks.

So, how do you get that perfectly grilled pork steak? Pesca and his colleague Steve Wineman gave us their tips. They said that overall, even though it has steak in the name, you dont want to cook your pork steaks like a traditional beef steak. Instead, the key is to go low and slow.

How to grill a pork steak

Step 1: Start with a three-quarter inch thick steak thats about 12-16 ounces.

Step 2: Fire up the grill and keep the heat low. Place the pork steaks on the grill. If youre using a charcoal grill, try cooking them indirectly, off to the side of where the flames are coming up, almost like youre smoking them instead.

Step 3: Be patient. It could take 45-60 minutes for them to cook through.

Step 4: Slather on a light layer of sauce and grill just a little longer.

Step 5: Remove from the grill and enjoy!

Wineman said grilling pork steaks should be a savory process.

Done right, they’ll be just melt in your mouth butter and tender, Pesca added.


Grilled Pork Steak Serving Suggestions

We love to serve the grilled pork steaks family style on a big platter or simply on a cutting board, surrounded by various sides and with plenty of craft beer to wash down all the goodness.

You can always throw some corn on the cob and some vegetables like sweet peppers, padrons or shishitos on the grill to accompany the juicy pork. Potato salads or cheesy potatoes are always complementary as are all manner of other salads this hearty barley salad, coleslaw, greens with berries or grilled peaches, etc.

Barbecue sauce goes beautifully with grilled or pan-fried pork blade steak apply generously.

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The Basic Cuts Of Steak To Cook Pork Steak On Grill

It can be difficult to tell what cut of steak youre buying when youre in the grocery store. A few different cuts are most common, but some lesser-known ones are also. Heres a quick overview of the different types of beef cuts:

Delmonico: A Delmonico steak typically has more fat because it comes from the short loin area, which sits over the kidneys. This is one of the most tender cuts of meat on a cow.

New York Strip Steak: A New York Strip Steak has less fat because it comes from the rib area and is an active muscle group that does work, so it needs less fat to keep going.

Ribeye: The ribeye is from the beef rib section and has less fat than a Delmonico or New York Strip steak because it also comes from an active muscle group that does some work, so it needs less fat to keep going.

Flank: The flank is not one of the more common steaks however, this cut is flavorful and leaner than other types.

Grill Rest & Serve Your Pork Steaks

Grilled Pork Steak Recipe | Pork Blade Steak Recipe on the PK Grill
  • Cook. Place your pork steaks on the grill and cook for 8-10 minutes, then flip and grill for another 8-10 minutes on the opposite side. After that, flip as needed to finish with a perfect caramelized sear and your desired level of doneness .
  • Rest. Finally, transfer your pork steaks to a plate or cutting board and loosely cover them with foil. Allow them to rest for 5 minutes before serving.
  • Add on a side of roasted potatoes and sauteed asparagus for a delicious, well-rounded meal! These grilled pork steaks also taste fantastic with a side of roasted vegetables or twice-baked potatoes. Enjoy!

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    What You Will Need

    Here are the ingredients you will need to make this grilled pork steak recipe:



    Lemon juice – freshly squeezed lemon juice has the best flavor.

    Garlic – you can mince fresh garlic cloves, or buy the “jarlic” as it will save you a little time.

    Red pepper flakes

    Kosher salt

    Pork butt steaks or pork shoulder steaks – approximately half-inch thick, bone-in. You can also use a standard bone-in pork chop too.

    Olive oil

    For exact ingredient quantities, please see the recipe card below!

    Grilled Pork Steaks In Under An Hour

    Do you have an hour available to make a homemade dinner? Rather than rush off to a fast food place, grab those pork steaks from your refrigerator and fire up the Kong.

    Our easy pork steaks recipe takes very little time. Beyond rubbing seasonings on your grilled pork steaks and turning them a couple of times, all you have to do is turn your attention to making side dishes.

    A fresh green salad would go great with these grilled pork steaks. Just slice, dice and chop the ingredients in between flipping your pork steaks to perfection. In about an hour, you can go from What will we have for dinner? to These are the best grilled pork steaks we have ever tasted!

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    Is Shoulder Roast Good For Grilling

    Chuck roast is usually cooked pot roast style, low and slow to break down the tough fibers of the shoulder meat. You may never have thought about grilling it before, but it is a great option and incredibly delicious if youre looking for an affordable cookout entree.

    Preparing The Spare Ribs To Cook Pork Spare Ribs

    The Best Barbecued Pork Steaks

    Before you start prepping your ribs, make sure to take the time to thaw them. This will help give them a more tender and moist texture. You can keep them in the fridge until theyre ready to be cooked, or you can use this time to marinate them. How Long To Cook Pork Spare Ribs?

    For your marinade, youll need some salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, soy sauce, and Dijon mustard. If you want to get adventurous with your marinade, toss in some of your favorite spices like ginger or cayenne pepper!

    To get started with prepping your ribs, cut off the end of the rib rack where the meat starts getting thin. The fatty end of the rack is better for grilling or can be used for other dishes that call for ground pork.

    Next, remove the membrane on the backside of the ribs by using a sharp knife and sliding it under while peeling it off slowly. Now you have all these delicious bones exposed! Give these a good rinse to be nice and clean before cooking.

    Likewise, heating the spareribs before barbecuing will give delicate outcomes. In any case, for some grill aficionados, ribs that are delicate, skirting on soft, are for the most part something awful. Exemplary grill spareribs ought to have some delicacy, yet the ribs should in any case have an energetic bite. Boiling can cook this surface out.

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    Using Gas Grill To Cook Pork Steaks

    Grilling was introduced with charcoal and pellet grills. We will have to spend a couple of minutes to light up the charcoals. However, gas grills have eliminated the need to light it manually. Gas grills use propane gas that lights up just with a spark, so you wont have to struggle with burning down charcoals. Gas grills allow you to variate the flames by increasing or decreasing the gas supply. So you can increase or decrease the flames according to your need. They might not give you the smoky barbecue aroma, but they will save up a lot of your time and effort.

    How To Marinate Pork Steaks

    When I barbecue pork shoulder steaks, I channel my Dad and my husband’s Papa Don for the marinade. It’s super simple, with only one ingredient!

    So, what’s the ingredient?


    I know, I know. I’m SO Missouri right now.

    But seriously, marinating pork in beer tenderizes it perfectly! You don’t need fancy craft beer for this. Any light lager or pilsner will do.

    “I made these tonight but not on the grill. Got rained out Made them in a grill skillet and they still turned out amazing. Will definitely make them again on the grill though. So glad I found this recipe. 5 stars all the way!!!”

    Bill, reader comment

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    Tips For Smoking Pork Steaks

    Here are some tips for making these smoked pork steaks.

    • Mix up your rubs and sauces. I like to keep things classic, so I opted for Sweet Rub and Everything BBQ Sauce, but this would also be awesome with Beef Rub and Texas Style BBQ Sauce!
    • Smoking then braising is a BBQ classic. This yields a smoky flavor and a great, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Opting for the high heat sear at the end really levels everything up in terms of the caramelized flavor and crispy texture on the exterior.
    • Clean the pork steaks. Pork steaks are cut down from whole, bone in pork shoulders. This cutting process often leaves bone fragments on the meat that are hard to heat. Before seasoning, I recommend wiping down your pork steaks with a wet paper towel.

    How To Grill Pork Steaks

    Grilled Pork Steak ~ Easy Cooking

    I believe that the best way to grill pork steaks is nice and slow.

    We use a charcoal grill, so I typically prepare the coals and spread them out evenly once lit. Then, I let them mellow out for 15-20 minutes so the fire is not scorching hot.

    I grill pork steaks with the spice rub only for 12 minutes per side. Then, an additional 5 minutes per side while basting with barbecue sauce.

    As an optional step, you can baste the pork steaks in a solution of ½ beer and ½ apple juice while grilling. If you marinate the pork steaks, this should not be necessary.

    For safety, you need to get the pork steaks to minimum temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. I prefer to cook them a bit past this temperature.

    Keep in mind that pork shoulder starts to pull and is extremely tender at 195 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe that somewhere between 145 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit is the right temperature for tender pork steaks.

    Serve these Barbecue Pork Steaks with grilled corn on the cob and simple green salad for the perfect No Oven Summer supper!

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    Placing Pork Steak On The Gas Grill

    After you are done cutting and bringing the pork steaks, lets start some grilling! Follow the simple steps below to grill the perfect pork steaks

    Firstly Preheat the gas grill for a couple of minutes. You can play hit it for 4 to 5 minutes

    To have the extra juicy steaks, use two heat areas on the gas grill, one with direct flames and the other with indirect heat.

    Place the pork steaks on the grill and allow them to cook for about 8 minutes per side. You can also measure the temperature with an instant thermometer and take them off the grill once they have reached the inner temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Firstly place the meat on the indirect heat. Once it reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit, move the steak on direct flames and cook for just a few minutes.

    Afterward, take them off the grill and serve.

    How Should Pork Be Cooked

    With the knowledge that pork is safe to eat cooked to medium rare and above, there is still some debate as to what the optimal level of doneness is with pork, especially pork steaks.

    The USDA, for one, recommends cooking pork to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit, which would be medium. Many chefs and gourmets prefer their pork cooked like this, with a pink center. Cooking pork to medium provides a juicier, more tender bite than medium well or well done, which is typically dry and tough enough to run the risk of turning someone off pork entirely.

    Others, however, have taken to experimenting with medium rare pork. Still safe to eat, this form of pork looks and tastes more like a perfectly cooked steak, with a pink to red center and more juices. However, medium rare pork runs the risk of being chewy.

    It should also be noted that ground pork, no matter what you intend to do with it, should always be cooked completely. Unlike with a pork steak, ground meat carries more risk in eating it undercooked, as any forms of bacteria that would normally be seared from the surface of a pork steak would not be affected within a ground pork patty or the like. For this reason, ensure that any ground pork you cook with is cooked to a final temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Smoked Pork Steaks Recipe

    This easy-to-follow recipe uses your pellet smoker or charcoal grill to create deliciously tender, fall off the bone smoked BBQ pork steaks.

    Classic BBQ recipes are considered classic for a reason. Slow smoked ribs, delicious and juicy smoked brisket, and of course, we cannot forget smoked pork butt for mouth-watering pulled pork!

    While we all love these classics, we know good BBQ tends to take several hours .

    Pork butts also often yield several pounds of meat, which is wonderful if youre entertaining and feeding a crowd.

    However, if youre looking to save money on a smaller cut of pork, smoke it in less time, and yield a normal amount of food , then this pork steak recipe is truly ideal.

    Create delicious, tender pork with unbelievable flavor following the recipe below.

    Use the outlined information in this article to help guide you through understanding the preparation and smoking process with ease.

    Lets dive in!

    • Electric Smoker/ Pellet Grill or Charcoal Smoker

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