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Knife Block With Steak Knives

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Best Durable Set: Henckels 8

Zwilling Porterhouse Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set

Over 2,500 five-star reviews rave about this one-piece stainless steel Henckels set. The serrated edge won’t need sharpening, and home cooks have even referred to the blades as the best tomato knife. The stainless steel handle looks sleek for table settings but makes it easy to store in the utensil drawer as needed.

Though we’d never advise putting steak knives in the dishwasher regularly, if you’re able to dry these blades quickly, rust should be easy to avoid.

To buy: Henckels 8-Piece Stainless Steel Set, $45 at or

How Many Knives Do I Need In A Knife Set

Some of the sets we tested only include two knives while others come with as many as eight knives plus extras like steak knives, a honing steel, shears, and a storage block. So, how many knives do you really need?

The larger, all-inclusive sets are perfect for anyone building a starter kitchen. Theyre also ideal for those who know they want all the specific knives included in the set, as the set generally offers a discount compared to buying knives individually. Some of these sets are inexpensive and are great for rental properties or anyone with a budget. Many of the big name-brand knife sets can get quite pricey, so youll want to be sure you will actually use all the knives to make it worth the extra price.

Then there are the mid-sized sets that include around five knives. These sets are ideal for serious cooks and professionals who want to have a nice knife for every purpose. Use the chefs knife as your kitchen workhorse but reach for the santoku when chopping vegetables, utility knife for smaller items, paring knife for peeling fruit and vegetables, serrated knife for bread, and the boning knife when processing a whole chicken.

Ultimate Set With Steak Knives With Block

CDN$4,796 if items purchased separately

This 32-Pc. Ultimate Set features super-sharp American-made cooking knives that deliver clean cuts and make prep work fast and easy. Complete with 12 Steak Knives and an oak block that will safely store and protect the edges of your knives. Available with honey or cherry finish.

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Best For Gifting: Zwilling 8

This Zwilling set comes in an attractive wooden presentation box, so gifting is as easy as throwing on a bow. The eight-piece set is top to bottom high-carbon stainless steel, made with professional-grade design and materials. The serrated blades will hold their sharpness for longer than traditional knives. The thin handles look great at any table setting, and even bettershoppers can catch the set while it’s on sale for just $85. Give it as a wedding gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift.

To buy: Zwilling 8-Piece Steak Knife Box Set, $85 at,, or

Knife Block For Steak Knives

Wusthof Classic Knife Block Set with Forged Steak Knives, 12 Piece ...

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These Professional Knife Sets Offer Premium Quality And High End Performance For Pro Chefs Or Busy Home Cooks

Advances in metallurgy and manufacturing in the last 50 years have led to an increase in quality and a decrease in price of the average kitchen cutlery set in 2021. That being said, the old adage You get what you pay for still rings true. There are a lot of elements that can separate a $50 chefs knife from a $200 professional chef knife. Steel quality, handle material, balance and aesthetics are all factors that set the knives in these professional sets apart and justify their relatively expensive cost. If you are done with low to mid range kitchen cutlery sets, and are ready to shell out a bit more to have an elite level knife set that makes your kitchen counter look its best, here are some great options.

The price range of the cutlery sets highlighted in this article ranges from around $500 to $2400. Due to price fluctuation there are often a few sets in this article a little under $500. Obviously the term high end is subjective, but $500 seemed to be a good starting point for what most people would consider a premium level. If that range is a bit more than you want to throw down on a cutlery set, check out our post on the best kitchen knife sets under $300.

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Why Buy Dedicated Steak Knives

Chances are a prime cut of steak isnt an everyday buy for you, and its certainly not for me.

Having treated myself to something special, the last thing I want to do is hack away at it with a general purpose knife that struggles to cut cleanly.

It takes a delicious, mouth-watering experience one where you savor every last succulent bite and turns it into a bit of a chore.

I want to indulge myself on the rare occasions I tuck into a plump, juicy steak. The process of doing so is just as important as the preparation as far as Im concerned!

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How Do You Store Steak Knives

Steak knives, like all other sharp knives, should be kept safe from being jostled around or and knocked into by other utensils. You can use a sheath or knife roll if youve got room on your magnetic knife strip, thats an excellent idea, too. Some of the knives we tested came with permanent storage solutions, while other will require an additional purchase. The important thing is to avoid tossing them loose in a utensil drawer.

Best For Table Settings: Misen Serrated Knives

steak knife block

Misen’s serrated blades are comfortable and affordable if you’re looking to outfit your table for hosting family and friends for dinner. Hundreds of Misen users have complimented the brand’s usefulness and great price. Misen also makes our favorite paring knife, so it’s no surprise they’re a top choice for steak knives as well.

To buy: Misen Steak Knives , $20 per knife at

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Who Needs A Steak Knife Set

Even if you havent seen the movie, you probably know the line: First prize is a Cadillac … Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is youre fired. Alec Baldwins speech is cinema legend. Its also insightful. Glengarry Glen Ross premiered in 1984, when there was nothing more quintessentially American than big cars, lost jobsand steak for dinner. Of course second prize is a set of steak knives! Almost everyone would have appreciated themif not the circumstances they arrived under.

Today, second prize would be something else. Americans are eating less meat in general, and less beef in particular, so not everyone needs a set of steak knives these days. But if you eat meat regularly, you really should have one. Its amazing how much nicer it is to slice a tenderloin or chop with a well-made blade designed for that purpose. And that will hold true even if youre already using a cheapo set of serrated steak knives, let alone if youre hacking away with the dull table knives that came with your silverware.

A nice set of steak knives also dresses up a place-setting, so if you like to entertainor just like to make a fancy meal now and thenyou may appreciate owning a set, too. Finally, one thing that held true in 1984 still holds true in 2015: steak knives are a special gift for the right person. You can even spend Cadillac money, if youre feeling extra generous.

Also Great: Opinel No 125 Bon Appetit Set

Several testers diverged from the pack on steak knife aesthetics, preferring something with cleaner, modern lines instead of the traditional look. If that also describes you, the Opinel No. 125 Bon Appetit Set, which used to be called the South Spirit, is our recommendation. The Opinel blades are noticeably less sharp than the Messermeister and Wüsthof, but they still cut our tough test-steaks neatly and efficiently. The beautiful handles are made of olivewood, which, in addition to being pretty, is naturally water-resistant .

The Opinels underperform noticeably in one category: weight. At just 35 gramsbarely more than an ouncethey feel insubstantial in the hand. They also come in a simple cardboard case that wont last long in your silverware drawer youd want to store it somewhere less trafficked like a high shelf. But on looks and performance, theyre winners at the price. Lastly, if youre looking for something to brighten your table, Opinel makes a version of this knife set thats fitted with colored hornbeam-wood handles. You can also buy the knives open stock if you want to build your own set in different colors.

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How Does The Knife Feel

A good knife should feel like an extension of your hand. It should be comfortable to grip and easy to control. Neither the handle nor the blade should feel exceptionally heavier than the other. Before you make a purchase, or make the first cut in your own kitchen, its a good idea to simulate slicing and see how a knife feels to you.

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Best Stainless Steel Knife Set Global 7

Wusthof Classic Knife Block Set with Gourmet Steak Knives, 20 Piece ...

Why youll love it:

This is an expensive knife set that is quality in some ways, but stumbles too much for a serious recommendation.

What we liked

  • Blade: The blades are quite excellent steel, with a seriously fine edge . The blades hold their edge well, are easy to re-sharpen with household available tools, and amazingly sharp, which ensures they are safe to use.

What we didnt like

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Are Knife Sets Worth It Or Should You Build A Collection By Buying Each Knife Separately

For most people, a reliable high-quality knife set is worth it. Like we mentioned above, its all about what you plan on using it for. Even a smaller set with three knives will give you a much wider range when preparing food. If youre enthusiastic about cooking but arent in a position to buy a dozen styles and sizes of high-end knives, a quality larger set will have you cooking up a broader range of culinary delights. Once youve become acquainted with the sizes and styles of knives that you use most often, you can start taking a look at individual knives that suit your tastes and customize your collection further.

The Spruce / Renu Dhar

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Buying Guide For Best Steak Knife Sets

Whether youre a carnivore at heart or a casual chef with a taste for the finer things in life, you probably appreciate a basic principle of cooking and grilling: sharp is much better than dull. When it comes to purchasing a new steak knife set, its important to choose a set that will arrive ready to work, yet look beautiful resting in a knife block on your kitchen counter.

Cutting with a poor-quality knife or one that isnt suited to the task at hand is not only frustrating, it can be dangerous. A paring knife is far too flimsy to cut through dense layers of meat and fat it can bend or slip. Likewise, the handle of a table knife isnt designed to provide leverage for slicing easily through a thick cut of meat. A high-quality steak knife does its job safely, making your cooking and dining experiences much more enjoyable.

The shopping guide below will help you make the best decision possible when purchasing a steak knife set youll enjoy for years to come.

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Best Value: Henckels 8

For a quality brand with a full-size set, this Henckels set with eight serrated steak knives has excellent ratings. The larger serrations cut through any food easily with little force, and the triple-rivet handles ensure a sturdy hold for the long run. For home cooks looking to use a solid set of steak knives without breaking the bank, Henckels tools are a great option and come with a lifetime guarantee, too.

To buy: Henckels Triple-Rivet 8-Piece Steak Knife Set, $39 at ,, or

Whats The Best Shape And Size

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Forged Accent 4piece Steak Knife …

You should consider the balance between the length of the blade and the length of the handle when choosing the best steak knife for you.

The closer both of these aspects are to being the same length, the more comfortable youll find the knife to use. Youll also be able to control the cutting motion more easily as well.

You should also consider the shape of the handle. The majority of people prefer a light contour effect, but this again is your choice.

If this isnt something youve thought about before, go and have a rummage through your existing knife collection and see what feels comfortable to you.

These might seem like small considerations, but they matter when youre treating yourself to a really nice and potentially expensive cut of beef.

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Rada Cutlery Starter Pack With 7 Parts

This all-American company stamps their high-quality stainless steel stainless steel knives , but sharpens the edges of the knives by hand.

The slopes are hollow for easy sharpening.

The handles are made of aluminum and have a silver, satin finish.

Although their wings do not have the desired full forceps, Rada has a return policy if the wing comes out of the handle.

They also do not have supports, but this is replaced with a finger guard instead.

Unlike the other sets on this list, the Radas 7-Piece Starter Kit does not have a block.

But their wings stick to a magnet if thats what you currently have at home, or if thats what you plan to buy in the future.

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What To Look For In A Knife Block Set

Look for a knife block set that contains what we consider the three essentials: a chefs knife, utility knife and serrated bread knife. A chefs knife is the workhorse youll use for chopping onions and celery, slicing tomatoes or eggplant, and mincing garlic and parsley. The curvier its blade, the better it will be at rocking back and forth for tasks like mincing herbs. Although paring knives were once considered must-haves, today we recommend a slightly longer one called a utility knife, which in addition to paring an apple, can be used for slicing small blocks of cheese or segmenting an orange. All good sets will include a long, serrated bread knife. A long thin slicing or carving knife is another good tool to have in your kitchen and we like sets that include one.

Many knife block sets will come will many other pieces that increase the price. Dont pay more for additional tools unless you know youll use them. For example, if you already have a set of steak knives you love, you dont need more in a knife set. Keep in mind, the block itself is considered one of the pieces. It is a useful tool for storing your knives where theyre easy to access, their blades dont get nicked or damaged, and you cant accidentally cut yourself. A block will take up space on your countertop, though, so aim to choose one that fits your needs and space.

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The Paper Test Gave Us An Idea Of Factory Sharpness But Didn’t Tell The Whole Story

Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

As Daniel did with chef’s knives, the first and last tests for this review were performed to check the sharpness of each knife. I ran the blade of each knife, from heel to tip, through sheets of printer paper that had been folded in half. This test isn’t a precise measure of sharpness, but it allowed me to see which knives had a factory edge sharp enough to effortlessly slice through paper, and note which ones got snagged and tore at the sheets.

The knife that performed the worst was the one micro-serrated knife that we tested, which tore and got caught on the paper. The knives that performed best were generally the premium straight-edged knives, while the cheaper knives had more trouble. The Messermeister Avanta was the notable exception to this trend it was one of the most budget-friendly knives of the dozen that were tested, and it sliced through paper just as well, if not better, than ones that cost five times more. It is also worth noting that the serrated steak knife that we tested aced the paper test, cutting through the sheet smoothly even with its saw-toothed edge.

% Off Single Table And Steak Knife Offer Terms

Wusthof Grand Prix II Knife Block Set with Forged Steak Knives, 22 ...

15% off Single Table Knives and Steak Knives valid through 11:59 p.m. ET Oct. 22, 2021. Offer valid with Traditional Table Knife , Stainless Table Knife and Steak Knife only. Choose from available handle colors. Prior purchases excluded. Cannot combine offers. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Prices and offers apply only to orders shipping within Canada.

Provide your email for a chance to win a $100 Cutco Gift Card.

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