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How To Cook A Ribeye Steak On The Grill

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How Long To Grill Ribeye On Gas Grill

How to Cook Ribeye Steak on the Grill

It typically takes about 10-12 minutes to grill a ribeye steak on a gas grill. However, the cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of the steak, the heat of the grill, and the desired level of doneness. For a more accurate estimate, use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of the steak. When the steak reaches the desired temperature, remove it from the grill.

Tips For Grilled Ribeye Steak

Follow the tips below for delicious grilled rib eye steak with perfect sear marks and juicy, tender steak.

  • Use quality meat: Since flavor come only from the meat its important to use high-quality meat for optimal flavor and texture. For best flavor use grass-fed or organic ribeye steak.
  • Use a simple steak seasoning with salt: Even just salt and pepper work well. Or use a dry steak seasoning which includes ingredients such as garlic, salt, and freshly ground pepper, coriander, oregano and/or chili. Alternately, you could ahead of time.
  • Season meat ahead of time: Season at least 1-2 hours ahead of time, or overnight. This allows flavors to soak in and the salt helps tenderize meat proteins and creates juicer meat. Note: to save time you could skip this and just let the seasoning soak in at room temp, but the flavors will be different.
  • Bring meat to room temperature: Let sit at least 30 minutes before cooking. This ensures more even cooking throughout and better internal temperature control.
  • Keep your grill grates clean to reduce sticking: Learn more about cleaning grill grates.
  • Use high heat on the grill, then reduce: Preheat grill to medium-high or about 500° F. Add steaks, close lid, then reduce heat to medium.
  • Cook to desired doneness: Check temp while on the grill, watch carefully and do not overcook.
  • Rest 5-10 minutes before cutting: It will continue to cook a bit. It also allows moisture to be absorbed back into meat proteins and reduces liquid loss.

How Do You Grill A 2 Inch Ribeye Steak

For the perfect medium-rare thick -cut bone-in ribeye steak, grill for 18-20 minutes for a 2 inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. A meat thermometer should read 130°F. Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil.

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Thick Ribeye Or Thin Ribeye

If you like your steak on the rare side, it’s much easier to achieve a good cook with a thick ribeye than a thin one. With a thin ribeye you’ll have a hard time getting the surface of the steak properly browned before the inside of the steak cooks to well done. A thick ribeye buys you time. You’re able to get that surface nice and browned before the interior of the steak gets too much heat.

If you prefer your steak well done, go with a thinner cut. If you choose a thick cut, the surface of the steak may burn before you’re able to get the interior cooked. Most experts prefer their steak cooked medium rare. For this reason, they typically choose a steak that’s about 2 inches thick.

Specialty Methods For Cooking Ribeye Steak

How To Grill Ribeye Steak On Gas Grill Temperature

Traditional methods will give any steak connoisseur a wonderful meal, however, there are also new techniques that inspire cooking innovation and provide their own unique flavor. With each method, your steak should be completely thawed in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Remove the Ribeye from the refrigerator 3040 minutes before cooking to bring to room temperature. Season your steaks to your liking we recommend using our Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning.

For perfect doneness, we recommend using a meat thermometer.

Take the cooking process a step further with the professional reverse sear Ribeye method.

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Ribeye Or Tomahawk Steak

A tomahawk steak is a ribeye! It’s just cut a little differently than you usually see in the store. The rib bone is left in, giving the steak that distinctive handle shape. A tomahawk is usually cut very thick as well, which makes it more challenging to cook through. The flavor and tenderness of the meat is the same as a ribeye because, again, it is a ribeye only the presentation that’s different.

Should You Put Olive Oil On Steak Before Grilling

Season the steak one hour before cooking, using extra virgin olive oil, fresh ground black pepper, and kosher or sea salt. Leave it at room temperature until cooking. Brush each side with 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil. For a rare or medium finish, turn the steak over and finish cooking to the right temperature.

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Why This Grilled Ribeye Steak Recipe Is So Good

  • Minimal ingredients.
  • Get those hot grill marks!
  • Get tips on using direct and indirect heat for cooking steaks on the grill.
  • Learn how to get juicy ribeye steak on the grill to enjoy all the beautiful ribeye marbling.
  • MADE FOR BEGINNERS New to grilling foods? See my step by step video for beginners .

How Do You Make A Ribeye Tender

How to Cook a Ribeye Steak

A ribeye is one of the most tender cuts of steaks you can buy. Instead of making it tender, you’re trying to keep it tender. You do that by cooking it properly to medium rare, or 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overcooking a ribeye will dry out the meat, making it less tender. Ribeye steak cooked to 145 or above will look gray, not pink. At higher temperatures the meat will be tough to the touch and to the teeth. We strongly recommend using an instant-read meat thermometer to check the temperature as you cook. There’s no better way to ensure you cook ribeye to maximum tenderness.

Once your ribeye is cooked, cutting the steak across the grain will break down muscle fibers and result in a more tender bite.

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How Do I Cook A Ribeye On A Weber Gas Grill

  • Clean the cooking grate with a stiff brush.
  • Using a cover, grill the steaks over direct medium-high heat, flipping once, until they are cooked to your desired doneness, 6 to 8 minutes for medium rare , or until desired doneness is reached.
  • Remove the steaks from the grill and allow them to rest for a few minutes before cutting them into slices and serving them.
  • Clean the cooking grate with a stiff brush.

    Tips And Tricks For Grilling Steak

    Take the time to remove the steak from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before you are going to grill it. This will bring it to room temperature. The benefit of this is that it will cook more evenly.

    We used our beef seasoning which we think is amazing, but your favorite steak seasoning is the perfect option also. Even a sprinkle of coarse salt and ground black pepper will make it mouth-watering.

    The steak we used is 12-16 oz so it will be more than one serving.

    You can check out more tips and tricks from the Star Ranch Angus® beef website.

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    Tips For Grilling The Perfect Steak

    • Season, then chill: I apply the same technique I use for getting crispy chicken and turkey skin to grilling this steak: season, then let it chill in the fridge uncovered for up to 48 hours. This essentially dry brines the steak while also letting it air-dry. This approach allows the surface moisture to evaporate while the seasoning has time to penetrate the meat resulting in deeply flavored steak that sears beautifully and develops a nice crust on the grill.
    • Start with clean grates: Just like you use a clean skillet with a little oil to cook dinner on the stovetop, you want to start with clean and oiled grill grates.
    • To flip or not to flip? Flip your steak to your hearts content. Harold McGee, food science writer and author of On Food and Cooking, discovered that frequent flipping creates a steak that cooks more evenly and quickly than those flipped only once.
    • Grilling directly on coals: Raichlen seemingly knows an infinite number of ways to grill meat, and theres one in his new book, Project Fire , that I particularly like: he cooks steak directly on hot coalsno grill grates necessary. I love the idea, and its on my list of things to try in the near future.

    Prepare The Steaks And Grill

    Grilled Teriyaki Ribeye Steaks, Reverse Seared

    First, remove the steaks from the refrigerator. Salt both sides generously with salt. Then, allow them to remain at room temperature for 45 minutes prior to cooking to allow them to brine.

    When its close to cooking time, heat up the grill to high heat . If your grill grates tend to stick, brush a little olive oil on them before heating.

    Before adding the steaks to the grill, brush a small amount of olive oil on each side and sprinkle with salt, pepper, or your other preferred seasonings.

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    How Long To Grill A 1 Inch Ribeye

    How Long To Grill A 1 Inch Ribeye? Grilling steak is one of the best methods to prepare it for the table. But several factors are to be considered to grill a perfect ribeye. Ribeye stands among the popular meat cuts that are the main attraction of the dining table.

    People who consider themselves BBQ lovers could never deny that the ribeye taste superior when grilled. But its not a secret that grilling steak could vary considerably. Some of them need a lessor grilling time, but others may require you to stand longer with the grill before they are prepared to face the dishes.

    So if you are among the ones who look for the perfect method to grill ribeye, then this article is a must-to-read. There are details relating to the best steak cut for grilling, the optimum time to grill ribeye, and choosing between gas and charcoal grill.

    How To Grill Ribeye Steak :

    • For the perfect medium-rare degree of doneness, your Ribeye steak grill time should be 912 minutes for a 1-inch steak, and 1215 minutes for a 1& frac12 inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. A meat thermometer should read 130°F.
    • Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil. The temperature of the meat will continue to rise about 5°F during this time . The final temperature will read 135°F.
    • Resting steak is important because the heat of cooking pulls the juices in the meat toward the surface if you slice into it immediately after cooking, those flavorful juices will end up on your plate, not in your steak. Allowing your steak to rest will give the juices time to sink back in and throughout the meat, keeping it moist and flavorful.
    • To check the degree of doneness, use a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature of your steak.

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    Tips For The Best Grilled Ribeye Steak

    Below, find our best tips for nailing grilled Ribeye Steak each and every time.

    • Season generously. A generous amount of salt brings out the natural flavors of the Ribeye. Keep in mind some of it may fall off during grilling, so dont be shy with the grinder.
    • Cut off any extra fat. Trimming your Beef prevents your steak from catching on fire. Healthy marbling is great , but any extraneous fat should be removed. Note: This doesnt mean you need to trim off all that lovely, outer fat. Instead, trim off any extra loose pieces that will easily catch on the flames.
    • Know steak cooks a bit more as it rests. Whatever your doneness preference, keep in mind that steak continues to cook when you take it off the grill to rest. Allot for an extra 3-4 degrees of cooking by taking your steak off a bit early.
    • Let it Rest. Always, always, always let your steak rest for 10-15 minutes. Allowing it to seal in its own juices up levels the texture and makes all the difference in taste.

    Should I Let The Grilled Ribeye Steak Rest Before Slicing

    Tomahawk Ribeye On A Gas Grill | How To Cook Steak

    The answer is most definitely yes! Allow the meat to rest for 5 minutes before serving. Take the steaks off the grill and cover them with foil, away from the heat. This gives all those wonderful juices time to return to the meat, giving you a tender and juicy steak.

    All thats left is a sit-down and enjoy the deliciousness of a Steak House quality steak, cooked just right.

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    Why Does High Heat Make My Steak Tastes Better

    The surface of a steak tastes best when the high heat gets several important chemical reactions going. It might be a little TMI, but you can always impress your guests with your grilling knowledge!

    The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and sugars created by heat. Caramelization is the browning of sugar by oxidation under heat. There are small amounts of sugars in meat, that cause this reaction and give you that rich, complex, caramel or butterscotch flavor that makes your steak memorable.

    There are also fats on the surface, and they contribute a lot to the flavor of the meat. When heat melts the fat and chemically alters it, the flavor is also drastically altered.

    Fat reaches its most rich and succulent point when it becomes golden brown, just before it burns. While your steak is at best when the color is more of a nut brown. Blackening or charring a piece of meat is carbonization, and wont taste much better than the charcoal, so pay attention to what youre doing on the grill. Timing is everything!

    For me the rarer the better, while my wife likes no signs of pink, with her steak well done.sigh. Its proven quite challenging but also very satisfying when I get it right.

    I also like to experiment with the seasonings I use, trying to masterfully create perfection. Many famous steak houses are known not only for their steaks but for the secret seasoning they use to create added flavors.

    How Can I Make My Steak Juicy And Tender

    8 Simple Ways to Make Tough Meat Tender Physically tenderize the meat. For tough cuts like chuck steak, a meat mallet can be a surprisingly effective way to break down those tough muscle fibers. Use a marinade. Dont forget the salt. Let it come up to room temperature. Cook it low-and-slow. Hit the right internal temperature. Rest your meat. Slice against the grain.

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    How Long Should You Cook A Ribeye Steak

    Cooked over high heat, a thick ribeye steak will cook in approximately 10 minutes, about 5 minutes on each side. A thin ribeye steak will cook in approximately 6 minutes, about 3 minutes on each side. The exact cooking time will depend on many factors, so we highly recommend that you cook to temperature, not time.

    Use a reliable meat thermometer to check the temperature as you cook. No matter what the clock says, remove your ribeye once the temperature reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit for medium rare.

    How Long To Cook Ribeye On The Stove

    How to Grill a Perfect Ribeye Steak on a Gas Grill

    If you love steak, then you must have tried making some at home. But most people fall into the mistake of preparing a dry serving of steak, which you dont want if youre a first-timer. The best steak cuts like ribeye offer superior taste with costly price tags. So, if you dont want to lose money and a great dining experience, it helps to focus on mapping the proper cooking time.

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    How Long Should You Cook A Side Of Steak

    How late it is. Steaks are recommended to be cooked at two minutes per side for rare in general, and three minutes per side for medium-rare, and six minutes per side for medium in particular. Once the seasoning is well cooked, turn the heat down and let it cook in a good way for approximately 4-6 minutes.

    Grilled Ribeye Steakhouse Steak With Garlic Butter

    Our Grilled Ribeye Steak is juicy and decadent with a rich garlic butter sauce and brown sugar steak rub that leaves you craving bite after bite! Well show you how to cook ribeye steak on the grill, so perfectly, it will remind you of your favorite steakhouse steak. Its easy and takes under an hour. You will want to stay home and enjoy this ribeye over and over again!

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    Sous Vide Ribeye Steak

    Using the sous vide method to cook a Ribeye is the best way to ensure that your steak is cooked evenly to your desired degree of doneness throughout, without overcooking or losing any flavor. Sous vide uses a low-heat, long-time cooking process which allows for evenly cooked steaks from end to end and guarantees every bite is as tender and juicy as the first.

    Note: Steaks cooked under 130°F should not be cooked longer than 2& frac12 hours at a time due to food safety concerns.

    Here are the steps to follow when using the sous vide method:

    Prepare It

    • Preheat your water bath: Fill your sous vide container up with warm water and set the sous vide device to the appropriate temperature for the desired doneness. The sous vide device should be set as follows:
      • Medium-Well: 145°F
    • All our products arrive vacuum-sealed in sous-vide-ready, heat-stable packaging, allowing you to simply add them to the water bath and cook to your desired degree of doneness. However, if you have the means to repackage your steaks into sous vide heat-stable bags at home, we recommend seasoning your steaks with Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning for an enhanced flavor, prior to cooking in the sous vide. Another option is to add fresh herbs and a Kansas City Steak Finishing Butter, along with your raw steak, into the heat-stable vacuum seal bag before sealing.
    • After thawing, bringing to room temperature, seasoning, and preheating the sous vide you’re ready to start cooking.

    Cook It

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