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Mr Steak 2 Burner Grill

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Is Mr Steak Worth It

Mr. Steak Grill Review | Portable 2 Infrared Burner | Unboxing

After our Mr Steak review and taste trial, we think that they provide an adequate experience for customers that want to switch up a piece of their beef cuts from the standard steakhouse or grocery store options.

But, if you’re looking for wider selection, we highly suggest that you try ButcherBox.

#1 Meat Delivery Service

  • Grass-fed and grass-finished beef delivered directly to your door
  • Without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Customizable boxes available
  • Select from up to 21 different cuts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of

This Portable Grill Is About To Be Your New Favorite Piece Of Summer Cookware

And come tailgating season, youll fall in love all over again.

There are no shortage of articles floating around the Internet this time of year listing off all of the essential kitchen items you ought take with you to a vacation rental. It may seem cumbersome, but yeahin order to have a smooth, relaxed cooking experience in your kitchen-away-from home, it helps to take a few pieces of trusted gear. No doubt, these sorts of packing lists are thoroughly informative and helpful for those whod prefer to cover the majority of their vacation meals by cooking up something simple and delicious at home , but theres one fairly essential item thats typically left unaddressed by these lists: the grill.

WATCH: How to Make Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken with Leeks

So we teamed up with one of our test kitchen chefs, Julia Levy, to put the Mr. Steak Portable Grill through its paces. Levy unboxed and evaluated the 1-burner Mr. Steak , using it to prepare a variety of simple grilled foods including burgers, steak , assorted summer vegetables, chicken breasts, a whole fish, and shrimp. Heres what we thought.

Someone Will Thank You For These Year

Year-end holidays mean thinking of gifts. If you’ve been stuck, here are suggestions for some great outdoor cooking.

That means for anyone at any time, whether it’s hot or cold. Gifts that will get used for years to come. Manufacturers sent equipment for me to test, which I did. Here are some of the choice picks.

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How Do The Items Arrive

Based on our Mr Steak review, your items will arrive in Green Cell Foam cooler packaging that is made of compostable corn. It will dissolve under warm running water. They package all of their steaks with dry ice so that it doesnt thaw out while in transit. Put the pack inside the freezer if not consumed immediately.

How Is The Quality & Sourcing Practice At Mr Steak

Mr. Steak Grill Review

Mr Steak only partners with local midwest ranches that raise their cows humanely on pasture land. Based on reviews, the beef is above average compared to grocery stores or any warehouse club, the reason why many steakhouses get regular supply from them. We thought the flavor they share was on par with other services such as ButcherBox.

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Hearty Gifts For The Steak Lover On Your Holiday Shopping Listyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Steak is such a great gift … Hestan has flipped the traditional grill on its head: Its Outdoor grills have a ceramic, infrared top burner under the hood. With heat sources below and above …

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Thank You For Great 40 Oz Porterhouse Steaks And Your Excellent And Prompt Service

Had ordered two sets of 40 oz Porterhouse steaks each as gifts for two friends.First package arrived on time, second recipient’s package was delayed by FED EX due to recent severe weather storms. New package of Porterhouse steak along with some complementary Bacon was sent out by Mr. Steak free of charge. Thank you for excellent and prompt customer service. I was told the 40 OZ Porterhouse is absolutely delicious, an excellent cut of meat.I am already placing orders for myself.Will be returning customer for years to come.

Reply from Mr. Steak

Hi Arshia!Thanks so much for the fantastic review. We’re thrilled that your gift recipients loved their porterhouse steaks, and that you had a great customer service experience. We can’t wait to hear what you think of our steaks now that you get to try them yourself! Happy grilling and thanks again for taking the time to share your experience. Liz

Mr Steak To Introduce Newest Line Of Infrared Portable Grills

Mr. Steak Grill Review | Portable 2 Infrared Burner | Specifications

17 May 2018 — Grilling season has announced a groundbreaking line of portable grills available nationwide exclusively online and in-store at Bass Pro Shops. Known for their stunning build, ultra-durable construction and technologically advanced infrared temperature control, Mr. Steak is bringing its cutting-edge design to a portable grill available in one-burner and two-burner models sure to make any outdoor adventure more delicious.

Thanks to 1,000° of infrared grilling technology, the Mr. Steak Portable Grill delivers a professional cooking experience on the go. Its compact size smaller than a standard cooler is ideal for campsites, tailgates, road trips and more. Developed to bring the same technology used by steakhouses into the hands of adventurers and outdoor-loving cooks, the Mr. Steak Portable Grill is constructed with an array of superior features, including:

  • Radiant infrared heat, able to reach up to 1,000° in one-to-two minutes and cool down in approximately five minutes
  • Advanced ceramic infrared burners that deliver up to 14,000 BTUs
  • Sturdy industrial design with non-skid legs that easily fold up for seamless transport to make for more stable cooking surfaces
  • Safety lock and stainless steel grates to prevent flare-ups and to collect juices and marinades keeping the meat tender
  • State-of-the-art engineering and stylish look that makes the grill a showpiece for any outdoor experience

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What Is Mr Steak

Mr Steak is an online meat delivery service that offers high-quality steaks to your doorstep. As per our review, the company chooses USDA prime beef, which is the top 2 to 3% of beef hand-selected for its texture and tenderness. Mr Steak also offers choice steaks as a less expensive alternative.

They source all of their meats and steaks from within a 250-mile radius of Omaha, Nebraska, also called the “Napa Valley of Beef.” Every local ranch that Mr Steak partners with ensures that their cattle are pasture-raised and finished on grain for the most marbling. All of the local ranchers and companies ensure that their cows are raised humanely.

  • Offers USDA prime and choice
  • Curated steak boxes
  • Build your own steak box options
  • Currently offering free ground shipping

Mr Steak To Introduce New Line Of Portable Grills

Just in time for grilling season, Mr. Steak® has announced a groundbreaking line of portable grills now available nationwide exclusively online and in-store at Bass Pro Shops. Known for their stunning build, ultra-durable construction and technologically advanced infrared temperature control, Mr. Steak is bringing its cutting-edge design to a portable grill available in one-burner and two-burner models sure to make any outdoor adventure more delicious.

About Mr. Steak®: Mr. Steak is a line of grilling products created to help elevate the ultimate dining experience at home. Launched in 2016 and invented by longtime grilling enthusiast, Mick Scully, a.k.a. Mr. Steak, the company offers a variety of grilling accessories, seasonings, and both Patio and Portable grills which feature infrared technology and the highest quality construction. All products are exclusively available online and in-store at Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas locations across North America. Visit to learn more.

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Mr Steak For Grilling

Speaking of grilling, that’s what the Mr. Steak 2-Burner Portable Grill that I tried does really well. There’s also a single-burner portable model and a number of multi-burner versions meant to stay in place at your home.

Like the Traeger, remarkably well built and heavy. The 2-Burner is close to 50-pounds. The fuel is a 20-pound propane tank that you have to supply. The legs fold for easier transportation, but they are short, so either plan to put them on a picnic table, tailgate, or other surface.

The cooking approach is the opposite of the Traeger. Crank the heat up all the way and you get nearly 1,000 degrees to sear things on each side. Then you turn the heat down low, lower the cover, and let the steaks or chops or burgers or what have you finish off.

I regularly cook steaks inside by searing in an all-steel pan and then putting the pan into an over sitting at about 450 degrees, so the approach wasn’t novel for me. If you aren’t use to this approach, it will probably take a little practice to get the timing right. But it’s worth the effort. You get the seared surface and, if you do it right, an interior done to your taste.

Oh, and with this form of cooking, get a really thick steak. It actually makes the cooking easier to control.

Family Stamp Of Approval On The 24oz Porterhouse

Product Reviews

We ordered 24oz. porterhouse steaks on the Saturday before Thanksgiving 2020. On Wednesday afternoon they showed up at our doorstep perfectly packaged. We appreciated the eco-friendly materials used and the steaks were top notch and delicious on Thanksgiving day. Our 10-year-old son would love to eat them weekly but alas, they are not in our regular grocery budget. They are super for special occasion meals!

Reply from Mr. Steak

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Reviews & Online Ratings

Based on our review, Mr Steak might make a good option for customers who want to purchase hand-selected high-quality meat products that will be delivered to their doors. That’s the consensus we’ve seen on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. According to TrustPilot, the company has an excellent rating of 4.6 stars .

How Does It Work

Mr Steak works by letting you to choose from their selection of USDA prime and choice beef and steaks, and buy through one-off purchases. They do not require a steak subscription on their meats, but you cannot buy one item per box at a time. You can choose from one of their curated boxes or build your own meals. Once you choose your box and quantity, they will ship the items within two days.

Other subscription services that deliver to your doorsteps:

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What Are The Menu Options

The menu options at Mr Steak include USDA prime and choice beef cuts. They offer almost every standard cut of beef, but they do not offer any specialty steaks like Wagyu. All of their offerings are organic, non-GMO, and non-steroid. We ordered flat iron steak, T-bone in ribeye, prime bone-in ribs, brisket burgers, cowboy steak, and New York strip steak for this review.

If youre looking for Wagyu for Memorial Day, Father’s Day, or just a weekend dinner, we recommend you check out Snake River Farms and Lobel’s restaurant.

Popular Menu Options:

  • Brisket burgers

Mr Steak Review Everything You Need To Know

Mr. Steak Portable Grill & Stand Review

At Carnivore Style, our goal is to test every meat delivery service available. A friend of ours recently mentioned they placed an order with Mr Steak and said we should give them a try. For this Mr Steak review, we decided to place a few different orders to see if they would be a great meal option or if there is a better meat alternative. We’ll share our verdict.

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Bass Pro Recalls Mr Steak Gas Grills Due To Fire Hazard

  • Chinese, Simplified
  • MR. STEAK four burner model, MS-4B-PG
  • MR. STEAK five burner model, MS-5B-PG
  • Recalled grill – fuel line not mounted to side of grill AND fuel gauge on regulator assembly

The gas regulator hose with attached fuel gauge can melt if it comes in contact with the bottom of the grills firebox, posing a fire hazard.

MR. STEAK toll-free at 833-677-8325 or 833-MRSTEAK from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or online at and click on RECALL or visit more information.

Recall: Mr Steak Gas Grills Sold At Bass Pro Cabela’s Recalled Due To Fire Hazard

Posted December 11, 2019 7:48 a.m. ESTUpdated December 11, 2019 3:58 p.m. EST

Over 3,000 MR. STEAK Gas Grills sold at Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and ABT Appliance & Electronics stores nationwide and online have been recalled due to a fire hazard. Read on for the specific recalled products and what to do if you own one.

The safety issue with these grills involves a gas regulator hose with attached fuel gauge that can melt if it comes in contact with the bottom of the grills firebox, posing a fire hazard. Fortunately, there is a repair available.

There have been nine reports of grill fires although no injuries or property damage have been reported.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall notice, the recall “involves four and five burner models of MR. STEAK propane gas grills, models MS-4B-PG, SKU 2472264 and MS-5B-PG, SKU 2472265, that have both a fuel gauge and a fuel line that is not attached to the inside of the grill. The grills are stainless steel with black trim and have four or five black and red dials. The words MR. STEAK are printed below the thermometer on the grills lid. The recall also applies to SKUs 2366916 and 2366917 if the consumer added an aftermarket fuel gauge to the regulator assembly. A label on the inside of the left compartment door or on the back of the grill identifies the model number of the grill. The SKU is printed on the purchase receipt.”

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This Is One Of The Easiest Reviews Ever

This is one of the easiest reviews Ive ever written. These steaks are by far the best Ive ever ordered, and Ive tried all the other mail order steak companies. Not that the others are not good, but I think Mr. Steak is better. They dont have all they other food options like the other companies, their focus is steak, and it shows in the quality you get. My new go-to steak company.

Reply from Mr. Steak

Hi Ben,Thank you so much for your awesome review! We pride ourselves in creating the absolute best steak experience for our customers and it means a lot that you appreciate our focus on beef and taste the Mr. Steak difference! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. We’re really happy that we’ve become your go-to steak company! Happy grilling,

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Product Reviews

If someone you know likes to smoke foods, slow cook, and wants the flexibility to even roast and bake outdoors, then a Traeger Timberline . I tried the 850 in warm and cold weather, doing things like smoking fish and ribs. The results were great.

Hardwood pellets go into a hopper, with electronic ignition and a slowly-spinning arbor that feeds the pellets into the fire box. The temperature control is much more accurate than any outdoor cooker I’ve used before. You can run it at 165 to 500 degrees. I’ve done both easily. Three layers of shelves lets you adjust how much heat the food gets and also provides plenty of room.

Use your choice of different types of hardwood pellets, like apple and hickory, to change up flavors. You should keep the level of pellets up during use as that helps them feed in correctly.

You can buy online or, probably a better bet at this point, check on the Traeger site for local stores that carry them. Assembly is required and when you read that it takes two people, believe it. These units run close to three hundred pounds. Wheels keep them portable. A display screen and controls make it easy to use. The assembly process, while it takes a bit of time, is about the best I’ve seen. The instructions are clear, the parts solid, and the fit and finish great.

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