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Best Way To Prepare Wagyu Steak

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Prep: How To Store Wagyu Prior To Cooking

What is the best way to cook Wagyu steak? (We seared it on an EVO Cooktop)

Before proper cooking technique comes proper storing technique. Knowledge of the storing process is just as critical as the entire cooking process. Nobody desires freezer-burnt, sinewy meat. Wagyu beef is meant to be tender to the touch, so be sure to store it correctly to maintain optimum freshness. If youve ordered your meat online, then it should have come frozen, or at least partially-frozen.

You can either choose to thaw the beef out in your refrigerator or refreeze the beef in their sealed-packaged bags . When you thaw the meat, leave the cuts in their sealed packages and allow hours of thaw time based on the pounds purchased. Once the beef is thawed, leave it outside the fridge for about an hour prior to seasoning and cooking.

Traditional Japanese Grill Method For Cooking Wagyu Steak:

Okay, were generalizing a bit because there are many, many traditional Japanese ways of preparing Wagyu. They range from eating thin strips raw by themselves, or in dishes like the slow-cooked one-pot meal sukiyaki or broth dishes like shabu-shabu. However, one of the most popular ways is on a communal flat grill or an iron pan heated over charcoal. The cooking method for both of these is very similar, and its what well go over below.

First things first – when we say grill, we mean more like a griddle. Not the thing you have hanging out on your porch. A traditional grill is NOT something we recommend using for cooking Wagyu, unless youre using it for indirect heat. This is because the fat content of Wagyu is much higher, and that means there is more grease lost when cooked over open flame. This is both much more likely to start a fire, and simply a waste of fantastic quality fat that should stay in your steak.

A great way to cook Wagyu using the Japanese method at home is to use a cast iron on the stovetop or over the grill, the flat grill plate on your grill if you have one, or if none of those options are available, a skillet that can reach high temps.

The Secret To Perfectly Grilled Wagyu Beef Steaks

When you place an online meat order that includes wagyu beef steak, youre ordering what many industry experts consider the best cut of beef. Wagyu Filet steaks are cut from the tenderloin, the part of the back thats located just past the rib cage. Because this area doesnt bear any weight or contain much connective tissue, the meat is more tender and flavorful than other cuts. Its not unusual for individuals who dont usually like the taste of beef to enjoy wagyu beef steak and porterhouse steaks since the tenderloin cuts have a milder flavor.

While there are a few different ways to prepare wagyu beef steak, most people feel that grilling this particular steak is the way to go because the meat absorbs some of the grills smoky flavor.

The most important thing to keep in mind when grilling filet steaks is you want to avoid overcooking them. In this case, you should try to undercook the meat. You can always toss it back on the grill later if you decide you want it a little less rare.

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Seasoning The Wagyu Beef

  • 1Bring the Wagyu steak to room temperature. Remove the Wagyu beef from the refrigerator 20 minutes to 1 hour before you plan on cooking it. This will take the chill off of the meat and make it cook evenly.
  • 2Sprinkle salt and pepper over the steak. Sprinkle one side of the steak with salt and coarsely ground pepper. Avoid pushing the salt and pepper into the steak since you want to avoid over handling the beef.Advertisement
  • 3Heat the sesame oil and garlic in the skillet. Pour 1 tablespoon of extra-virgin sesame seed oil into a cast iron or large skillet. Turn the heat on to medium-high and heat the oil for about 30 seconds. Slice 2 large cloves of garlic and add them to the oil. Heat the garlic in the oil for about 30 seconds.XResearch source
  • The garlic will flavor the neutral-tasting sesame oil. Avoid using toasted sesame oil because it will have a strong nutty flavor.
  • 4Avoid marinating Wagyu beef. While you may be tempted to marinate your Wagyu steak, the meat really doesn’t need it. Marinating the Wagyu beef in acidic ingredients can toughen the meat and hide its rich flavor.
  • Remember that you can always season the Wagyu beef steaks once they’ve finished cooking.
  • First: Whats The Difference

    shops online blog: The Best Way to Cook Wagyu Beef

    Were going to be talking about both Kobe and Wagyu beef, so well need to let you know the difference between them before we talk about cooking Wagyu beef and Kobe beef.

    To put it simply, Kobe beef is a type of Wagyu. Wagyu can also have several varieties of its own, with Japanese and American being two of the most popular options. This distinguishing factor simply refers to where the cattle the beef comes from were bred.

    Japanese culture is the founding father of Wagyu beef, but other nations, like America, have adopted its special practices to raise cattle for Wagyu beef. This typically involves using work cattle thats been fed a lean diet of grasses, straw, and other grains to create incredible marbling and flavor.

    Kobe beef is rarer to find than Wagyu, and also more expensive. This is possibly the most highly-revered steak in the world, thanks to its exceptional marbling and flavor.

    Chicago Steak Company sells American Wagyu steaks that truly set the bar in the steak world. These steaks come from American-raised cattle using traditional Japanese practices, weigh between 6 and 16 ounces, and are aged to perfection with our famous wet aging process.

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    How To Thaw Wagyu Steak

    While for other steak can be actually good to cook without thawing, when it comes to Wagyu, it is best to thaw it before use.

    The best way to thaw Wagyu Steak is by placing it in the refrigerator and waiting for it to slowly thaw. If your Wagyu comes in vacuum packaging, don’t remove it when placed in the refrigerator.

    Another way to thaw Wagyu is by using water. Again, you should keep the vacuum package and only apply Cold water. This will speed up the thawing process.

    How Does Gordon Ramsay Like His Steak

    Gordon Ramsay has revealed his method for cooking the perfect, juicy steak. In it he says that after seasoning the steak on both sides in a dish, a splash of oil should be added to a pan. Then, placing the steak in the pan, he chucks in rosemary and a sprig of thyme and removes the meat to rest in a separate dish.

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    How To Cook Wagyu Steak

    The most popular way to consume Wagyu is in steak form. Now that you have a cut of one of the best prime steaks on the planet, you need to know how to prepare it to its utmost perfection. There are generally several acceptable methods utilized to cook up Wagyu steak. You may already have a regularly favored method for cooking steaks, but its recommended to consider various options. A majority of people prefer to cook it at high heat in a pana grill is not the traditional way to go, unless its in a pan over the grill.

    Stick to a worthy pan on the stovetop. While cast iron pans work well, stainless or carbon steel may be preferable for Wagyu steak, as they are more responsive. As steel plans heat up or cool down quicker, the temperature can be better controlled. Always start on direct heat to create a nice crust, flipping the steaks often until it forms. Flipping every 20 seconds or so allows for a margin of error in case the temperature needs adjusting.

    After the crust has formed, move the steak away from direct heat to finish cooking it at a lower temp. By checking the meat for an internal temperature with a thermometer, you can ensure its done the way you like it. The most critical part is resting typically, up to ten minutes will suffice. The majority of Wagyu steaks are thin, so resting grants the meat some relaxation time to truly soak in and hold onto the juice and fat. Then, its finally ready to serve.

    How To Grill Wagyu Steak

    How to cook the WORLD’S BEST BEEF – Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience!

    While charcoal grilling is not the best method for cooking this type of steak, there are some smoke enthusiast out there who like to try new things. Follow the directions down below for grilling your Wagyu steak.

    Image Credits: Flickr: AnotherPintPlease

    Step 1: Start by placing the steak on the heated grill. You should aim for a 45° Angle and should not allow the fire to come through the grates. Let it grill for about 2-3 minutes or until the nice grill marks are formed. Repeat the same process for the other side.

    • bolt Quick Grilling Tip: For a T-Bone Steak, first set the steak on the grill with the bone side down for about 2-3 minutes. This will allow the bone to warm up, acting as a conductor which will cook the meat more evenly.

    Step 2: After grilling at a 45° Angle, now you should rotate the steak at a 90° angle. This rotation will produce the famous diamond mark presentation. Cook at a 90° angle for about 2-3 minutes at each side.

    Note: If smoke or fire start to come off the steak, then it is charring. Don’t let it happen for too long. It is better to turn the steak frequently than not enough.

    Step 3: Now that the steak has nice grill marks, change the steak placement to a cooler spot on the grill. The steak will continue to cook even on this spot and make sure to turn it every 2-3 minutes to ensure a even cooking on both sides.

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    Storage And Reheating Instructions:

    Steak is best eaten fresh. You can store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. You can reheat in a skillet on the stove over medium heat until warmed through, however it will be more well done than when first cooked.

    If you like this recipe, you may be interested in these other delicious steak recipes:

    Why This Recipe Works

    • This recipe will teach you how to cook wagyu ribeye to perfection with your choice of steak temperatures that you can customize to your preference. Dont forget to enjoy your steak with a Cherry Manhattan with homemade Bourbon Cherries. Just sayin!
    • The Wagyu bacon bordelaise sauce is a rich and decedent addition that balances perfectly with this steak. If you really want to wow your friends, family or significant other, this is the way to go! You will also love this Pistachio Crusted Salmon.
    • Wagyu ribeye is a very versatile cut of meat. It works well with many different seasonings and marinades and sauces such as this Asian Steak Marinade. You can also serve with a delicious dipping sauce such as this garlic Chili Crisp or herbaceous and spicy jalapeno Zhoug dipping sauce.
    • Serve this steak with a side of Instant Pot Risotto or Whole30 Mashed Potatoes and a delicious side of Roasted Asparagus.

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    Meet The Steaks In Our Tasting

    Five of the six steaks in our tasting were sent to us by Holy Grail Steak Company, an online purveyor of some of the best wagyu in the world. I added the sixth steak, an American dry-aged boneless ribeye, just as an additional point of comparison. Here’s the list:

    While steaks can be cut to any number of thicknesses, the first thing we noticed with our samples, aside from very obvious differences of marbling between the Japanese and American examples, was the differing thickness of the steaks depending on their origin. The Japanese wagyu was cut much thinner, at about half an inch thick, while the American beef was cut into steaks that were between one and one-and-a-half inches thick.

    This difference in thickness signals right away that the Japanese and American steaks are to be handled and eaten differently. With its abundant fat content, the Japanese wagyu overwhelms in larger portions , so the thinner steak makes it easier to portion into small bites, and to cook to a high doneness level.

    A5 Wagyu From Kagoshima

    What Makes Wagyu Beef So Expensive?

    The highest rated beef in Japan, A5 Wagyu has the highest level of quality and marbling achievable in the Japanese system .What is the breed? Our A5 Wagyu comes from the Kuroge-Washyu breed, one of the four native Wagyu breeds in Japan, and the only one with a genetic predisposition for the fine-grained intramuscular marbling that makes Japanese beef so famous.Where is it from?_ We work directly with farms in Kagoshima and Miyazaki prefecture, regions regarded by Japanese beef connoisseurs as producing some of the countrys best beef.Health benefits. Kuroge-Washyu contains higher proportions of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids than other breeds. Called the “essential fatty acids” by doctors, studies have shown that these polyunsaturated fats can help prevent heart disease and stroke.

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    How To Cook Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

    There are a few generally accepted methods to cook a Japanese Wagyu steak. I will talk about the way I cooked mine and then give you a couple other options. All these options are cooked in a pan. Dont fire up the grill for these steaks. There is way too much fat in these steaks that will render out, hit the coals, and cause flareups which leads to nasty soot and bad flavors. Stick with a good pan on your stove. Or if you really want to cook outside put a pan or flat top of some sort on your grill.

    Lets talk pans. Stainless steel or carbon steel are the preferred pans for cooking Japanese A5 Wagyu. Cast iron can work but stainless steel and carbon steel are more responsive. They can heat up or cool down quicker than cast iron. I used a couple stainless steel skillets from Made In Cookware which I love.

    Here are the three steaks I cooked. On the left is a Miyazaki filet a friend shipped from Cote Korean Steakhouse in NYC. In the middle is an Ohmi strip and on the right is an olive fed strip. The Ohmi and olive fed steaks were from Pursuit Farms. I also had an Australian Wagyu strip from Pursuit that I reverse seared. Just wanted to mention that one because you might see it in some of the pictures.

    If you have some thicker steaks like these ones you will want to let them rest at room temperature for 15-30 minutes. For thinner steaks just cook them straight out of the fridge. Many Japanese wagyu steaks are on the thinner side.

    The World Of Wagyu Beef Is Confusing Here’s What You Need To Know About How To Cook Wagyu Beef At Home

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    Imagine being told that more than a thousand dollars worth of beef was about to land in your lapsome of the world’s rarest and most sought-after steak, including the famed Japanese “Snow Beef” of Hokkaido and true wagyu from Kobe. Imagine your excitement while setting up a tasting to compare each against the others, all cooked in a variety of ways. Imagine getting so cocky you buy an aged prime ribeye steak for $40 from one of New York’s top butchers “just for kicks,” you know, to have something really average to measure against the greatness of the good stuff.

    Now imagine eating all of that prized beef. Amazing, right?

    Nope. It was awful. I mean, the beef wasn’t awful the beef was stupendous. But not eaten like that, in one sitting. Not in those quantities.

    There’s a video of our tasting, but we’re not going to show it to you because it’s too hard to watch. The effects of the beef hit us early and hard, right after the first round of steaks came off the plancha, with five more rounds still to go. Our energy levels dropped, our jokes became even more forced and less funny, our cheeks became flushed, and our bodies groaned under the oppressiveness of all that fat.

    And this gets right to the most important lesson about indulging in real-deal, highest-quality, ultra-fatty Japanese wagyu: You can not, you should not, you must not eat a lot of it. We did it because we had to. No one should make the mistake of doing it voluntarily.

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    S On How To Cook Wagyu Steak Good Tips In 2021

    Wagyu steak is a type of beef that has been in the market for quite some time now. Its very popular and people all over the world are aware of this meat and its health benefits. Wagyu steak can be prepared in many different ways but here we will share with you steps on Steps on How to Cook Wagyu Steak at home. Besides that, we provide some tips and guides on Cooking Wagyu Steak. Lets read on!

    1. What is Wagyu Steak?

    Wagyu steak is a type of beef that comes from cattle and in particular, Wagyu cows. Wagyu is considered as one of the most expensive types of meat in the world which makes it very popular to all types of gourmet restaurants out there.

    As we mentioned earlier, Wagyu steak comes from cattle and more specifically from Japanese breeds such as Tajima and Kumamoto. These breeds are genetically predisposed to producing high quality meats with finer marbling than other usual types of beef such as Angus or Hereford for example.

    Below are steps on How to Cook Wagyu Steak.

    2. What are benefit of Wagyu Steak?

    There are so many benefits of Wagyu Steak for your health. Here are some points to consider why Wagyu steak is considered as one of the most nutritious meats in the world:

    1) Wagyu beef has higher omega-3 fatty acids compared to other types of meat out there which makes it easier for you to maintain your heart health. This means that you can avoid possible cardiovascular problems or hypertension which is very common nowadays due to bad eating habits.

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