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Best Steaks By Mail Order

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How Is The Meat From Porter Road

10 Mail-Order Steaks Ranked From Worst To Best

Simply mind-blowing. That is the best way we can put it.

No matter what we ordered, or when we ordered it, we would always receive high-quality meat that looked as though it had been prepared and packaged with the utmost care possible.

And this high quality extended all the way down to how the meat felt in our mouths once we got to eat it. Every single bite was packed with complex flavors and had our mouths watering for more every single time.

There is a very obvious distinction between Porter Road steak products and ordinary steaks that you may purchase from the supermarket.

It is clear that the attention to detail, and the strive for maximum quality has led to some truly incomparable products that you can always depend on to taste great, no matter how many times you order them.

Farm to table is definitely alive and well thanks to Porter Road, which is committed to bringing you the absolute best of beef every single time.

Best Curated Boxes: Mountain Primal Meat Co

Located in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, Mountain Primal Meat Co. offers humanely raised, grass-fed American Highland Beef and American Berkshire Pork, as well as locally sourced bison and elk. Where this online meat supplier really shines is with its curated meat boxes, which are perfect for stockpiling your freezer. You can choose to make a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription.

The Basic Stockpile Package includes 2 pounds of ground beef, 2 pounds of ground pork, 4 pounds of pork sausage, and a six-stick bundle of fuel sticks . And after you decide on your meat, dont forget to stock up on Mountain Primals BBQ sauces.

Other Tips For Purchasing Steaks

When you are contemplating which steaks to order online and have them delivered to your home, it is necessary also to pay attention to the following details:

  • The amount of marbling as this will affect the flavor of the meat.
  • The thickness of the steak, as this will dictate how long it takes to cook.
  • The price, for obvious reasons
  • The shipping method

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Best Homestyle Butcher: Debragga

  • Shipping costs pricey depending on state

Shopping the DeBragga website is like stepping into an old-school butcher shop, but with a lot more offerings. When it comes to beef, youll find naturally raised, dry-aged, prime, grass-fed, and Wagyu beef. If lamb is your preference, you can choose from meat from Australia, Colorado, or New York. Of course, theres also poultry, veal, sausage, smoked meats, and even a few game selections, like venison and duck. For something really special, there are , and for gift-giving, youll find some gift sets as well as a few non-food gifts.

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Best Frozen Meat Delivery: Rastelli’s

The 14 Best Mail Order Steaks of 2020

Over 45 years ago, Rastelli’s started as a one-room butcher shop in New Jersey. Today the family-run business delivers its responsibly sourced meats over the contiguous United States. Rastelli’s meats are certified free of antibiotics, steroids, and hormones, plus its seafood options are either wild caught or raised in the wild. As a frozen meat delivery service, Rastelli’s maintains the meat’s flavor and texture by using a blast freezer and then vacuum sealing. This method freezes meat in just minutes and preserves freshness for up to a year. Tip: Thaw your meat quickly by placing the vacuum-sealed package into a bowl of cold water for at least 30 minutes.

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Best For Game Steaks: Fossil Farms

This entry on our Best of list occupies a unique niche in the mail order meat business. While they sell a selection of excellent steaks, including Angus, Piedmontese, and Japanese and domestic wagyu, Fossil Farms sets itself apart with a variety of non-beef steaks. Ready to get experimental?

Searching for steak on their website reveals not only a mouth-watering beef but also intriguing options like yak NY Strip, bison ribeye, and venison Porterhouse. If youre feeling a bit man vs. Wild, Fossil Farms has you covered!

Basically, youll find many of the most popular cuts youre familiar with but sourced from farm-raised game animals. In addition to the animals listed above, you can also order steaks carved from antelope, elk, kangaroo, emu, and ostrich.

The rest of the line-up includes:

Fossil Farms, now almost 25 years old, raises many of its own animals in New Jersey and also sources from across the United States. Everything is farm-raised on free-range pastures and fed a vegetarian diet.

Given how few companies sell game like this, its hard to say how their prices compare to the market. The meats look beautiful, however, and its incredibly tempting to fill your basket with a bit of everything.

Shipping is available across the continental US, and if you happen to live in Northern NJ, you can get your order delivered.

If youre tired of the same old, same old , you have to check out this catalog of game meats:

What Are The Different Cuts Of Steak

When you think about steak, you may immediately think about popular options like sirloin, filet mignon and ribeye steaks. However, an average cow will provide roughly 880 pounds of meat. This is comprised of muscle and fat tissue from throughout the body. The actual amount varies considerably based on the species, the cows weight and a variety of other factors. Generally, this meat is categorized in terms of primal cuts, which describe the area of the cow that the meat is derived from, and sub-primal cuts. Sub-primal cuts are specific types of steaks and other beef products that you may find at your local grocery store or in restaurants. What should you know about the different primal cuts before you prepare or order your next steak?

Sirloin Cuts

The sirloin cuts are found on the top of the cow toward the rear. They sit between the loin, round, and flank cuts. Sub-primal cuts of beef that are included in this group include strip steak, filet mignon, tri-tip steak, bavettes, and several types of roasts. These are flavorful cuts that have moderate marbling. That are generally leaner cuts than you may find from some of the other areas of the cow, so you should avoid overcooking them. Overcooking will result in tough, dry meat. Because of the location of the cow where the meat is sourced, sirloin cuts are generally tender when they are cooked properly.

Loin Cuts

Other Cuts

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Best Complete Steak Dinner: Harry & David Backyard Dinner Party Meal

Courtesy of Harry & David

If youre planning a summertime cookout, but want all the grocery and meal prep done for you, you cant beat this steak dinner from Harry & David. The companys Backyard Dinner Party Meal includes everything you need for a two-course steak dinner for four.

The kit includes four 6-ounce USDA choice top sirloin filets, peppercorn steak rub to season the steaks, cheesy twice-baked potatoes, zucchini and corn casserole, and a blueberry peach crisp for dessert. Cooking instructions are included. This is a great option to send as a gift to a family who just welcomed a new baby or returned from extended travel to an empty kitchen.

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Snake River Farms Top Pick

What’s The Best Mail Order Steak? Taste Test

Snake River Farms is a family-owned business out of Idaho whose meat is used by Michelin-star restaurants.

Luckily for us, they also sell directly to the public via their website.

Their claim to fame is their American Wagyu beef, which comes from crossbreeding imported Wagyu cattle with American Angus.

Their beef is rated higher than USDA Prime .

You can choose from a huge variety of cuts but you cant go wrong with ordering the American Wagyu Gold Grade Ribeye, the bone-in new york strip or the filet mignon.

They guys arent just a mail-order steak company. Porter Road is a full online butcher, selling a large range of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb.

Their meat is sourced from small family farms in Kentucky and Tennessee before it is cut and dry-aged for a minimum of 14 days at their facilities in Kentucky.

All beef is pasture-raised and hormone and antibiotic-free.

Their meat is also quite a bit more affordable than Snake River Farms, making Porter Road a great choice if you want to treat yourself without breaking the bank.

You can shop from over 50 different cuts of beef, but you cant go wrong with the bone-in ribeye.

One of the things I love about Porter Road is the selection of more interesting cuts like Flank Steak, Tri-Tip, Bavette, and beef neck roast.

You can also let Porter Road do the meat shopping for you with one of their curated meat boxes.

They are also focused on sustainability and ensure all meat is humanely raised.

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Why Usda Prime Aged Steaks Are So Special

Of all the beef produced in the US, less than 2% is certified as USDA Prime. As a result youre typically not going to find USDA Prime in your local grocery store because of its limited supply, and the fact that it is gobbled up by fine meat purveyors and the upscale hospitality industry.

If youre shopping for prime-graded beef heres a caveat: you want to see the full description USDA Prime grade associated with your cut of beef, otherwise you might be tricked by a cleverly worded in-house rating system using words like USDA Top Grade Meat that makes you think you are buying a prime grade of beef when in fact youre not.

Your next decision comes when deciding on your preferred aging process. Aging beef is simply a process to naturally tenderize the meat. Done well it concentrates the beef flavor resulting in a taste profile that will make you wonder why youve been satisfied with the wan, watery flavors of beef your local grocery options have helped you grow accustomed to.

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Good Chop Subscription Meats & Seafood

Quality, convenience and oh so delicious, Good Chop has cracked the code on subscription meat and seafood delivery. Whats their secret? They put you in charge. Heres how easy it is to get started:

  • You choose your favorite meat and seafood options
  • Your order is delivered to your door every 4 weeks
  • You can change your order at any time, pause for a month or two, or cancel. Its as if Good Chop understands and wants to accommodate customers changing wants and needs. What a concept!

    Youll choose from a wide variety of quality meats from American family farms, independent ranchers and domestic wild caught and farmed fisheries. No added hormones or antibiotics ever. The quality is markedly better than what youll find at most grocers. Your selection is delivered flash frozen on dry ice in an insulated, 100% recyclable box.

    All good. But the taste? Our experience was consistently excellent. The convenience, selection and quality had us tempted, but it was their pricing that sealed the deal. This is a subscription butcher box service done right.

    Pricing: Delivery options come in two options: Medium Box or Large . The website often offers a generous incentive to get started. With the summer grilling season happening, this is the place to start!

    Shipping: Your first order ships free! Products ship frozen on dry ice in a 100% recyclable box.

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    Best Ground Beef Delivery: Nebraska Star Beef

    As many Prime members already know, Amazon offers groceries and gourmet foodâincluding online meat delivery. One of its top-rated frozen meat delivery options is Nebraska Star Beef, featuring premium meats from a family owned farm in the Midwest. The company prides itself on humane production from start to finish, which is certainly evident once you sink your teeth into its tender Angus beef.

    Nebraska Star Beef offers steak, ground beef, roasts, and brisket, plus it has several best-selling meat bundles for wallet-friendly prices. For backyard barbecues, consider the 32-pack of Angus Wagyu ground beef patties for $140 . The best part about the high-quality meats being available on Amazon? You can tackle your entire grocery list during one virtual shopping trip.

    Best Places To Order Meat Online In 2022

    10 Best Mail Order Steaks to Try in 2021

    With Omaha Steaks, you can shop from a long list of meats with numerous combination pack options while taking advantage of regular promotions that will save you money.

    • Large selection of meats and seafood

    • Regular sales and promotions

    • Single meats and mix packs available

    • Free shipping only for members or orders over $169

    With over a centurys worth of experience in providing high-quality meats, Omaha Steaks offers so much more than its name implies.You can shop for beef, pork, lamb, poultry, bison, fish, and seafood all in one spot. The products range from burgers and brats to high-end steak cuts, ribs, and roasts. One of the companys selling points is the flexibility it gives its customers. Get creative and build your own box or shop from one of the many combination and value packs. The website regularly runs sale promotions so you can stick to your budget while still stocking your freezer with meats for both everyday cooking and special occasions.

    All Omaha Steaks products are shipped frozen. There is a minimum purchase of $99 for all orders, and orders over $169 ship for free. You can avoid these minimum requirements by joining the Steaklover Rewards Gold program for $39.99 per year. Members receive perks like free shipping on all orders as well as free gifts and double reward points for purchases.

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    Add These Free Gifts With Your Order

    Use promo code: FREEGIFTS

    Chicagos Favorites: Steak Sampler

    New here? Start with this bundle of our bestsellers.

    for busy families

    Consider dinner handled. Fast and easy steak cuts + prepared sides for full meals.

    For the Foodie

    The Top 2%…for the Table

    Looking to host an epic BBQ or just treat yourself? This is your bundle. Includes Tomahawk Ribeyes!

    Mail Order Steak Companies That Do Meat Right

    DArtagnan Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steak, Bone-InLaFrieda dry aged beef up to 70 days expertly aged beef available onlineAmerican Kobe Wagyu Gold Grade Eye of Ribeye RoastCreekstone Farms His & Hers Steak Variety PackagesGreensbury Market: Organic grass-fed NY StripDry Aged Berkshire Pork Chops , USDA Prime Bone-In Heart Of Rib Roast Butcher Box : The all beef box features 3-5 cuts of 100% grass-fed beefBuy Now

    While apple pie gets all the good press as being the patron food of the United States, the truth is that steak is what comes to mind when you think of a really pleasurable piece of Americana. Steak is one of the greatest pleasures, but with the demand for beef growing all the time, getting a good steak is more and more difficult. If you dont live near a premium butcher, youre stuck taking whatever fatty, sloppy castoff cuts the grocery store feels like putting out. Unless you go the mail order route.

    Ordering meat through the mail means youre going to pay for it sight unseen. You could easily lose money this way and get an inferior piece of beef that is tainted with disease. To save your dollars and cents, as well as rescue your palette from horrific cuts of gristle and fat, we did the gustatory research to find the 16 best companies for mail order steaks of any size and shape.

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    Is Online Meat Delivery Safe

    If youre looking for an alternative to your traditional local butcher or big chain supermarket , getting meat delivered to your door seems too good to be true.

    But is it actually safe to ship high-quality meat?

    It turns out it is.

    There are a few different methods online butchers use to deliver meat safely.

    Most meat is shipped frozen, with insulated boxes and dry ice inside to keep the temperature cold.

    Selection of meat ordered from Porter Road

    Companies like Porter Road and Snake River Farms use bio-degradable insulation to cut down on waste.

    What Is The Best Steak Company To Order From

    How to Buy USDA Prime Steak Online – Mail Order Steaks from Chicago Steak Company
  • In 2022, there will be 11 best mail order steaks. Crowd Cow The best breed for producing grass-fed beef.
  • Company called the Chicago Steak Company.
  • Omaha Steaks are a kind of steak that is popular in Omaha.
  • Steaks from Kansas City.
  • Lobels of New York is a department store.
  • ButcherBox. ButcherBox completes our list of recommendations.
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    Best For Special Occasions: Harry & David

    Harry & David launched 87 years ago and is now a customer favorite for thoughtful deliveries, offering a wide selection of gifts for many different occasions. For loved ones’ celebrations and important events, consider meat and cheese gift baskets, fruit crates, or flower arrangements. Love to host? The gourmet food and wine shop is every entertainer’s dream, featuring fuss-free prepared meals, charcuterie crowd pleasers, and high-quality meat and seafood delivery.

    Harry & David’s gourmet online butcher shop provides large servings of food, so you’ll have no problem feeding several hungry guests. Some of its best-selling options include a $200 steak and lobster feast that shoppers say is “wonderfully seasoned,” and an $80 sliced ham and turkey sampler customers call “tender, juicy, and moist.” You can also stock up on comforting main dishes like oven-ready black Angus prime rib roast, stuffed pork loin, and chicken breasts stuffed with bacon and cheese.

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