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Steak Diet To Lose Weight

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Who Was Vince Gironda

Steak And Eggs Diet | How to Lose FAT Fast! Keto Approved!

Vince Gironda was an American competitive bodybuilder who competed from the late 1940s until the early 60s.

He was also a trainer to stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cher, Clint Eastwood, and Denzil Washington.

Notably, he was a proponent of the benefits of low carb diets and he was behind the rise of the old school bodybuilding diet of steak and eggs.

The Reason This Diet Works

Why is this diet so effective?

In essence, it is a kind-of a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diets by definition are high fat, low carb diets. They are designed to bring your body into a state of ketosis. When in ketosis, your body burns fat.

What prevents the state of ketosis is insulin secretion. Whenever you take even a little bit of carbs, the levels of insulin rise, and the ketosis is momentarily blocked. Thats why it is important not to eat anything in-between your meals and to be strict to the diet plan.

The other reason is intermittent fasting. If you take your first meal around 10 am, and your last around 5 pm, from 5 pm to 10 am the next morning you are effectively fasting for whole 17 hours. It is a perfect condition to drop extra fat very fast.

Depending on your sex, age, and health conditions, you will see changes within several weeks. If you are overweight, there you should pay attention not to lose too much fat too fast. Rapid weight loss will result in hanging skin. In that case this diet should be practiced in phases, a couple of weeks of dieting with timeouts in between. During the timeout restrict your diet to low or moderate carb intake.

If you want to remove belly fat, you probably wont need more than say 2 or 3 weeks to see great results.

Thats it. This is probably the most efficient diet for rapid fat loss you will ever encounter. But it has its risks, and it takes courage.

I wish you the best of luck!

Lose Weight Fast Eating Only Meat

January 21, 2018 by Chad

If youre anything like me, you find it hard to lose weight using conventional diets.

This is no surprise to me we live in a world fuelled by greed at the hands of grain, corn and sugar manufacturers.

These corporations make money by mass producing genetically-modified foods. Foods loaded with more sugar than even elite athletes should be consuming.

They employ Harvard-trained chemist to infuse food with nitrites and autolyzed yeast extract to make food last longer, and fool our brains into thinking the junk were eating actually tastes good.

Later, Im going to talk to you about just how easy it is to lose weight by only eating protein-rich meat and eggs for sustenance.

Youll lose lots of weight and feel the healthiest you ever have!

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Benefits Of The Steak & Eggs Diet

Note that there has not been any long-term clinical research that supports or refutes the proposed benefits of the steak and eggs diet. However, there have been various small trials conducted that strongly suggest multiple health benefits, at least in the short-term.

With that being said, millions of people swear by the results they achieve while practicing this radical meal plan program. Here are some of the commonly purported benefits:

  • Rapid fat reduction and associated weight loss
  • Happier mood
  • Healthier skin

The steak and eggs diet requires no calorie counting, carb counting, or any other type of dietary counting.

In a nutshell, it includes 1-2 pounds of beef meat and organs and 6-10 eggs daily, divided between two meals. That is ALL!

It makes grocery shopping a breeze and eliminates a lot of cooking time relative to preparing multi-course meals.

The steak & eggs diet is a great diet. But an even more powerful way of eating is adding in the other animal products that are even more nutrient packed .

If youre interested in learning more about the carnivore diet, sign up below for my 14 day guide to mastering it.

The Downsides Of This Diet

Pin on My diet and weight loss

One of the greatest problem is you will be disgusted by eating over and over again the same food. Be aware of this fact now, or dont even plan to try this diet. The steak and eggs diet is no fun at all.

The second problem is constipation. As you will be consuming hardly any fiber, you will suffer from constipation. For sure, at lest the first couple of weeks. The fact that you wont be eating any carbs at all wont help as well. Low-carb diets, like paleo diet, are known to cause constipation. Tip: Drink enough pure clean filtered water to help you with your constipation!

Youll be eating two meals a day, as opposed to 3, 4, 5 or more meals that youve likely been eating so far. You will have some problems switching to this plan. Hang in there, the difficulties are only temporary.

Yet another problem is depletion of bodily electrolytes.

As you are eating almost no carbs, youll be shedding a lot of water from your body. . Along with the water, however, you will lose the electrolytes.

To avoid this, salt your food. I suggest using quality salt. My favorite is the Pink Himalayan salt. Take this issue seriously, and monitor the usual signs of electrolyte deficiency . If they appear, use more salt, or drink some extra salty water.

Consult with your physician as to what would be the most effective way to deal with these toxins. You should combine several methods, including for example taking a couple of capsules of coconut charcoal 3 times a day to bind the toxins .

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Implications Of The Steak And Eggs Diet

Before I get into what is and isnt healthy about this diet, lets take a look at some takeaways, and see if we can understand the logic behind it.

1. This diet is low in carbohydrates.

Low-carb diets can be very effective for weight loss, so it is easy to see why this diet contains no grains or sugars.

2. There is a ton of protein in this diet.

This is obviously going to be good for building muscle, and it can also enhance satiety, helping you eat just two meals a day.

3. If you eat fatty steak, that provides you with a source of fuel.

4. You are intermittently fasting.

This kind of depends on how you space out your meals, but if you eat breakfast later in the morning and you do not eat dinner too late at night, the timing should work out.

5. Steak and eggs are satisfying.

While eating the same meal over and over again does get old fast, at least it is something tasty. Plus, steak and eggs complement each other very nicely.

6. The food is easy to plan, shop for and prepare.

You will not get lost in the complexities of this diet, because there are none.

It is the simplest thing in the world, so even if you are pressed for time and energy, you should be able to manage it.

KEY POINT: The analysis above explains the reasoning behind the steak and eggs diet. While it is repetitious, it does seem pretty intuitive.

Steak And Eggs Are Superfoods

While researching nutrition, performance and trying steak and eggs for myself, Ive come to the conclusion that they are true superfoods.

Theres no better source of nutrition to be found anywhere.

The best way to use steak and eggs diet is for 2-3 weeks, when you need to get into great shape quickly. Its also a great way to kick start a diet. Seeing that fast improvement really energizes you to keep going.

Steak and eggs is great for those with weight to lose or who want to lean out to show off their physique.

But if youre a skinny guy wanting to bulk up, I would eat steak, eggs, plus everything else you can get your hands on.

All in all, the Steak and Eggs Diet is simple, straight forward, low maintenance, and inexpensive. Its definitely not vegan, but at least its gluten free.

Kings eat meat, serfs eat wheat. Remember that.

If you want to learn more about the Steak and Eggs Diet, check out my podcast episode about it on the youtube video below. Or, get ahold of me on Instagram

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Steak And Eggs Diet Results

The overall design of this approach does raise some questions, especially with the limited food selection. Nevertheless, the diet is extremely popular. One reason is just the simplicity, as following the eating style doesn’t involve meal planning, calorie counting, carb cycling or anything like that.

So then, it’s no wonder the diet is popular among bodybuilders.

For that matter, the site Bold & Determined talks about positive results from the diet, including improved energy and testosterone levels.

Despite the limitations, some people do see results with this eating style

Variations On The Diet

3 Extreme Diets That Work (When You Have To Lose Weight Fast)

There are many variations on this diet. Some of them are official. Others are changes that people make for their own needs.

Meal Sizes

The general approach is 0.75 and 1.5 pounds of steak and 4 to 6 eggs per meal. But, they’re just averages. There are many differences between individuals and their needs.

  • For example, if you are highly active, you may need to increase the amount you eat.
  • If you are relatively inactive, your meal size might be lower.
  • Many females will consume less per meal than men.

Nevertheless, it is fairly hard to overeat with this diet. After all, you only have two meal times that you can eat, and there is only so much steak and eggs that you can eat in one sitting as this is a very filling meal.


Many people say that you should have your two meals at breakfast and dinner but not everyone agrees. Instead, you can change up this timing to suit your own needs.

For example, one common approach is to eat lunch and dinner instead.

  • This tactic is popular with intermittent fasting as well and its a good general way to decrease the amount of food you eat.
  • It means a longer gap between meals. As a result, you get some benefits from autophagy.
Skipping Breakfast and Health

There is this common myth that if you miss a meal you will gain weight. Reasons include your metabolism slowing down and eating more at the next meal. Another claim is that you’ll have less energy.

The Food You Eat

But, this restriction is mostly just ideology.

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Is It A Healthy Way To Eat

Whether this diet is healthy depends on how you define healthy.

I know, I know, that’s a lame answer. But, it’s true. People have different definitions and there may not be a single healthiest way to eat.

Even so, there are some areas we need to consider for this diet.

Butter, Saturated Fat and Health

The biggest argument against the diet tends to be that steak and eggs cooked in butter is unhealthy. Honestly though, thats not really accurate. Instead, the fears about fat and cholesterol have been majorly overblown and there is growing recognition that fat isnt really the villain at all . Instead, our low-fat high-carb diets may be doing far more damage to our health than fat ever did.

Like anything, fat is unhealthy if you consume too much of it and having some fat is critical to health.

In fact, one major issue in our society is that people consume large amounts of fat, sugar and carbs. Basically, we consume too many calories in general and thats the major issue, not fat itself.

At the same time, the high amounts of carbs in our diet plays a key role in the development of inflammation, which in turn is associated with a number of health conditions.

With this diet, your calorie consumption isnt too concerning because you arent eating anything else. Additionally, the diet is designed with bodybuilders in mind, so many people following it will be burning off a lot of that energy.

The Protein Content

What About Too Much Protein?


Should You Take Supplementing During The Steak And Eggs Diet

Steak and eggs gives you everything you need but there are a few supplements that you could take while on the diet.

I recommend these supplements for daily use regardless of if you do the steak and eggs diet or not.

Kelp One or two kelp tablets a day is good for overall health. Its a natural source of Iodine and keeps your cells healthy.

Liver TabletsLiver tablets are a great way to boost energy, stamina and endurance while getting extra protein into your system. These are my favorite supplement and an open secret that it totally overlooked.

Multi-vitamin Get yourself a quality multivitamin to cover all your nutritional bases. Or, opt for a Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc plus Vitamin D supplement.

Vitamin C Is a great idea since thats one of the only downfalls of this diet is that theres not much Vitamin C.

Fiber Supplement Add in a fiber supplement. Its good practice for overall health and I would consider it if doing the diet for more than two weeks.

Nutritional Yeast Sprinkle this stuff on your carb-meal for a boost of vitamins and minerals.

What about protein shakes? I wouldnt drink protein shakes unless its your carb day. If you do want a shake on carb day, get a quality whey protein concentrate. Or you can drink egg white straight from a carton for extra protein.

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Bodybuilding On A Steak And Eggs Diet

While a steak and eggs diet might work for some bodybuilders, it wont for everyone. It really depends. Hardcore bodybuilders looking to bulk up need a sufficient amount of carbohydrates.

Carbs can help prevent muscle loss and also be a fuel for energy.

Therefore, a more conventional style of bodybuilding diet might be a better option. On the other hand, if youre simply trying to lose fat and get shredded, the steak and eggs diet might be the way to go. It not only kicks you into a state of ketosis where youre a fat burning machine, but it also increases testosterone.

This will help you maintain more of your muscle during a cut.

Cons Of The Steak And Eggs Diet

Pin on Food
  • This diet is high in omega-6 fatty acids, but does not contain sufficient omega-3 fatty acids to balance out the ratio.
  • Even with all the nutrition you are getting through this diet, there are gaps such as vitamin C which you simply cannot meet without eating other foods.
  • You may find it very dull to keep eating steak and eggs over and over again. Too much of a good thing can cause that good thing to lose its appeal.
  • This is simply not a long-term diet. It is nutritionally unsustainable, so you can only meet short-term goals with it.

KEY POINT: The steak and eggs diet can be a tolerable option for fast weight loss, but it has some disadvantages which make it questionable and unsustainable as a long-term dieting solution.

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Who Is The Steak And Eggs Diet Right For

Could the steak and eggs diet work for you? I would recommend this diet for you if the following describes you:

  • You are in search of a very short-term diet to lose a lot of weight fast. You do not plan to follow this diet for more than a week.
  • You enjoy steak, eggs and butter, but do not think you will be utterly sick of them if you keep eating them over and over again.
  • You are looking for a diet without complicated meal plans. You want to spend as little time as possible shopping for meals, and you do not want to put a lot of thought into preparing them either.
  • You can afford to purchase enough steak for two meals every day that you are on the diet.
  • You want to pile on the protein for muscle gain in a non-complicated way.

Tip: Remember that fattier cuts of meat can save you money. Being as you need that fat for energy, you should think about doing this.

This diet is not right for you if:

  • You are in search of a diet that you can follow for an extended time period in order to lose or maintain weight.
  • You do not like steak and eggs.
  • Lots of repetition tends to wear on your patience.
  • Eating steak every day is not economical enough for your budget.

KEY POINT: The steak and eggs diet has a surprising amount of advantages, despite how restrictive it is.

But its disadvantages need to be considered as well, and it is never an appropriate long-term optimum way of eating.

The Steak And Eggs Diet: More Effective Weight Control

byJude PalerDecember 28, 2018, 7:00 am

Theres a lot of different diets out there. From vegan to fat based, there is no shortage of diets that people want to try. In fact, every other so-called health expert have something to recommend!

Even before zero carb and carnivorous diets in recent times, there is an old-school diet back in the 1950s called the steak and eggs diet. This particular eating plan was the creation of a bodybuilder and gym owner named Vince Gironda.

Why should you listen to Vince Girondas steak and egg diet? Its because he was the original bodybuilding rebel.

The first time Arnold Schwarzenegger walked into his gym and announced he was Mr. Universe, Gironda said, You look like a fat f to me.

He was rough, rude and obnoxious. But, the fact that Arnold and countless other top bodybuilders put up with his rudeness and actively sought him out speaks a lot about his wisdom and knowledge in the world of bodybuilding.

According to Vince, bodybuilding is 80% diet. Just like any weight loss program, if you dont have your diet down first, then the rest is moot.

So what is with this particular diet that it is deemed to be amazingly effective, yet deceptively simple?

Here is an in-depth discussion about steak and eggs diet:

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