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Porterhouse Steak Price Per Pound

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Tips For A Good Quality Of Porterhouse

Porterhouse for less! $8 per pound! Grass Fed!

Not all porterhouse steaks are equal. Here the main tips that may help you to choose a good quality cut:

  • First, look for a piece that has a generous portion of tenderloin and a solid piece of strip steak
  • Second, make sure that theres no gray color on the steak it should have a unified and rich color.
  • Third, be sure to choose a portion with the most marbling the marbling adds delicious flavor to the meat cut. Generally, the more marbling that your steak contains, the better it is.

Some meat cuts naturally have more marbling than others. Prime rib and short loin are among the most marbled sections, while ground beef and sirloin tend to have the least.

  • Opt for 100% grass-fed certified organic steak: its important to know what you are buying organic meat may be a good option to avoid hazardous additives.

So its the best way to look for cuts certified by the USDA, which guarantees that the animal is free of hormone injections and antibiotics.

Another good way is to look for a steak cut certified by the AGA , which ensures that the meat is coming from a healthy animal raised in open grass pastures, free to graze, guaranteed antibiotic and growth hormone-free.

  • Finally, look for one cut at least 1.5 inches thick. Occasionally, butchers will sell thin-cut steaks, but these are mainly pointless. A porterhouse should be thick it needs to have significant mass and thickness.

Millington Beefalo Farm Llc

Bone in Rib Eye Steak

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140 Pound Pack

Contains 140 pounds of cuts including approximately:

20 pounds of NY Strip, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Rib eye or Sirloin Steak,

16 pounds of London Broil, Shoulder or Chuck Steak,

14 pounds of Chuck, Eye of Round, Shoulder, Round, Brisket or Sirloin Roast,

80 pounds of lean Ground and our delicious Patties,

10 pounds of Stew Meat

Prices varies by available cuts

70 Pound Pack

Contains 70 pounds of cuts including approximately:

10 pounds of NY Strip, Porterhouse, T-Bone, Rib eye or Sirloin Steak,

8 pounds of London Broil, Shoulder or Chuck Steak,

6 pounds of Chuck, Eye of Round, Shoulder, Round, Brisket or Sirloin Roast,

40 pounds of lean Ground and our delicious Patties,

6 pounds of Stew Meat Prices varies by available cuts

35 Pound Pack

How To Cook The Perfect Porterhouse Steak In The Oven

April 7, 2012 by Joel MacCharles

Its a long weekend and we decided to have an elaborate meal in. While our meal cost us around $35 , its around the same price as takeout and well under the cost of this same meal in a restaurant which would easily run around $100 .

A porterhouse steak looks like a giant T-Bone. The small side is part of the tenderloin while the other is the top loin . Its sold as a thick cut and is a forgiving cut to cook.

The first trick in cooking a GREAT porterhouse is buying a GREAT porterhouse. Heres some things to keep in mind:

  • It will come from a small farm not an industrialized meat plant.
  • It will be sold by a small butcher who knew where it came from and lots of information about it such as its breed and what it was fed.
  • It will not be fresh. This one was 40-days dry-aged .
  • Dry-aged and small farming will make this a premium cut but this isnt as expensive as it may appear
  • It should be at least 1.5 inches thick and weigh around 1.5-2 pounds at that thickness.
  • In reading David Changs Momofuko cookbook , I particularly related to an observation he made on cooking with very expensive ingredients like this. A steak like this almost dares you to mess it up its next to impossible to improve on it and you need to have the confidence that youre going to do it justice. Its a wonderful challenge that you either pass or fail.

    Before sharing the easy technique behind cooking it, heres a few things to keep in mind:

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    Which Steak Is Better Ribeye Or Porterhouse Cut

    The ribeye slices are tastier than the porterhouse. The taste is fleshy and tasty due to the combination of fat content, marbling and delicate texture. In terms of tenderness, the steak in the porter is tender, like most cuts of beef, including filet mignon. The striped side is usually softer, but has nothing to do with Porterhouse’s premium side.

    Tips For Buying A Porterhouse Steak

    Prime Porterhouse Steak (per lb) from Uncle Giuseppe

    No two cuts of meat are created equal, and the difference between an average and spectacular meal can be decided before you even light up the grill. Its super important after youve decided which you prefer between T-Bone vs Porterhouse that you know what to look for to buy a quality steak.

    First, you want to make sure the strip side of the steak has a generous portion, with no significant sections of connective tissue dividing up the steak. Porterhouse steaks that are cut too close to the sirloin section of the cow have a tendency to be infiltrated by tough sinew and top sirloin, which is a much heavier used muscle. Sinew, and top sirloin for that matter, are chewy and lacks flavor, and youll end up cutting around this part of the steak and paying Porterhouse prices for sirloin quality.

    Instead look for a wide, generous portion of strip that has nice, white marbling and no sinew cross sections. Heres a great video explaining this for all of you visual learners!

    Important note: A bigger filet does not mean a higher quality filet! Its more important for the filet to not have connective tissue running through it.

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    How Much Does A Porterhouse Steak Cost

    When purchasing a porterhouse steak, the price will depend on where its purchased and its quality. In general, you can expect to pay between $15 when on sale to $28 per pound for one of these steaks during regular days at most grocery stores or restaurants that sell them.

    A USDA report says either T-bone or porterhouse steaks cost on average around $14 per pound.

    The company Omaha Steaks offers a deal for customers that includes two 24-ounce steaks at the price of $80, while 8 24-ounce steaks are sold for only $270.

    At the supermarket or butcher, porterhouse steak usually sells for around $14 per pound. A fine cut, however, could sell as much as $28 per pound.

    The steaks available in different restaurants can vary drastically depending on their features and locations. For example, a porterhouse steak at Outback Steakhouse only costs $27 while the same meal could cost more than $100 at Ruths Chris.

    A Note On Types Of Meat

    I dont know about you, but when I hear T-Bone or Porterhouse, I immediately associate those words with beef steaks. While beef is the most common kind of meat for these cuts, you can also find T-Bone or Porterhouse cuts of pork, lamb, and veal.

    All of the information above applies no matter which type of animal it came from the Porterhouse and T-Bone are still highly flavorful and sought after cuts.

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    Price Of Porterhouse Steak

    Nowadays, the porterhouse steak is considered the towns talk, being the favorite dish of Americans and a highly valued steak!

    As a result, it is no wonder that this cut can be sold for a high price.However, this steaks costs depend on where it is purchased, the steak cut, and its quality.

    So, in general, when you buy a steak, expect to get precisely what you pay for! The average price is often between $10 to $25 per pound.

    What Is A Porterhouse Steak

    Preparing a Perfect Porterhouse Is Much Easier Than You Think

    The Porterhouse steak is cut from the short loin section of cattle. On one side of the bone, youll find a melt-in-your-mouth Filet, arguably the most tender of all high-end cuts of beef. On the other side, a firm, flavor-filled New York Strip our founders favorite. The two combine to make this hearty bone-in cut a steak house legend.

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    Important Things To Remember

    Usually, when you purchase a porterhouse, it will be 100 percent Angus beef and graded as choice or prime. It is cut from the short loin which includes both the top loin and tenderloins.

    When shopping for a steak, look at the color and cut. The perfect one will have thick edges with lots of fat on its perimeter.

    It is also important to look for a piece at least 3/4-inches thick, with a thickness of 1 inch being ideal. Occasionally, butchers will sell thin steaks, and these are largely useless.

    This piece of meat is very delicate and, at the same time, pretty huge. A portion of the porterhouse under 1.1 pounds is almost never found.

    If you buy frozen porterhouse, it is not recommended to quickly defrost the steak, for example using a microwave oven. Just leave it in the fridge for a day.

    When cooking a porterhouse steak, you should be able to feel the heat coming from inside. The bone in it heats up and cooks the meat evenly without drying out or getting deflated during this process.

    The meat will not dry out or shrink because of the heat conductivity from the bone, so a long cooking time will not be required.

    FoodBeast.coms guide for grilling steak suggests first applying a dry rub to the meat, followed by fire-grilling it until an appropriate internal temperature is reached, and then sauce pairing with almost anything you like from balsamic vinegar to whiskey.

    What Happens If Sb Porterhouse Steak Value Pack Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

    • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
    • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
    • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

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    Porterhouse Vs Ribeye: Is One Better Than The Other

    All qualities considered, does one cut of steak outshine the other? Thats a tough question, and one that only personal preference can answer. Because a porterhouse is a composite steak, it brings together tenderness and rich flavor by combining two different loins of the cow. The ribeye, on the other hand, delivers incredible flavor but lacks the unique combination of different portions of the animal.

    Size is another consideration. If youre a ravenous meat monger, the porterhouse definitely wins out, but if youre looking to savor a delicious yet manageable meal for one, the ribeye may be a more suitable cut. All in all, both the porterhouse steak and ribeye steak are two fantastically flavorful, high-quality cuts of meat. So why not try them both?

    What Goes Into A Porterhouse Or T

    Choice Beef Loin Porterhouse Steak Thin Vpc price per lb ...

    Porterhouse and T-bone steaks are types of meat that are both cut from the short loin area of cattle. The T-shaped bone that the T-bone steak is named after runs through two different kinds of steak in this part of the cow. Steak lovers highly prize both of these cuts. One side of the bone is a NY strip, second only, perhaps, to the rib-eye in terms of beef quality. On the other side is a tenderloin filet: extra-lean, and super tender.

    Each of these cuts is often removed from the bone and served on their own. Its only when both filet and strip are left on the bone that you get a porterhouse or T-bone.

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    When Is My Porterhouse Steak Done Cooking

    As a steak lover, you probably already know the ideal internal temperature of steak to reach your desired doneness. Porterhouses are no different, so you can follow our guide to steak temperatures to get the perfect porterhouse cook.

    When a meat thermometer inserted into the center of the meat reaches the temperature you need, you can take the steak out of the pan, oven, or grill, and lay it on a cutting board. Let the meat rest for five to ten minutes to let each piece reabsorb the juices. You can then top with a little butter, sea salt, and black pepper, if desired, and enjoy!

    Grilling Tips For Porterhouse And T

    Similar to other cuts of steak, all you really need to season your beef is coarse pepper and salt, but feel free to add your other favorite seasonings.

    Despite being so close to each other, the strip side and filet side of the steak are actually different enough that youll want to place your strip side on a hotter section of the grill, if at all possible. The filet side has less fat and thus will cook faster than the strip side.

    Preheat your grill to 450°F. Grill with the strip side of the steak towards the hotter side of the grill, and sear for 4-5 minutes per side, turning the steak 90 degrees halfway through each side for spectacular grill marks.

    Make sure to let your steak rest about 10 minutes after pulling it off of the grill to let the juices lock in!

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    Porterhouse Steak Vs Ribeye

    Its a long-held debate among serious steak lovers: Which is better porterhouse or ribeye? Though strongly held opinions exist on both sides of the fence, each of these two cuts has some serious merits that place them at the head of the pack in terms of steak quality. But is one really better than the other? What sets these two cuts of steak apart? Weve got the details below.

    How Do I Cook A T

    Giant 5lb Porterhouse Steak | Took 4 Men to Finish It!

    No matter which cooking method you choose for Angus beef steaks, they all require high heat and short cooking times. Flavoring the steaks can be as simple as sprinkling sea salt and pepper over both sides or using your favorite spice rub. For many, the natural juices and flavors are the best, and the salt and pepper brings those out even more.

    Pan searing Angus steak requires a cast iron or other heavy skillet preheated until it’s smoking hot. Add some oil and butter to help prevent sticking. Cook the steak for three or four minutes on one side, flip and do the same for the other side. The internal temperature should be at least 135°F for medium rare or 125°F for rare. For grilling, make sure the coals are white hot with a red center if using charcoal, or preheated to moderate-high for gas. Cook the steak on each side for three to six minutes depending on your desired doneness. For broiling, let your oven preheat to broil and cook for three to four minutes per side.

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    How To Grill Porterhouse Steak

    Another great option is grilled porterhouse steak. The preparation is the same, but the cooking method is different. You want to let the steak reach room temperature, pat dry with paper towels and rub with oil + seasonings.

    Preheat the grill to high heat or 500°F / 260°C. When the grill is hot, clean and lightly oil the grates. Grill the steak for one minute per side, flipping every minute for even cooking. Itll take 6-10 minutes to cook a 1-inch porterhouse medium-rare depending on the efficiency of the grill.

    Seasoning Your Beef From Sam’s Club

    As important as it to pick out the right cut of beef and what do with if, it’s equally important to choose how your going to season it. And it always started with salt.

    Of course you can get salt at Sam’s Club, but what they offer isn’t anything special. For that I turn to Thrive Market. Thrive is an online shop for organic, healthy, natural, all those fun words ingredients. The salts you find in my pantry are available from Thrive Market. Get an extra 25% OFF your first order + a 30 day free trial membership when you sign up at Thrive Market! .

    Pairing Sam’s Club and Thrive Market together is a great way to save money and have access to bulk and organic/healthy ingredients at the same time.

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    Grass Fed Georgia Cattle

    A.C.E. Premium Cattle Co

    Welcome to our online store, where we offer top quality beef at competitive prices. Our cattle are free of steroids, hormones, and antibiotics. The beef is processed at a skilled professional processing center where a licensed USDA inspector is on site. We dry age our beef for a minimum of 14 days. It is vacuum sealed and flash frozen to preserve flavor and texture. Our customer service is unmatched, and we stock all the latest and greatest items. Cant find what youre looking for? Contact us.

    Discover Choice Angus Beef

    Thin Choice Beef Loin Porterhouse Steak (per lb)

    If you’re looking for quality meat that boasts plenty of flavor, USDA Choice Angus Beef Loin T-Bone Steaks are the way to go. Choice-grade steaks give you high-quality meat at an economical price. With slightly less marbling than Prime beef, these steaks pack plenty of flavor into every bite. These steaks come from Angus cattle, which provide more marbling than other breeds. This results in plenty of juiciness, even when cooking the meat at high temperatures.

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    Cattlemens Steakhouse: Where Oklahoma City Steak Lovers Eat

    Selecting a great cut of steak can be a challenge, so why not let your taste buds do the deciding? At Cattlemens Steakhouse, our legendary steaks are known from coast to coast. Our dinner menu features a wide variety of tender, flavorful cuts of steak to cater to every preference, as well as a variety of other entrees, kids items, and a curated selection of beer and wine. Whether cooking dinner just isnt in the cards or youre planning a special evening out, feel free to order online or give us a call today at 405-236-0416 to set up your reservation. We look forward to seeing you!

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