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Where To Buy Frozen Minute Steaks

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Slow Cooker Frozen Cube Steak

How to Cook a Frozen Steak in the Instant Pot

This is another name for them. If you hear or see Minute steak on a menu it means basically the same thing. Youll likely hear this other one in Canada vs. the US. Occasionally theyre breaded and fried kinda like chicken fried steak but obviously if yours are frozen youll want low and slow with a sauce.

Under high pressure works well too in order to lock in the moisture and get them nice and tender. In that case youd want to follow our Instant Pot cube steak timing and add 2 minutes since these are left whole. For our easy teriyaki version youll need

  • 4-6 beef cube steak frozen

Delivered To Your Doorstep For A Fine Dining Experience At Home

To maximize freshness and preserve quality, our products are frozen in a blast freezer and packaged individually. This locks in all of the natural juices and preserves texture. Each steak is then carefully nestled into a polystyrene cooler containing more than enough dry ice and/or gel packs to ensure safe delivery. Our painstaking shipping process spares no expense in providing you with a superior-quality steak delivered straight to your doorstep.

How To Cook Our Beef Steak

Our beef steak is fully cooked, so you only have to heat it before serving. We recommend heating your beef steak in a skillet on your stovetop over medium-high heat. Warm the steak strips in the skillet for four to six minutes, turning frequently. Add vegetables like onions and peppers to the mix to make a delicious cheesesteak or stir fry.

You can also bake the beef steak in a conventional oven. Simply place the thawed meat on a flat baking sheet and cover it with foil. Put the beef strips in the oven once its preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for seven to ten minutes.

If youre short on time and need a fast, hands-off cooking option, microwaving the beef steak is an ideal choice. You can microwave three to six ounces in 30 seconds to one minute or the entire package in three to four minutes.

Whatever heating method you choose, youll get tender, flavorful beef thats ready to eat in a matter of minutes.

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Frozen Minute Steak Recipe

Here are a few questions you might have before you get started.

Can you cook Minute Steak frozen?

Yep, we will show you how here. It is better if you have the time to thaw them out ahead of time but if you are in a pinch you can use your Crockpot and low and slow cook them with a gravy or sauce for dinner.

How do you separate frozen steaks?

From the butcher, mine are typically frozen in a big chunk. You will need to separate them to cook frozen steak properly. Leave in the freezer bag and sit in a bowl of cool water for a good 20 minutes or more. Use a butter knife once they have thawed just a bit to unstick them from one another.

How To Save Leftover Cube Steak

Minute Steak 500g

Ok so you might have some left, and throwing away good food is not okay with us. There are a few ways you can use this up the next day but you need to save it correctly first. Youll want to save that sauce first off! Transfer cooled protein into a container with sauce and cover tightly.

Store in the fridge and use within 48 hours. You can just reheat in the microwave until warmed but I usually dice it up and throw it into our Instant Pot fried rice to add flavor and protein. If yours doesnt have a lot of sauce I might use our leftover brisket mac and cheese and add it into that for a second meal.

Did you try something else that came out amazing and you want to share? Let us know below so when we make this we have other ideas for the day or two after. Love trying new things and maybe one day it will become an all new dish we can share on the blog too??!!

Want to see a few of my favorite things that I am totally obsessed with?? Take a peek and see how many you might already havetwinsies!

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Stouffers Salisbury Steak Individual Frozen Meal

The frozen Salisbury steak meal Stouffers version is a good option.

It has all of the classic flavors you love, plus it comes in an individual size which is perfect if youre cooking for one.

Also, this frozen meal is relatively affordable, making it a budget-friendly option.

I like to brown it in a skillet for a few minutes before baking it in the oven, and then serve it with some mashed potatoes or rice.

The delicious and hearty Salisbury Steak from Stouffers is a perfect dinner for any night. This individual frozen meal packed with quality ingredients will delight your taste buds as it includes just about everything youd want in one tasty dish : roast patty made with beef, topped off by onions and gravy in addition to its own special side dish Mac Cheese!

Simply pop it in the oven, and in minutes youll have a delicious and home-cooked meal. Definitely recommend!

Aged Premium Angus Ribeye And Ny Strip And Filet Mignon By Nebraska Star Beef

Do you love steak? Of course, you do! If theres one thing that frozen foods are great for, its making sure you always have a quality cut of beef on hand.

And we cant talk about frozen steaks without mentioning Nebraska Star Beef.

Theyve got some incredible frozen steak options, including this premium-aged Angus Ribeye and NY Strip and Filet Mignon.

I really loved the Ribeye it was so tender and juicy, with a great flavor.

Its a frozen steak that you can thaw and cook whenever you need it, so if youre looking for a good frozen steak option, this is definitely one to try out!

This frozen steak pack comes with all-natural hand-cut, trimmed steaks frozen in vacuum packaging to ensure freshness.

Their Filet Mignon is a seasonal offering that changes regularly to ensure the best quality possible!

Theyve all been nicely aged, so they will be sure to please any steak lover in your life!

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A Family Tradition Since 1985

In 1985, Ken and Brian Woodward started Woodward Meats as a small steak cutting operation with a strong focus on quality and service. With commitment to these core values, the company gradually transformed into a large scale commercial butcher shop servicing foodservice establishments.

Fast forward to present, Woodward Meats remains family owned and its direction as strong as ever to stand out as Ontarios premium meat supplier.

Reasons To Buy Fully Cooked Beef Steak

How to Cook a Frozen Steak

If youre looking for a quick, healthy and delicious meat option, try our refrigerated or frozen pre-cooked beef steak for sale. Our already cut up, thinly sliced and tender steak is perfect for making some quick steak fajitas for the family. This versatile entrée is the perfect addition to all types of dishes. We sell our all-natural beef steak meat in various sizes to accommodate all your needs.

When you buy our fully cooked beef steak, youll benefit from:

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Hungry Man Salisbury Steak Frozen Meal

Hungry Man offers a frozen Salisbury steak meal that is sure to satisfy. The dish includes seasoned beef patties, mashed potatoes, and brown gravy.

Its an easy way to get a home-cooked meal without any of the work. Plus, you can be sure that your frozen steak is fresh and fully cooked when its sealed in the frozen package.

I love that this meal comes with all of the sides that I need, and its a great option when Im short on time.

It is a mouth-watering proposition for any meat lover! The flavor and tenderness of the beef are unmatched, as well with its side dish companions: creamy mashed potatoes and green beans that have been cooked just enough to ensure their fresh taste but not so much time has passed since they were snap beans instead.

Hungry Man Salisbury Steak Frozen Meal a tasty, good quality meal at an affordable price. It is filling enough to satisfy your appetite and leave you feeling full! The perfect meal for when youre craving some comfort food and easy solution when youre too busy or just not feeling well enough for anything more complicated than instant ramen!

Grass Fed Beef Minute Steak 4 X 4 Oz Steaks

  • $50 Minimum Order please for any frozen Custom Beef Box order.
  • Family Beef Producer Order delicious Grass Fed Beef, delivered direct from a Kansas family producer.
  • Grass Finished Beef Naturally-raised Free Range Beef grass-fed and grass-finished.
  • Minimally Processed Our beef is minimally processed with nothing artificial added .
  • 100% Natural Beef No Added Hormones, Additives or Antibiotics. No GMOs. NO Bull.
  • Healthier Option Less fat, more Omega-3s and more antioxidant vitamins vs traditional store-bought beef. NPR Article.
  • Aged 17-21 Days Dry-aged up to 21 days for a big beefy flavor and tender texture.
  • USDA Certified Each cut is individually labeled with the cut name, weight and USDA inspection approval.
  • Conveniently Delivered Save time, gas and the avoid checkout lines at the store. Exceptional beef, conveniently delivered right to your door.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We strive to produce the best beef possible. If you are not happy, well make it right.
  • Join Our Grass Fed Beef Club Subscribe to our Grass Fed Beef Club and receive gourmet grass fed beef every month.
  • Grass Fed Beef Jerky Now Available We launched our new All Natural Beef Jerky line. Flavors include: Mild, Spicy/Hot and Sweet Peppered.

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Frozen Cube Steak With Gravy

  • 1 can cream of chicken + 1 can cream of mushroom soup
  • A package of onion soup mix
  • One cup of beef broth inside the pot to cook in
  • 1 onion sliced or diced
  • 1/4 c. broth + 3 tbsp cornstarch at the end to thicken the gravy
  • Garlic powder + salt and pepper to taste when done
  • If you went the onion gravy mix route you could add halved potatoes too like our slow cooker steak recipe here.

    Top Prime Beef Cuts At The Fresh Market

    Minute Steak

    Our stores have some of the most robust selections of USDA Prime beef you can find. While you cant go wrong with any of our Prime cuts, some are more popular than othersincluding NY Strip Steak, Rib-Eye Steak, Filet Mignon and Whole Beef Tenderloin. These guest favorites are tender, juicy, flavorful and always a cut above.

    • USDA Prime NY Strip Steak This iconic steak is cut from the loin and beloved by meat-eaters. You might know it as Kansas City steak. We recommend enhancing this cut with simple ingredients, like the oil used in our recipe for Grilled New York Strip Steak with Garlic Herb Oil.
    • USDA Prime Rib-Eye Steak Rib-Eye steaks are known for both tenderness and rich flavor. When you choose Prime Rib-Eye steaks, the naturally high intramuscular fat makes it ideal for grilling , and the result is tender and incredibly juicy.
    • USDA Prime Filet Mignon The most tender of all beef cuts, Filet Mignon is highly desirable for its versatility and rich flavor. Excellent pan-fried, grilled or broiled, especially when served with a complementary sauce. Our Rosemary Crusted Filet Mignon is a real show-stopper!
    • USDA Prime Flank Steak Cut from the underside of beef, this area yields especially flavorful meat thats best served medium-rare. This cut is very lean so we recommend marinating it for extra moisture.

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    Our Top Quality Products

    Our products are sourced from the finest ranches, are hand cut by experienced master butchers and go through a quality control process that ensures every cut of meat is far superior to those generally available to consumers. Additionally all our steaks are wet aged for a minimum of 21 days, with most for 28 days. Our hamburger is all 100% Black Angus and some of the finest dining restaurants in the country trust only us to provision their meat.

    Banquet Family Size Salisbury Steaks And Brown Gravy Frozen Meal

    When youre looking for frozen steak, the first thing that comes to mind is frozen Salisbury steaks.

    We all know what it tastes like and how delicious these frozen meals can be.

    Salisbury steak has a very specific texture, but its also pretty good at holding up in the freezer as long as you thaw it out before cooking.

    I enjoy frozen Salisbury steak and gravy because its easy to cook frozen meat.

    The frozen gravy also helps keep the frozen meats tender as well. Also, frozen Salisbury steak doesnt lose its shape or texture as much.

    The frozen brown gravy is a little bit thicker than regular canned or jarred gravy, but it works just fine for this recipe.

    It adds a nice rich flavor and extra moisture that really helps the frozen steak taste great.

    The Banquet Family Size Salisbury Steaks and Brown Gravy, Frozen Meal Satisfy every appetite. This dish is perfect for any occasion!

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    Ribeye Steaks + Seasoning From The Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop

    The Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop frozen steak is one of the best-frozen meats you can buy.

    These frozen steaks are hand-selected by their butchers to ensure that every piece is a high-quality cut of beef.

    Theyre easy to prepare and taste great when cooked properly, so youll never want to go back to buying fresh meat again!

    Ive tried frozen steak before, but its never been as good as this one from Texas Roadhouse.

    Its tender and juicy with a rich flavor that will leave your mouth watering for more!

    The best steak Ive ever had. The flavor is amazing and juicy, with the perfect tenderness to make it as good for your first bite as your last.

    I like the texture of the frozen steak and how easy it is to cook. Im never going to buy fresh meat again!

    Plus, the price is unbeatable for the quality youre getting. I highly recommend giving these frozen steaks a try!

    Welcome To Kansas City Sampler Steak Set

    How-To Grill a Frozen Beef Steak

    These frozen steak samplers are frozen and shipped to you. They come with a code that allows you to redeem it online for four of the best-frozen steaks in town, including two filet mignons and two strip steaks.

    The frozen steak is hand-cut by master butchers, then flash-frozen so they stay fresh longer.

    Plus, you can choose how thick you want your steaks, so whether youre in the mood for a thick and juicy steak or something a little more delicate, these frozen steaks have got you covered. This makes this frozen steak sampler set perfect for people who love eating different kinds of meat!

    The meat is super tender, fresher than anything youll find in the frozen food aisle, and tastes like it was just hand-cut.

    The incredible flavors of beef are sure, not unnoticed either, thanks largely due they were cooked just right, so every ingredient comes together magnificently well balanced.

    You will love the tenderness and flavor of these steaks from Kansas City Sampler. Its an authentic, American-style dish that you cant miss out on!

    I think that the frozen steak sampler set from Kansas City Steaks is one of the best options on the market.

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    The 6 Best Types Of Frozen Steak To Buy: Which Ones Are Worth Buying

    Busy person? Are you tired of cooking every night? Ive got the perfect solution for you.

    Frozen steaks. Theyre fast, easy, and theres no clean-up. But which ones are worth buying?

    I have tasted all the popular ones to tell you which ones you should buy.

    So which is the best-frozen steak? The Aged Premium Angus Ribeye and NY Strip and Filet Mignon by Nebraska Star Beef are definitely the best-frozen steaks out there. Theyre made with high-quality, all-natural beef and frozen at peak freshness. Also, they have no added hormones or antibiotics, which means youre getting a healthier frozen steak that tastes better than any other frozen steak on the market today.

    Heres my list of 6 tasty frozen steak options.

    There Are Approx 8 Pieces Of Steak Per Kg

    Min order 5kg please

    Because minute steaks are cut so thin, you will find that they cook evenly and quickly. We recommend cooking 2 minutes on each side in a hot skillet or fry pan in order to retain its juices, resulting in one of the most delicious and tasty steaks.

    Cooking suggestion

  • Lightly season with Salt and Pepper.
  • Place a heavy fry pan or skillet over a medium high temperature
  • Add a table spoon of olive oil
  • Place steak on the pan
  • Cook on one side for 2 minutes
  • Flip the steak over to cook other side for 2 minutes
  • Remove steak and add two 1 cm cubes of butter to the pan and mix with steak remains to form a juice
  • Let the minute steaks rest for 3 minutes
  • Drizzle juices over steaks and serve!
  • Tips for turning your steak

    • Do not use a fork always use tongs to turn a steak.
    • Do not turn more than once cook one side at a time.

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    Grass Fed Beef Minute Steaks4 X 4 Oz Packages

    Minute Ready Raw Shaped And Sliced Philly Beef Steaks 40/4 Oz

    Our Grass Fed Beef Minute Steak is a lean and flavorful cut. Minute steaks are mechanically pounded and tenderized . Grass fed Minute Steaks are cut from many parts of the animal, including Sirloin, Round and Shank. Chicken fried steaks are made from Cubed/Minute steaks it can also be prepared like a hamburger .

    An underrated cut this is one of our family favorites. Order Minute Steaks, delivered direct from family beef producer. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Approx. 1 lb per package. Each steak approximately 4 oz .

    Popular Grass Fed Cubed Steak Dishes:

    • Chicken fried steak
    • Steak sandwiches

    Naturally Raised Beef

    Our grass-fed beef is raised free range & minimally processed: 100% natural and grass finished beef. No GMOs, additives, added hormones or antibiotics. Our family raises top quality Angus beef in central Kansas . Learn more about Our Story or you can check out our Blog. From our pasture to your dinner table.

    Delivery & Shipping Information

    Free Kansas City Delivery . Includes most of Kansas City metro area . Or, $8.95 delivery charge for orders under $99.

    $29.95 Shipping : Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee+ $10: Michigan

    **$50 Minimum Order please for Custom Beef Box orders.


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