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Where To Buy Butter Aged Steak

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What Is Dry Aged Steak

Tomahawk STEAK dry aged in Compound Butter – EASY

Dry aged steak refers to a method of preparing a cut of beef before it is cooked. As the name suggests, this involves ageing it.

Dry ageing is not the same as leaving a piece of steak in your fridge at home in order to age. It uses specialised equipment that allows chefs to control the temperature and humidity around the meat, and avoid unwelcome bacteria growing on it.

Different chefs will dry age steak for different lengths of time, but it is usually more than a month at minimum. When done right, dry ageing results in spectacularly tender, flavourful steak unlike any youve ever tried.

How Does Dry Aging Beef Work

Dry aging beef is a slow and methodical process that needs to be monitored in order for it to work properly. Butchers use primary or subprime cuts of meat to reduce overcutting of the crust that forms during the aging process and place the cuts in rooms that are moisture and airflow controlled. Primary cuts are first separated from the animal during slaughter, and subordinate cuts are cut from the primary cuts into more specific pieces. The butcher either hangs the meat or places it on racks to expose all sides of the meat to the airflow. Oxygen is presented in the molecular bonds of the meat, which slowly breaks down the natural enzymes in the meat.

What Is Dry Aged Beef

Dry aged beef is meat that has been stored in a controlled, open environment for an extended period of time to change the texture and taste of the meat. This is not a new trend. To like Pickling and fermentation, Dry aging is a conservation method that is thousands of years old. Dry-aged beef tastes nutty and extra meaty due to the concentration due to moisture loss.

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How Is Steak Dry Aged

Dry ageing steak is a meticulous several step process.

It starts with pre-ageing the cut for anywhere from one to three weeks in a dry-ager. This allows a hard crust to form on the outside of the meat, stopping the inside from drying out while also protecting it from bacteria.

Next, our chefs coat the cut in a thick layer of infused butter, which allows the ageing process to continue but restricting any overwhelming strong flavours that could arise otherwise. The cut then goes back into the dry-ager for at least one month.

Finally, our chefs carefully remove the layer of butter and the crust, and cut it into steaks ready to cook and serve.

Where To Buy Porterhouse Steak Online

Monster Butter Aged Steak ASMR

Online food shopping is a doddle, and it means no jostling for your position at the grocery store.

You just sit back, browse the online offers, and make your order. Then, as if by magic, it appears on your porch a few days later, ready for you to enjoy.

Here are three online outlets that sell some of the best Porterhouse steaks available:

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The Ultimate Panning Tricks

To fry the perfect dry-age steaks, you should consider the following tricks:

  • First heat the pan and then let the oil get hot in it, only then comes the steak
  • Before stewing, steal the steaks dry
  • Always use a panswinder and never a meat fork for turning
  • Look at the correct timing for the salt. Best season after roasting.

Whats The Difference T

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The T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks are both cut from the short loin and feature a T shaped bone in the middle. Because of this, they can look almost identical with the difference being that T-Bones are cut from the front of the loin, whereas a Porterhouse is cut more towards the rear and include more tenderloin. Both steaks have a New York Strip one one side of the bone, and a tenderloin Filet Mignon on the other side.

What technically separates the two classifications of steak is actually the size of the tenderloin section . According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, any cut featuring a tenderloin section thats at least 1.25 inches across at its broadest point is considered a Porterhouse steak.

Its important to note that the thickness of the steak doesnt have anything to do with how its classified its all about how wide the tenderloin section is.

Any cut with a tenderloin section of 0.51 inches to 1.24 inches is considered a T-Bone steak. And further, anything with a tenderloin section of 0.5 or shorter at its widest point is actually considered a bone-in strip steak.

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Where Can I Buy Dry Aged Beef

Dry Aged Beef is available online, at grocery stores, or at wholesale butcher shops.

Now if you are being sold on Dry Aged Beef, try adding it to your menu by a Steak flatbread recipe, or present it alone with a blob compound butter. However you serve it, your standards are elevated in the eyes of your customers and the contents of your menu.

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Reverse Searing Your Tomahawk Steak

  • If you are using a gas grill, bring one of the burners, but not all of them, up to medium-high heat. If you are using charcoal, heap your coals over to one side of your grill to create a hot zone and a cool zone.
  • Season your Tomahawk Steak to taste, bearing in mind that some of that seasoning is going to shed onto your grill.
  • Put your Tomahawk Steak onto the cool side of the grill and let the indirect heat start to cook it.
  • Use your ever-handy meat thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature of your steak.
  • Once it reaches a temperature that is about 15-20 degrees away from your desired level of doneness, move it over to the hot side of your grill and turn it every 30 seconds or so to keep the cooking temperature even.
  • Once your steak is about 5 degrees away from done, remove it from the grill and set it aside.
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    Introducing Luigys Meats And More

    Are you looking for premium steak cuts that are of superior quality, but doesnt break the bank? Luigys Meats and More is the perfect store for you! We have tried five variations of their steaks, and yes! We were completely satisfied! Luigys does not only sell steaks on their product list, they have a wide variation of meat cuts from ground pork, pork jowls, pork belly, pork loin, pork choice cuts for adobo or sinigang, ground beef, beef quarters, and also chicken. And if youre looking for a whole pork head to roast for your occasions, they also have it!

    Here are some of the steaks we have tried and yes, what you see is what you get on the photos! So get prepared to drool!


    If youre the ribeye type of person like me, youll definitely enjoy this! Ribeye is the most tender part of beef usually. With just the perfect amount of marbling and lean meat, this Brazilian Ribeye would definitely wow family or guests on your dining occasion! We had this served with roast potatoes with some baked garlic.


    This superior grade steak is known for its tenderness and flavor! We love this cooked just perfectly rare or medium rare. Also served with roast veggies, this would be the perfect addition to your Noche table!


    Anything added with butter is fantastic, what more aged into it! Just like Luigys Butter Aged Steak. The flavor of the butter sips into the meat! For this, wed love to show you the uncooked version . Fancyyyyy we know, right?

    Recipe To Cook Butter Aged Steak By Sous Vide:

  • Remove the Butter Aged Steak from the dry age refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature for approximately an hour. Cut the prime rib into steaks and place each one into a vacuum seal bag with the butter and seal.
  • Set your sous vide machine up with a large container or pot and fill 2/3 full with water. Place the sealed bag into the water bath, bring to 125°F for 2 ½ hours.
  • Once the sous vide process is completed, remove the steaks from the bags and bring the Cast Iron Skillet to medium high heat and season steaks with salt and pepper.
  • Add the butter from the sous vide with the thyme, rosemary and garlic to the skillet for about 30 seconds and until fragrant.
  • Pan sear per side or until blackened. Use a large spoon to ladle the butter over the top of the ribeye.
  • Place on a cutting board for 5-8 minutes to rest before serving.
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    Butter Aged Steak Faqs

    Question: How Long Does it Take to Butter Age Steak?

    Answer: The duration of butter aging steak varies with your preferences. Ideally, a minimum of 30 days is required for the butter to combine its flavors with your steak. As long as you follow one of the two processes above, you should get the best outcome in 30 60 days.

    Question: Why Doesnt Butter Aged Steak Go Bad?

    Answer: The meat doesnt spoil when you age is because of the conditions that ensure the levels of bacteria and moisture are controlled. Moisture is drawn out of the steak during the butter aging process. This ensures the beef flavor increases and becomes beefier.

    Question: How Does Butter Aged Steak Taste?

    Answer: Decidedly beefy, similar to rare roast beef, is the taste to expect from any butter-aged steak. Additionally, there are subtler hints of other delicious flavors. They include warm buttered popcorn and enhanced flavors of the steak you have butter aged.

    Question: Is Butter Aging Steak Safe?

    Answer: Yes! As long as you follow the butter aging process to the letter, it should be safe. Additionally, make sure you maintain the same temperature in your refrigerator during the butter aging process.

    How Does The Price Of A Tomahawk Steak Compare To A Normal Ribeye

    Steak cooked in butter

    How much you are paying for your Tomahawk Steaks depends on the quality of the beef you are buying and who you are getting it from.

    However, you should expect to pay up to three times more than your normal bone-in Ribeye.

    The Chicago Steak Company is selling two USDA Prime dry-aged Tomahawk Ribeyes for $239.95 when you can get four USDA Prime dry-aged Bone-in Ribeyes for $274.95.

    DeBragga will sell you a pair of dry-aged Prime Tomahawk steaks for $285.00, which is more than their Culinary Olympics winning 24oz Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye.

    While it might seem like that is a reasonable increase when you are moving from a 24-ounce Ribeye to a 40-ounce Tomahawk, it is essential to bear in mind that a lot of that weight is going to be bone and not meat.

    You can expect to spend an average of about $100 on a quality Tomahawk Steak, and the reality is that around $50 to $80 of that is paying for a considerable length of bone and a more Instagram ready steak.

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    What Is A Tomahawk Steak

    A Tomahawk Steak is really just a bone-in Ribeye, taken from the rib section of the steer.

    The butcher leaves the large rib bone attached, protruding between 10 and 20 inches from the steak. Rather like a big meat lollipop.

    The Ribeye steak is cut from the longissimus dorsi, one of two long muscles that run under a beef cows ribs.

    This particular set of muscles doesnt see much use during the day to day life of cattle, so it stays tender. This tenderness, along with their incredible marbling, contributes to the popularity of Ribeye steaks.

    % Grass Fed Porterhouse Steaks

    The Porterhouse steak is undeniably the emperor of all steaks! Heartstone Farms 100% Grass Fed Porterhouse steaks are cut from the thickest and most tender rear end portion of the short loin creating a delectable steak thats fit for royalty.

    Full of beefy flavor, they are great on the grill or stove top in a seasoned cast iron pan.

    The marbling on this cut was generous and even the sirloin side of the T was tender and flavorful. Ive been a fan of porterhouse steaks for years but this cut was hands down the best ive tasted.George Ciampo, Center Conway, NH


    • Flash Frozen and Wrapped In Air-Tight Cryovac Will Last 12 Months In Your Freezer

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    About Windsor Quality Meats

    Windsor Quality Meats has been serving the Main Street Neighbourhood since 1946, when George Freeman opened the store next to the Aristocrat restaurant after World War 2 and it has been owned and operated by the Freeman family since. Taken over by Rick Freeman in 1985, the butcher shop has mostly recently been passed to his son Connor in 2009.

    Since 1946, Windsor Quality Meats have been proud to be The Meat Men on Main. Friendly, helpful men with cleavers who wrap up your order in paper and send you off with a smile, knowing youre getting the top-notch, award-winning product that the finest chefs in town insist on.

    How Do I Know When My Steak Is Done

    Butter Aged 𥩠VS Dry Aged 𥩠VS No Age 𥩠// 60 Day Butter Aged Ribeye Steak

    The only way to really know when your steak is done is to use a meat or instant-read thermometer and cook it to the proper temperature.

    Push the thermometer into the strip side of the steak, trying to get it as close to the center as possible.

    Your steak will continue cooking as it rests before you slice it, so here are the temperatures youre looking for:

    • 120F for rare

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    Where To Buy Wagyu Beef

    Wagyu beef entered the United States market in the 1970s and became more and more popular as the years went on.

    However, not every grocery store or butchery sells this upscale and tender meat.

    That means your options are limited. While there are very few places that are strictly a wagyu shop, our expert butchers have compiled a list of the top ten places to get your fill of wagyu beef.

    More Steak Recipes To Check Out

    Man grill steak!

    A Tomahawk Steak might not be the most cost-effective steak youve ever eaten, but what you have to ask yourself is, can you put a price on waving you steak around like Viking weapon?

    If that idea appeals to your inner caveman, then go ahead and get yourself a Tomahawk Steak, after all, you can not be Ragnar the Steak Viking any day of the week!

    What do you think about Tomahawk Steaks? Total rip-off or a bit of fun that is worth the extra price? Let us know in the comments below!

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    How Does The Butter Ageing Work

    You might be wondering how it all works? It might be better if I first quickly explain the other two methods of ageing.

    Dry Ageing is exactly thatdrying the meat out as it ages. The meat sits on a rack or hangs on hooks and rails in a temperature and moisture controlled storage fridge for a length of time. The meat primal forms a crust and stops further moisture evaporation and just lets the natural meat enzymes break the muscle down and intensify the flavours. You can read my in-depth article HEREwhere I talk about the process with a bit more technicality.

    Vacuum Packed Wet Ageing Beef

    Wet Ageing is where the meat is vacuum packed and then it is allowed to sit in a carton or rack for a specified length of time in a storage fridge. There is now no moisture evaporation as the bag forms a barrier but as the natural meat enzymes still break the muscle fibres down the bag accumulates with blood and juices around the meat piece. The meat sitting in these blood juices can some times give the meat the metallic taste but it doesnt always happen.

    What Is Dry Aged Beef How It Works Pricing Where To Buy & More

    Aging steak ENCASED in BUTTER not only gives you MORE MEAT ...

    WebstaurantStore / Foodservice Resources / Blog

    The best way around Create an innovative menu is to use familiar ingredients with an unexpected twist. With cool new toppings or fun Coating techniques are great ideas, but we all know the proteins are the stars of the show. Dry-aged beef is the perfect standard setter if you want to create a menu that will suit adventurous eaters or devoted carnivores. But what is dry aged beef and how does it differ from a piece of steak? We explain all of this and more so that you can be sure beforehand grill perfectly Your newest menu addition.

    Shop all dry-aged steaks

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    What Is Wet Aged Steak

    Wet ageing uses the same theory to age steak as dry ageing, but an entirely different process.

    In wet ageing, steak is aged in a vacuum-sealed pack. This removes air from the cut, and allows the muscle fibres to break down and the meat to become more tender, just like with the dry ageing process.

    The difference between dry and wet ageing is that unlike dry ageing, there is no moisture loss. It is also a more affordable and faster process, although wet aged doesnt typically have the same depth of flavour as dry aged beef.


    60 Day Dry Aged Steak

    How To Age Steak At Home

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