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Where To Buy Ahi Tuna Steaks

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Why Cook Ahi Tuna

How To Grill: SEARED AHI TUNA STEAK | Weber Q Griddle

Now that you know what ahi tuna is and where to find it, you might be wondering why you should buy it. Ahi tuna is a great fish to have on hand because its tasty and versatile. A simple cut of ahi tuna tastes delicious all on its own, mixed into a salad or worked into a complex recipe. When you purchase ahi tuna, theres no limit to what you can create with it.

Here are some ahi tuna serving suggestions to get your creative culinary juices flowing:

Experimentation is key when trying new foods, so feel free to explore different ahi tuna dishes when youre on your way to finding your favorite.

Seared Ahi Tuna & Arugula Pear Salad

If it wasn’t already obvious, the most important part of this recipe is the fish. Make sure you’re getting quality sushi-grade Ahi Tunait tastes MUCH better raw than your average grocery store cut of tuna. Remember: frozen sushi-grade fish doesn’t mean its not fresh. In fact, in many cases that fish was frozen at the height of freshness and will make for a delicious and flavorful piece of seared tuna. Consulting your local fish monger is the best way to get a great piece of fish, so don’t be shy. With just a quick sear, this dish is fast and so easy to make on a busy weeknight even though it feels extra special.

We love using a slightly spicy green to counter the fatty tunaarugula is great, but if you’re in the mood for something different, go for watercress instead! It has a delicious peppery flavor and the stems are satisfyingly crisp.

Looking for a more ways to use Ahi Tuna? Try our Poke Bowlsthey’re full of delicious veggies and an irresistible ginger-sesame marinade. Or give making your own sushi rice a try and serve it over rice!

Tried making this salad? Let us know how it went in the comment below.

Persian cucumber, thinly sliced

  • Season tuna steaks all over with salt and pepper. Combine black and white sesame seeds on a shallow plate, then gently press tuna steaks into seeds to coat them on all sides.
  • Make salad: In a medium bowl, whisk together dressing ingredients. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Divide salad between plates and top with tuna.
  • How To Cook Ahi Tuna

    There are many ways to prepare Ahi tuna. One of the most popular ways is to sear it with sesame oil. That way you can turn it into a main dish or into a sandwich. Another popular way to serve Ahi tuna is as sushi or sashimi. Apart from those two methods there are many ways to prepare this type of fish.

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    Whats The Difference Between Sushi Grade Tuna And Regular Tuna

    Sushi-grade tuna was cleaned and frozen immediately following being caught while still on the boat which reduces the chance of parasitic infection from eating it raw or seared. Regular tuna may or may not be cleaned or previously frozen, so cooking is necessary to ensure any parasites are killed before consuming.

    But sushi-grade is not a regulatory term.

    In other words, its unlike Prime Beef, where the USDA has certain criteria that must be met. But what exactly happens to tuna on the boat to make it sushi-grade?

    Sushi grade Tuna has undergone Parasite Destruction Guarantee, while regular Tuna hasnt.

    While the FDA doesnt provide guidelines for determining which fish is sushi-grade and which isnt, it has procedures in place that must be followed if fish is to be consumed raw.

    Parasite Destruction Guarantee is to ensure the fish has no parasites before theyre eaten raw. Its about doing the following:

    • Freezing and storing at an ambient temperature of -4°F or below for 7 days
    • Freezing at an ambient temperature of -31°F or below until solid and storing at an ambient temperature of -4°F or below for 24 hours
    • Freezing at an ambient temperature of -31°F or below until solid and storing at an ambient temperature of -31°F or below for 15 hours

    The parasites are killed at these low temperatures.

    When the process of ensuring that Tuna is rid of parasites has been followed, its referred to as sushi grade. In effect, its safe to be consumed raw.

    The Tropical Foodie

    Is It Safe To Eat Raw Ahi Tuna


    If youre nervous about eating raw fish, you should use your best judgement. You can always choose to cook these ahi tuna steaks all the way through to be well-done.

    But tuna steaks are usually served seared on the outside and raw on the inside. Look up any seared ahi tuna recipe and you will see that it is almost always cooked this way. If you order it a restaurant, its bound to be cooked medium-rare as well.

    Id recommend getting over your fears and jumping on this bandwagon . Fully cooked tuna can be a bit dry , but when the outside is a crispy, salty, savory layer and the inside is a supple, soft, tender layer, it enhances the taste so much and the texture is amazing.

    Plus, many of the bacteria that makes raw foods more risky to eat is usually found on the surface of the foods. If you sear the outside, as in this recipe, youre killing off the bacteria that may make you sick. Same goes for a good seared steak.

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    Remove Loins And Lower Loins

    Now, you can lay the ahi tuna back down on its side and slice through the entire lateral line all the way to the bone. Cut the loin from the fishs upper rib bones. Your knife should scrape the ribs youll be able to feel the tip of the knife hit the spine. While gently pulling the loin toward you, sever anything still connecting the loin to the spine. Remove and reserve cold.

    To get rid of the lower loins, turn the ahi tuna around so its tail is toward you. With a firm grip on your knife, cut the rib bones that secure the lower loin and belly onto the fishs carcass. Remove the tail end of the lower loin by cutting slightly above the middle of the fish from its tail to its cavity opening.

    Remove The Tunas Collars And Head

    Begin by laying the fish on its side with its belly facing you. Use the back of a sharp knife to feel for the hard, scaly material running along the lateral, spanning from the pectoral fin to the tail. Take the knife and start cutting the hard material away from the ahi tuna, beginning a little less than halfway up the tail and cutting toward the pectoral fin. Make sure you dont cut into the fish, but lightly shave the scales away from the surface of the fishs flesh while tugging on the pectoral fin.

    After reaching the fin, you can start cutting into the tunas shoulder. Slice from the top of the head and around the collar in the direction of the belly. Once youve completed that cut, flip the ahi tuna over and repeat the same cut on the opposite side.

    After cutting around the collar on the other side, youll be ready to cut through the fishs spine. Hit the back of the knife with the palm of your hand to cut through the tunas soft bone. A light pull should be enough to detach the head from the rest of the fish. Then, youll be able to cut the collars free from the head.

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    How Should I Cook The Wild Caught Yellowfin Ahi Tuna

    This delightful fish can be cooked in several different ways. Grill it up with a side of rice for a healthy, hearty meal that will leave everyone satisfied. Another way to cook the ahi tuna steaks is searing. First, prepare a mix of your favorite herbs and spices to season the fish. You might try mixing salt and pepper with some garlic, red pepper flakes, basil or oregano. The great thing about this type of cooking is that you can tailor the mix for a taste that’s exactly what you prefer. If you like spicier foods, you might try higher heat options if you prefer a milder flavor, stick with herbs and seasonings that have less of a kick. There are so many wonderful options you can experiment with. Once you’re ready to cook your Wild Caught Yellowfin Ahi Tuna, coat it on all sides with your spice mixture, then place it in a preheated skillet and cook it for about two minutes on each side. You should keep a close eye on it as it cooks to be sure it’s done to the level you like.

    Is Costco Ahi Tuna Safe To Eat Raw

    Seared Ahi Tuna

    Costcos Wagyu sashimi-grade Hamachi, which is also called yellowtail or ahi tuna, is safe to be eaten raw due to their freezing process, which happens on the fishing boats.

    But any fish not labeled sushi or sashimi-grade is technically not safe to eat raw.

    Before tuna or any other fish can be prepared and eaten raw, they need to have been bled, gutted, and frozen immediately after being caught.

    Unless youre positive a fish has undergone this process, you shouldnt eat it raw. But if you can find a fishmonger or knowledgeable employee at Costco, ask.

    Being strict is to ensure that the parasites in them are killed off.

    But most retailers will tout a fish being sushi or sashimi-grade to justify the higher price point. But unless you can confirm that this procedure was followed, its not safe to eat raw.

    And its worth pointing out that eating ANY fish raw still has risks. And just because a fish is labeled sushi-grade or sashimi-grade doesnt mean those risks arent there. They will be much safer to eat raw, but there is still a risk.

    What about Salmon? Can you eat them raw after youve got them from the grocery store?

    This is exactly what I explored in a recent article. In it, I explained that theres no legal definition of sushi-grade and no official grading system. But I did explain a cool workaround for that, though.

    Just click the link to read it on my site.

    Seared ahi tuna salad with Japanese dressing! Picked this up for lunch at Costco!!

    Health Coach Heather

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    Is My Ahi Tuna Sushi Grade

    If you are unsure whether ahi tuna is sushi-grade, read the label or ask a fishmonger at the grocery store to confirm that the ahi tuna you intend to buy has been frozen immediately after it is caught. A sushi grade fish is safe to eat raw it has a high quality that makes it taste good when eaten and it is of high quality.

    What Is Ahi Tuna

    Ahi tuna is type of tuna that is divided into two different species: yellowfin and bigeye. And its often cheaper than bluefin tuna, with a very similar flavor profile and texture. You can usually find it frozen at Trader Joes or your local grocery store for very inexpensive.

    While I love salmon, it can be a bit pricey. And tuna, like salmon, is healthy and has an array of serious health benefits .

    A seared tuna steak is a bit different than the canned tuna everyone is used to. For one thing: it comes in a whole, beautiful raw steak that holds its form much easier than other kinds of fish, which may tend to flake apart.

    For another thing: it is usually cooked medium-rare: seared on the outside, red on the inside.

    It actually looks very similar to a beef steak in this regard. It. Is. AMAZING.

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    Is Sams Ahi Tuna Sushi Grade

    The Sams Choice Premium Wild Caught Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna is individually portioned and vacuum sealed for freshness. The tuna portions in this sushi-grade package are seasoned, precooked, and ready to eat. You can prepare this delicious tuna at home using black pepper and sesame seeds for a meal that is as good as the restaurant version.

    How Long Does It Take To Cook Ahi Tuna

    Buy Yellowfin (Ahi) Tuna Steaks Mail Order Online

    Because ahi tuna is best enjoyed rare or medium-rare, it generally doesnt take long to cook tuna steaks. In fact, pan-searing ahi tuna steaks only takes about five minutes total, with each side of the tuna steak cooking for about two minutes. Try to stick to this timetable because ahi tuna hardens very quickly as it cooks and you want your tuna steak to be soft and tender, not hard and dry.

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    How To Cook Tuna Steak

    Nows the time to start the cooking process. While ahi tuna can be a mouthwateringly tasty fish, how you cook it makes all the difference. When properly seared or served raw, ahi tuna tastes more tender, mild and oily. However, ahi tuna cooked medium can taste more like fishy cardboard.

    The most reliable cooking methods for producing perfectly prepared ahi tuna are baking, grilling or sauteing a filet in a skillet. For the best results, youll want to season or marinade your ahi tuna before cooking and sear it on the stovetop. This section will go over everything from seasoning and searing your tuna steak to specific ahi tuna recipes.

    Enjoy Our Yellowfin And Bluefin Tuna Selections

    Yellowfin tuna, also known as ahi, is a lean, flavourful fish great for sashimi and steaks. Our yellowfin tuna comes in two cuts. Choose from a regular steak cut or, a Saku block cut valued for its uniformity and preferred by Japanese chefs for classic presentations. Yellowfin tuna has a more pronounced flavour than albacore, but with a less fatty feel than bluefin tuna. Versatile and flavourful, yellowfin is eaten raw, smoked, cooked or canned throughout the world.

    Greenwood Fish Market also has three cuts of bluefin tuna sashimi on offer. Those who want to enjoy their sashimi pre-sliced can opt for either the otoro, chutoro or akame sections of bluefin tuna. Akame refers to the lean meat on the side of the fish and is most commonly found in rice bowls or sushi rolls. Otoro and chutoro, on the other hand, refers to the fattier portions of tuna with luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth quality and are often enjoyed as sashimi or sushi.

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    Costco Ahi Tunasushi Grade

    I am assuming the ahi tuna at Costco is not sushi grade. I am wanting to make ahi poke, and most of the recipes call for sushi grade tuna. Any problems with using the Costco Ahi in it?

    by Jen Wheeler | Christmas cookies are one of the reasons to love the season, but holiday desserts do not stop at the…

    Grilled Ahi Tuna Recipe

    How to Cook Tuna Steaks

    Now letâs get into how to grill ahi tuna steaks.

    First, combine the soy sauce, green onions, lemon juice, garlic, and sesame oil in a bowl and whisk them all together well.

    Then, add your ahi tuna steaks to a large plastic bag. Pour the marinade you just whisked together into the bag and seal it tight, pressing out all of the air as you close it.

    Lay the bag flat and make sure the marinade is coating all of the tuna steaks. Let them marinate for about 30 minutes.

    Meanwhile, spread the sesame seeds on a plate in a flat even layer. Remove the tuna steaks from the bag and press each one into the sesame seeds making sure all of the sides are coated.

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    Ahi Tuna Steak For Sale At The Best Prices

    Global Seafoods prides itself on offering only the finest fresh and frozen seafoods at the best prices. We have a great money-back guarantee and fast delivery right to your door. If you’re ready to try our delicious frozen yellowfin tuna steaks, now is a great time! Let’s face it, Global Seafoods is the best place to order tuna steaks online!

    *The Surgeon General of the United States warns that eating raw or undercooked seafood may pose risk of food borne illness.

    How To Buy Tuna Steak

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    Whether youre cooking a seafood dish for your family or youre working in hospitality, it is important to know how to buy your perfect tuna steak. With over 15 species of tuna to choose from, knowing the difference between the main commercial tuna is crucial. High-quality tuna steaks can make or break the success of a tuna dish by purchasing fresh, sustainably caught tuna, you will choose the very best steak for your recipe.

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    How To Cut Fresh Tuna

    If youre brave enough to try cutting fresh tuna on your own, youll need to know the proper technique. Once youve bought your beautiful ahi tuna fish, you can start prepping it for cooking. Even if you plan on enjoying your ahi tuna raw, you can still follow the five steps below to cut your ahi tuna like a certified sushi chef.

    Are All Tuna Steaks Sushi Grade

    Ahi Tuna Steak

    Is all tuna steaks sushi grade? There are some tuna steaks that are not sushi-grade or sushi-grade. If they are, they will be labeled as such, so stores can typically charge more for them since they are selling features. You should avoid eating raw meat if it is not labelled. Its best to ask your fishmonger for confirmation.

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