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Pork Steaks On Pellet Grill

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Smoked Pork Steaks Traeger

Grilled Pork Steaks on Pit Boss Pellet Grill with Monroe County Dipping Sauce
  • We started with these smoked bacon wrapped pork chops and moved to steaks. I honestly hadnt tried a pork steak recipe before and I am not a steak fan in general.

I will have to admit my husbands pork dry rub recipe it takes it to a whole new level. Theyre part of our electric smoker recipes round up but have been made in a pellet grill too. That way you add tons of flavor at the very beginning and as it cooks they soak in more and more.

You can keep it the rub listed below nice and sweet and savory or add more heat to make it spicy. Either way it is out of this world and you will have no need for sauce, though you could add some too if you like.

  • These are the pellets we always have on hand and use for almost everything.
  • This smoker cookbook has some more great ideas if you want to cook outside more regularly.
  • Allow Your Smoked Pork Steaks To Rest At Least 5 Minutes After Taking Them Out This Is Important Too To Lock In The Juices Before Cutting

    Here is a spicy dry rub for pork you could use rather than the one below. This and our tri tip dry rub are both really good.

    • Wood chips or pellets for smoker
    • we like using apple for this
  • 1/2 c brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • About 1/2-1 tbsp powdered sriracha depending on how daring you are I found this one which is great since its dry
  • Barbecue sauce is great if you want to make bbq pork steaks. Add some heat with your sauce for extra intensity or leave more mild and/or sweet.

    Tips when cooking pork:

    And last but certainly not least you always want to allow your proteins to rest. A good 10 minutes is sufficient. This is important to lock those juices inside instead of letting them flow out of your meat and on to your plate or cutting board.

    If you love a rich sauce baked on you should brush it on top about 15 minutes before they are ready to take off so the flavors can seep in and it can begin to brown just a bit. That will intensify the flavors and make them out of this world.

    What Is The Reverse Sear Method

    Congratulations, you’ve gotten the hang of searing your steaks, so why don’t we take a look at another trick in the book? If you feel you’re confident enough as a pitmaster, you can try your luck at reverse searing, which is fairly self explanatory.

    A reverse sear is where you first cook the inside of the steak and then focus on nailing the sear on the exterior, contrary to how we traditionally do things.

    You start cooking with a low temperature on the grill , as opposed to the higher heat that we usually start with.

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    What Is A Pork Steak

    While this cut appears to look similar to a smoked pork chop, it is not the same.

    Pork shoulder steaks come from the larger pork shoulder/ Boston butt cut of a pig. This portion of meat comes from the upper front shoulder area .

    Typically you find pork shoulder to range from 10-16 lbs. on average, whereas a pork steak is cut is often 1-2 pounds depending on the thickness.

    The steak comes from slicing the shoulder/ butt portion of the meat into steak-style cuts.

    This helps the connective tissues break down faster than it does when smoking a whole butt.

    You can often find thin pork steak at your local grocery store .

    But if you want thick steaks that you get them from butcher shops if you have access.

    Pork steaks roughly 2 inches thick are my preferred choice because they can take on more of the smoke flavor and build a better bark on the outside.

    Take note of this before purchasing ahead of time.

    Are You A Foodie Too

    Pellet Grill Pork Ribs

    Hey home chefs, hope that answers all your questions about making perfect medium done pork chops on the smoker.

    Another tasty pork smoker recipe to try is this smoked bone-in pork shoulder with pineapple. Its unbelievably tasty!

    For more smoked food inspiration, follow on Instagram @sipbitego. And for more deliciousness, subscribe to the Sip Bite Go channel and see the Sip Bite Go recipe collection.

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    Pellet Grill Pulled Pork Recipe

    Place pork, fat cap side up, on grill grate, close lid, and grill, basting with apple juice mixture every hour, until a meat thermometer inserted into thickest portion of pork registers 150°f to 155°f, 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours. Fire up your pit boss grill and set temperature to 400°f. We will also make a horseradish compound butter to serve with it.

    Smoke The Pork Steaks

    I used my Z Grills 600 Series pellet grill for this cook and had it running at 250F and was burning hickory pellets.

    I put the pork steaks into the pellet grill and let them cook in the smoke for an hour which is when they reached an internal temperature of 130F. The meat is not done cooking at this point but it was the perfect time to paint them with a little Head Country barbecue sauce.

    Pork is a versatile meat that works well with both sweet and bold barbecue sauces. I used Head Country because I am worn out by super sweet sauces like Sweet Baby Rays.

    If you want to take these in a whole new, but absolutely fantastic, flavor direction then you could use a Sweet Thai Red Chili Pepper glaze like I did for these smoked pork chops. Mmmmm!

    I let the meat cook for another 15 minutes until the steaks reached an internal temperature of 145F.

    Cooking to 145F is important as this is when the pork steak will still be juicy and tender. The main reason people end up with dry and tough pork steaks is that they overcook them to 160F and beyond.

    Trust me, pull these guys off at 145F and you will be happy.

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    Remove Your Steaks From Your Pellet Grill While You Preheat It

    After smoking, you want to take your steaks off the grill while you preheat it to the highest heat setting possible, around 225-250 °F. Let your grill preheat for 10-15 minutes before reintroducing the steaks. Then, cook your steaks to your desired doneness.

    Whether you like it rare, well done, or somewhere in the middle, your pellet grill steaks wont disappoint if youve followed all the tips up to this point.

    How Long Does It Take To Cook Pork Steaks At 250 Degrees

    Smoke pork steaks on Traeger grill – how to smoke pork on pellet grill

    Place your seasoned pork steaks on the grill after setting it at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about 3 minutes. It is critical to use the indirect side of the equation. It is not in your best interest to burn the meat. Once theyre on, you can leave them alone for 2-3 hours.

    Grilling should take place at a temperature of 250 degrees. If you want to coat your pork steaks with a favorite barbeque rub, do so on the sides. Cook the pork until fork tender and a temperature of 250F to 275F is constant for 2-3 hours. When cooked in a pan, they will be extremely soft and delicious. Smokers set at 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit create a smokey flavor while slowly warming the steaks. A full pig butt is typically cooked at 195203F on a grill. Most pork steaks can be prepared at 185 degrees Fahrenheit if done properly.

    A pork steak is simply a cut up shoulder of pork that has been sliced into steaks. Why do you like to smoke hog shoulders every day? In order to prepare this recipe, youll need pork steaks, All Purpose Rub, Award-Winning BBQ Sauce, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Honey, Brine, and a spray bottle. After cleaning your grill, use a marinade to marinate the pork steaks. Create indirect cooking by lighting your coals and purchasing a grill set . Hot coals should be placed on top of two logs, five chunks, or a large amount of chips. Preheat the steaks at 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour.

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    Which Traeger Pellets To Use For Smoked Pork Chops

    Really any blend of pellets will work for this recipe, but my favorites are:

    • Hickory More of a bold, assertive flavor that pairs well with the homemade pork chop seasoning.
    • Apple Have a subtle touch of fruitiness that goes well any pork.
    • Cherry A hearty pellet that stands up to the flavor of any meat and is great for grilling.

    Why not try them all and let us know your favorite in the ?

    When To Add Your Kickin Sauce To Grilled Pork Steaks

    As you can see, our recipe recommends adding sauce to your pork steaks at the very end of their cooking time. This is on purpose.

    Basting your pork steaks while they are cooking may seem like a suitable way to infuse them with more flavor. However, what ends up happening is that the sauce overheats, chars or turns into a thick, syrupy mess.

    To avoid ruining your grilled pork steaks by saucing them too soon, simply add the sauce at the very end. A few minutes before removing them from the grill, top them off with some sauce. You can also wait until you place them on a platter to serve them with your favorite sauce.

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    Traeger Grilled Pork Chops

    Juicy grilled tender pork chops used to be a thing that only existed in commercials and my dreams but not anymore.

    With a pellet grill and high-quality pork chops, you can have the best of both worlds and you can stop eating leathery, touch pork chops and start eating these. Because they are amazing.

    We picked up these thick cut bone-in pork chops recently, and they were just screaming for Traeger treatment. You can definitely cook these on another kind of grill as well, but you wont get as much of the delicious smoky flavor as you will if you are grilling with wood!

    This smoked pork chop recipe is not only going to have you coming back for seconds, but youll be adding this to your rotation all grilling-season long.

    Speaking of your rotation, Ive got a few more youre going to want to add to that too.

    More Easy Traeger Recipes here!

    How Long Do You Cook Grilled Pork Chops

    How To Smoke A Tenderlion In A Pit Boss Pellet Smoker

    Pork chops that are 1 1/2 inch thick, grilled over high heat, will take approximately 15 minutes per side for a total of 30 minutes of grilling time. Reverse-seared pork chops, cooked over lower heat and then finished over a hot grill, will take closer to 1 hour.

    Regardless of the cooking method, you want to cook until the pork chops reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by a 3 minute rest this is considered medium, and is the recommended safe temperature for pork chops. Some cooks are comfortable cooking their pork chops to lower temperatures, like 135 degrees Fahrenheit, which can give you more tender meat.

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    Seasoning Is About What You Choose And How You Apply It

    You can use a simple salt and pepper blend, a complicated rub, or a ready-made steak seasoning blend from the store. Each one will bring different flavors to the meat. But the keyno matter what you choose to season your pellet grill steaks withis how you apply the seasoning.

    Dont just shake it on and throw the steaks on the grill. Take your time to massage the seasoning into the meat on every side. Pour it into your hand, and rub it thoroughly onto the steaks with your fingers. This will make a huge difference!

    How Do You Prep Your Steak

    Once you’ve got the right cut, it’s important to prep your steak before you get started. Make sure to trim the excess fat off so that your meat cooks evenly.

    Let’s not forget that part of the art of cooking steaks is the flavor and seasoning, and you need to have all the right ingredients on hand.

    It’s important to prepare and have all the right tools, so having a meat thermometer would be massively helpful. This will help you gauge the exact internal temperature without having to cut your meat open mid-cook. Doing so, will disrupt your grilling process and cause the steak to lose its juices.

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    How Long Does It Take To Grill Pork Steaks

    Grill your food directly at 300 degrees, using the sear setting. Grill the pork steaks directly on the grate and secure the grill lid while they are being cooked. When cooked at 170 degrees, steaks should be flipped 30 minutes after cooking on the outside. Taking one hour and thirty minutes will be needed. The time taken is typically between two and five hours.

    What Kind Of Grilling Do You Like To Do

    Smoked Pork Steaks: Unbelievably Delicious!

    Do you charcoal grill? Gas grill? Have you tried a smoker or pellet grill?

    Weve tried all of the above besides the actual smoker so far, but honestly, Im not sure well even need to go that route. Weve gotten some pretty amazing smoke rings from the pellet grill, so I dont really see a need for another piece of gear at this moment.

    Of course, Im kind of a gear freak so Im sure well end up with some fun new toys before long.

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    When It Comes To Smoking Pork Steaks What Temperature Should I Use

    These are delicious in practically any smoker, including the grill. I used to cook these all the time on my Weber Smoky Mountain, but more lately Ive done them on a pellet grill like the Camp Chef Woodwind, leaving them on the special smoke setting for 45-60 minutes to produce some decent, high-quality smoke before continuing with the recipe.

    This is normally done at extremely low temps of 180-200F, so they dont become overcooked, but it can save you 15-30 minutes. Just keep in mind that temperature is a good indicator of when theyre done.

    Place the pork steaks directly on the smoker grates once the smoker is warmed and ready to begin, or use a Bradley rack or Weber grill pan to make things easier.

    Keep the smoke burning for at least an hour if youre using a charcoal, electric, or gas smoker. Its fine to go longer as long as the smoke is light.

    Use a digital probe meat thermometer, such as the ThermoWorks Smoke, to keep an eye on the pork steaks so you know when theyre done. I recommend heating them to around 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The ThermoPop digital pocket thermometer, which readings in 3-4 seconds , is another excellent gadget. Lets just say its one of my fave toys

    Tips For Smoking Pork Loin In A Pellet Smoker

  • Since pork loin is a much leaner meat cut than pork tenderloin, you need to prepare it differently to not dry out during the cooking process. If you place the pork loin in a marinade for a couple of hours before cooking it, it will keep the meat from drying out. You can also use an injector to add flavor and moisture to the pork loin.
  • Some people like to finish the pork loin on the grill this will dry it out. Instead, wrap the pork loin in aluminum foil for the last 20 minutes of cooking and allow it to rest in the foil for 10 minutes after cooking, before slicing and serving.
  • When smoking the pork loin, do not turn the smoker up over 250 degrees during the smoking process. You will run the risk of drying the meat out. Slow and low is the key to a perfect pork loin.
  • Halfway through the cooking process, rotate the pork loin to ensure even cooking through the loin and good color over the entire loin.
  • If you get a pork loin with a fat cap, make sure to score it in a cross-hatch pattern about 1-inch squares apart. This will help the loin cook evenly, keep the loin moist, and give the pork loins top an excellent color.
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    Easy Traeger Recipes Youll Love To Make Over And Over Again

    Have a Cocktailwith dinner!

    Serve Smoked Pork Steaks & Barbecue Sauce

    Pin on Pork

    You can brush the pork steaks with barbecue sauce just a few minutes before you remove them from the smoker, they will readily absorb the flavors.

    Make sure that you allow a few minutes of resting time once you take them away from the smoker. To keep them warm and moist cover them with foil while they rest.

    Beyond the most common sides such as corn on the cob, baked beans and mashed potatoes consider these other options:

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