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Steak And Shake Com Careers

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How Are Steak ‘n Shake Egift Cards Delivered

Steak n Shake eGift Cards are delivered as follows:

  • Your recipient will receive an email message from that contains your message, selected video or picture and a link to the gift card.
  • The link will take the recipient to the eGift card where it can either be printed, redeemed online, or shown to the clerk at checkout in the merchant location.
  • In some cases, the merchant may specify that an eGift card must be used online. Please refer to redemption instructions on this page, directly underneath the card image, for specific instructions.
  • You will also receive a confirmation email. If the recipient does not receive the merchant eGift card, instruct the recipient to check email as well as any SPAM or promotion folders or automatic filters for an email from

If the eGift card does not arrive within 24 hours, contact Customer Service. Have the invoice number and the recipients email address available prior to contacting us for fast assistance.

Team Member Benefits + Perks

All team members are eligible for Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance. We also offer Company Paid Disability, an Employee Assistance Plan, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Life Insurance.

We offer a competitive wage with a structured path for how you can make more. As a bonus, you’ll be paid on a weekly basis.

We offer a voluntary retirement investment plan that allows team members to defer a portion of their income and use pre-tax dollars to save for their retirement.

We provide Paid Time Off and Paid Parental Leave to eligible team members. This time accrues at a rate determined by your position and years of service with Shake Shack.

We offer food rewards and discounts with national gyms, fitness classes, car rentals, hotels, and spas. We also offer commuter benefits, volunteer opportunities, and so much more!

Can I Buy A Steak ‘n Shake Egift Card For Myself

You can buy a Steak ‘n Shake Gift Card for yourself. To do so, enter your own email address in the Recipient Email fields, and enter your own name as the recipient name. Complete the transaction normally. When you receive your eGift card alert , follow the instructions in the message to retrieve and redeem your eGift card.

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Job Prospects At Steak N Shake

They must be able to work in fast-paced environments and provide excellent services to their customers. The managers hired at the company need to oversee the overall operations at the store. They also need to look out for some additional tasks along with their co-workers. These posts also have some other benefits, making it a dream job for the workers.

We Stand For Something Good

Our secret to leading the way in hospitality? We put our people first!

At Shake Shack, our mission is to Stand For Something Good in all that we do. Youll learn lifelong skills and be empowered to make a positive impacton our business, restaurants, and communitiesall at one of the fastest-growing hospitality brands in the world. From our teams to our neighborhoods, were committed to always doing the right thing.

Our teams are the core of what we do and what we stand forsupporting them is part of our DNA. Well provide you with learning and growth opportunities to set you up for success in your career. Sharing ideas, having fun, and working collaboratively isnt just preached, its how we do things every day.

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Steak N Shake Job Application Online

The company was founded in February 1934 by a gentleman named Gus Belt in Normal, Illinois. They value people and want to make a fast paced work environment enjoyable. You may be asking how to apply for Steak N Shake online. Simply find the job link located near the bottom, search for Steak N Shake jobs, and submit your Steak N Shake application.

This company has a mission to constantly serve their customers the highest quality burgers and shakes along with extending them outstanding service at the lowest rates possible. This mission has been the basis of the company for over 80 years and has served them well. They also have a vision to lead and dominate the premium burger and milkshake area of the restaurant industry.

Mr. Belt had this vision as well and proved it by bringing in a wheelbarrow full of steak that he proceeded to grind into hamburger in front of his customers. This served to prove that his steak-burgers were steaks, and that they were as fresh as he claimed. Today, they have over 500 restaurants in 21 states.

The employees and management team work together to support their vision and mission to get results. They place high value on consistent execution, they work fast, with focus and a relentless pursuit of excellence, and they exercise the functions of integrity, intelligence, and passion. The company has a performance-based culture and they select leaders and team members who have a high level of integrity and intellect.

Steak N Shake Application

View open positions on the company website. There are 4 search boxes you need to fill out these will help filter your search, as there are over 4,000 job postings from various branches.

Scroll down and you will see the links to the job description. Hit the blue Apply Now button. However, you will be asked to enter a TalentReef account, of which Steak n Shake is a partner.

However, the application forms are not available on the site itself. You have to visit the company headquarters to get a copy. Fill out this form and submit it to the HR department together with your resume and cover letter.

Keep your resume short and simple, especially if youre applying for entry-level jobs. Include a summer of your skills, then your highlights and strengths. Write down your relevant job experience and educational background.

The interview process is a different matter. Questions are usually about yourself and what you know about the company. Be ready with your answers. It helps to research on the company and its mission and vision.

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The Job Positions Available At Steak N Shake

Steak n Shake offers various opportunities to find employment with its restaurant chain. It provides vacancies for many job posts, including Fast-Track General Manager, Hostess, Host, and Back of House Team Member. It also offers Front of House Team Members, Bussers, Dishwashers, Breakfast Cooks, Grill Associates, Fountain Operators, Counter or Cash Servers, and Drive-Thru Operators.

The candidates can also apply for Steamtable or Fry Associates, Expeditors, First Shift Servers, Trainers, Interns, Internal Managers, Assistant Managers, and Managers in Training. Job vacancies are also available for Hourly Shift Supervisors, Maintenance Workers, Cooks, Servers, and Cashiers. The frequent job posts at Steak n Shake include the following:

Advice For Application Process

The application and interview process depends largely on how many positions are being filled and how many applicants are vying for the open positions. So, it is very important that you stand out from the crowd. The first step of doing this is to create or update your resume. Even if you are still in school, you can have volunteer work, and school employment listed as work experience.

You should also research the company and write a list of questions regarding the company and the position. Once you have completed your resume and application, give the hiring manager a week to invite you for an interview. If you have not been contacted within a week, then call to check on the status of your application. Only call once a week this shows persistence without being a pest.

You will want to dress business casual while practicing good hygiene habits for your interview. Style your hair out of your face and off your shoulders, where natural makeup, be clean shaven, and leave the dangly jewelry at home. Before entering the building, spit out gum and turn off your cell phone to minimize any distractions.

If this is your first interview, or if you get nervous for interviews, take a deep breath and smile as you enter the building. Advise the closest team member that you are there for an interview and introduce yourself by name. Shake hands and introduce yourself again to the hiring manager.

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Steak N Shake Job Opportunities

Steak n Shake hires entry-level associates to work in all areas of the restaurant. Potential work settings include the kitchen, dining area, check-out/pick-up counter, and drive-thru window. The duties of employees often overlap into multiple restaurant areas. Servers, for instance, may also perform cashier responsibilities at the check-out counter when necessary, while workers manning the drive-thru window may also handle orders for pick up. Applicants committed to providing excellent service and capable of dealing with the paces of fast-casual restaurant environments usually enjoy strong chances of gaining employment.

Candidates with outstanding leadership skills also regularly land Steak n Shake jobs, as the restaurant chain needs to hire managers proficient at overseeing teams of associates. In addition to leading other workers, managers complete a number of daily tasks related to sales, finance, employee development, and other complex areas of restaurant operations. Prospective managers, therefore, must hold previous supervisory or management experience to ensure competence in fulfilling the varied responsibilities of the position. Featuring the job title of either restaurant manager or general manager, each managerial position offers various employment benefits and a salary based on experience.

Additional Information On Steak N Shake

A successful American restaurant brand since 1934, Steak n Shake operates as a subsidiary of parent company Biglari Holdings. The name of the restaurant chain refers to the primary menu items of premium steakburgers and hand-dipped milkshakes. Each location also offers a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and light night meal items. In 2012, the restaurant chain launched a new prototype called Steak n Shake Signature. Restaurants operating within the Signature concept feature a revamped interior design and a limited menu emphasizing steakburgers made from 100% USDA certified organic beef.

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Happiness At Steak N Shake

Steak n Shake Happiness at a Glance

Based on 442 ratings, Steak n Shake employees rate their happiness at the workplace a F. The Happiness score describes how employees feel about the overall positivity in the workplace and incorporates their answers to questions like Are your company’s goals clear, and are you invested in them? and Are you satisfied with your Benefits?.In general, Caucasian employees and employees with Over 10 Years experience are considered to be the most happy at Steak n Shake, while Hispanic or Latino employees and employees with 6 to 10 Years experience are considered to be the least happy. Males are the most optimistic about their career at Steak n Shake.The company is in the Bottom 5% of other companies in Indianapolis, IN and Bottom 5% of other companies on Comparably.

Additional Details Of Steak N Shake

The chain has been operating successfully since 1934 and is the subsidiary of Bilgari Holdings, their parent company. The chains name gets derived from its menu, which its regular visitors might be aware of. It means the hand-dipped milkshakes and premium Steakburgers, some of their premium items in their menus.

There are various meal options available in the breakfast, dinner, and lunch menu, and they also differ according to the locations. They also provide light night meals to their customers, who are seeking out healthier options.

The restaurant has recently revealed its signature concept, where the places interior will play a major role.

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Is My Order Secure

The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once it is received, including encrypting the transmission of any sensitive information, such as payment card information. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at .

How Are Steak ‘n Shake Egift Cards Different From Steak ‘n Shake Plastic Gift Cards

Steak ‘n Shake Plastic Gift Cards are physical gift cards sent to recipients by mail. Steak ‘n Shake eGift Cards are sent by email and can be printed out or by showing on your mobile device in store. Both plastic and eGift cards have no fees or expiration dates and are redeemable at participating Steak ‘n Shake store locations.

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Steak N Shake Interview Questions

The following questions are those typically asked when interviewing for a position in the restaurant industry.

How familiar are you with the companys culture? This is where you can show off how much you researched about the company, the position, and the culture. You should also reflect whether you believe in the culture and how you would uphold it if given the opportunity.

What does the golden rule mean to you? Pretty much everyone knows what the golden rule is. When you recite it to the interviewer, give examples of how this rule would be effective in a restaurant setting and how applying it would give exceptional customer service.

Why do you want to work for Steak N Shake? When answering this question, you can explain what the mission statement is, what kind of service that you have noticed since entering the restaurant, and what contribution you can give to ensure that the restaurant runs even better.

What is more important, a good product or fast and friendly service? This is a tricky question because some places have horrible food but the service and entertainment make them a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. Other places have great food but lousy service, yet customers still come to the restaurant. Ideally, both aspects are equally important. If the restaurant has both good food and fast and friendly service, then it is sure to be a huge hit.

Steak ‘n Shake Is Franchising Company

We are honoring our heritage as a classic American brand by providing a path to achieving the American Dream. Do you have a successful track record in business leadership with proven positive results? Steak n Shake is seeking entrepreneurial Franchise Partners with vision, passion and an unwavering desire to take hold of the American Dream.

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Things To Know About Steak N Shake

The work culture in Steak n Shake is fast paced and loud, and this is precisely why the company looks for dexterous people who can handle pressure well and can multitask.

Though the company continues to share its wondrous meals across America and the globe, the construction of its branch in Tuscaloosa has been delayed because of the franchisees health issues.

Despite this minor drawback, Steak n Shake continues to be one of the fastest growing restaurants in United States, with over 550 branches. The company is known for its speedy service.

The company helps its employees and supports those living in poor communities. Employees also try their best to sustainable measures and cooking procedures. They reduce carbon footprint as much as possible.

The Best Of Steak N Shake

Take a look at the great range of products on offer on Steak n Shakes online store, with a wide variety of fare and merchandise on offer. From stylish shirts to cans of chilli, Steak n Shake has the right recipe for you, so pick up one of our Steak n Shake deals and take a nice big chunk out of the cost of your order. Theres apparel, accessories, food products, gifts and homeware to choose from, so have a look at whats in store today.

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Steak ‘n Shake Card Support

Steak ‘n Shake gift cards have no expiration but after 24 months of inactivity, a $1.50 per month service fee will be deducted from the value of the card until the balance is depleted, except where prohibited or restricted by law. Inactivity fees are charged based on the state in which the card was purchased. Stake ‘n Shake gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and are only valid at Steak ‘n Shake restaurants. Lost, stolen or damaged gift cards will not be replaced nor will unauthorized card values be restored.

Steak N Shake Careers

The company offers various jobs for aspiring applicants. Most of these are entry-level and managerial jobs. These positions are available on the Careers page of the company.


The cashier provides the best hospitable service to customers and takes their orders promptly. He punches in accurate prices of orders and handles cash transactions with ease. He quickly prepares and delivers meals and drinks to guests. He also maintains the cleanliness of the restaurant.


The busser performs various duties such as clearing and cleaning tables after the guests have left, creating a friendly atmosphere in the restaurant, greeting customers in an enthusiastic manner, and ensuring food items and condiments are replenished. Bussers may also wash dishes.

Third Shift Cook

The cook also works as the grill operator. His primary tasks are preparing orders promptly . He works in accordance with company standards and policies. He restocks ingredients, cleans utensils and cooking equipment, and sanitizes his work area. Qualified candidates must be able to work with both hands and handle pressure.

Restaurant Manager

Aside from leading the staff by example, the restaurant manager should also be able to identify and train staff members with leadership potential. He possesses the power to motivate his team members. He leads the staff to achieve the Every Store Perfect status. He is strict when it comes to finances and other similar transactions.

Assistant Restaurant Manager


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Steak N Shake Interview Process And Interview Questions

An interview at Steak n Shake takes about 5 to 15 minutes depending on the availability of the interviewer, who probably will be a manager. It will be a friendly interview where you will be asked a couple of basic questions. It was reported that getting hired by Steak n Shake is easier compared to many restaurant chains, so it will be enough for you to just relax and be confident while answering the interview questions honestly.

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