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Henckels Steak Knives Made In Germany

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Henckels Solution 10 Pcs Block Set

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Set of 4 Steak Knives on QVC

We have yet another Solution series set on the list! And for good reasons. This series lives up to its title of being an elegant solution for most cutting jobs at home. Considering that this is a budget option in this henckels knife review article, they are surprisingly well-finished.

These knives have blades made from stainless steel with a full tang design that allows great maneuverability. This structure of the knife makes it strong and light in weight. With 9 different knives and a scissor in this set, it is a versatile solution for almost all cutting jobs.

Just like most Henckels knives, this series too receives the conventional triple-rivet handle, which offers enough grip and comfort to the user. However, they might be well-finished but certainly feel cheap when in use. The blades feel flimsy when cutting hard objects.

Moreover, the blades need to be sharpened frequently as it tends to lose their sharpness after a few times of use. Even these budget models have abundant knock-offs in the market, so be careful when making a purchase.



One of the cheapest sets of Henckels and is ideal for day-to-day tasks. But the knives durability and quality are questionable.

Which Henckels International Knife Set Is The Best

We recommend the J.A. Henckels international Premio knife set with Cherry Block. It is the best because of the following reasons-

  • All the 18 pieces of knives are useful in the kitchen.
  • The blade and other materials are of high-quality.
  • You can have a comfortable grip while using.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The knife set is great value for money.

How To Use A Steak Knife

Eating a steak with a steak knife might seem very easy for some people, but only if you are eating at home. Thats because you can do whatever you want with your steak knife regardless if you are doing it right or wrong.

However, if you are eating out, and you plan to go to a fine dining restaurant, you need to know how to use a steak knife. Since you are planning to buy a steak knife, you might as well learn how to use it properly.

Step 1: Hold the steak knife with your dominant hand.

In the past, steak knives are always placed at your right hand, even if you are a lefty. However, it has changed recently, and it is now acceptable to hold the steak knife with your dominant hand.

The dominant hand will hold the steak knife, and the other hand would be for the fork. The first thing to do is to brace the steak with the fork and start cutting the steak with the knife.

Step 2: Eating the Steak

Once you are done cutting a bite-sized steak, the next step is to put down the steak knife and put your fork on the dominant hand. After eating the steak, put the fork back to the non-dominant hand and hold the knife with your dominant hand so that you can start slicing the steak again.

You should always remember to switch the fork to your dominant hand when you are taking a bite. Many people forget to do this when they are eating in fine dining restaurants.

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Where Is Ja Henckels Made


Also to know is, are JA Henckels made in China?

Unlike many other J.A. Henckels International knives, which are made in China, these are Spain made.

Also, is JA Henckels a good brand? After nearly 300 years, the Zwilling symbol and name are now recognized all over the world. With solid quality from centuries of experience and innovations in knife making, J. A. Henckels knives are among the best trusted by professional chefs, culinary experts, as well as dedicated home cooks.

Similarly, you may ask, which JA Henckels knives are made in Germany?

Thank you for contacting JA Henckels. Here are the differences between the Classic and Professional S lines. The Classic line is produced in Spain, while the Pro S is made in Germany. Both knives have forged blades, but the Pro S blade is thicker, and is ice hardened.

What is the difference between Zwilling JA Henckels and JA Henckels International?

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels contains our premium cutlery lines, manufactured in Germany. All ZWILLING knives have a “TWIN” logo on the blade, two little stick figures. J.A. Henckels International contains our entry level cutlery lines. All ZWILLING knives have a “TWIN” logo on the blade, two little stick figures.

Zwilling Personal Blenders Review


Whether youre whizzing up a frozen margarita on Friday night or a vital greens smoothie at 5:00 am, sometimes, you only need a single serving. Zwilling offers larger format blenders as well, but here, well be covering its most-loved personal blender thats part of its Enfinigy line.

The Efinigy Personal Blender looks more like a decoration than it does a blender. With a gorgeous silver base and just one, simple knob, this blender is a dream to operate and purées solids in a matter of seconds.

When you power your blender on, youll see an LED display appear telling you your options. Pick the smoothie or pulse setting depending on what end result youre after.

Its offered in silver or black, but currently, only silver is available. As for the jar, its BPA-free, break-proof, cold-resistant, and comes with a drinking lid to take your smoothies on the go.

Pick up the blitzing Zwilling personal blender for $100 .

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Henckels Solution 12 Pcs Knife Set

The Henckels Solution series is renowned for being useful and an ideal set for home-usage. With 12 pieces of knives in this set, you can have a knife for every cutting purpose. Although it is one of their budget models, the knives certainly do not feel cheap or poorly built on hand.

For its class, the knives are pleasantly light in weight and offer enough maneuverability in cutting jobs. The blades of these knives are constructed from high-quality German stainless steel and have a full tang design that ensures lasting sharpness.

And as with most Henckels knives, the Solution series receives similar handles of triple-rivet designs that prove to be comfortable when held and offer enough grip to the user. But users frequently complain about blades getting bent when force is exerted for cutting hard objects.

Overall, the knives keep up with what it promises to do. But beware of knock-offs as they are quite common in the market.



This knife set is ideal for home usage and as a starters kit. However, professionals may not be satisfied with the experience of these knives.

Guidos Top Pick: Ja Henckels Forged Premio 18 Piece Set

This is a good quality set of knives from the German manufacturer. Though not made in Germany, the JA Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set is produced to the high standards you would expect. As you can see from the name, these knives are forged, not stamped. The set includes all the essential knives you need for your kitchen as well as shears and a honing steel. Its even got 8 steak knives so you wont run short next time you have guests! Please scroll down to check out my full report. If you want to jump straight to the very best deal, Their business model gives them great leverage to get the best prices, so thats why I use them. I check daily to make sure Ive got the best price online. So, enough talk. Lets take a closer look at these babies from JA Henckels!

Here are a few additional items youll want to have a look at. Keep scrolling down for my full report on the JA Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set.

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Best Straight Edge: Umogi Stainless Steel Steak Knives

  • Need occasional resharpening

Made entirely from stainless steel, these knives will pair well with various flatware, dishes, or serving pieces. The straight edge is sharp and non-serrated to slice through steaks, roasts, and other meats. This six-piece set can easily be resharpened, and theyre affordable enough to buy several sets for large gatherings, family dinners, or small parties. Thanks to the all-metal construction, these are dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is easy when dinner is over. However, hand-washing is recommended.

  • Easy to grip ergonomic handle

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Not attractive for formal dining

These round-tipped steak knives offer a contemporary look with a little safety tucked in since theres no point for accidental knife pokes. The knives are handmade in Switzerland by the same folks who make Swiss army knives and have a serrated edge for smooth, easy cutting. Perfect for entertaining, these knives will look beautiful on the table.

The handle is made from polypropylene that is slip-resistant and easy to keep clean. The handle shape is ergonomic and easy to grasp, with a bolster for safety. This six-piece set is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

  • Economic price for large quantity

  • Durable 18/10 stainless steel construction

  • Clean design to match existing flatware set

  • Serrated edges aren’t especially deep or sharp

Home Hero Steak Knives Set Of 8 Steak Knife Set Serrated Steak Knives Dishwasher Safe Steak Knives Steak Knifes Set Of 8 Stainless Steak Knives Serrated Dinner Knives Black Blades

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Forged Accent 4piece Steak Knife …
  • Best Kitchen Gifts this Holiday Looking for Kitchen Gadgets for a culinarian? Then, look no further! Home Heros 8-piece steak knife set features sharp, fully serrated stainless steel blades that cut effortlessly through meat.
  • While other kitchen knives often get rust spots after just one wash, our steak cutlery set is made of rust-resistant stainless steel to keep its blades spotless and performing at their best.
  • Unlike cheaply made knife sets with flimsy handles that break and bend, home heros kitchen knife set features extra sturdy, ergonomically designed polypropylene handles with a protective tpr coating for firm, easy, comfortable cutting.
  • A steak-cutting game changer.
  • Home Hero was created because we wanted something better.

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Best High End: Jean Dubost Laguiole Steak Knives With Olive Wood Handles Set Of 6

  • Beautiful and generous wedding gift idea

  • Hand-wash only

  • Periodic sharpening and oiling to maintain

There are Laguiole-style knives, and then there are Jean Dubost Laguiole knives. As you probably know, Laguiole is not a brand , but rather a style of knife from the Laguiole village in France. Originally, it was a high-quality carving utility knife where the blade folded into the handle. But the dependability and interest in this unique style prompted the Jean Dubost cutlery company to produce the first non-folding Laguiole-style knife intended for dining in 1987. Since then, the Jean Dubost Laguiole steak knives have been seen in dining rooms around the world.

This set of knives is an impressive addition to any flatware set, with olive wood handles that encase a full tang stainless steel blade. The top of the blade is decorated with the traditional vine-like design, and the set includes a convenient wooden box for storage. These knives also require a little extra care, including hand-washing, resharpening, and oiling the handles.

Notes On Materials And Construction

If youve spent more than a few minutes researching knives, youve likely run into a bewildering fog of jargon and technical specifications. Heres a quick guide, which applies to steak knives, chefs knives, and everything in between:

The phrase high-carbon steel is basically marketing hype: every steel alloy used to make knives is high-carbon. You can ignore the phrase it if its used, and you neednt worry if its not. Do note, however, that if a knife is listed only as high-carbon or carbon steel, it will easily rust. To be sure your knife is rust-resistant, make sure it is also listed as stainless.

Stainless steel is steel alloyed with at least 12 percent, and usually 14 to 18 percent, chromium. The chromium forms a dense layer on any exposed surface which rapidly oxidizes, preventing oxidation of the steel underneath. There are multiple types of stainless steel, some more corrosion-resistant than others all those used on our recommended knives are high-performing: extremely corrosion-resistant, capable of taking and holding a sharp edge and easy to re-sharpen.

There are thousands of different steel alloysmixtures of iron, carbon, and any of 20 or more other elementseach designed for a different purpose. Knife alloys alone run into the dozens, and the names are alphabet soup: AEB-L, VG-10, 19C27, ZDP-189. My advice is: ignore them all, at least for steak knives. Whatever alloy a good manufacturer chooses will perform perfectly well.

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Ja Henckels International Statement 15

GREAT PRICE: An entry level set that covers the basics and maintains quality. Excellent deal for Henkel knives at this price point. Set includes a 3 paring knife, 5 santoku knife, 7 santoku knife, 8 chefs knife, 8 bread knife, six 4.5 steak knives, 5 serrated utility knife, a sharpening steel, shears, and a hardwood block.

Henckels Steak Knife 8 Pcs Set

Henckels Four Star 4 Piece Steak Knife Set

Steak knives from Henckels are considered to be one of the best steak knives in the world. The knives are excellent when it comes to cutting steak, thanks to their blades. Speaking of which, the blades are serrated in two layers, i.e., a larger set of tooth contains even smaller serrated edges in them.

This ensures long-lasting sharpness as serrated knives cannot be sharpened. The blades are razor sharp, and when a piece of steak is cut, it does tear the meat like most serrated knives. Due to this feature alone, the Henckels steak knives are excellent for cutting steak.

With their traditional triple-rivet handle design, the user also gets sufficient grip and comfort in cutting tasks. And due to its structure of being a single piece of metal, maneuverability is ensured for most intricate cutting jobs. The blades are strongly resistant to stain and corrosion.

However, the blades are very thin and get bent easily from slight pressure.



The Henckels Steak knives are as simple as they can get. It gets straight to action when cutting steak and does the job with precision. The set can be an ideal addition to your kitchenware.

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Home Hero Steak Knives

These eight stunning black knives from this Home Hero Steak Knives set impressed us by their rugged design for powerful, smooth, yet precise steak cutting with high performance. With a non-stick coating and toughness, this steak knife set has maximum flexibility when it avoids spoilage with time and prevents food from sticking.

They become the best dishwasher safe steak knives on our list with the ability to endure, cutting almost any meats, from red meat to softer foods like fish.

This set of 8 knives from Home Hero Steak Knives really wont disappoint you in terms of its premium quality. The thick handle is designed for a comfortable and secure grip. You also do not need to worry about product failures because they are very well made and meet safety standards. Whats more, its exquisite design in beautiful black colors scored very high on our hearts.


  • Glossy color
  • Comfortable grip
  • The blade is designed to rest on the handle, not just at the top of the handle


  • The blade is designed to rest on the handle, not just at the top of the handle

Best For Parties: Zwilling 8

For those who love to host dinner parties, this Zwilling 8-Pc Stainless Steel Serrated Steak Knife Set with a wooden presentation box is perfect for a crowd. This best steak knife set option features a selection of Spanish-made stainless steel knives that are sure to impress your guests.

The knives are all stamped from one piece of steel and are slim and light for easy use. They come in a stunning wooden box that both protects them from damage and looks lovely on display next to the dining table. And at just over $11 per knife, this high-quality set is quite an affordable option among the best steak knives for 2021.

  • Price: $89.99

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Henckels Silvercap 14 Pcs Blockset

The Silvercap series is a set of knives that have micro serrated edges, meaning that these knives are not meant to be sharpened. Its blades have a full tang design that enables maximum maneuverability. These knives are constructed from a single piece of high-quality stainless steel.

Its design is quite ergonomic, and the grip from its molded handle is impressive. It is also very light in weight. All of this combined, the Silvercap knives are very well-balanced and allow the user to cut with precision. However, its nature of being serrated may be a deal-breaker to some.

Serrated knives are not possible to sharpen, and a lot of people complained about the knives not being sharp out of the box. Moreover, the blades serrated surface often proves to be troublesome when cutting something firm and solid. Apart from this issue, the knife set can actually be useful.



The Silvercap series is a collection of budget knives with premium features. However, the serrated nature of its blades may become an issue.

About Zwilling Ja Henckels

Zwilling J.A. Henckels 7″ Four Star Rocking Santoku Knife on QVC

With a long history and reputation for quality, Zwilling J.A. Henckels makes sophisticated cookware for the modern home. Carrying a total of six brands, within their collections, youll find everything from cutlery to electrics to storage, all with the same luxury look and high standard the company is known for.

Being in operation since 1731, as you can imagine, the brand has received a ton of attention. More recently, you can find its name gracing headlines in publications like Food & Wine and Bon Appetit. The brands social media accounts are split up by country, but add them together and you get quite the hefty following.

Want to know more about this highly trusted brand? In this Zwilling JA Henckels knives review will, well fill you in on all you need to know, including information on its bestsellers, feedback, promotions, and more, to help you decide if it fits in with your needs and kitchen.

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