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What’s In A Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

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How To Make The Best Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

The iconic sandwich

The Philly cheesesteakhas a lot of history and variations since its first creation in 1930. There is just something timeless and iconic about the sandwich! With its soft Hoagie roll full of steak, flavorful onions, and dripping cheeseits easy to see why its an American classic.

Popular variation

A popular variation on the traditional Philly Cheese steak includes bell peppers. It is not a traditional recipe, but its still really good! I personally love bell peppers, but theyre not for everyone. If you dont like bell peppers, or want to be a traditionalist, then simply dont include them.

Pointers on the best Philly cheese steak:


There are many different types of meat you can use to make a Philly cheese steak. Traditionally, ribeye is recommended for home preparation. Ribeye, however, can carry a price tag. Beyond the ribeye, you may read or hear about using top round. For this recipe, however, I use sirloin but sliced thin. Sirloin has the perfect amount of fat to compliment this dish and cook itself. Youll also see that it cooks really well in the Instant Pot and is so tender, juicy, and irresistible.



How Do I Make This As A Freezer Meal

To make this as a freezer meal, you simply prep most of the meal and then put it into a gallon size freezer bag as instructed in the recipe.

Tip: Squeeze out most of the air to prevent freezer burn.

On cooking day, just thaw and cook as normal. Even the buns can be frozen for later since youll be toasting them up in the oven!

We loving finding delicious ways to serve up beef on our dinner table. I hope youll give this recipe a try!

Other beef recipes youll love

How To Make Your Own Philly Cheesesteaks

If youre ready to make your own Philly cheesesteak at home, here is a recipe to try.

This recipe uses provolone cheese, but you could easily substitute any other type of cheese that youd like to use. If you decide to use , provolone, or American cheese., youll want to warm it up in the microwave or on the stovetop and add it to the sandwich at the very end dont try to melt the provolone, or American cheese. on the pan with the steak.

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Types Of Cheese To Use

Cheez Whiz is the cheese of choice in a classic sandwich, mostly because it melts nicely on top of the meat.

Two other types of cheese that have won the approval of the public are provolone and American cheese. Its easier to achieve the oozing, melted cheese consistency of Cheez Whiz with any of these two types.

If youve previously followed a Philly cheesesteak sandwich recipe at home and youre already in the mood to experiment, you can see whether other types of cheese would work. Weve seen friends try it with Swiss cheese and liked the result!

Don’t be afraid to experiment because after all, its a matter of personal preference, right? Based on our experience, wed stick with the top three Cheez Whiz, provolone, and American cheese, in that order.

How To Cut Ribeye Steak

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

Depending on your grocery stores, some of them have pre-sliced ribeye steaks. I know that I recently found Trader Joes carrying some! Additionally, you can also ask your local butcher to slice it for you as well. However, if all else fails, getting razor thin slices of your ribeye steak is easy. For best results, place your steak in the freezer for at least an hour. This will firm up the steak and allow you to slice it better as opposed to it being in the refrigerator. Of course, it will also help you tremendously to use a super sharp knife!

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Vlasic Dill Pickle Relish

The perfect complement to any sandwich, this tasty condiment provides a salty burst of flavor that goes perfectly with any meaty sandwich or burger.

This creamy dressing is made with real mayonnaise and has no artificial flavors or preservatives.

This tangy dressing adds a nice creamy touch to any meal without being too heavy or overwhelming other flavors in the dish.

This is a classic choice for a cheese steak.

Its not too sweet, but it has enough tang to give your sandwich some flavor.

Its also fairly thick, so you dont have to worry about excess moisture making your bread soggy.

This is another popular option that can be used in place of A1 sauce.

It has a stronger taste than A1 and is often used by people who like their sandwiches with more kick!

What Meat Is Used For A Philly Cheesesteak

A classic cheesesteak is made with thinly sliced steaks from various cuts of beef, with rib-eye considered the best choice. The meat is often sold frozen in multi-sliced, shingle-shaped portions, or you can buy your own meat and cut it yourself. One tip: Its easier to slice it thinly if its partially frozen.

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What Is A Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

Philly Cheesesteak is actually not a steak sandwich, it is a sandwich made with frozen and really thinly sliced rib eye steak, caramelized onion, green bell pepper, Portabello mushrooms and American cheese. The place of origin is Philadelphia.

I should say, it is one of our very favorite dinners. If you are a cheesesteak lover like us and you wish to make it in the comfort of your own home, you are in the right place!

Types Of Cheeses On Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches

The Perfect Philly Cheesesteak At Home (2 Ways)

Cheese steaks are frequently served with fried onions or green peppers on top of them. A Philly cheese steak is a thinly sliced steak sandwich served on a large sandwich bread with melted cheese on top. It is believed that Philadelphia residents Pat and Harry Olivieri were responsible for the creation of this regional staple back in the 1930s.

The sort of cheese that should be used to produce a cheese steak is frequently a source of contention among culinary enthusiasts and residents of the Philadelphia region. Cheese Whiz is a popular choice, but other types of cheese, such as provolone, American, and cheddar, are suitable alternatives.

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How To Cook Steak For Cheese Steak

As we mentioned, achieving tender bites of meat has a lot do with the cut you choose from your butcher. Cutting the steak as thin as possible helps as well. Our trick for super-thinly sliced steak? Freeze the meat for an hour or two before slicing. Freezing the meat will make it much easier to slice. A super-sharp knife helps, too.Lastly, a cast iron skillet is key. Cooking steak in a cast iron skillet allows you to cook the meat at a very high heat, yielding tender bites of steak with deliciously crispy edges. If you dont have a cast iron skillet, now is a great time to purchase one.

The Best Cheese For A Philly Cheesesteak:

The most widely consumed cheese is mild provolone. A number of provolone brands were tested, and the only one that did not meet our expectations was Costcos aged provolone.

The flavor of the aged provolone cheese was overpowering. Another common option is white American cheese, which is similar to Swiss cheese. Some Philadelphia restaurants use a cheese that is similar to Velveeta, but we prefer provolone.

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How To Make Russian Dressing

Though you can purchase Russian dressing or even substitute with Thousand Island dressing instead, the homemade dressing is SO GOOD and really easy to make.

  • In a bowl, whisk together the mayo, chili garlic sauce, lemon juice, creamy horseradish, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, onion, paprika, salt and pepper until creamy.

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How To Cook The Meat

Philly Cheesesteaks

The most important tip we have here is not to overcook the meat. It is quintessential that the dish is served with tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat. We have a couple of tips for this part first, make sure that the meat is sliced as thinly as possible, as mentioned in the section above.

Second, make sure to heat the pan first before cooking the meat. Only use medium or medium-low heat to avoid burning or overcooking. Third, remember to keep stirring the meat in the pan.

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Best Sauces For Philly Cheesesteak

You cant have a Philly cheesesteak without a sauce.

We know, we know: Youre probably thinking, But I like my cheese steaks plain!

Well, well get to that in a minute.

First, lets talk about what makes the perfect sauce for your next cheesesteak.

This is the most popular sauce for topping off a Philly cheesesteak.

Its a white cheese sauce that comes in a can and is super simple to use!

Just pour some on top of your steak and youre good to go!

What Kind Of Beef To Use

My favorite cut is ribeye, which I consider to be the king of all cuts of beef . Ive also used strip steak with great results. For a truly budget option, you could use thinly sliced sirloin, but its not as good as ribeye or strip.

Also, if you can buy it pre-shaved, you can save yourself a lot of knife time, but I dont see this at many grocery stores. I just do it myself. A tip: the beef is easier to slice if the steak is slightly frozen.

When the beef is cooked, add the peppers, onions, and mushrooms back in, and toss it all around:

Divide the filling into four sections, and put two slices of provolone cheese on each one:

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Whats In A Real Philly Cheesesteak

A Philly cheesesteak consists of the following ingredients:

  • Ribeye steak, thinly cut and chopped
  • Toppings include melted American cheese, provolone cheese, and Cheez Whiz cheese. With toppings such as fried onions or peppers, it is served on a hoagie bun.

Cheddar, provolone, or Whiz are the only permissible cheese selections, and cheesesteaks should never, ever be served with any type of lettuce, tomato, or other garnish.

Peppers And Onions In Cheesesteak

How to make a philly cheese steak sandwich

Its true that a typical cheesesteak sandwich does not normally come with peppers, onions, or mushrooms, but thats not always the case. However, I take advantage of whatever chance I can to smuggle vegetables into my familys diet, and because the combination of caramelized onions, peppers, and mushrooms complements the thinly sliced steak so well, we go ahead and make it. It increases the volume of the filling, allowing me to serve more people, and everyone is pleased. That being said, if you dont care for any of the ingredients listed above, feel free to omit them.

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How To Make Philly Cheesesteak Cheesy Bread

This cheesy delight comes together in just a few quick and easy steps! Philly cheese steak cheesy bread is a delicious appetizer, side, or a simple main dish!

  • Preheat Oven and Prep Steak: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Add the salt and pepper to the ribeye steak.
  • Pan-fry Steak: In a large cast-iron skillet add the oil and heat to medium-high. Add the steak and sear each side for about 2 minutes.
  • Add Worcestershire Sauce: Add the Worcestershire sauce and toss with the meat. Remove from the pan.
  • Sauté Vegetables: Add the butter, bell peppers, onion, and mushroom to the pan and salt and pepper to taste. Cook for two minutes until the veggies are tender.
  • Prepare Cheesesteaks: Spread mayonnaise over both halves of the bread. Layer with slices of Provolone cheese. Add the steak and vegetables. Layer with remaining cheese.
  • Bake: Cook for 10-15 minutes on the middle rack until browned.
  • Serve: Slice into two-inch thick slices and serve immediately.
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    Our Favorite Philly Cheesesteak Recipes

    If youre ready to dig in, just pick up a good ribeye and start with any of these recipes that catch your eye!

    1. Authentic Philly Cheesesteak

    If youre gonna play, you gotta start with the basics, and thats exactly what this recipe from The Stay At Home Chef shows you how to do. This will walk you step by step through all of the choices you have and make sure you end up with a great cheesesteak.

    4. Sheet Pan Philly Cheesesteak

    If you want to skip the bread or just make a lot of Philly cheesesteak filling at at once, then check out this sheet pan recipe from The Modern Proper. This recipe uses some extra seasonings like onion powder and garlic powder along with red and green bell peppers, but you can experiment with any spice and vegetable blend you want.

    5. Campfire Philly Cheesesteak

    This recipe doesnt use all of the proper Philly cheesesteak ingredients, but we all know how much better food tastes when camping, and these campfire Philly cheesesteak sandwiches from Homemade Heather hit the spot. There are a lot of cool tips in here for pulling it off over a fire, and if you take the time to do it you and your family will love them!

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    What Is A Philly Cheese Steak

    A Philly cheese steak sandwich is basically a sandwich made on a hoagie with smaller, thinner pieces of beefsteak and cheese. What cheese goes on a Philly cheese steak depends it can be provolone, American, or Cheez Whiz.

    Two of the most famous places to actually buy a Philly cheesesteak sandwich are in Philadelphia , and they sit directly across from each other, Pats King of Steaks and Genos Steaks.

    Originally a hot dog stall, Pats was founded in 1930 by two brothers, Pat and Harry Olivieri. They are the ones who actually invented the famous cheesesteak in 1933.

    An ordinary steak sandwich eventually became the cheesesteak and led to the brothers opening a restaurant in place of the hot dog stall.

    How To Melt The Cheese

    Crock Pot Philly Cheese Steak Recipe / Philly Cheese Steak Recipe ...

    Cheez Whiz already has a gooey, sauce-like consistency which makes it the perfect Philly cheesesteak sauce. If youre using that then you only really need to pour it on top of the meat and toppings as a final step.

    If youre using other types such as provolone or American cheese, add the slices on top of the meat once it’s almost cooked in the pan. Essentially what youre doing is covering the meat with the cheese slices so that the cheese melts on top.

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    What Other Toppings Go On A Cheesesteak

    A traditional cheesesteak is only meat, cheese, and, maybe, onions. But some are starting to loosen up about the correct toppings to put on a cheesesteak. As Ray Boyd wrote in an article from 2019:

    As a city, its time for us to claim the cheesesteak as a whole, not just the handful of ingredients that we arbitrarily deem are right because theyre classic. Weve seen green peppers pop up on various cheesesteak remixes and purists always get offended.

    Here are some toppings that some enjoy:

    • Cheesesteak hoagie: chopped lettuce, tomato and fresh or fried onions with a sprinkle of oregano and, if desired, some olive oil and vinegar.

    • Bruschetta cheesesteak: tomato, celery, and basil

    • Hot peppers: jalapeno, long hots, cherry peppers, banana peppers

    • Green peppers

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    How To Store Philly Cheesesteaks

    The meat for Philly cheesesteaks can stay stored in the fridge without the bread for up to 4 days. If you have the sandwiches already prepared with the filling reheat them separately as bread microwaves quicker. The fastest way to reheat steak sandwiches is in the microwave, although you can quickly reheat the filling in a skillet too.

    You can also wrap the sandwiches with aluminum foil and bake them in the oven until warm.

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    How To Make Philly Cheese Steak

    • Sauté bell onions and bell peppers.
    • Cook until caramelizing. Push to one side.
    • Add thinly-sliced beef and cook for 2-3 minutes until no-longer pink.
    • Mix onions/peppers with the steak. Season with optional Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.
    • Divide the mixture into 4 portions, and add cheese on top.
    • Place the open roll on top, and flip the whole thing over.

    Philly Cheesesteak Quesadilla Recipe

    Smothered Philly Cheese Cubed Steak Sandwich

    Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas are filled with beef and melted cheese in a soft tortilla that is toasted on a skillet until crisp. This quesadilla recipe is great for a hearty lunch or easy dinner in under 30 minutes.

    This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy.

    We love the classic Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich, and putting those flavors into a quesadilla is brilliant and even easier. Quesadillas freeze well and leftovers can also be reheated, so it is a great make-ahead recipe and perfect for your meal prep. We love serving quesadillas with Taco Soup and of course topped with Pico de Gallo.

    Hey, hey! Valentina with Valentinas Corner sharing our homemade Quesadilla Recipe.

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    Why Youll Love This Philly Cheesesteak Recipe

    • Sheet Codes Whenever I am able to make several individual meals such as sandwiches in one big batch at once, it feels like a total life hack. Therefore, preparing the filling for these sandwiches all at once on a sheet tray is such a win!
    • Lovable Leftovers To assemble these sandwiches, you simply throw the sauce and filling onto your rolls. For this reason, enjoying leftovers is super fast and easy. Simply reheat the meat, cheese and veggie mixture, and fill a fresh roll. Even from frozen, this filling thaws and reheats quickly, making it a great lunch option.

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