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Where To Buy Top Sirloin Steak

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Other Names For Baseball Steak

Kansas City Steak Company (8) 6-oz Flavored Top Sirloin Steaks on QVC

Some other names for this flavorful and robust steak cut include:

  • Baseball cut steak
  • Top sirloin butt steak
  • Top sirloin filet boneless

The proper name for a baseball steak is top sirloin filet. This cut is incredibly flavorful despite its leanness . Cooked correctly, it remains very tender with an incredible texture.

What Is A Baseball Steak

You may have come across the term baseball steak and asked yourself, What is a baseball steak?

Well, youre in for a treat with this cut of top sirloin steak. Baseball steaks have a round shapethink filet mignonbut are more flavorful and affordable.

We look deeper into this unusual steak cut, examining where it comes from and how to cook it to perfection.

How To Cook Top Sirloin Filet Steaks

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In my quest to master the world of steaks and all the different cuts, I am always keep my eyes peeled for cuts that I have not talked about on this blog before.

A last night journey into my local Meijer store, I spotted the Top Sirloin Filet steak. The package came with two steaks on sale for $4.99/pound. I snatched those puppies up and toss them in the freezer until I was ready to use them.

In our house I like to save the steaks dinner for later in the evening when the kids are in bed and my wife and I can just enjoy without interruption. Trying to perfectly cook a steak with screaming kids all around you is one of lifes greatest challenges!

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Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steak Company is another butchers shop that delivers steaks throughout the country through online delivery. Their sirloin cap steaks are three to four lbs and the most expensive we could see when reviewing different companies. You can read our honest review of Kansas City Steak Company on this link.

Premium Baseball Top Sirloin

Buy Sirloin Steaks Online

Every top sirloin we offer is certified USDA Prime or upper-1/3 USDA Choice, putting our steaks in the top 2% of beef worldwide. Each steak is hand-selected and hand carved to ensure you get the best cut possible, and then dry- or wet-aged to intensify its naturally delicious flavor. That is why our baseball cut top sirloin are among the most flavorful, juicy, and tender top sirloins youll ever eat. Theyre the same amazing top sirloins youll get at 5-star restaurants like Jordans or Ditkas. In short, the very best steaks your money can buy.

Our popular Beef Top Sirloin meats have a bold and beefy flavor youll love, but now with a thick and round cut the Baseball Cut Sirloin. You can enjoy the bold sirloin flavor with a presentation that matches its taste. Its Going All The WayThis flavor packed steak is ideal for broiling, pan searing, and grilling. Take a ride to Steak University to learn more about the cut and how to cook the famous Baseball Steak. Whether sending this as a gift, or enjoying it for yourself, this cut is sure to please!

If your steak is frozen, we recommend thawing it in a pan, thawing in a pan helps catch any drippings that may occur, under refrigeration for 24 hours.

Season with our signature steak seasoning.

When turning your steak, be sure to use tongs and not a fork. A fork will puncture the steak and allow for the juices to escape the steak.

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Cooking Baseball Steak Cut Step By Step

The baseball steak. What a glorious piece of beef. Have you heard about it? You probably have, and maybe the reason youre here is that youre looking for some tips on how to cook it right. If thats the case, youre in luck as well be taking a look at cooking baseball steak cut right now.

Specifically, well be looking at a baseball steak, how to choose the right cut, how to cook it in the oven, and how to grill it. Lets dive in.

Perfectly Grilled Top Sirloin Steak

Can become a delicious meal for you and your family. It is one of the most popular cuts of meat for grilling. Grilling a steak can seem daunting, but its easy to do once you know what to look for.

Top sirloin steak or sirloin are also frequently referred to as filet mignon. Despite its fancy name, filet mignon is a very affordable cut of beef, especially if you negotiate a little with the butcher. This cut is tender and has wonderful beefy flavor.

Sirloin is from the back of the cow, and it is not the top cut or the bottom cut. It is in between. The top sirloin steak is just that, the top sirloin cut. It is relatively tender and flavorful when compared to the bottom sirloin steak, which tends to be hard and chewy.

Before cooking, the sirloin must be trimmed. Cut any silver skin, connective tissue, and excess fat away. Trim the ends before cooking, or they can get too tough.

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What Is Top Sirloin Steak

Top sirloinsteak is a cut of beef from the sirloin. The sirloin is on the back half of the steer.

Top sirloin steak is the top choice for many steak lovers and is also considered a relatively lean cut of beef. With its big, beefy taste, the top sirloin steak is a great choice of flank steak.

Because of the way it is processed, this cut emerges with a tender and finely marbled texture. The top sirloin steak is not as tender as a fillet but a little less fibrous that flank steak.

A great steak will have a good balance of flavor, texture and juiciness, and so the top sirloin steak is loved by many and makes one of the best cuts of beef for steak lovers.

What Is Sirloin Steak Identification Where To Buy How To Cook And More

Kansas City 8 or 16 Count 5-oz Top Sirloin Steaks on QVC

Sirloin steak is a popular beef cut that is fuller flavored than fillet and leaner than a ribeye. Find out all about it, what muscle it is, where it comes from on a side of beef, where to buy it, and how to cook it with three of our favorite recipes.

The sirloin steak comes from the sirloin primal, and theres nothing elusive about this cut, its a plain and simple good ol steak that the majority of people love!

Always finding itself high up on the favorites, we thought that we should serve up this sirloin guide to help ensure you know all there is to know about it.

From its flavor and texture to where to get your hands on it, along with some of the best recipes around, after reading this guide, youll be a sirloin specialist.

So, whether youre a grilling beginner or a hardcore enthusiast, theres a lot of info in this guide that will up your BBQ game for sure.

Note:We also have a beef cuts diagram you can check out, that shows all the popular cuts of beef and where they come from.


  • 13 Is Sirloin a Good Cut of Steak?
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    What Is Delmonico Steak And Is It Better Than Ribeye

    The year 1837 was, by some accounts, a watershed year in American culinary history, as it marks the opening of what may have been the nations first fine-dining establishment: Delmonicos in Manhattan. Amazingly enough,Delmonicoshas stayed open for 184 years and counting a feat that Untapped says makes it New Yorks fourth-oldest restaurant. And from the very beginning, Delmonicos has been known for one signature specialty: steak.

    Any steak served at Delmonicos is, by default, a Delmonicos steak, and in the 19th century, Delmonicos steak was the term applied to the choicest hunk of cow being served up on any given evening. Over the years, however, the term evolved to describe a specific cut of steak that is served up at numerous other restaurants and can be purchased wherever fine beef products are sold. While there is still a bit of confusion regarding exactly what the official Delmonico cut might be, one thing is certain: any steak labeled Delmonico had better be top-shelf. Indeed, Grassland Beef notes that back in the day, the term Delmonico was often applied to anything perceived to be the best of its kind .

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    Whats The Best Way To Cook Top Sirloin

    Everybody loves a good steak and what better way to prepare it than to crisp its edges a little and to get all those yummy juices flowing. You can get some great grill marks, just like this:

    Three tips when getting those perfect grill marks:

    . Use a medium-high heat. . Make sure your grate is bright, clean and oiled. . Cook on the board diagonal to the flame.

    Simple as that!

    Another important tip for cooking steak is to let it rest after cooking. As you know, cooking meat compresses the fibres, so let your steak rest for a few minutes at room temperature before cutting it into thin slices. The reason is that when you cut into your steak while it is still hot, it will release juice and flavour. So let it rest before cutting.

    I recommend a technique called reverse searing. Its as simple as cooking a steak on a griddle, removing it from the searing hot pan and into a cooler area to rest while you finish the pan. This method will give you a much better crust than searing it in a pan directly over the heat source. It cooks all the way through and the outside becomes a lovely medium-rare.

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    What Is Sirloin Steak

    One of the most popular steaks for grilling, the sirloin steak, also commonly known among those in the know as the Top sirloin steak, is a versatile cut that is juicy and delicious.

    It sits in the sirloin primal next to the loin, which is a step away from the home of other famous cuts such as the Porterhouse and the T-bone steak.

    Nearly always gracing the menu pages of every restaurant around, youve probably had one of these guys at some point in your life.

    Best Steakhouses In Georgia

    Top Sirloin Steak (1 lbs)

    Finding the best steakhouse in Georgia is more than finding the tastiest cut of beef. Dining at a steak restaurant is an immersive experience, with many factors, not just the food.

    Culture also plays a significant role as many restaurants carry specific themes. And while in Georgia, you want to get a taste of the rich culture while dining on their savory food. This list includes restaurants, each of which fans have made a case for being the best steakhouse in Georgia.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Top Sirloin Steak

    Does top sirloin steak figure into your weekly dinner rotation? It shouldheres why.

    This humble steak battles a bit of a reputation as a tough, chewy, inferior cut. And while its generally more affordable and easier to prepare on a weeknight than luxe ribeyes or porterhouse steaks, you do not have to settle for leathery top sirloin. Ever.

    Top sirloin steak is quick and easy to prepare, and well teach you how to cook it up juicy and delicious every time. Its a lot easier than you think.

    In this guide, well cover:

    • A quick breakdown of top sirloin steak
    • How to cook top sirloin steak
    • Mouthwatering recipes to get you started

    Read on for the ultimate guide to top sirloin steak, and how you can work this comfort food steak into your weekly rotation.

    Become A Part Of The Change We All Want To See: A Vitalized Local Food Community

    Delmonicos Heritage Butcher Shop is more than a butcher shop. Its a movement, toward good old-fashioned service + quality. Its an innovation, changing the way meat gets to market.

    We believe that people deserve to know where their food comes from. We sell fresh, local meats, + are proud to maintain a perfect chain of custody from farm to table.

    The vast majority of our meat comes from within 40 miles of our shop, so ours are the finest meats, smoked meats + sausages on the market today. Always fresh, never ever ever frozen.

    We believe that animals deserve to be treated humanely. We source animals direct from local farms where they are organically fed + range free until they are harvested close to home.

    We believe Americas food culture must shift to better protect our health, the health of our planet, as well as our local economies and communities. Everything we do at Delmonicos helps transform our shared food culture.

    We believe sustainable food helps create a healthy community.

    Stop in we look forward to serving you.

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    The Origins Of Delmonico Steak

    The story of the Delmonico steak is said to have begun at a popular steak house, or restaurant, in New York City in the 1830s.

    The Delmonico Restaurant was a popular first-class eatery in the city at this point in time.

    Before the 1830s, most restaurants in the city would choose the meal for their guests. They did not have specific menus, but only have one or two meals per day.

    Then in the 30s, restaurants started to design menus and give diners different options. This was also a trend which the Delmonico adopted very early on.

    This social change and transformation to a service focused on diners is what the Delmonico is most famous for.

    As part of this change, the Delmonico also offered a specific butchers cut which was called the Delmonico Steak.

    The introduction of specific meat cut choices was the first step for restaurants to lift their standards from an average eatery to a first-class dining experience.

    In addition to the specific Delmonico steak, the Delmonico restaurant was also the first eater to add other famous meals, such as Eggs Benedict, Delmonico potatoes and Baked Alaska.

    The Delmonico has given New York City, and other parts of the US, the staple meat cut of the Delmonico steak, while at the same time transforming the restaurant scene of New York.

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    How To Cook Baseball Steak On The Grill

    Kansas City (8) or (16) 5-oz Top Sirloin Steaks on QVC

    If you dont like cooking in the oven, you can try cooking on the grill.

    Using the grill for the top sirloin cut is actually better as you will end up with better results if you follow the correct cooking times and temperatures.

    1) First, turn on the grill and heat it to a medium-high setting. While you wait for the grill to heat, you can season the meat and brush some melted butter on it.

    2) Then, take the meat and sear it for 2-3 minutes on each side over the hottest part of the grill.

    3) After that, move it to a lower heat side and close the lid, allowing the meat to continue cooking for another 6-10 minutes, depending on your preference.

    Even when using the grill, it is recommended to use a meat thermometer to monitor the meats internal temperature, so it is perfectly cooked.

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    The Best Steakhouse In Georgia: Our Final Verdict

    It may seem like a bit of a cop-out, but its nearly impossible to pick the best steakhouse in Georgia out of this group since they are all so amazing. However, based on its online reputation and collective scores from food critics, weve found that Marcel finds itself at the top of the list more often than not.

    But, by all means, we encourage you to explore all of these fantastic candidates and judge for yourself. After all, the best steakhouse in Georgia is the one that speaks to your perfect steakhouse experience.

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    How To Buy Top Sirloin Steak

    When buying any cut of steak, pay attention to the marbling and meat thickness. Every cut is unique, so a little extra time here is warranted.

    For marbling, you want to stick to the middle section. You want some in long lines so the fat melts while cooking, but not too much to where the beef gets tough.

    As for thickness, a thick cut is best. The thinner a steak is, the easier it is to overcook. Shoot for at least an inch thick to avoid overcooking. Keep in mind that a thicker cut of meat may need longer cooking, smoking, or marinating time.

    According to the USDA, more marbling is an indicator of good quality beef. The grades include prime, choice, select, or standard. Choose based on what youre cooking and how much you want to pay.

    Most of the time, the more you pay, the finer the piece of meat will be. Top sirloin is a more affordable cut of steak, so you should be able to get a thick cut without overpaying for it.

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    Best Cast Iron To Cook A Steak On

    Of course cooking a steak on a grill outdoors is a special thing. Sometimes the weather wont allow for that. So when cooking a steak indoors I always do it on cast iron.

    I always recommend the american company Lodge for their cast iron. High quality, American made, and wont break the bank.

    Here are 3 different options of cast iron to cook your steak on.

    • Griddle For small steaks like these ones, a grill works perfectly fine. A grill is always the perfect vessels for hamburgers. Both steaks and burgers are easy to flip on a griddle because the sides are so shallow.
    • Skillet A skillet will have high sides. Good for making cornbread in. And can be do a steak proud as well. Not as easy to flip as in a griddle but a skillet is more versatile.
    • Grill Pan If you want those nice grill marks turn to a grill pan. They have ridges that will give you that very appetizing looking grilled appearance.

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