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Good Side Dishes For Steak

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+ Best Side Dishes For Steak


Posted on 06/07/2022

A delicious side dish for a juicy steak is the perfect accompaniment to a steak dinner. From healthy side dishes to elevated salads and seafood toppings, you are sure to find the perfect accompaniment to your steak dinner. Almost 100 side dishes included below!

Of course, finding a delicious cut of steak is the primary way to ensure a showstopping, steakhouse-worthy main dish, but what side dishes should you pair with the meat to enhance the flavor and wow your guests?

When you are preparing a steak dinner, you want the sides to shine alongside the meat. Here are the best choices for a great side dish for steak!

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or enjoying the evening grilling, here are some of the best side dishes to go with steak.

Cheesy Garlic Dinner Rolls

If you love garlic bread, youll be all in with these Cheesy Garlic Dinner Rolls.These soft, fluffy bites are full of cheese and garlic flavoryou can taste the rich cheddar as you bite into them.On top of that, theyre buttery and golden brown on the outside.And when you pull one out of your oven, itll look like something straight out of a dream!

Garlic Roasted Parsnip Puree is the perfect accompaniment to roast chicken or steak.Its a smooth, silky delight with just the right amount of sweetness to make it addictive.And its a great way to add extra flavor to your meal without breaking the bank.

Grilled Veggies With Chimichurri Sauce

Grilled veggies are delicious served with chimichurri, they are even better. Chimichurri is an uncooked sauce similar to that of a pesto, and this recipe calls for parsley, coriander, oregano, red onion, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and salt.

All the ingredients are blended in a food processor to a fine paste. The chimichurri is then spooned over the grilled vegetables of your choice.


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Side Dishes For Steak

Looking for a delicious side dish to serve with that juicy steak that you are making for dinner tonight? Steak is one of the most popular meat to cook and can easily be taking to a new level with the perfect steak side dishes. So if you are wondering “what to serve with steak”, then you are in the right place. We are sharing over 25 of the most popular and best side dishes for steak including all the potato side dishes, roasted veggies, air fryer side dishes, side salads, bread rolls, and more steak sides.

Healthy Sides With Steak

Sides for Steak

Tired of your healthy side dishes being tasteless? These steak sides offer a great way to incorporate more healthy meals into your diet and take your dinners to next level.

Colorful and refreshing, this vibrant salad may be low in calories but its definitely bursting with flavor. A great side salad for Mediterranean cuisine lovers who love extra flavors.

The tomato acidity, onion sharpness, and pumpkin seed crunchiness are perfectly bound in this spinach feta wholesomeness.

Classic Mediterranean flavors for a healthy side to serve along with your steak. Or even a light meal on its own to knock down the summer heat.

However you wish to serve this nutrition in a bowl, one thing is certain your palate will thank you later.

Coated with a tangy and sweet dressing, healthy food has never tasted so good. A great choice for salad lovers!

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Can You Freeze Potatoes Romanoff

Yes, you can freeze potatoes Romanoff. You might want to cook the potatoes in a disposable pan for easier freezing. Allow the dish to cool completely, then wrap the whole pan in one layer of storage wrap. Follow that up with one layer of foil for added protection. Freeze for up to one month. Thaw in the fridge and reheat in the oven.

Creamy Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes

Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? The classic side dish seems to go with everything most definitely pairing well with a juicy steak and is also one of the most versatile potato preparations out there, almost infinitely customizable to suit a wide range of palates.

If you’re a fan of garlic, this recipe is for you: in it, a whole head of the allium is roasted until soft in texture and deeply caramelized. These fragrant cloves are then diced and folded into a creamy mash of skin-on red potatoes, and the dish is topped with an optional sprinkling of fresh parsley for some color and a pop of freshness before serving.

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Mini Crustless Spinach And Mushroom Quiches

The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray

Mini spinach and mushroom quiches are adorable and tasty additions to any dinner. Made without a crust, these little bites can take the place of bread and be served throughout the meal, either as part of the soup and salad course or to accompany the main entrée. You can even make them days in advance, then reheat the frozen quiches right before dinner.

Potatoes Au Gratin With Gruyere

Steak Dinner On A Budget | Chef Jean-Pierre

A classically rich dish, potatoes au gratin is essentially a casserole made of sliced potatoes, cream, and plenty of grated cheese. This version takes peeled potatoes that are sliced into thin rounds, then adds them to a pot of hot milk and cream that’s been infused with garlic, thickening the sauce slightly.

The step that really takes this dish to the next level is layering: half the potatoes are piled into a baking dish and covered with grated Gruyere before the process is repeated with the rest of the potatoes and cheese. The hot, bubbly, dairy-rich side pairs perfectly with a juicy steak for an indulgent dinner.

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Sweet Balsamic Glazed Roasted Vegetables

A wholesome and incredibly tasty side dish that will add color and crunch to a serving of juicy ribeye steak. Baby carrots, onions, green beans, and peppers are coated in honey-balsamic glaze and roasted to perfection.

Sweet roasted veggies provide a delectable contrast to the savory, smoky beef. The sweet and tangy acidity from balsamic vinegar balances the rich flavor of the meat.

Roughly chop baby carrots, green beans, red onions, and peppers. Toss the veggies in olive oil, a drizzle of honey, and a good splash of balsamic vinegar. Season with garlic powder, dried herbs, salt, and pepper.

Transfer the veggies to a greased baking sheet and roast at 400°F/200°C for 35-40 minutes, turning every 10 minutes. Serve warm with honey-mustard and toasted sesame seeds, if desired.

French Green Vegetable Gratin

Diana Miller/Getty Images

Wondering how to get kids and adults alike to eat green vegetables? Try cooking broccoli, spinach, and zucchini into a rich gratin with a delicious, homemade cheese sauce, and watch as they are devoured. The recipe adds just a hint of poultry seasoning, for a hint of savory flavor that matches well with meat dinners.

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Best Skirt Steak Recipes

Make restaurant-quality dishes at home with these surprisingly easy skirt steak recipes!

With its robust flavor and tender texture, skirt steak is sure to become a fan favorite in your kitchen.

Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and well send the recipe straight to your inbox!

Plus, skirt steak cooks up in a flash, making it perfect for mid-week dinners with the family.

While its true that cooking it can be a little bit tricky, youll be immensely rewarded if you do it right.

From stir-fry to tacos, there are countless ways you can use this delicious cut in different recipes.

Get creative with these skirt steak recipes and enjoy flavorful meals for days on end!

Grill the perfect skirt steak with homemade chimichurri sauce for a superb summer dish!

The succulent skirt steak is full of savory taste.

The chimichurri sauce brings out even more flavor in this delicious combination.

This dish is not only exceptional and ideal for outdoor barbecues, but its also healthy and simple to make.

Beef skirt steak is leaner than other cuts of beef, making it a healthier option.

But dont worry, grilling it produces surprisingly juicy results if its done correctly.

Low Carb Side Dishes For Steak

Sides for Steak
  • Grilled broccoli salad. This grilled broccoli salad with creamy avocado, goats cheese and red onion is the perfect side salad for meat and fish.
  • Easy tomato feta green bean salad. This green bean salad with juicy tomatoes and cubes of feta cheese with a simple garlic lemon vinaigrette is a delicious, healthy and easy side dish recipe.
  • Easy spicy garlic roasted broccoli. Broccoli seasoned with chilli flakes and garlic before being roasted until just crispy is a delicious and easy side dish recipe the family will love.
  • . Easy spicy marinated zucchini salad with toasted pine nuts and feta cheese is a delicious side dish perfect for summer meals.
  • Easy Garlic Butter Sautéed Brussels Sprouts. The perfect easy, healthy side dish, this sautéed Brussels sprouts recipe with garlic butter is ready to eat in minutes and so tasty.
  • Easy steamed spring vegetables with feta cheese. Steamed spring vegetables make a delicious, healthy side dish jazzed up with a zesty lemony dressing and creamy feta cheese.
  • Bacon garlic sauteed green beans. Garlic sauteed green beans with crispy bacon is an easy, gluten free side dish. Serve with your favorite protein for a delicious dinner.
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    Delicious Side Dishes For Your Steak Dinner

    So you spent a whole afternoon laboring over a beautiful, homemade steak dinner. You’ve set the table, lit the candles, and even made a gorgeous dessertbut wait, what about the sides? Whether you’re firing up the grill and hosting a backyard barbecue or celebrating an elegant occasion, no steak dinner is complete without some equally decadent side dishes.

    Don’t forget to round out your homemade steak dinner with a few of these tasty sides. Whether you’re in the mood for a fresh salad, buttery roll, or classic corn on the cob, there’s something for everyone with these sides. Check out these side dishes for steak and choose the one that grabs your attention. We think simplicity is key. The best sides for this type of dinner often have mild, yet memorable, flavors. Go with garlic green beans for a healthy option, or opt for rich macaroni and cheese for the ultimate indulgence. You can’t go wrong.

    The Best Parsley Potatoes

    Potatoes are a natural companion for steak, with french fries, mashed potatoes, and baked potatoes being among the spud dishes that are often served alongside a nice, rare cut. If you’ve gone those routes and want to try a new potato dish to accompany your steak, then look no further than these simple but boldly flavored parsley potatoes.

    To make them, fingerling potatoes are halved lengthwise, simmered until tender, and then tossed with garlic-infused melted butter and a ton of chopped parsley. Best of all, the whole recipe contains only five ingredients and takes just over 20 minutes, making your steak dinner a quick affair.

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    Baked Sweet Potato Fries

    The Spruce/Emily Hawkes

    If you hunger for the crisp, saltiness of French fries with steak, these easy baked sweet potato fries offer a low-fat, vitamin-rich alternative that will satisfy your craving. Dried cumin and paprika add extra flavor, but you could stick with sea salt if you prefer a more basic fry.

    Why You Will Love These Roasted Spring Vegetables

    MasterChef Canada’s Best Steak Dishes! | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World
  • Simple ingredients with lots of flavour. This sheet pan side dish is made with a handful of vegetables and some simple seasoning that packs on some serious flavour.
  • It’s completely customizable. I used potatoes, carrots, asparagus, radishes, and parsnips. Don’t have these vegetables on hand? Or want to add in something else like spring onions or snap pea? Go for it. This is completely customizable. Just make sure that your vegetables are all cut into similar pieces for even cooking.
  • Sheet pan = minimal clean up. This is a sheet pan recipe so everything is baked in one pan. One pan = less dishes = less time to spend on clean up.
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    Skirt Steak Tacos With Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

    These skirt steak tacos with cilantro lime sour cream are a fun, delicious, and easy way to upgrade Taco Tuesday.

    The skirt steak is coated with a zesty rub and cooked with just a little bit of salt in a hot skillet for a few minutes.

    It results in perfectly cooked meat bursting with tremendous flavor.

    Combined with the creamy and tangy cilantro lime sauce, you get tacos that give off a wonderful balance of flavors and textures.

    Whether enjoyed at home with family or at an outdoor gathering with friends, these tacos are sure to wow everyone in attendance.

    Who said that great food has to be complicated?

    Making a delicious and nutritious beef stir-fry is so easy.

    All you need is some skirt steak, vegetables of your choice, and your favorite seasonings.

    For this recipe, you only need sugar, soy sauce, and sesame oil to flavor the steak. Isnt that simple?!

    This meal comes together in a snap.

    Its also incredibly versatile and accommodating to whatever ingredients you have on hand.

    Whether you prefer mushrooms, carrots, or peppers, building the perfect stir-fry for any night of the week couldnt be easier.

    Grilled Summer Shrimp Salad

    If you’re a fan of surf and turf, then we bet you’ll love pairing this summery shrimp salad with a perfectly cooked steak.

    In it, shrimp are marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and parsley before being quickly seared. Meanwhile, raw sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, and lettuce are tossed with a creamy, lemony dressing. To bring both parts together, the grilled shrimp are simply spooned over the cool salad. Once garnished with fresh parsley, the dish is ready to go.

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    Creamy Dill Potato Salad

    Potato salad is a go-to grilling and BBQ side for a reason: it’s quick and easy to make, pleases a variety of palates, and can be adapted seemingly endlessly. This classic version features a creamy mayonnaise base flavored with garlic, lemon juice, and lots of fresh dill, which brings a bright, springy flavor. The potato salad also contains Dijon mustard for bite and chopped onion for crunch.

    It’s a perfect option for your next cookout or barbecue, whether you’re serving steak or any other grilled protein.

    Loaded Smoked Potato Skins

    Sides for Steak

    Next time youre grilling steak, throw these potato skins on the grill as well.

    Crispy skin, pillowy potato, and a filling of melted cheese and bacon. Sounds like a dream!

    Serve your favorite condiment on the side for dipping, ours is sour cream, but ranch or blue cheese sauce would be just as good.

    Brussels sprouts are great served with steak, but theyre even better wrapped in bacon and then smoked.

    Grab the recipe here.

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    Mushroom Side Dishes For Steak

    Mushrooms and steak, oh how I love thee. Whether you choose mushrooms as a side dish or make a creamy mushroom sauce to pour over your steak, these recipes will have you craving more.

  • Easy Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms. Juicy roasted mushrooms flavored with garlic, herbs and butter is the perfect easy side dish.
  • Creamy Garlic Parmesan Sautéed Mushrooms. Easy garlic sautéed mushrooms cooked in creamy Parmesan sauce is a delicious side dish recipe.
  • Easy creamy mushroom sauce. Every cook needs a good easy creamy mushroom sauce recipe. Its perfect stirred through pasta and fantastic on grilled steak
  • Cheesy Muffin Tin Potato Stacks

    Vera Lair/Stocksy United

    Watch your dinner guests’ eyes light up when they see these cute little stacks of crispy potato slices on their plates. Make them easily by layering thinly-sliced potato rounds in muffin tins, along with garlic-infused butter, cream, thyme, salt, and pepper, and baking for 45 minutes. Leftovers make a great alternative to hash browns at breakfast, too!

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    Best Sides For Steak: Tasty Steak Sides

    From oven-baked potato to roasted carrots to ultimate pepper jack mac & cheese, here are the good-good sides for steak that you just shouldnt miss.

    • Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes
    • Twice-Baked Potato
    • Ultimate Pepper Jack Mac & Cheese
    • Maple Dijon Roasted Carrots
    • Brussels Sprouts With Bacon & Dates
    • Summer Corn Salad
    • Roasted Radishes With Garlic & Herbs
    • Classic Coleslaw
    • Beetroot Salad With Carrot, Quinoa, & Spinach
    • Parmesan Roasted Zucchini & Squash
    • Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms With Feta Cheese
    • Skillet Butter Bean With Pizza Cheese & Spinach
    • Mediterranean Pasta
  • Scroll for your favorite recipe from our list of Sides For Steak.
  • Pick out the ingredients needed for the dish.
  • Cook, then enjoy immediately!
  • Ultra Crispy Triple Cooked Potato Wedges

    Southern Style Cube Steak and Gravy Recipe | Ray Mack’s Kitchen & Grill

    These crispy wedges take a bit of time and prep work .

    But if you have a little patience, youll be rewarded with the best crispy potatoes youve eaten in your entire life.

    Serve these next to a perfectly cooked Ribeye or New York Strip, and youll be sorted.

    These wedges also go great with burgers.

    If you are tired of cooking potato salad or coleslaw over and over again, its time to mix things up with a fresh and crunchy celery parmesan salad.

    This versatile side dish is super easy to make and pairs perfectly with steak and poultry. You can even serve it with some grilled salmon.

    You can also play with some ingredients to change the flavor profile to your liking.

    The beauty of this recipe is how easy and quick it is to make. All you need is a few ingredients and a grill or a smoker.

    Another great thing is that you can either go with the classic white button mushrooms or experiment with other mushroom types or even their combinations.

    A delicate texture and smoky flavor make these mushrooms a perfect pair for any steak cut.

    Recipe:Smoky Garlic Butter Mushrooms

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