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How Much Is Bison Steak

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Purchasing Whole Bison Halves Or Quarters


Our Bison Meat is a Healthy Choice

All of our animals are pasture-raised, certified animal welfare approved, Certified grass-fed, and grass finished without any antibiotics or hormones, ever. Our animals have never seen a spec of grain or any grain by-product.

Why buy in bulk?

Bulk bison meat is available in the form of a whole or one-half portions by advanced special order. By arrangements, special bulk packages may also be arranged. The benefits to buying in bulk include:

  • Access: Having a half or full portion of bison in your freezer makes it easy to decide what’s for dinner. You have a huge choice of healthy meat options just a few feet away from your kitchen.
  • Variety: You have a choice in how your meat is cut and processed. You can decide on the thickness of your steaks and whether you want your roasts to be small, medium or large in size. Additionally, soup bones, tongue and organ meats are part of the bison carcass and are included in a bulk purchase. If buying the animal rather than the meat, you also get the hide and the skull if you want them.
  • Lower Cost: If you are interested in a variety of cuts, buying in bulk is the most economical option.

Some people hesitate to buy bulk bison because they think it will be too much meat. If a full or half a bison seems like too much, consider splitting it with family or friends.

We offer several approaches and opportunities to purchase bulk bison including:

  • Purchase a young bison at market value
  • Wild Idea Buffalo Company

    Wild Idea Buffalo in South Dakota takes sustainability extremely seriously and sees the raising of bison as part of restoring ecological balance to the Great Plains. Its bison are free ranging and thus 100 percent grass-fed on prairie pasture. Wild Idea Buffalo bison are individually harvested in the field, a method many people believe is vastly more humane than slaughterhouses.

    The care taken in the raising and slaughtering of Wild Idea Buffalo bison is carried through in the butchery, packaging, and shipping of their meats. From steaks to snacks to charcuterieand even pet treatsthere is a wide variety to choose from with flat-rate shipping and free shipping available.

  • 06 of 06
  • Risks And Side Effects

    Most people tolerate bison meat very well. However, in rare instances bison can cause an allergic reaction or digestive issues. This is more likely to happen if you respond badly to eating beef, pork, lamb, venison or goat.

    Bison meat provides the most benefits when you purchase quality meat. The Bison Central website offers a lot of useful information to anyone looking to purchase high-quality bison meat, including an online buyers guide, vendor information, recipes, facts about bison ranches, and more. When looking for meat on your own, always try to buy the kind labeled 100% grass fed if you can.

    While all bison are grass-fed, some are still finished on grains. This is a common practice used by farmers to increase the size of the animals quickly right before theyre slaughtered and sold. By always buying 100 percent grass-fed products, you ensure you consume a cut of meat with less fat, more vitamins and even a higher concentration of crucial anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.

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    How Much Does A Bison Cost 2020

    Live bison typically cost $2,500 to $5,000 per animal, depending on age, weight, and other characteristics.

    Similarly, How long does a buffalo live?

    Bison can live up to 20 years old.

    The average lifespan for a bison is 1020 years, but some live to be older. Cows begin breeding at the age of 2 and only have one baby at a time.

    Subsequently Why is bison so expensive? The bison industry is very small. The only incentive to increase bison production is economics they have to cost more. Bison meat is leaner and produced on a much smaller scale this costs more too.

    Do bison attack humans?

    Bison attacks on humans have occurred in Yellowstone before, including just last month. They are massive animals, and bull bisons can weigh up to 2,000 pounds. A bison can run at speeds up to 35 mph, the park says.

    How To Cook Bison Steak In Air Fryer

    Bulk Buffalo Ribeye Steaks, Bison Steaks

    Cook steaks in basket once preheated.Cook the steak for 5 minutes, then quickly season it with the montreal steak.Easy instructions for cooking up the perfect bison steak.Flip and add a pat of butter on top of each bison steak.

    Frozen steak in air fryer.How to cook bison steak in air fryer.How to cook frozen steak in the air fryer:I added some cut up rosemary over the steak.

    If you follow these easy directions you will have a perfect steak every time.If you follow these easy directions you will have a perfect steak every time.In a small bowl combine the steak tips, olive oil, garlic salt and pepper.Let them sit for about an hour at room temperature.

    Once the oil shimmers and is hot, lay the bison steaks in the skillet.Once you have fried the meat for the allotted time.Place frozen steak in a cold air fryer and set it to 400 degrees.Place frozen steak in a cold air fryer and set it to 400 degrees.

    Place in ther fryer basket and cook for 13 minutes for.Preheat air fryer to 360 degrees f.Preheat air fryer to 400° for 3 minutes.Preheat the air fryer for 5 minutes on 400f.

    Preparing bison medallions to fry is very easy.Remove the venison steak and mushrooms from the air fryer.Sear the bison steaks for 2 minutes over high heat.Season 2 ribeye steaks all over with 1 teaspoon kosher salt and 1 teaspoon black pepper.

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    Health Benefits Of Bison Meat

    Last Updated on July 20, 2019 by Michael Joseph

    Bison is extremely nutritious yet low in calories.

    While bison is as nutrient-dense as red meat, it is similar to white meat regarding its calorie and fat content.

    This article provides a complete guide to the nutrition profile and health benefits of bison meat.

    Packed With Iron And Zinc

    Earlier on we looked at the selenium content of bison, but the meat is also full of iron and zinc.

    Iron has numerous functions in the body, and it plays an essential role in energy metabolism and transporting oxygen around the body .

    Likewise, zinc is also an important mineral, and it is invaluable for the immune system and growth and development. Zinc is also necessary for hundreds of enzymatic reactions within the body .

    A cooked 8 oz bison steak provides 72% of the RDI for zinc and 41% of the RDI for iron .

    Key Point:

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    What Is Bison Meat

    What kind of meat is bison? Like the name implies, bison meat is a dark meat sourced from bison . Bison are a species of humpbacked, shaggy-haired wild ox that are native to North America and Europe.

    Bison are actually the largest indigenous animals native to North America. Like all cuts of meat, bison meat nicknamed the other red meat is a top protein food and supplier or many nutrients. Bison might also be a step above beef and poultry when it comes to sustainability, heart health and even taste.

    When shopping for bison meat, youll notice that it can be blended to contain different ratios of fat, usually between 90 percent to 98 percent . The percentage left over once subtracted from 100 is essentially the fat content so the higher the percent, the less fat and calories there are.

    According to the USDA, four ounces of ground grass-fed bison meat has about:

    • 124 calories
    • 1.7 milligrams vitamin B12
    • 3.9 milligrams zinc
    • 17 milligrams selenium
    • 4.5 milligrams niacin
    • 2.3 milligrams iron

    Keep in mind that other cuts of bison meat that are less lean might contain four to six grams of fat and around 160190 calories. The fattiest parts of a bison can even contain up to 13 grams of fat in a 3.5-ounce serving size. If weight loss is your goal or youre looking to keep calories on the lower end, you want to choose a lower fat percentage.

    Dont Mind The Leftovers

    Grilled Bison Ribeye Steak with Jack Daniels Whiskey Butter Sauce

    We recommend slightly rounding up the amounts to give yourself a bit of wiggle room. After all, having leftovers is better than having the steak run out during dinner.

    Additionally, if there are leftovers and you are not sure what to do with them, there are several amazing leftover steak recipes that you could consider trying out for your next few meals.

    About the author

    Adam can tell you the difference between a flank steak and skirt steak and any other cut of meat. He loves sharing his knowledge of steaks with everyone, ensuring you get the perfect steak every time.

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    Why Bison Meat Is So Expensive

    While we might not be able to explain market driving forces to account for basic costs, we can offer some understanding of the end product costs.


    Let’s start with Grain-Fed Wholesale prices, animals from both the United States and Canada. According to the USDA Market News, Monthly Bison Report for July 2018, the average hanging hot weight of a 24-30 month old bison bull was 651 pounds which brought an average of $489.69 per 100 pound weight . This translates into a wholesale cost of $3,208.52 per animal.

    Since the amount of actual packaged saleable meat would be about 300-320 pounds, the average wholesale cost would be $10.02 per pound of bison meat, excluding the costs of processing, labels, and other packaging and marketing costs. Considering processing costs alone may run from $0.55 to well over $1.00 per HHW which would add an additional $358.00 to the wholesale cost bringing the total cost to $11.14.

    If you are paying less than $10.00 or $11.00 a pound for bison meat, you need to think about what you are actually buying. It is not economically feasible to sell a product at retail below wholesale prices unless that product is outdated or otherwise inferior.

    Our Costs

    These costs do not include our infrastructure investments, feed costs, and overall farm operating expenditures. Adding these costs and the cost to produce a pound of bison meat is well over $12.00 a pound.

    General Information About Buying Bison In Bulk:

    Some people hesitate to buy bulk bison because they think it will be too much meat. A quarter of a bison will yield about 60-65 pounds of meat. In a 2 person household that enjoys bison, youll easily consume 1.5 pounds per week and your freezer will be empty in about 10 months. If 60-65 pounds does seem like too much, consider splitting a quarter with family or friends.

    If you are new to buying meat in bulk, it may be helpful to understand the process and how it affects the quantity and quality of the bison meat you will receive.

    In our opinion, the best time to buy grass-fed and finished animals in a quarter, half or whole is in August and September after they have been feeding on nutritious green pastures for several months.

    We use mobile slaughter for bulk meat which means that someone comes out to our ranch and harvests the animals on our ranch. The slaughtering process is essentially immediate and the animal does not have the experience of stress or pain. Once the bison is slaughtered, the hide, head, hooves and non-usable organs are removed. What remains is called the carcass, which is typically split down the middle into two halves.

    All of this is interesting, but you still want to have an idea of the basics: How much meat will I take home, what kind of cuts will there be and what will this all cost?

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    Cooking Buffalo Steaks For The Best Flavour

    Many customers ask for directions to cooking bison steaks, roasts and filets. Keep reading below to learn the different ways you can cook the various cuts of bison steak. The first rule is to not over-cook the meat. Our all natural bison meat is lean and tasty, and is best enjoyed cooked medium rare or a little less. Even if you normally prefer your steak medium, go for medium-rare with your bison, you will be amazed by the same wild and natural flavour that has been enjoyed for many thousands of years.

    The Bison Steak Vs Beef Steak Final Word

    Bison Sirloin Steak

    When deciding between bison vs beef steak, consider the choice similar to comparing apples to oranges. From taste to texture to nutrition, each meat choice has its unique benefits to your next home cooked gourmet meal. As with individual cuts of beef, bison is just another way to enjoy a nice piece of steak, cooked to perfection. If youre about to fire up that grill, dont forget to tune in to Steak University for tips and tricks sure to help you cook your steak of any variety to perfection.

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    How Much Does Ground Bison Cost

    4.6/5ground bison costfargroundbisoncostmuch

    Also to know is, why is Bison so expensive?

    There are approximately 450,000 head of bison in North America vs. 94 million cattle in the US alone. The only incentive to increase bison production is economics they have to cost more. Bison meat is leaner and produced on a much smaller scale this costs more too.

    One may also ask, where can I buy ground bison? Luckily, there are a few reputable websites where you can purchase bison meat to enjoy at home.

    • 01 of 06. Northstar Bison.
    • 02 of 06. The Buffalo Guys.
    • 03 of 06. Nebraska Bison.
    • 04 of 06. Sayersbrook Bison Ranch.
    • Wild Idea Buffalo Company.
    • 06 of 06.

    Also to know is, how much is ground bison at Costco?

    In my experience I have found that the price of ground bison in my most places to be around $9.99/lb. A lot of the time I find it in the frozen section. Unless you can find a cheaper local source, then in the big grocery stores, Costco is most likely going to be your best value. Mark one down for Costco!

    Is ground bison good?

    It is taster than beef and richer in flavor. It is simply healthier than regular cow beef. It is lower in saturated fat than regular cow beef. Bison is a great source of nutrients, it has the basics: zinc, niacin, iron, vitamin B6 and selenium.

    Cooking Bison Steaks Indoors How To Prepare On The Stove In A Hot Skillet

    Preparing bison steaks to fry is very easy. Before cooking remove the steaks from the fridge and let them sit for about an hour at room temperature. Just remember that they need less cooking time than beef because they are very lean. When frying up bison steak, watch the minutes. Better yet, use a timer. A rare to medium-rare cooked meat is delicious, succulent and juicy. A well done steak is not!

    If you follow these easy directions you will have a perfect steak every time. Heat oil in a skillet over medium-high heat for a few minutes, See the chart for exact time for each size and cut of meat. Once you have fried the meat for the allotted time. Remove to a plate and let it rest for a few minutes. The steak continues to cook during this time. It is important to let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Theneat!

    Follow the cooking times depending on your steaks thickness.

    Preparing steak in the oven.

    Preheat the oven to 500°F. Let them sit for about an hour at room temperature. After preparing the meat for cooking, put it in a roasting pan and roast the meat. Check the time chart for oven cooking. Browse through the many recipes on the Sayersbrook Bison website. Cooking time is also affected by the amount of fat and connective tissue of the chosen cut of steak. Bone-in or bone-out is also a factor. Again, this is why bison needs less cooking time than a fattier cut of meat such as beef or pork.

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    What Goes Well With Bison Steak

    How to Cook with Bison Meat

    • Spicy Green Bean and Tofu Stir-Fry with Ground Bison. Spicy Green Bean and Tofu Stir-Fry with Ground Bison. …
    • Bison Steaks with Fig-Balsamic Sauce. Bison Steaks with Fig-Balsamic Sauce. …
    • Bison Rib Eye Steaks with Roasted Garlic. …
    • Seared Bison Strip Loin with Juniper and Fennel. …
    • Guinness-Marinated Bison Steak Sandwiches.

    Sales In The Local Community:

    How to Grill Buffalo Steaks : Recipes for Steaks

    We sell our frozen bison meat at local farmers markets in the Willamette Valley. The current Farmers Market schedule is on the Green Fields Bison Home page. During the Farmers Market season, you can also check out our Facebook page for the latest updates on where we will be selling our wildly nutritious bison meat. Crush Wine Bar in Monmouth sells our ground bison as sliders. This is a good way to try our ground bison before purchasing it.

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    Usually Raised On Pasture

    Although it is not specifically a health benefit, the fact that bison are raised on pasture has several positive impacts.

    As previously discussed, it may enhance the concentration of beneficial nutrients such as CLA and omega-3.

    Grass-fed animals also contain less fat, which might be a benefit for anyone on an energy-restricted diet.

    There is also the ethical side to consider, and bison grazing in their herd will certainly be happier than feedlot animals.

    Key Point:

    Bison Vs Beef Vs Buffalo Meat Vs Lamb

    Which is better, bison or beef? How about buffalo or lamb? Here are how these meats compare to one another:

    What about venison? How does bison meat compare? Venison is a a type of game meat that is jam-packed with nutrients like protein, niacin, zinc and vitamin B12. It technically encompasses any type of meat from an animal within the deer family. That includes caribou, antelope, reindeer and elk meat. Not only is deer meat high in protein, but local venison is also considered a more sustainable source of protein. Why? Deer populations are very high in many parts of the U.S. and some other nations. The taste of venison is a bit richer with a more earthy flavor compared to the taste of bison, buffalo, lamb or beef.

    Some health experts recommend having bison, beef, lamb or venison over pork for several reasons. Why should you avoid pork? Pigs tend to consume waste and generally unhealthy food products. Plus, pigs become more saturated with toxins than many other farm or wild animals. They can carry a variety of parasites in their bodies and meat, some of which are difficult to kill even when cooked/heated. According to the World Health Organization, eating processed meat made from pork can also contribute to cancer.

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