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Steak N Shake Careers Talentreef

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The Job Positions Available At Steak N Shake

Steak n Shake offers various opportunities to find employment with its restaurant chain. It provides vacancies for many job posts, including Fast-Track General Manager, Hostess, Host, and Back of House Team Member. It also offers Front of House Team Members, Bussers, Dishwashers, Breakfast Cooks, Grill Associates, Fountain Operators, Counter or Cash Servers, and Drive-Thru Operators.

The candidates can also apply for Steamtable or Fry Associates, Expeditors, First Shift Servers, Trainers, Interns, Internal Managers, Assistant Managers, and Managers in Training. Job vacancies are also available for Hourly Shift Supervisors, Maintenance Workers, Cooks, Servers, and Cashiers. The frequent job posts at Steak n Shake include the following:

Steak N Shake Application Form Online

There are several places on their website that you can click to apply for one of their job positions. The general main link to apply will bring you to a map where you can choose the state you wish to apply for a job in there are also downloadable and printable application forms for those that wish to fill them out and hand them in in-person.

Steak N Shake Application & Careers

Steak n Shake serves some of the finest burgers and most refreshing shakes in America. A subsidiary of Biglari Holdings Inc, the company has been in operation for 80 years.

The restaurant chain was born in 1934 in Illinois, thanks to Gus Belt, who wanted to serve only premium milk shakes and burgers. The burger patties didnt have extenders, while the milk shakes were hand-dipped.

The restaurant is also known for the slogan, In Sight It Must be Right, which Belt coined because he liked to prepare his burgers in front of guests.

Should you want to work for the company, youll be getting free drinks, discounted meals, flex-time work schedules, paid sick leave, holidays, and vacation. The company also offers retirement and insurance benefits.

The company is a great training ground especially for young employees. The tasks may be challenging, but they are equally rewarding when you receive your pay and promotion. Co-workers are warm, friendly, and approachable.

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How Are Steak N Shake Egift Cards Delivered

Steak n Shake eGift Cards are delivered as follows:

  • Your recipient will receive an email message from that contains your message, selected video or picture and a link to the gift card.
  • The link will take the recipient to the eGift card where it can either be printed, redeemed online, or shown to the clerk at checkout in the merchant location.
  • In some cases, the merchant may specify that an eGift card must be used online. Please refer to redemption instructions on this page, directly underneath the card image, for specific instructions.
  • You will also receive a confirmation email. If the recipient does not receive the merchant eGift card, instruct the recipient to check email as well as any SPAM or promotion folders or automatic filters for an email from

If the eGift card does not arrive within 24 hours, contact Customer Service. Have the invoice number and the recipients email address available prior to contacting us for fast assistance.

Steak N Shake Application

View open positions on the company website. There are 4 search boxes you need to fill out these will help filter your search, as there are over 4,000 job postings from various branches.

Scroll down and you will see the links to the job description. Hit the blue Apply Now button. However, you will be asked to enter a TalentReef account, of which Steak n Shake is a partner.

However, the application forms are not available on the site itself. You have to visit the company headquarters to get a copy. Fill out this form and submit it to the HR department together with your resume and cover letter.

Keep your resume short and simple, especially if youre applying for entry-level jobs. Include a summer of your skills, then your highlights and strengths. Write down your relevant job experience and educational background.

The interview process is a different matter. Questions are usually about yourself and what you know about the company. Be ready with your answers. It helps to research on the company and its mission and vision.

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How Do I Apply For A Job At Steak N Shake

  • Go to the career website of Steak n Shake.
  • Scroll the page down until you see the Find Your Fit section.
  • There are Hourly Associate and Management Positions in this section.
  • Down below, there is the See Open Positions button.
  • Enter job keywords and location, then choose your career category and city. Then click Search Careers.
  • The list of the relevant jobs will be displayed on the same webpage.
  • Look at the name of the jobs. When you encounter an interesting job, click on Apply next to the name.
  • A new page will open. Read the detailed job description. If you are really interested in the job, click Apply Now at the top of the page.
  • To proceed, you need to create a new Talentreef account, if you dont have one. You can create a new account in a short time. If you already have an account, just log-in.
  • Continue and finish your online job application. Good luck!
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    Steak N Shake Job Opportunities

    Steak n Shake hires entry-level associates to work in all areas of the restaurant. Potential work settings include the kitchen, dining area, check-out/pick-up counter, and drive-thru window. The duties of employees often overlap into multiple restaurant areas. Servers, for instance, may also perform cashier responsibilities at the check-out counter when necessary, while workers manning the drive-thru window may also handle orders for pick up. Applicants committed to providing excellent service and capable of dealing with the paces of fast-casual restaurant environments usually enjoy strong chances of gaining employment.

    Candidates with outstanding leadership skills also regularly land Steak n Shake jobs, as the restaurant chain needs to hire managers proficient at overseeing teams of associates. In addition to leading other workers, managers complete a number of daily tasks related to sales, finance, employee development, and other complex areas of restaurant operations. Prospective managers, therefore, must hold previous supervisory or management experience to ensure competence in fulfilling the varied responsibilities of the position. Featuring the job title of either restaurant manager or general manager, each managerial position offers various employment benefits and a salary based on experience.

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    Additional Details Of Steak N Shake

    The chain has been operating successfully since 1934 and is the subsidiary of Bilgari Holdings, their parent company. The chains name gets derived from its menu, which its regular visitors might be aware of. It means the hand-dipped milkshakes and premium Steakburgers, some of their premium items in their menus.

    There are various meal options available in the breakfast, dinner, and lunch menu, and they also differ according to the locations. They also provide light night meals to their customers, who are seeking out healthier options.

    The restaurant has recently revealed its signature concept, where the places interior will play a major role.

    How Do I Use Steak N Shake Coupons

    To use a Steak n Shake coupon, copy the related promo code to your clipboard and apply it while checking out. Some Steak n Shake coupons only apply to specific products, so make sure all the items in your cart qualify before submitting your order. If theres a brick-and-mortar store in your area, you may be able to use a printable coupon there as well. Get Steak n Shake coupons.

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    Steak N Shake Job Positions And Duties

    • Steak n Shake General Manager Job Description

    At Steak n Shake they value their employees and make their working environment as rewarding as possible by making it fun. They do this by awarding and recognizing the employees that really work hard and make a difference. They reward whole teams, managers, cashiers and every other job position they employ. As a General Manger it will be your duty to handle all of the day to day running of the restaurant which includes staff, financials, sales, promotions, stock and much, much more. You will need to have previous experience in management within the field and hold a valid drivers license to apply. As a driven manager you will be able to improve the running of the restaurant whilst increasing revenue.

    . Steak n Shake Yearly Salary: $42,193

    • Steak n Shake Service Trainer Job Description

    . Steak n Shake Hourly Salary: $6.14

    • Steak n Shake Manager Job Description

    . Steak n Shake Yearly Salary: $33,125

    • Steak n Shake Associate Job Description

    Steak n Shake Hourly Salary: $7.95

    Benefits Of Working At Steak N Shake

    Employment benefits available to Steak n Shake associates include flexible hours, a fun and casual work environment, ongoing training and development opportunities, and consistent feedback on job performance. Other job benefits extended to eligible workers range from paid vacation and 401 retirement plans to medical, dental, vision, and life insurance packages. The restaurant chain also maintains a quarterly incentive bonus program for qualifying managers and regularly rewards high performing workers with various forms of employee recognition.

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    Work At Steak N Shake

    Although its common in action movies that using two swords, known as duel-wielding, it was not that common in history as someone who cannot use one sword perfectly cannot possibly try duel-wielding and not die. Steak n Shake takes the job as seriously as this and tries to duel-wield steaks and milkshakes. It needs the best employees in order to achieve this goal. If youre one of them, join Steak n Shake now to share the companys intentions of leading and dominating the field with %100 customer and employee satisfaction!

    Minimum Age to Work: 16

    Hours of Operation: Always open.

    Minimum Employment Age At Steak N Shake

    A candidate must be above the age of 18 for being considered for a job at Steak n Shake. There are also some additional requirements you should know about before filling your Steak n Shake job application form. For example, to apply for the position of a restaurant manager, you must have at least one year of supervisory experience. Additionally, you must also present them with a proven track record of building sales and generating profits, while also showing them records of operational improvements and people development.

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    Talentreef Manager Sign In

    Login page for talentreef manager sign in is presented below. Log into talentreef manager sign in page with one-click or find related helpful links.

    talentReef Applicant Portal – â¦

    Manager – talentReef Applicant Portal

    talentReef Applicant Portal

    talentReef Tutorials – YouTube

    talentReef –

    talentReef Sign in |

    talentReef – Manager | Glassdoor

    Putting Our People First

    From your very first day, youll notice that we collaborate, support each other, and celebrate often. Our close-knit teams allow you to really get to know the people you work with, while still being a large enough company to offer multiple avenues for growth. We have a track record of investing in professional development that leads to finding your purpose and accelerating your career.

    Excellence, integrity, and innovation are core to our success, which gives us ample opportunities to recognize accomplishments and celebrate wins as a team.

    Each month, our employee-led committees organize various events to keep us connected with each other, give back to the community, and build an inclusive workplace. Our Rowdy Reef Crew is all about having a little fun together and GallantReef organizes volunteer activities that make an impact locally. Our employee-led DE& I Champions team have a commitment to educate, advocate, and celebrate diversity and each DE& I Champion heads up one of our five Employee Resource Groups : TR Supporting Women, TR Supporting LGBTQ, AAPI & Allied, Black & Allied, and Hispanic & Allied.

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    Job Prospects At Steak N Shake

    They must be able to work in fast-paced environments and provide excellent services to their customers. The managers hired at the company need to oversee the overall operations at the store. They also need to look out for some additional tasks along with their co-workers. These posts also have some other benefits, making it a dream job for the workers.

    Steak N Shake Interview Questions

    The following questions are those typically asked when interviewing for a position in the restaurant industry.

    How familiar are you with the companys culture? This is where you can show off how much you researched about the company, the position, and the culture. You should also reflect whether you believe in the culture and how you would uphold it if given the opportunity.

    What does the golden rule mean to you? Pretty much everyone knows what the golden rule is. When you recite it to the interviewer, give examples of how this rule would be effective in a restaurant setting and how applying it would give exceptional customer service.

    Why do you want to work for Steak N Shake? When answering this question, you can explain what the mission statement is, what kind of service that you have noticed since entering the restaurant, and what contribution you can give to ensure that the restaurant runs even better.

    What is more important, a good product or fast and friendly service? This is a tricky question because some places have horrible food but the service and entertainment make them a hotspot for tourists and locals alike. Other places have great food but lousy service, yet customers still come to the restaurant. Ideally, both aspects are equally important. If the restaurant has both good food and fast and friendly service, then it is sure to be a huge hit.

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    Steak N Shake Job Application

    Craving a hamburger at 3:00 in the morning? Cant choose between a steak and a burger? Dont worry. Steak n Shake is ready to provide you with all that you fancy. Steak n Shake is an American casual restaurant chain having sit-down, drive-thru and front-window service, offering a hybrid of fast-food to-go service and diner-style sit-down service located mainly in the Midwestern and Southern United States.

    The restaurant chain operates 24/7. With headquarter located in Indianapolis, Steak n Shake has a total of over 500 locations out of which more than 400 are company-operated and over a 100 are franchised. With a motto of One Team One Family Steak n Shake offers growth at both personal and professional fronts. The restaurant chain is now hiring individuals for both full-time and part-time positions.

    Is My Order Secure

    The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once it is received, including encrypting the transmission of any sensitive information, such as payment card information. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at .

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    The Online Job Application Process Of Steak N Shake

    The online job application process for Steak, n Shakes is as follows:

    • Check out Steak n Shakess career page and click on the View Open Positions tab.
    • Look out the available job posts and choose your preferred city, region, province, state, category from the drop-down list that appeared here.
    • Tap on the job title you want to apply for at Steak n Shakes.
    • Create your new Steak n Shakes and complete the remaining sections to submit the form

    The candidates can also apply for Steak n Shakes job positions by submitting the downloaded PDF form at its store locations.

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    Checking Job Application Status For Steak N Shake

    Candidates who have carried out application submission to the company need to wait for one or two weeks to hear from the managers. This duration thus depends on the need or vacancy at the store. They will carry out all the processes promptly and will themselves contact the qualified employees.

    They also have an option to follow up regarding their applications in case of no response. Calling, mailing, and seeking or meeting the managers in person might help. But while taking up these tasks, the candidate needs to possess a positive and professional attitude. In addition, they must show their eagerness for the job.

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    Steak N Shake Careers

    The company offers various jobs for aspiring applicants. Most of these are entry-level and managerial jobs. These positions are available on the Careers page of the company.


    The cashier provides the best hospitable service to customers and takes their orders promptly. He punches in accurate prices of orders and handles cash transactions with ease. He quickly prepares and delivers meals and drinks to guests. He also maintains the cleanliness of the restaurant.


    The busser performs various duties such as clearing and cleaning tables after the guests have left, creating a friendly atmosphere in the restaurant, greeting customers in an enthusiastic manner, and ensuring food items and condiments are replenished. Bussers may also wash dishes.

    Third Shift Cook

    The cook also works as the grill operator. His primary tasks are preparing orders promptly . He works in accordance with company standards and policies. He restocks ingredients, cleans utensils and cooking equipment, and sanitizes his work area. Qualified candidates must be able to work with both hands and handle pressure.

    Restaurant Manager

    Aside from leading the staff by example, the restaurant manager should also be able to identify and train staff members with leadership potential. He possesses the power to motivate his team members. He leads the staff to achieve the Every Store Perfect status. He is strict when it comes to finances and other similar transactions.

    Assistant Restaurant Manager

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