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Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak

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Dont Add Spices And Marinade

Dry Aged Ribeye on the Grill! (Reverse Sear)

Those new to cooking dry aged steaks often make the mistake of adding too many herbs, spices, and marinade. They think the latter will prevent the meat from becoming too dry.

However, the fact is that dry aged meat flavor is meant to be savored as it is. You dont want dry aged meat if youre looking forward to having it with marinade because itll ruin the natural flavor.

Other than salt, pepper is a good seasoning if you want to ensure that youre going to have the best tasting meat without the dryness.

Remember that dry-aged meat isnt necessarily dry all the way through. The dry aging process is to lock in the ribeyes natural flavor. Its essential to know how to prepare the steak so you can enjoy eating it the best way possible.

Day Dry Aged Usda Prime Bone

  • USDA Prime Bone-In Ribeye Steak
  • Dry aged for at least 21 days


USDA Prime Dry Aged Bone-In Cowboy Ribeye is the highest degree of USDA marbling combined with state-of-the-art dry aging. This 21-day process gives this cut of beef unbelievable tenderness and taste. Serve this juicy ribeye with your favorite sides like mashed potatoes, creamed spinach and a wedge salad.

  • Frozen shelf life: 365 Days

How It’s Shipped

  • Your steaks are carefully packed into a sealed, insulated and disposable cooler with dry ice to arrive cold at your doorstep.
  • Product will arrive in 4 – 7 business days. Potential delay can be expected in cases of inclement weather or carrier availability.
  • Delivery not available to AK / HI / PR or military base locations.
  • Open package within 24 hours of delivery
  • Sams Club is prohibited from shipping some products containing Styrofoam to some locations. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause when ordering.

Ingredients: beef

Do You Have To Flip Dry Aged Steaks When Smoking

Return the dry-aged steaks to the smoker and cook them until the internal temperature reaches 125-130 degrees, about 15 minutes more. Although I like to turn the steaks after approximately two minutes over high heat and then let them continue cooking, this isnt necessary. After youve sliced the steaks, set them aside for five minutes to rest.

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Should You Marinate Dry

Before the dry-ate steak is thrown into the pan, it should have had enough time to unfold at room temperature before being cooked . Is it better to salt before marinating or after? A fine dry-aged steak does not require much in the way of accompaniments. Marinades, on the other hand, might mask the flavor of the meat rather than enhance it.

What Is Dry Aging

Dry Aged Boneless Ribeye Steak

An unsexy way to explain it is that dry-aging, in a nutshell, is a controlled decay process, says Katie Flannery, butcher and COO at Flannery Beef. Youre exposing the subprimals to oxygen, which allows natural enzymes within the meat work, she says. Theyre aerobic bacteria, so they need oxygen to survive. They come alive and start breaking down the molecular bonds of meat. This, in turn, alters the flavor and texture of the cut.

What dry aging looks like is literally a room full of moldy carcasses. In the dry-aging process, meat hangs in a humidity-controlled environment in a way that exposes all of its sides with unimpeded airflow around the entire cut. Then theres the good mold that finds its way onto steaks, which will slowly start to break down and increase the amount of evaporation, says Chris Pandel, executive chef at Swift and Sons in Chicago. Youre puling moisture from the meats over time. As that happens the mold will extend its life and grow. Its like the mold on blue cheeseits good mold not bad mold.

Of course, before that slab of beef makes it to your plate, all of the mold will be trimmed away, leaving just tenderized, funky, delicious meat, Pandel says. He describes the flavor of dry-aged meat as having a nuttiness to it that you wont get in a wet-aged steak. Likewise, itll be more tender and have a different mouthfeel.

Steak from Pandels Swift & Sons Swift & Sons

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Whats The Ideal Time To Dry

The ideal length of time for dry-aging meat really comes down to individual taste. For Flannery, the sweet spot is around 30 to 35 days. For retail customers, we go 35 days, but for restaurant customers we go 18 to 20, she says. Thats because in the restaurant industry, if a diner isnt familiar with dry-aged beef, their first reaction might be to think that something is off.

Pandel says he likes meat thats been aged around 45 days. You can tell its been aged, but its not unpleasant, he says. Weve gone further. In running a steakhouse its personal preference. Some folks like it really funky, but for some people its too gnarly.

And the longer you go, the funkier the flavor will get. Dry-aged meat does have a unique smell and flavor. Funky is a good way to describe it, she says. Its a more rich flavor up until the 30-day point. When you go farther than that, and if you go really far out, like 60 to 90 days, you develop a serious blue cheese funk to it. It will smell remarkably like blue cheese.

What Does Dry Aging A Ribeye Do

When big pieces of beef are kept for anything from a few weeks to several months before being trimmed and sliced into steaks, the process is known as dry aging. In addition to helping the steak develop taste, it also makes it significantly more tender than it would be if the steak were cooked from the beginning to conclusion.

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Where To Buy Dry Aged Steak

Until recently, if I wanted dry-aged beef, I would have to source it from a specialty butcher or visit my favorite steak house. Imagine my surprise when my local Safeway added a dry ager to their premium offerings! Not only did they add a selection of dry aged sub-primal cuts, the entire butcher department now has an expansive selection of meats and prepared options from which to choose!

I opted for dry-aged ribeye, my favorite cut thanks to its even and rich marbling, resulting in a tender, flavorful, and juicy steak. The boneless ribeye steaks are perfectly trimmed and ready for the grill! Safeway also has dry aged top loin New York strip steaks, which look equally beautiful!

The butcher always include notes on when the piece of meat has been processed, and for how long it is available. How convenient that they now age beef in-house so I can find the perfect steak close to home!

And of course, now that my neighborhood Safeway was upgraded with premium shopping experiences, everything I need to make a steak dinner special is just footsteps away! Fresh herbs and produce round out the meal, appetizers from the deli make things convenient, and dont forget wine from the wine department and dessert from the new patisserie!

Recipes And Cooking Tips

How-To Dry Age Beef at Home – 42 Day Aged Ribeye
  • Be sure your steak is completely thawed.
  • Bring the meat to room temperature. Remove your steak from the refrigerator 30-40 minutes before cooking.
  • Resting steak is also important because the heat of cooking pulls the juices in the meat toward the surface if you slice into it immediately after cooking, those flavorful juices will end up on your plate, not in your steak. Allowing your steak to rest will give the juices time to sink back in and throughout the meat, keeping it moist and flavorful.
  • We recommend cooking your steak to no more than medium rare.
  • Use a meat thermometer – and remove from heat at 125 degrees.

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Grilled Dry Aged Steak

by Liren Baker on July 18, 2022 | This post may contain affiliate links. Please see Affiliate Disclosure in my Terms of Service.

Grilled Dry Aged Steak a dry aged steak is so special, simple is best when it comes to cooking! Learn how to grill dry aged rib eye steak to juicy perfection!

Grilled Dry Aged Steak a dry aged steak is so special, simple is best when it comes to cooking! Learn how to grill dry aged steak to juicy perfection!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Safeway. All opinions are 100% mine.

Steak is considered a special occasion at our house. I dont cook it as often as the meat lovers in my family would like, but when I do, I make sure we are getting the best steak ever! For me, that means splurging on a beautiful rib eye.

The moment that rib eye hits the grill, the aroma greets your nose, and your tastebuds just know that each bite of tender beef will be mouthwateringly satisfying!

Now, what could be better than the perfect rib eye steak? The answer would be dry aged rib eye! The dry aging process allows cuts of beef to age in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for a period of weeks to months. As moisture is removed from the cut of beef, the result is a more flavorful and tender steak. Dry-aged meat varies in flavor, depending on the cut of the meat and the length of time it has been aged. Similar to aging cheese or wine, more time results in more flavor!

Gas And Charcoal Are Both Fine

There seems to be a never-ending debate whether a dry aged ribeye tastes better using gas or charcoal. But, the fact is that you can cook good steak either way. Its convenient depending on where and when youre using them.

Gas grills provide temperature control and fast grilling. When cooking a dry aged ribeye, turn the heat on as high as possible on one side of the steak. Then, on the other side, choose the lowest temperature setting.

When using a charcoal grill, only build up the coals on a single side.

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Dry Aging Vs Wet Aging

Aging beef deepens its flavor and improves its tenderness. This is due to enzymes within the muscle tissues. The same enzymes that cause decomposition break down the muscle fibers slowly, tenderizing the beef and creating new flavor molecules in the process.

Modern wet aging encases the cuts of beef in airtight packaging, preventing moisture loss. Traditional dry aging simply hangs the beef in a cool place, where moisture evaporates from the muscles and concentrates their flavor.

Myths About Dry Ageing Steak At Home

Rastelli Market Fresh Black Angus Beef Dry Aged Ribeye Steak, Frenched ...

Many believe that dry-aging steak is impossible because its not cold enough.

This is false, have you heard of the Himalayan Ice Man? He does just fine at freezing temperatures that are much colder than your fridge will be.

The second myth is that dry-aging steak at home will result in freezer burn. This can happen if you leave it for too long, however, in most cases, 30 80 days is the ideal time frame for dry aging steak at home.

The third myth is that you need a humidity-controlled room to age steak effectively.

This too is false because all you need to do is wrap it up and seal it away from air and let the water evaporate off naturally.

You can take extra steps to avoid freezer burn by wrapping the steak up in saran wrap or even better, cheesecloth, as tightly as possible.

This blocks out any humidity and keeps the steak fresh longer.

Another myth is that dry-aging steak at home wont make a difference because you wont be able to age it long enough.

This is very short-sighted thinking because after aging a steak properly, even for 30 days, youll not only notice a more intense flavor but also a significantly reduced cooking loss and overall improved yield.

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Here’s How To Dry Age A Ribeye In The Fridge

The difference between good beef and great beef is sometimes due to the qualities of the animal itself. More often, however, the difference is because of how that beef is handled after slaughter.

Video of the Day

Most modern beef is wet-aged, an economical and cost-effective process. However, the best beef is dry aged in the traditional fashion. Although some work is involved, any food lover can dry-age a prime cut such as ribeye at home in the fridge.

What Is The Most Tender Cut Of Steak

filet mignonConsidered the most tender cut of all, a filet mignon is taken from the center of the beef tenderloin. It is lean yet delivers a melt-in-your mouth, buttery succulence. Perfect for grilling, pan-searing and broiling in the oven. Available in several weights, a filet is perfect for 1 person.

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Should You Reverse Sear A Dry

In addition to dry aging the steak, cook it using our reverse sear method, which involves cooking the steak first and then searing it last. The results are incredible, and you will be left with the most succulent and tender steak you have ever tasted, with a fresh brown crust that creates a mouthwatering texture.

Whats The Difference Between New York Strip And Kansas City Strip

T-Bone vs Dry aged Ribeye Steak

The cut of meat that makes up a NY Strip and KC strip are essentially the same it is cut from the area of the cow that is behind the ribs and before the flank. This meat can be cut in large sections and is generally between one and two and half inches thick. What is this? KC Strip is almost smaller than a NY strip.

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How Should I Cook My Steak

We know everyone has a personal preference when it comes to cooking their steaks at home. Here are a few tried-and-tested tips from our head butcher thatll have your steak tasting like pure perfection.

  • Allow your steak to rest and reach room temperature before cooking
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • For a larger 12oz steak, we would advise popping it into the oven for a couple of minutes until it reaches a core temperature of approx. 35C
  • Ensure your pan is searing hot with some oil so you get that perfect steak sizzle
  • Cook for a couple of minutes on either side, depending on whether you want to serve it rare or medium
  • Once the steak is cooked, baste with a knob of butter and aromatics like garlic and seasonal herbs to yield even more flavour
  • Leave to rest for 5 minutes to relax the meat and settle the juices before serving

At The Majestic Restaurant We Believe That In Order To Be A Classic Kansas City Steakhouse You Must Serve Traditional Dry Aged Steaks

In the time when Kansas City was the epicenter of the United States cattle industry, dry aging was the norm. In fact, until twenty years ago all steakhouses served dry aged beef. Dry aging allows up to serve a tender and flavorful steak in an honest portion. Many restaurants now use wet aging or cry-o-vac aging. As a classic Kansas City steakhouse, we refuse to take these shortcuts and serve only quality steaks from L& C Meats that have been dry aged to attain maximum flavor.

Dry aging is not a simple process. The beef must be kept at a temperature between 33 and 36 degrees for a period of weeks. During this time, the beef is closely monitored by the professionals at L& C meats. This allows the beef to undergo two very significant transformations.

1) The beef loses a great deal of the water it retains. This causes the beef to lose up to one-third of its weight. The true flavor of the beef is made stronger when this water is lost. This is why when you taste a steak at The Majestic you taste beef, and not water.

2) The natural enzymes within the beef break down muscles and tendons. The result is a much more tender cut of steak. This aging process is why the steaks at The Majestic are far more tender than what you might find at other steakhouses.

Come join us for dinner soon and you can experience why The Majestic is truly a Kansas City tradition and KCs most authentic steakhouse.

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The Secret Is Controlling The Moisture

Its important to keep the meat cold while it ages so it doesnt spoil. But you also need an environment thats relatively low in humidity to help draw out the excess moisture.

Problem: refrigerators are terribly humid places.

Enter the Umai dry-aging bag. It looks like any other plastic bag youd use with a vacuum sealer, but the Umai dry bag has a secret: its permeable in one direction.

Which Is Better Ribeye Or Kc Strip

How To Grill Dry Aged Ribeye Steak

The main difference between a ribeye and a NY strip is that the ribeye has more internal marbling or fat. The New York Strip has a thick band of fat running down one side that you cant really eat. The Ribeye is a great choice if you are looking for a tender steak with plenty of flavor and a buttery smooth texture.

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What Is The Right Way To Cook A Dry

A dry-aged steak, including dry-aged ribeye and dry-aged striploin steak, are noticeably tastier and more tender than any other types of steak available on the market. Unsurprisingly, they need to be cooked in a specific way in order to ensure that you are able to savour them to the max. Here is what you need to know.


60 Day Dry Aged Steak

Best Dry Aged Steak Nyc

How To Age Steak At Home

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