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Best Steak To Cook At Home

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Types Of Steak From The Sirloin: Top Sirloin And Tri

How to Cook Steak Perfectly Every Time | The Stay At Home Chef

Sirloin cuts come from a section of the animal located between the loin and the round . While sirloin steaks are not as tender as cuts from the loin , they’re more tender than beef steak cuts from the round. Full of rich, beefy flavor, sirloin steak is one of the more inexpensive types of steaks. These quick-cooking steaks are also one of the best cuts of meat to choose when you’re in a hurry.

* Tip: Keep a close eye on sirloin steaks during cooking, as they can dry out quickly when overcooked.

How to Pick a Good Sirloin Steak: Choose one of the two cuts below based on how you plan to prepare it.

Type of Steak: Top Sirloin Steak

Best Way to Cook: Broil, grill, skillet-cook, stir-fry. When cut into cubes, sirloin steak is also great for quick-cooking kabobs.

Type of Steak: Tri-Tip Steak

Best Way to Cook: Broil, grill, skillet-cook, stir-fry. Because tri-tip steaks are leaner than most cuts, consider marinating them for 2 to 3 hours to keep them moist during grilling. In fact, tri-tips are one of the best beef steak cuts to choose when you want to try out a new marinade.

See more on how to cook a tri-tip steak.

Steaks You Can Simply Season And Grill

Youll probably recognize most of these steaks by name, and theyre popular for good reason. Theyre the perfect combination of a tender muscle with a well-marbled character. These top-cut steaks only need a few short minutes on the hot side of the grill to produce a super flavorful dinner. This category includes:

  • Tenderloin

How To Cook Steak On The Stovetop

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Pan-searing is the best way to cook a steak, and its also the easiest!

I love the kind of dinner that you can cook without a recipe. The truth is, good cooking is more about technique than recipes and the best dishes are often the simplest to prepare. A properly cooked steak is case in point. With just a few ingredients and a single pan, you can cook a steak thats as delicious as one youd order in a high-end steakhouse.

The key is knowing how to pan-sear. Pan-searing is a classic technique in which the surface of the food is cooked undisturbed in a very hot pan until a crisp, golden-brown, flavorful crust forms. Its the key to building flavor and texture in a dish. It also prevents sticking and gives your food a restaurant-quality look. Pan-searing is the absolute best way to cook a steak , and it also happens to be the easiest.

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How Do You Cook Pan Seared Steak Medium Rare

When learning the best way to cook steak and making cast iron skillet steak, youll want to pat your steaks dry and season both sides with salt and pepper. Then, heat a cast iron skillet with vegetable oil over medium-high on the stove. Let that coat the pan and when the oil is hot, sear the steaks on each side for 3 to 4 minutes or until it develops a brown crust. Using tongs render the fat and sear the edges about 1 to 2 minutes on each side, then drop the heat to medium and add butter, garlic, and herbs. Spoon the sauce over the steaks until they are just under your desired temperature, then let them rest on a cutting board covered loosely with foil for 10 minutes before slicing and serving with that extra butter sauce.

The Perfect Medium Rare Steak Recipe

How to Cook the Perfect Steak at Home

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Lately, it seems the cost of going out to dinner at our favorite steakhouse is astronomical. Good thing you can make the perfect medium rare steak recipe at home! Its quick enough for any night, but on a weekend or when we have company, this is what I make. I always get rave reviews for this juicy, perfectly cooked cast iron steak that will turn your home into the steakhouse you love best!

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How To Buy And Store Beef:

We love buying larger packages of beef, which are often a better value in price per pound. Once we have our meal plan for the week figured out, we refrigerate what we plan to cook within 3-4 days and freeze the rest. To preserve the quality of our steaks, we vacuum seal since air is the enemy of food. If you dont have a vacuum sealer, you can also use a freezer-safe zip bag and squeeze out as much air as possible before freezing. To reduce waste, follow these guidelines:

  • Refrigerate Steaks for 3-4 days from purchase date
  • Freeze Steaks for 6-12 months*
  • Refrigerate or freeze right after purchasing
  • Place in freezer bags removing as much air as possible, or vacuum seal.

Make It A Steak Night With These Filling Recipes

The Spruce

In this roundup of delicious steak recipes, we’ve collected some of the most tried-and-true ones, sure to yield tender, juicy cuts every time. Whether you’re working on a grill, with a cast-iron skill, or even an Instant Pot, you’ll find plenty of family-friendly dishes here. We’ve also budget-conscious recipes to help you stretch your food budget further as well as our favorite fancy steak recipes for romantic dinners at home.

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Cooking The Perfect Steak

You have two cooking options at home: grill or pan. Lomonaco said that he, personally, always opts for a grill when available. If grilling isn’t an option, a cast-iron skillet is a great tool for cooking steak at home.

Preheat the cast-iron for five to 10 minutes and don’t oil the pan. Once your pan is hot, plop in your steak and resist the temptation to check how it’s cooking. “Just put it into the hot pan and with a spatula press down so it really seers in the pan,” Lomonaco advised. “And in a good three or four minutes, that steak is gonna have a nice char to it.” Flip your steak with tongs, then cook the other side for another three to four minutes.

Then, things get interesting. After charring both sides of the steak, you’re going to finish it off in the oven, which should be preheated to 375 F. You can stick the cast-iron skillet directly in the oven.

Cooking time in the oven will depend on the steak you’re cooking. “You don’t want to overcook steak that has a high fat content, however, at the same time, you don’t want to undercook that steak,” Shim said. “You want the fat to render to release the flavor.”It will likely take four to eight minutes in the oven. You’ll want to use a meat thermometer after four-ish minutes to check the steak, and you’ll pull it at your desired temperature. Typically, those who prefer medium-rare steak will want the meat temperature to be at 135 F.

S To Make Restaurant Quality Pan Cooked Steak:

How To Cook A Perfect Steak At Home | Bon Appétit

Step 1: Let the steaks rest outside the package on the counter for about 30 minutes. This brings the steak up to temperature to save some cooking time. The less heat you have to use, the more tender your steak.

Step 2: Dab your steak with a paper towel to remove excess moisture- this will help caramelize it. After that, coat the steak on both sides with salt and pepper.

Step 3: Were going to put together some compound butter. You can do this during the 30 minutes your steak sits out so you dont lose any time. Butter, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper. Mash it up and thats it!

Transfer mixed compound butter into a ball in plastic wrap, and refrigerate it until solid. This allows you to create perfect slices atop your restaurant quality steak.

Step 4: Heat the panon medium high, and add 2 tablespoons of plain butter .

  • Step 5: Once the 2 tablespoons of butter have melted and the butter is sizzling*, add steaks to the pan and sear on each side for 2-4 minutes, or until the steak reaches your desired doneness and internal temperature.
  • NOT smoking- but sizzling! If the butter smokes, your pan is too hot and you need to redo it- too hot of a pan will overcook your steak and it will not be salvageable.
  • Pro Tip- Check out this guide from Susie over at Hey Grill Hey for which temperature you prefer your steak to be cooked to.

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Want To Learn How To Cook The Best Steak You’ve Ever Had After Chatting With The Executive Chef Team At Longhorn Steakhouse We Think We Know What It Takes

Not too long ago, we met up with the finalists of LongHorn Steakhouses Steak Master Series. Before the chefs went head-to-head in an epic grill-off, they shared a few secrets to cooking the best steak youve ever eaten. Theyre trained to cook nine different cuts of steak, so we couldnt wait to hear their tricks!

What Goes With Good Steak

You just spent some extra money and effort on steak, so let it be the star of the show. Simple starters and sides will bring out the best in your steak. For a classic steakhouse dinner, go with a Wedge Salad to start and Baked Potatoes on the side. Maybe youre thinking of an outdoor summer dinner with grilled steak, in which case all you need is corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes with salt, and a glass of rosé. Steak pairs well with simple starches like potatoes and green vegetables like spinach and Steamed Asparagus, so let that be your guide as you plan your menu.

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Allow Your Steak To Come To Room Temperature

If youre working with particularly thick steaks , Matijevich recommends letting the steaks sit at room temperature for about an hour before cooking them in a skillet. This will help make sure the steak cooks more evenly in the skillet. For steaks that are less than 1 inch in thickness, you can simply cook these straight away.

What Is The Best Cut Of Steak

How to Cook Steak to Perfection

The best cuts of meat are all found running down the back of the cow, far away from what butchers call the hoof and horn. Cuts that are closer to the legs and shoulder get a lot of exercise, as they help support the cows movements, which strains the muscles and results in tougher cuts of beef. Thats why brisket and beef shanks need to be braised low and slow to help soften up those connective tissues. Cuts that run along the back, like ribeye, strip, tenderloin and T-bone dont work as hard, so they are much more tender and perfect for a steak dinner.

Before we get into the benefits of each type of steak, we should quickly define the term marbling, which youll see used below. Unlike the chunky, chewy bits of fat you might cut off the side of your steak, marbling is the flavorful, welcome white fat that branches evenly throughout the tissue. Marbling affects the taste and texture of steak, and it will be a key differentiator youll think about when deciding between the four best cuts of steak.

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Best Steak Cuts For Grilling

Since grills have super intense heat, the key to grilling steaks is ensuring that they can cook quickly on high heat without drying out. Ribeye and strip are slightly thicker cuts that will be able to achieve a dark char from the heat while maintaining a pink, medium-rare center. The grill will impart a delightful flavor on any cut of steak, but ribeye and strip steak might be the best starting point for beginners.

How To Cook Sirloin Steak To Perfection

A perfectly cooked pink and juicy sirloin steak is a luxury that many of us only get to enjoy at a restaurant. Steak is an expensive choice both in a restaurant and when cooked at home, and lacking the know-how of the trained chef to decide when it is done can make the whole process quite daunting. It’s important to find a good sirloin steak recipe first and foremost, but there’s a wealth of handy hints and tips out there that will help you nail that perfect steak.

A lot goes into cooking the best-ever sirloin steak you need to think about using the right pan, cooking at the right temperature, and for the right amount of time. Then there’s the question of seasoning. Do you season an hour before cooking, or just before it goes in the pan? The latter is the most reliable way to get the flavour you want, but the former is still perfectly reasonable. Salting long before you cook will cure the surface of the steak, giving you even more flavour just make sure you wipe off any excess moisture before you cook. As a general rule, we would avoid using pepper until after the steak is cooked if your pan is hot, the pepper will burn and taste acrid, so best to add it afterwards.

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Use The Right Kind Of Oil

While a steak with enough marbling might not need added oil, if you do choose to sear your steak in oil, Matijevich recommends using an oil with a high smoke point, such as avocado oil, expeller-pressed sunflower oil, or canola oil. Refined avocado oil in particular has a very high smoke point, which allows you to cook at high temperatures without easily burning the oil or food. While you might see recipes calling for cooking steak in butter, Matijevich advises against cooking steak in butter alone. Whole butter is not fine to sear a steak, says Matijevich. The solids in whole butter burn long before your steak starts to take on a nice crust. Instead, Matijevich recommends reserving the butter for basting the meat right before the steak is done cooking.

Expert Tips Perfect Steak Medium Rare Steak Temp Every Time

How to Cook the Perfect Restaurant-Style Steak at Home
  • Dont put the steak in until the pan is HOT. When cooking steak on the stove, the oil should be almost smoking at this point.
  • Season well. It wont come out too salty or too peppery. Seasoning both sides of your steak very well will ensure it gets that brown crust that you love from the steakhouse.
  • Dont overcook it. This is so important! Steak needs to come out of the pan before it gets to medium rare temperature. It will keep cooking after you remove it. And no, it wont get cold if you loosely cover it with foil while you let it rest.
  • Learn how to choose the right cut of meat.

See below for the steak cooking chart. Cook your steak according to the times below to reach your desired steak cooking temp whether its the standard medium steak temp or my personal favorite of medium rare. Steak cooking times will vary depending on your method of cooking at your desired temperature.

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What To Serve With Steak

If youre after the full, luxury steakhouse experience, serve this steak with Béarnaise sauce, its mashed potato counterpart, Paris Mash, and a side of Garlic Sautéed Spinach.

For a low carb option, serve it with Creamy Mashed Cauliflower you will be amazed how delicious this is with the help of some extra flavourings!! And a few more options:

  • 5garlic cloves, peeled and smashed to split

Easy Pan Seared Steak Recipe

Cooking steak in cast iron is easy and delicious. Making a medium rare steak temp dinner takes 30 minutes from start to finish. Even if your steaks have never turned out right before, follow this recipe and youll have the kind of steak that fetches at least $30 per plate at a restaurant right at home!

We dont just meat expectations, we exceed them.Anonymous

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Know Your Cuts: Flat Iron Hanger Skirt Rib

Flat iron steak is gaining favour its particularly good when marinated. New York strip steak is well-marbled and succulent, whereas hanger steak is inexpensive and tasty. Skirt steak is often used for fajitas and is best cooked either hot and fast or low and slow. Rib-eye is the hands-down favourite: well-marbled with a good depth of flavour, its perfect for grilling and barbecuing. Entrecôte steak is very similar its effectively a rib-eye cut more thinly.

Ingredients For Garlic Butter Steak

8 tips to achieve juicy beef steak at home

It really doesnt get any easier than this and you dont need much to make a lip-smacking good steak. We used 2 New York Strip Steaks , each weighing 1 pound and 1 1/4 thick. Keep in mind a thicker steak will take longer to cook through and a thinner steak will cook faster.

Well-marbled steaks will give you the juiciest results. Our favorite steaks to cook on a skillet are:

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Quick Steak Cooking Tips

  • Bring to room temp! This makes an amazing difference to cooking through evenly rather than ending up with a thick overcooked band in order for the very centre to be cooked to your liking

  • Pat dry and season the steak generously with salt and pepper this helps form that amazing crust we all know and love about great steaks

  • Get your skillet SMOKING HOT before putting the steak in again, for the crust

  • WARNING: The butter will sputter when you add the thyme, so stand back!

  • Take the steak off the stove BEFORE your desired internal temperature because the internal temperature will continue to rise as it rests and

  • REST your steak for 5 to 10 minutes so it sucks its own juices back in and the fibres relax. This is a must-do step for any protein you cook hard and fast!

  • Ive just cooked one very large steak here because 2 was a squish in the medium size skillet I use for photography and video purposes. I use the same amount of butter whether making one or two steaks because you need a minimum amount to have enough to make it easy to spoon over the steak as it cooks.

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