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Best Air Fryer For Steak

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Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas

Air Fryer Steak | Juicy and Tender Ribeye Steak

Whip up these air fryer chicken fajitas for the perfect weeknight meal with the family.

The best part about these fajitas is just how quick they are to make. You can have them on the table in just 30 minutes.

Theyre also fantastic for meal prep. So, make a big batch for dinner, and enjoy the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Crispy, tender, and totally addictive, you can fill these easy air fryer potato skins with whatever you want!

I highly recommend veggies, cheese, and bacon. Then, drizzle them with Ranch.

You can use either russet or sweet potatoes in this recipe. Whatever potato floats your boat.

Air Fry Steak Recipe Tips

  • If your beef is thicker than the steaks shown here, you may need to cook it for an extra minute on each side.
  • Use a meat thermometer. We always recommend using a meat thermometer. If they aren’t done, cook them for a minute longer on each side until they reach temperature.
  • Always cut the steak against the grain for the most tender bites of steak. The grain looks like lines running through the steak.
  • Keep the size of your air fryer in mind. You don’t want to overcrowd! You may be able to fit about 4 steaks at a time in your air fryer oven using two racks.
  • Want some surf and turf? You can add a small lobster tail and it will cook in approximately the same amount of time.

The best part about this air-fried steak recipe is that it works for any cut of steak. Use your favorite cut of steak and adjust the cooking time based on the thickness of the steaks.

Everything You Need To Know About Cooking Steak In An Air Fryer

In just over a decade, air fryers have gone from relative culinary obscurity to a common household appliance. As the years go by, more people are catching on to the air fryers versatility. Need a quick way to reheat some leftover pizza? Wanna roast up some broccoli real quick? In the mood for sticky, succulent, caramelized ribs? Your air fryer can gracefully pull off all of these missions with amazing results. But have you ever considered cooking a steak with it?

While its always a treat to visit your favorite steakhouse, its also nice to save some cash and cook at home. When youre in the mood to cook a delicious steak, your first impulse is probably to throw it on the grill or baste it with butter in a cast-iron pan. While those methods are certainly tried and true, your air fryer can achieve remarkably similar results, and the process is much more simplified. And lets be honest: Making a tasty dinner in the easiest way possible is always the name of the game. So grab yourself a gorgeous ribeye and fire up that magical kiln on your countertop. Heres everything you need to know about cooking steak in an air fryer.

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Rare Medium And Well Done Steak

If your like me, you love your steak cooked a certain way. You can cook your steak a little longer/quicker if you want rare or well done. Here are the internal temperature the steaks should be for different cooked levels:

  • Rare: Steak should have an internal temperature between 125F-130F.
  • Medium-rare: Internal temperature between 130F-140F.
  • Medium: 140F-150F.
  • Well done: 160F.

Can You Cook Steak In An Air Fryer

Best Power Air Fryer Ham Steak

should youMaddy Sweitzer-Lammé

Air frying is all the rage these days, and for good reason. These convenient countertop devices heat up quickly, blasting food with fast-moving hot air from all angles. This convection-style heat flow gets lots of foods super crispy without using nearly the amount of oil that other cooking techniques like frying, sautéing, or even old-school roasting require. Given air frying’s rapid and unyielding popularity, it seems like just about every food item in the kitchen is getting shoved into that little air fryer drawer, whether it belongs there or not. Take, for example, steak.

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While, yes, you can absolutely cook steak in an air fryer, doing so is not necessarily your clearest path to a juicy, medium-rare piece of meat. There are numerous factors to consider when deciding if you should cook your steak in the air fryer. Here’s what you need to chew on before air frying your next steak.

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Use A Digital Thermometer

We all tend to have specific preferences for how we like our steak cooked, and missing the mark can end up ruining what wouldve been an enjoyable meal. If youre taking the time to make steak that youve spent your hard-earned money on, isnt it always worthwhile to put in a little extra effort to make sure its cooked just how you like it? We think so too.

Using a digital meat thermometer will allow you to easily monitor the internal temperature of your steak in the air fryer so that you can cook it to your exact taste . At that point, the name of the game is knowing what internal temperature youre looking for. Certified Angus Beef recommends 125 F for rare, 135 F for medium rare, 145 F for medium, 150 F for medium well, and 160 F or above for a well done steak.

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Cosori Smart Wifi Air Fryer

This is a WiFi air fryer that will help you cook your food without having to stand around and watch it.

You can use the app VeSync to connect the fryer with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. So you can spend more time with your family and friends.

This product is a great way to make food. With less oil than frying, it tastes good and is healthier for you. It can be used to fry food like chicken or fries that are crispy and taste like they were fried in lots of oil, but with less fat.

You get over 100 recipes on the app so its easy to cook the food you want without trying new things. It would be a great gift for Christmas.

This is an air fryer that helps you make food for the whole family. The basket can fit up to 4 peoples worth of food in it. It is dishwasher-safe and there are no stains or messes.

You can make your own recipes and share them with other people. Anyone can use this because it cooks the food really fast, no matter what cooking skills they have or how busy their schedule is.

It also won an award for being smart.

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Buyer’s Guide From The Lunch Review For Choosing Best Air Fryer For Grilling Steak

What is the best air fryer for grilling steak? Each person will have a different definition depending on their needs and expectations. However, the best products will have features in common that you all like, especially those currently being improved on the market in 2022.

We share the following ways of buying best air fryer for grilling steak guide for your reference. These are the main aspects that you can apply to any product.

Everything You Need To Make It

PERFECT Air Fryer STEAK – Juicy & Tender Every Time!

It only takes a few simple sauces and spices to make a flavorful flank steak in the air fryer! Youll be a believer once you get a bite of this melt-in-your-mouth goodness. All measurements can be found in the recipe card below.

  • Flank Steak: Flank steak is a lean cut of meat that comes from the belly of the cow. It has a delicious, rich flavor and is best served in thinly cut slices!
  • Olive Oil: Helps all of the seasonings in the marinade stick.
  • Lime and Orange Juice: The acidity in citrus juices help to tenderize and break down connective tissues.
  • Soy Sauce: The perfect savory base for the marinade.
  • Minced Garlic: For a punch of savory goodness.
  • Spices: I used a blend of oregano, chili powder, and cumin for mouthwatering aromatics and warm spice!
  • Salt and Black Pepper: Add an additional layer of flavor.

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Why Use An Air Fryer

You might be asking yourself: sure steak may cook up wonderfully in the air fryer, but why should I bother? I already know how to make a killer steak on the stovetop or in the oven! Well there is nothing wrong with making steak either of those ways, but here are some benefits of using your air fryer:

  • Your steak cooks perfectly every time. Unlike a skillet on the stovetop, an air fryer has consistent heat surrounding your entire steak. The air fryers fan will move the heat around your steak, resulting in a juicy perfectly cooked steak.
  • Frees up your stove or oven for other things. While your steak is cooking up you can use your other appliances to make a tasty side dish without having to worry about juggling too many things.
  • Perfect for hot weather cooking. On hot summer days when you dont want to stand in front of a flame or heat the whole house by turning on the oven, the air fryer is your answer.

The Best Cuts Of Beef For Steaks In The Air Fryer

Especially if you own a small Air Fryer it is no use trying to fit a T-bone steak in. It is just too big.

But if you have an oven-style Air Fryer or an XXL version you can grill one at a time.

But you can easily fit two cuts of steaks in your Air Fryer. The best ones to use are:

  • Tenderloin steak is also known as filet mignon

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Is Steak Nice In An Air Fryer

It is normal to doubt whether your steak will be excellent in an air fryer if youve never done it. It is a worthwhile trial. Your air fryer will cook steak consistently as it uses hot air circulation. Like a BBQ grill, an air fryer will give your steak a golden brown and charred outcome.

An outdoor grill sears steak at 6 to 7 minutes. Same to an air fryer in 7 minutes, you are done with a medium-rare steak and 10 for a medium outcome. Plus, the result is stunning. Try it out with your garlic butter or egg hash for breakfast!

How Long To Air Fry Steaks

Air Fryer Paleo Sirloin Steak

Refer to your owners guide for precise cooking information that goes with the appliance. But heres a general guideline for a 1 steak. .

  • For rare steaks, cook about 6 to 8 minutes
  • Medium steaks should be cooked for about 8 to 10 minutes
  • Well-done steaks take a good 12 to 15 minutes.

Ultimately, the best way to know how your steak is cooked is with a meat thermometer. Theyre fairly inexpensive and will ensure that all of your meats are cooked to perfection, a worthwhile investment!

The FDA recommends a minimum temperature of 145°F with a 3-minute rest. I take the steak out about 5° before it reaches my desired temperature.

Rare: 125°F

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The Absolute Best Cuts Of Steak To Air Fry

As much as meat aficionados love the thrill of the grill, we all know it’s not always the most convenient cooking tool at our disposal. It might be cold or rainy outside, we may be tired or in a hurry, or we may inhabit a small city apartment where grilling feels like a distant dream. That inconvenience is why cooking steak in the air fryer can be a fantastic option. Although some people find it controversial to use it for cooking meat, claiming it makes it dry or chewy, we’re here to say you can absolutely cook meat in the air fryer, with delicious results.

Not only can cooking steak in an air fryer be an easier, cleaner endeavor than heating up the grill or the stove, but it can also be a healthy alternative, as the extra fat falls to the bottom of the device. Using an air fryer also means being minutes away from a delicious meal, especially when your steaks are at room temperature. However, not all steaks are equal, which is we’ve highlighted the best cuts to cook in the air fryer.

Best Air Fryer Steak Recipe

I promise you are going to love this recipe! It’s crisp on the outside and so juicy in the center. And, the best part is, you can make it using your favorite cut of beef using our air fryer steak tips.

Just like our Garlic Butter Steak Bites and Picanha Steak, this delectable air-fried steak recipe benefits from a dollop of garlic butterand the perfect steak seasoning.

The most perfect Steak I have ever eaten or made! Garlic Herb butter melted beautifully, no need for any other recipe! Family is happy happy!


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How To Cook Steak In The Air Fryer

  • Prepare Garlic Butter by mixing butter, parsley garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and salt until thoroughly combined. Place in parchment paper and roll into a log. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  • Remove steak from the fridge and allow to sit at room temperature for 20 minutes.
  • Rub a little bit of olive oil on both sides of the steak and season with salt and freshly cracked black pepper.
  • Grease your Air Fryer basket by rubbing a little bit of oil on the basket. Preheat Air Fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Once preheated, place steaks in the air fryer and cook for 12 minutes, flipping halfway through.
  • Remove from air fryer and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Top with garlic butter.
  • Air Fryer Cube Steak Recipe

    Juicy Air Fryer Steak Recipe

    Air Fryer Cube Steak is a delicious, easy-to-make recipe that will be ready in no time! This recipe only requires a few simple ingredients and can be made in under 30 minutes. Air Fryer Cube Steak is a great way to get a quick, healthy meal on the table.

    The Air Fryer cooks the steak quickly and evenly, resulting in a juicy, tender steak. And, because there is no need for oil, Air Fryer Cube Steak is a healthier option than traditional fried steak. So, if youre looking for a quick, easy and healthy recipe, Air Fryer Cube Steak is the perfect option!

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    Why Do Chefs Spoon Butter Over Steak

    Basting your steak with butter is a pro chef tip that will forever change the way you cook! Using butter adds richness to the steak and is the perfect final touch. It bathes the meat and helps the heat distribute into every nook crevice on the surface.

    Wait to bathe the steak with the butter until the end of the cooking process to prevent the butter from burning. It is ok to slightly brown the butter because that will add a rich and nutty sauce to your steak.

    Quick And Easy Air Fryer Flank Steak Recipe

    Im constantly amazed at the capabilities of my air fryer. I mean, not only does it cook up amazing snacks and appetizers, but it really kicks butt when it comes to things like fish, chicken, and steak. I thought I was a grilling purist until I tried cooking a steak in the air fryer. Dont get me wrong, I still love a steak fresh off the grill, but using an air fryer is just sooo easy and turns out perfectly every time. Youve got to give it a try! It will impress all of the steak lovers at your house.

    This flank steak turns out perfectly tender and juicy in the air fryer. Its marinated with the best flavor- perfectly savory with a hint of citrus and spice! Air fryer flank steak is an impressive meal that can turn a normal weeknight dinner into a special occasion. Plus, the cleanup is as easy as it gets so its a win all around! You can find more quick and easy air fryer recipes here!

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    Air Fried Steak Bites And Mushrooms Are Perfect Together

    Our obsession with mushrooms is pretty obvious with our sautéed mushrooms in wine recipe. So with a small handful of mushrooms thrown in with the steak bites, dinner was served in less than 30 minutes! If you love steak bites, these are perfect for you. Not a fan of mushrooms? Not a problem because you can add some par-boil potatoes or other veggies in with the steak. Obsessed with mushrooms like we are? Then we can definitely be friends because steak and mushrooms are one of our favorite pairings.

    Our Favorite Air Fryer Tools

    We LOVE the Evo Oil Sprayers. Great for grilling, air frying, and everyday cooking. They dont clog up like many others weve bought. Theres different styles, but all seem to have the same great spray head. Works great for grilling!

    Square Mats or Round Mats depending on your needs. Perforated non-stick silicone mats minimize food sticking in your air fryer or steamer. Holes allow the hot air to circulate, cooking quick & even.

    Parchment sheets make clean up easy and minimize sticking food in your air fryer or bamboo steamer. Choose from different sizes, shapes, white and brown . Holes allow air to cook food evenly.

    How To Cook The Best Air Fryer Steak

    Easy Air Fryer Marinated Steak + {VIDEO}

    The intensity of the air fryer makes it ideal for cooking steaks.

    It cooks the meat quickly and evenly, before it dries out.

    How long to cook steak in the air fryer will vary based upon the thickness of your steak and how done you would like it to be.

    • Air fryer steak medium-rare needs 6 to 8 minutesfor 1-inch steaks.
    • If your steak is thicker or thinner, add or subtract time accordingly. For example, a ¾-inch thick ribeye I air fried was medium-rare in 4 minutes. Its FAST!

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