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Laguiole L Eclair Steak Knives

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Handmade: Every Knife Is A Work Of Art

Résultats d’un faux Laguiole !!!

Genuine Laguiole pocket knives and table knives are characterized by the artesian craft. Each knife is hand-made from start to finish by one person. The beautiful fine file work on the back of the blade is very characteristic. In addition, special and unique material is used for the handle. Think of Buffalo Horn, juniper wood and warthog tooth. But also the use of damask steel, silver and mammoth ivory is very common with the more exclusive Laguiole knives.

Each knife is hand-made from start to finish by one person.

Original Laguiole pocket knives do not have a lock. They are equipped with a slip joint-spring, making sure there is resistance when closing the knife. At the same time, there is no stop pin that prevents the blade from contacting the spring when in the handle. It is therefore important to always be careful when closing a Laguiole pocket knife to prevent the cut from damaging.

You can clearly see the manual labour when looking at a genuine Laguiole knife. The personal touch of the maker is always visible. Where with most modern and tactical folding knives backlash-free and centred blades are the standard, Laguiole knives dont have this as much. The most important is the manual labour and tradition. A Laguiole knife does not have to be very sharp: a Laguiole is generally sharp enough to neatly cut a steak and a piece of cheese, but is not sharp enough to shave with.

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Laguiole Hunting Knife Full Handle

1 – 12C27 stainless steel blade of a thickness of 3 mm to the stub.2 – Forged bee on forged spring.3 – Stainless steel forged spring. Hand guilloched spring, 3 patterns.4 – Wood or horn full handle, no bolster. Stainless steel plates. Stainless steel rivets.Dimensions : 22cm Open , 12cm Closed.Guilloché pattern :

Is Laguiole A Brand

A lot of people think that Laguiole is a brand name. This is not the case: Laguiole is a generic name for the model that originates from the village of Laguiole. The name Laguiole is not protected. At least, not the knives. The Laguiole cheese is protected by anAppellation d’Origine Contrôlée . This means that only cheese produced in the village of Laguiole may carry the name Laguiole. Violation of this is punishable.

The tricky thing is that there is no official ruling which prescribes what a true Laguiole knife must be. Laguiole’s largest knives maker, Forge de Laguiole, has for many years been working on getting the Laguiole knives under a Indication Géographique Protégée . Of course, the mayor of Laguiole supports this, but as of yet the name Laguiole is unprotected.

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Traditional Laguiole Knife 1 Inox Bolster

1 – 12C27 stainless steel blade of a thickness of 3 mm to the stub.2 – One stainless steel bolster.3 – Traditional welded bee.4 – Traditional stainless steel spring, traditional guilloché. Stainless steel plates.5 – Stainless steel shepherd’s cross .Dimensions : 22cm Open , 12cm Closed.With handles in Brown Horn, or in Blonde Horn the stainless steel bolster is shiny and not brushed.Few handle materials, which are more brittle, cannot be used for Laguiole 1 bolster knives.

Three Ways To Recognize A Counterfeit

Laguiole L

Because the name Laguiole is not protected, it remains difficult for a layman to recognize an authentic Laguiole. There are some tips to help you distinguish a lot of the counterfeit knives and authentic knives:

1: Serration

A true Laguiole knife has no cartels. Laguiole knives with a serrated cut have little to do with the original tradition.

2: Price

A Laguiole knife is hand-made, shaped and finished. All of that takes place in France. In addition, a knife-specific steel and a beautiful handle material is used. When you think about it, you realize that this can never be sold for just ten euros, let alone when you can get six pieces for the same amount. For ten euros, there is no way the traditional materials and finishing methods are used. A Laguiole knife is not mass-produced.

3: Handle material

As said earlier, Laguiole knives are often made with a nice heft material. Think of pistachio wood, buffalo horn, juniper wood or olive wood. The most inexpensive material that you generally come across is stamina wood: a built-up from real wood, composite material with epoxy resin. You will not come across plastics on a genuine Laguiole knife.

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French And Overseas Production

As laguiole designates a type of knife and is not a brand or trade name of cutlery, laguiole knives are manufactured globally. This has led to the widespread availability of inexpensive, and sometimes low-quality, “laguiole” knives from China and elsewhere. Laguiole knives from France are currently produced in the cutlery town of Thiers, and more recently, production resumed in the village of Laguiole, the knife’s namesake. French manufacturers stamp a trademark or signature into the steel of their knives. A description of the type of steel used and “Made in France”, will often be stamped as well.

Laguiole L’eclair 440 Steak Knives / Forgecraft

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A Grey Area: Counterfeit Knives From France

There are many different knife makers based in Thiers. As we said before, we do business with some of them who adhere to the traditional way of producing. However, there are also a few knives in Thiers that disregard the way an authentic Laguiole knife should be produced. So we saw Laguiole knives serrated cuts and other strange models bearing the name Laguiole. Although made in France, they have nothing to do with original Laguiole knives. You can find the counterfeits even in respected department stores.

Also, there are several companies and small businesses that are located in or around Laguiole, who don’t actually do much more than a little assembly work. Their parts are produced elsewhere, but assemble them in or around Laguiole so they can say the knives are coming from Laguiole.

Why The Shepherd’s Cross Is Not Present On All Knives Of The Website :

Best Laguiole Knife in 2021 A Complete Guide to Laguiole Knives!

5 rivets makes the Shepherd’s cross visible as s you can see on the following assembly plan

In some cases, we add more rivets, 9 for example on the following knife. You can see the Shepherd’s cross and 4 more rivets. This makes the knife more solid and design.

Finally, in certain cases, we do not pierce the raw material because it is too brittle and we do not want to weaken it . In this case, the 5 rivets of the shepherd’s cross are not visible on the handle because only the main rivet is visible. The other 4 rivets fix the knife inside the handle.

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How To Buy A Laguiole Knife Without Taking The Risk To Get It Wrong

Beware of deals which seem too good to be true. If you find a very cheap Laguiole knife, it probably comes from a far-flung plant. Quality has a price and machines will never compare to a craftsmans skills : if a knife is cheap, its probably worth exactly its price!

Dont buy your knife in seaside souvenir shops, or pop-up shops in tourist hotspots chances are youd buy an industrial knife with an inflated price tag !

Of course a knifes price can also vary according to the various elements it is made of. Thus its easy to see why a knife with an aluminum handle would be cheaper than an abalone-handled one, similarly, a damask blad will be more expensive than a plain one.

Did you know : All the items sold on our site are 100% made in France.Our company is audited every year by certification leader Bureau Veritas. Therefore our Laguiole knives are labeled ORIGINE FRANCE GARANTIE.

How To Recognize A Good Laguiole Knife :

a) Simple commercial mentions:

– Any self-respecting manufacturer should be proud of its products and sign its knives with their name or logo, which are protected.

An anonymous manufacturer is never a good sign.

– The warranty certificate shipped with the knife should mention the manufacturers full address.

– Common sense concerning price levels : it is foolish to think that you can buy a very cheap quality knife made by dedicated craftsmen in.

b) Technical quality indicators:

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How To Recognize A Genuine Laguiole Knife

Laguiole is not a trademark, as too old. It is part of the public domain, that is why anybody can make knives with Laguiole brand. The genuine Laguiole knife is manufactured through 170 operations manual made by expert craftsmen.

We respect this tradition of manufacturing in our plant in Lezoux, near Thiers.

The name of our Laguiole band is “laguiole Le Fidele” – always engraved on the blade of our knives.

There are several laguiole manufacturers who work with the same process and produce high quality knives.

However, there are a lot of fake laguiole knives that are made from molds in China and even in France.

Do not forget that a laguiole knife is handmade with very high quality raw material, that is why you can not find Laguiole knife at a low price.

Other Laguiole Folding Knife

Laguiole L

Take a tour of our new models of Laguiole folding knives. There is the standard, 12cm Laguiole knife, folding knives with a new design as well as a range specialy designed for hunters, with a safety catch

These high quality knives are robust and strong, and made from stainless steel. Nicely balanced in hand, they will last a lifetime! Also take a look at our new multifunction knives, especially the useful « 11 function knife » or our specific mushroom knife. Industrially made, with quality control, all these Laguiole knives will prove to be faithfull companions in your everyday life, essential for men and women alike.

EVERYTHING IS IN STOCK. UPS delivery: Europe 1 day, USA,Canada 2 days, Asie 2 or 3 days, AU-NZ + 3 or 4 days – COLISSIMO 72 hours at home/UK – USA, Canada 4/7 days, Europe & Scandinavia 2/3 days – Australia, NZ, Asia, Africa 4/7 days.

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Laguiole Knife With Damascus Blade

1 – Damascus stainless stell blade DS93X, “Twist” pattern, , +/- 120 layers.2 – Damascus stainless stell blade DS93X, “Vinland” pattern, +/- 120 layers.Damas steel DS93X is made with two different steels of different hardness.This steel is highly corrosion resistant, it has a unique cutting capacity and a very high quality cutting edge.This Damascus blade does not oxidize, is easy to maintain and corrosion resistant.Clean the blade with water and dry it well before closing the Laguiole knife.Sharpen your blade regularly, don’t wait until it stops cutting.3 – Damascus blade in carbon steel is hand forged with +/- 520 layers. It is an outstanding handcrafted Damascus blade.The Damascus carbon steel blade can oxidize over time, giving it a slightly gray patina.We advise you to clean the Damascus carbon steel blade after each use:Wash the blade quickly with waterDry it immediately afterwards with a soft and dry cloth.Grease the blade lightly with edible oil.Store the Laguiole knife in a dry place well protected from humidity.The advantage of this Damascus carbon blade is to be very easy to sharpen. The cutting edge is always of a very high quality.

The Type Of Steel Used

The best known steel for knives blades is 440 steel which our grandfathers, who liked their Opinel and Laguiole knives knew very well and really appreciated. Such steel is easily sharpened, however a classic 440 blade sadly blackens over time and it needs to be polished, lustered, never washed in water and regularly wiped with a cloth to ward off oxidization.

Nowadays, steel alloys are more evolved. Thus we can find steel which is better suited to our everyday uses : 440C steel aka 440 Stainless steel, is the modern version of our forefathers steel. 440 stainless steel does not get black, it requires more sharpening technique but this downside is nothing compared to the quality increase.

Some knives are also made with 12C27 steel, an alloy which offers the best of both previously mentioned steels but without the drawbacks

Note : As far as Laguiole pocket knives are concerned, 440C steel is always a sign of very high quality for frequent and daily use.

And now for THE question that many of you are wondering about: Are real Laguiole knives only made in Laguiole?

Nowadays, some Laguiole knives are indeed made in Laguiole, but one has to say that most of the Laguiole blades are made in Thiers. So no, real French Laguiole are not exclusively manufactured in Laguiole.

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What Is A Laguiole Knife

Let’s start with the name Laguiole: this is the name of a tiny mountain village. The village Laguiole is located in the heart of the Aubrac region in Southern France. Early in the 19th century pocket knives and a table knives were made here for shepherds and farmers in the Aubrac. In The Netherlands we know the Laguiole knives by the late Johannes van Dam. As a culinary critic, he never went home without a Laguiole knife.

Not far from Laguiole lies the town of Thiers, which is the knives capital of France. After the First World War, all knife workshops disappeared from Laguiole and moved the production to Thiers. In the 80’s of the 20th century, a group of enthusiasts started the brand Forge de Laguiole, which to this day is the only brand that is actually located in the village of Laguiole

In Thiers, there are workplaces that have their roots in Laguiole and still produce in an authentic way, such as Fontenille Pataud and Laguiole en Aubrac. Together with Forge de Laguiole they are the only ones who abide to the traditional production level. There are also a number of small workshops that authentically produce beautiful and unique Laguiole knives on a small scale and only on order.

The real purists believe that Forge de Laguiole is the only real brand. They are the only ones based in the village of Laguiole itself and also produce from there.

Aubrac And The Laguiole Knife


The Laguiole, a traditional knife with a refined shape associated with the unique landscape of its land of origin: Aubrac .This place of eternal pastures and deep beech forests, also known for its rich gastronomy is part of the department of Aveyron. A land that has notably created the unavoidable Roquefort cheese, or that has witnessed the birth of the famous chocolate fondant dessert in the world-renowned kitchens of the Michelin-star chef Michel Bras.

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Laguiole Knife Full Handle

1 – 12C27 stainless steel blade of a thickness of 3 mm to the stub. Hand guilloched blade, 3 patterns.2 – Forged bee on forged spring.3 – Stainless steel forged spring. Hand guilloched spring, 3 patterns. Stainless steel plates.4 – Wood or horn full handle, no bolster. Stainless steel rivets.Dimensions : 22cm Open , 12cm Closed.Guilloché pattern :

Forged springs are much stronger than traditional springs with their welded bee.Few handle materials, which are more brittle, cannot be used for Laguiole full handle knives.

Forge De Laguiole Fontenille Pataud En Laguiole En Aubrac

At knivesandtools we find it appalling that a beautiful traditional product as the classical Laguiole knife is so threatened by the Asian counterfeiting. That is why we only sell Laguiole knives from brands with a strong reputation. Only knives that are manufactured in the traditional way in the region around the village of Laguiole.

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Traditional Laguiole Knife 2 Inox Bolsters

1 – 12C27 stainless steel blade of a thickness of 3 mm to the stub.2 – Two stainless steel bolsters.3 – Traditional welded bee.4 – Traditional stainless steel spring, traditional guilloché. Stainless steel plates.5 – Stainless steel shepherd’s cross .Dimensions : 22cm Open , 12cm Closed.With handles in Brown Horn, or in Blonde Horn the stainless steel bolster is shiny and not brushed.

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