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Dry Aged Prime New York Strip Steak

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How To Cook A New York Strip Steak

Wet-Aged vs Dry Aged USDA Prime New York Strip Steak (UK Sirloin)

A New York strip is really easy to cook and its harder to mess up than a filet, making it a great all around steak in terms of taste, size, price, and ease of cooking.

Since theres less fat in the cut, theres a smaller opportunity for a flare-up on the grill, but it does cook faster than a fattier ribeye.

The best way to cook the steak is to first sear it to get a nice outer crust.

Season the strip steak well with some salt and fresh ground black pepper. Youll start by searing it in a skillet on high heat with a high smoke point oil like avocado or grapeseed oil.

If grilling the steak, you can put it over some roaring hot charcoal or a high heat gas burner for about 4 minutes on both sides.

You want the internal temperature to get to 130°F before pulling it off. Always use a good quality instant read thermometer.

We are particular fans of this one from ThermoPro because of its durability and affordable price.

Dont forget to let it rest for another 5 to 10 minutes after you take it off the flame.

What Wine Complements A New York Strip

The New York Strip is full of flavor and marbling, making it one of the most popular cuts around. Youll need a full-flavored wine with high acidity to break down the fat from the steak to create a mesh of bold flavors in your mouth.

If you prefer white wine, then champagne is your best bet. Champagne has similar acidic and flavor characteristics of red wine, so it can stand up to the boldness of the New York Strip. If youd rather have a red wine

How Do You Cook A Dry Aged Ribeye Steak On The Grill

Place the steak on the grill and close the cover. Cook six to eight minutes each side, or until a instant-read thermometer inserted into the steak reads 135 degrees Fahrenheit, for medium-rare. To reach medium doneness, cook until the thermometer reads 145 degrees Fahrenheit or eight to 10 minutes each side.

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Butter Aged Steak Faqs

Question: How Long Does it Take to Butter Age Steak?

Answer: The duration of butter aging steak varies with your preferences. Ideally, a minimum of 30 days is required for the butter to combine its flavors with your steak. As long as you follow one of the two processes above, you should get the best outcome in 30 60 days.

Question: Why Doesnt Butter Aged Steak Go Bad?

Answer: The meat doesnt spoil when you age is because of the conditions that ensure the levels of bacteria and moisture are controlled. Moisture is drawn out of the steak during the butter aging process. This ensures the beef flavor increases and becomes beefier.

Question: How Does Butter Aged Steak Taste?

Answer: Decidedly beefy, similar to rare roast beef, is the taste to expect from any butter-aged steak. Additionally, there are subtler hints of other delicious flavors. They include warm buttered popcorn and enhanced flavors of the steak you have butter aged.

Question: Is Butter Aging Steak Safe?

Answer: Yes! As long as you follow the butter aging process to the letter, it should be safe. Additionally, make sure you maintain the same temperature in your refrigerator during the butter aging process.

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New York Strip Overview

(16 oz.) Natural Prime Dry

Also Known As New York strip is also known as Kansas City steak/strip, ambassador steak, hotel cut steak, country club steak, top loin steak, and contrefilet. Australians and New Zealanders call it sirloin or porterhouse.

Where Its Cut Like the ribeye steak, New York strip steaks come from longissimus dorsi, towards the rear of the beef. The meat comes from the short loin primal, which is situated below the backbone or behind the ribs of the animal.

Where to Purchase It There are plenty of high-end retailers that offer New York strip steaks. You can check stores located within your community. For your convenience, you can also check their websites, and they can deliver the steak to you.

How It Tastes Unlike the ribeye steak, the New York strip is not highly marbled. But that doesnt mean that strip doesnt taste as good. Note that NY strip is harvested from a muscle group similar to where the ribeye steak comes from. Because of this, the NY strip is also tender and comes with a potent beefy flavor.

As NY strip doesnt have the same marbling as ribeye steak, it is usually cut more than one inch thick. According to steakexperts, the thickness of the cut can help keep the meat from running dry during the grilling or frying process.

That means you can still get a juicy steak, even if it doesnt have that much fat.

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Bring On The Funk: Comparing 30 45 And 60

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This might be a first: I was disappointed that my food wasnt too funky.

In February, I joined the in-house butchering team at the Gaslamp Quarters Lou & Mickeys, led by executive chef Nathan Mantyla, on a quest to compare the flavor and texture of beef thats been dry-aged for 30, 45 and 60 days.

Dry-aged beef is one of the meatiest trends at San Diego steakhouses today, with the costly, tender and beefier steaks considered to be a premium experience. Its a rarity that a restaurant has the resources to invest in its own dry-aging room among the few places in town to have one are Little Italys Born & Raised, Sycuan Casino Resorts new Bull and Bourbon steakhouse and Barona Resort & Casinos Barona Oaks Steakhouse.

For meat eaters, dry-aged beef is supposed to be a foray into funkitude. Akin to pungent, washed-rind French cheeses that have a brine-induced bacteria-laden outer coating, what gives dry-aged beef its signature scent is the nasty-sounding moldy crust that forms on the exterior during the aging process. Essentially, the meat is decomposing.

Mmmm, right?

Yes, actually. Dry aging in a temperature- and humidity-controlled room draws moisture from the beef and breaks down the meats collagen, leaving it more tender and with a more concentrated flavor. The fat only gets richer. And that fungal crust? Forget the unappetizing images in your head: Its cut off before cooking.

Ive Got Some More Questions

What about wet-aging? What is it, and does it work?

Wet aging is simple: Put your beef in a Cryovac bag, and let it sit on the shelf for a few weeks. Tell your customers that its aged sell it at a premium.

The problem is that wet-aging is nothing like dry-aging.

For starters, there is no oxidation of fat in wet aging, which means that there is no development of funky flavors. A minimal amount of flavor change will occur through enzymatic reactions, but they are, well, minimal. Additionally, wet-aging prevents the drainage of excess serum and meat juices. Tasters often report that wet-aged meat tastes sour or serum-y.

Wet-aging can offer the same tenderizing and moisture-retaining benefits as dry-aging, but thats about it. In reality, wet-aging is a product of laziness and money-grubbing. Its easy to let that Cryovacked bag of beef from the distributor sit around for a week before the bag is opened, allowing it to be called aged and sold for a higher price. I dont buy it. When you are being sold aged meat, be sure to ask whether its been dry-aged or wet-aged. If they dont know the answer or are unwilling to share, its best to assume the worst.

To anyone who was in the office the day I opened up that package of rotten wet-aged beef, my sincerest apologies. As Robyn described it, it smelled like rotten excrement taking a poop.

Yeah, it was that bad.

What about those fancy dry-aging bags Ive been reading so much about?

Ill pass on the special equipment.

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History Of Wet-aged Beef Steak University

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Wet Aged Vs Dry Aged Beef

28 Day Dry aged whole NY Strip steak results using UMAi Dry

Beef: The red meat were all so familiar with. Across cultures, diets, and culinary styles, beef has been a staple meat practically since the dawn of domesticated livestock. Looking back with all the technology we have at our disposal today, it seems almost unbelievable that people used to store meat for long periods of time.

It can be very tough to imagine how the process of beef processing mightve looked before the advent of modern technology and industrialized agriculture. How can the meat be kept without climate-controlled areas? One common way that has a great deal of historical precedent is the practice of dry and wet aging your meat.

So, in this article, I am going to show you everything you need to know regarding Wet aging and Dry aging beef, what are the differences and which method is best for you to use.

Note: If you are in a hurry and cant read the full article, you can jump into our How is Better Wet Aging or Dry Aging section by .

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Where Filet Mignon And New York Strip Are From On The Cow

Beef comes from a cow, but its not that simple.

The location that the beef is taken from will change every major characteristic of the beef.

In the same way that your arm isnt the same as your foot, a NY strip isnt the same as a filet mignon.

To start things off, heres a great video from Eater explaining where all the different cuts of steak come from on the cow.

What Temperature Do You Cook A Dry

Start checking the internal temperature with the thermometer. Pull the steak out of the pan and place on the cutting board when the desired temperature is met ~120° for rare ~125-130° for medium rare ~ 130-140° for medium. CRITICAL STEP Allow steak to rest for a minimum of 10 minutes before slicing.

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What Are The Best Cuts Of Dry

Entire primals, rather than single steaks are dry-aged, but to be a good candidate for dry-aging requires a good protective covering of bone or fat. This means theres less surface area that needs to be trimmed away later. Filets tend not to be aged because theres no bone or fat protecting it, Flannery says. Dry-aging is wasteful because every single side of meat that is exposed to air will be breaking down faster than the meat on the inside. Bone-in New York strip or ribeye are good contenders for dry-aging, Pandel says.

Ribeye is a great cut to dry age. Photo: Kevin Marple

Get Your Dry Aging Fridge Knocked Up

[I ate] 50

When I discovered the concept of dry age fridge inoculation, it kind of blew my mind. I had never considered it before, yet it was so obvious! Much like a sourdough needs a starter, or salami requires introduced mold cultures, your dry aging fridge will benefit from being inoculated by an already dried piece of meat.

In short introducing the right mold to the fridge gets you off to a flying start, and makes sure the correct bacterias are present from the get go. The Certified Angus Beef® dry age locker in Ohio got their starter piece from DeBragga meats, New Yorks Butcher® . And my fridge was started off by a 70 day old strip shell from the CAB facility, with DeBragga provenance. Its kinda cool to trace it back that far. So ideally, you want to start off your fridge by smearing the interior with the already-aged meats from a facility that has a good program already set up. This may require you to trace down some online options or try to negotiate with your local dry age purveyor.

So, what happens if you cant get your hands on a piece of dry aged meat and you dont inoculate? Well, nothing bad. You can still start your own fridge off, but the microclimate will just take far longer to develop. So, your meat will be tender and slightly more intensified, but will lack the funkiness of a mature dry aging facility.

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Selecting Meat To Age

What cut of meat should I buy for aging?

To age meat properly, you need to choose a large piece that is best cooked with quick cooking methods. This makes the standard steakhouse cutsthe New York strip, the rib steak, and the porterhousethe ideal cuts for aging. The easiest to find whole is the rib steak, which is what you get when you cut a prime rib between the bone into individual steaks.

What’s the minimum size I’ll need to buy for proper aging? Can I age an individual steak?

Nope, unfortunately, you can’t age individual steaks. You can wrap them in cheesecloth or paper towels, set them on a rack, and leave them in the fridge for about a week, but during that time, no detectable level of texture or flavor changes will take place. Try to age them even longer, and *, here’s what you get:

*In my experience, this can happen when the cheesecloth or paper towel holds moisture against the meat and you don’t have enough ventilation.

The meat is so dried out as to be completely inedible. After trimming away the desiccated and slightly moldy bits , I was left with a sliver of meat about a half centimeter thick. It was impossible to cook to anything lower than well-done, making my effective yield a big fat zero.

The simple truth is that in order to dry-age, you need larger cuts of meat, and you need to age them in open air.

So, of the larger cuts of meat, what should I look for?

Rib sections come in several different forms, each with its own number designation.

Bringing It All Together

Tips when buying aged steak
If you are out and about and looking to buy aged steak, remember to check the label. If it does not clearly state it is dry-aged, it is likely that the steak has been wet-aged.The majority of steaks sold commercially are wet-aged.

Now that we have compared these different aging methods, you are probably wondering which one is better? The truth is, neither is better. Both the wet and dry-aging processes deliver tender and delicious steak.

When people argue that one is better than another, it is purely subjective and based on taste. Meat eaters describe dry-aged steak as having a rich, earthy, nutty, roasted flavor, whereas wet-aged beef tastes more vibrant and fresher but note, it does have a slightly metallic taste as well.

As traditional steak eaters, our preference is to eat USDA Prime meat dry-aged for approximately 21-days. Steak that follows this process gives you a mouth-watering, melt-in-your-mouth texture with just the right depth of flavor. If steak dry-ages for too long, the taste gets a little too strong for our palette.

However, whether you select wet or dry, it all boils down to your personal taste.

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Dry Aged Vs Wet Aged Ribeye Steak

First things first: This post is not a how-to or a guide to dry aging a whole ribeye.

Instead, here we will see how to prepare a ribeye steak after dry aging it, as well as some differences between dry aged vs wet aged ribeye steaks all through the eyes of an experienced and professional pitmaster.

When your ribeye is done dry aging , the obvious first step is removing the dry aging bag. This will generally be a quick process, even when the plastic seems to be stuck to the meat.

Next up, youll want to trim down the waxy layer that has formed on the outer side of the ribeye. Its about 1/8th of an inch thick, and is quite tough, so it might take some time to complete this task. Dont forget to remove this layer from the fat cap as well!

Finally, once this tough skin is gone, you can go ahead and divide the larger cut into individual steaks. You can cut these as thick or thin as you like, according to preference!

Dry aging a steak gives you a number of advantages over wet aging. The beefy flavor and smell of the meat is amplified and enriched with a lot of earthy tones. The color of the meat will also turn darker and richer. The beef will retain its tenderness.

On the other hand, the meat will lose a significant proportion of its volume- but this negative is completely outweighed by the fact that you now have tripled or even quadrupled the value of your meat.


Our G1 Certified Usda Prime New York Is Best In Class


Our USDA Prime New York is the best Angus beef has to offer. This means you will always get beef with moderate marbling, grade “A’ maturity and it is sourced specifically from a couple specific farms in the MidWest. Our New Yorks are THICK, because we only work with steers with a RibEye area of 10.0 to 16.0 square inches.

This is not your average New York , it isnt even your average Prime New York.

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