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Where To Buy Arrachera Steak

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Is Costcos Marinated Steak Skirt Good

Preparando y Parriando Arrachera ( Preparing and were grilling out Mexican skirt steak

The marinated skirt steak comes from the RYC Foods brand which is based in San Antonio, Texas. The package usually contains two long pieces of skirt steak, each weighing around two pounds.

The steak has been marinated in a mix of Southwestern flavors without being overly salty. You are going to get a LOT more flavor from this steak than you will from a tri tip or picanha.

More importantly, the steak has been tenderized by the use of the enzyme found in papaya so it will be much more tender than a sirloin or strip steak.

If you are a fan of steaks that have bold flavors and are extremely tender then you will enjoy this steak!

How Much Arrachera Per Person

Five ounces of raw arrachera will be the right portion per person. Most probably half of your guests might want to go seconds for arrachera. I would go for at least 6 ounces per adult and about 4 per kid. You can complement your arrachera with other traditional carne asada meals like Frijoles Charros, Grilled Poblanos with cheese and Guacamole. Arrachera in Spanish means skirt steak. Arrachera is the given name to a beef cut. Arrachera is great for tacos and I am going to help you make it an incredible flavor experience with this easy arracher marinade.

Whats The Difference Between Inside And Outside Skirt Steak

Id venture a guessnothing scientific here, just a guessthat the average carnivore doesnt know there are two types of skirt steak. Id also guess that if youve had skirt steak in the past it was most likely inside skirt more on that later.

My final guess is that if youre reading this blog its because you know or heard that there are in fact two different cuts of skirt steak.

Curiosity got the best of you, so you Googled, Whats the difference between inside and outside skirt steak?

However you got here, let me start by extending a sincere thank you for stopping by. I encourage you to check out the BEST way to cook a skirt steak its a game changer.

Top it with some chimichurri and youll make an $8 home-cooked steak taste better than any $50 steak youd buy at your local fancy steakhouse.


Anyway, back to the subject at hand, whats the difference between inside and outside skirt steak? Lets start with appearance. They are both long and thin cuts of meat with a thick grain to them. However, they differ in many ways.

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How To Make Arrachera Marinade

I am going to share with you my Mexican fathers arrachera marinade. This is a very simple and delicious beef Mexican marinade recipe that you can use on any other kind of beef too. I love to marinade arrachera. Lets be clear here. Arrachera is no the most expensive and high-quality beef cut so a good marinade can make a well-performed flavor difference. I will recommend marinating overnight but if you need to make it right away after the marinade that is ok. Just let it marinade for at least 15 to 20 minutes and put it on the grill. I have done both and both work pretty well.


  • cup of Worsherter sauce
  • ¼ cup of soy sauce
  • 1 spoon of garlic
  • ¼ teaspoon of pepper
  • ¼ cup of olive oil

Place all theingredients in a conteiner on top of your arracherra. Cover your container with a lid and shake a little bit to make sure that all the marinade ingredients come together and that all the arrachera meat is getting marinated. Leave it in the fridge over night and flip it over onces in a while. You can just marinade and let it marinating for 15 or 20 minutes and grill! it is delicious any way.

Recipe For Traditional Arrachera

Arrachera Beef Marinade Recipe

If you know little about Mexican cuisine, you will agree that nothing is more traditional than tacos. Mexican tacos are about well-cooked meat, fresh ingredients, spices, and bold flavors.

So, whats the perfect recipe for traditional Arrachera that involves tacos? Carne Asada tacos! They are easy to prepare and delicious to enjoy at home with family and friends.

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How To Properly Slice Arrachera / Carne Asada

Slicing Costcos Arrachera or Carne Asada is simple but counterintuitive. When the cooked skirt steak is laid flat with the long end going from left to right, the grains will actually be running from top to bottom.

This means if you start slicing the steak, you will be slicing with the grain, which will lead to a less tender piece of beef.

How Many Calories In Costco Arrachera

One serving of Costcos Arrachera or Carne Asada is going to be 4 ounces and contains 150 calories. The 150 calories come from 8 grams of fat, 1 gram of carb, and 19 grams of protein.

This is a fairly standard nutritional profile for skirt steak or carne asada. There is a reasonable amount of fat in the USDA Choice skirt steak which is great for flavor and enjoyment.

Costco Arrachera Skirt Steak Review


Im usually not a big fan of pre-marinated meats, but Costcos arrachera is absolutely delicious when cooked . The beef is flavorful and so magnificently tender.

Its a little pricey for what it is, but the arrachera skirt steak is versatile and worth it. You can easily recreate restaurant quality dishes with this skirt steak for one-third of the cost.

The arrachera from Costco is convenient and easy to cook and is a buy for me.


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Workflow For Skirt Steak Tacos

  • First you will make the and allow the skirt steak to bathe in.
  • Before you cook it later that day you will prepare the caramelized onions and pico de gallo .
  • Shortly before you begin grilling the steak you should warm up the tortillas. If you have someone helping you the tortillas piece can be done while the meat is on the grill and the brief rest afterwards.

What Is Arrachera Meat


The arrachera is a part of the cow that comes from the animals Rib. Arracheras beef can be tough so Mexicans usually use tenderized and a really good marinade to soften the beef and give it more flavor. Arrachera is cheaper than other beef cuts so it has become a very popular carne asada. You might be asking yourself if arrachera is a carne asada? Lets say that in Mexico a Carne Asada is a barbecue. It is how we call an event such you are invited to a carne asada! and we will also call carne asada to any grilled beef. So yes, Arrachera is a Carne Asada along with T-bone, Ribeye, New York etc.

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Get To Know The People Growing Your Food

Many generations of farming experience have gone into creating our growing methods, allowing us to pack maximum flavour and nutrition into every bite of our meats. We think youll notice the difference even compared to other natural growers but especially relative to the factory-farmed meats that you see at most meat counters.

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We have also partnered with some of our neighbouring farmers, who we know and trust to uphold the same standard of excellence with natural & organic growing methods, to bring you our pasture-raised goat, lamb, pork, eggs, and dairy.

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Ryc Arrachera Beef Skirt Steak At Costco

Costco sells USDA Choice Marinated Arrachera Skirt Steak for $9.99 a pound. The Arrachera can be found in Costcos meat and seafood area near other options such as the tri-tip, racks of lamb, chicken, and salmon.

The Arrachera is sold in approximately 3-4 pound packages which go for $30-$40 each.

Costcos Arrachera is an inside skirt steak which has been marinated and enhanced with up to 22% solution that includes a papaya marinade/enzyme for tenderness.

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Where Does Skirt Steak Come From

The outside skirt steak is located on the outside of the chest wall of the steer and runs in sort of a diagonal orientation from the bottom of the 6th rib to the upper portion of the 12th rib.

Inside skirt steak is located inside the chest wall of the steer further back than the inside skirt. The inside skirt also runs parallel with the steers belly as opposed to the diagonal of the outside skirt.

How To Cook Skirt Steak For Tacos On The Grill

Arrachera marinada (churrasco) servida con papas sazonadas al estilo ...
  • Remove the steak from the marinade mixture and pat it dry. The marinade should be discarded. Allow it to reach room temperature and if needed cut it in two parts.
  • Grill over medium-hot gas or charcoal grill for about five minutes per side or until the meat reaches the temperature of your desired doneness. Flip only once.
  • Allow the steak to rest before you slice it. Loosely tent it with foil to allow it to cook further and for the juices to get reabsorbed.

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You Wont Believe The Flavour In Our Naturally Pasture

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Carne Asada Grilling Instructions

  • Preheat grill to high heat.
  • Unfold and lay Costco arrachera across hot grill.
  • Cook for 3-5 minutes on each side until the internal temperature reaches 130°F.
  • Rest and slice against the grain.
  • Serve and enjoy!

If you are not using a grill, simply cook on high heat until the internal temperature reaches 130°F.

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Serve The Arrachera Tacos

The traditional way to present these tacos is to fill a warmed corn tortilla with steak and caramelized onions and top it with a bit of pico de gallo or a fresh made salsa.

If you have the time to prepare a salsa borracha it tastes incredibly good in place of the pico.

Some fresh cilantro for garnish is the aromatic complement of choice.

Toppings such as shredded cabbage, queso fresco, red onions, avocado and radishes will also be complementary but are not the authentic choice.

How Do You Make Skirt Steak Tender

How To Make The Best Skirt Steak | Chef Jean-Pierre

There are several principal ways to tenderize inside skirt steak.

The first one is blade tenderization, also known as mechanical tenderization, in which the steak is passed through a machine equiped with steel needles. They pierce the muscle fibers and break them down a bit.

The second way is to rub the steak with salt which penetrates the surface and works its way towards the center, breaking up the proteins. This of course also salts the meat so the method should be used with caution.

A common third way is to use an acidic marinade, but it really only works on the surface of the meat.

Most inside skirt steak is sold already needled at retail outlets and you do not need to do anything further, but a marinade is always helpful.

Outside skirt steak by its nature is already extremely tender and does not require manipulation of any sort.

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How Does Skirt Steak Taste

Both are very flavorful cuts of beef, but the outside is without a doubt more flavorful than the inside. Both pack a hearty and robust beef flavor and both appear very well marbled as you can see below, which shows the steaks after trimming.

Id compare the marbling in these cuts to that of a prime-grade ribeye. They are certainly better than the flank steak to which theyre often compared. Because of the thick grain of skirt steaks, many people prefer to marinate these steaks.

Why Is It Called Arrachera

While you may assume that Arrachera comes from an old Mexican word, that is not the case here. There is no word relating to this cut steak in the Mexican or Spanish language.

However, in the French language, there is a word arracher, meaning to pull up or grab, referring to the cinch that holds the saddle on a horse. The word probably developed in Mexico, where the French army was positioned.

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What Is The Difference Between Skirt Steak Arrachera And Carne Asada

Grilled Skirt Steak Recipe

There is quite a bit of confusion between the three names for this steak but they all essentially refer to the same piece of beef.

Their respective names refer to which area of the cooking process they are in.

Skirt Steak

Skirt steak refers to the meat in its most basic raw form, and is a long flat piece of steak that has great flavor and is super tender.

Skirt steak is fairly common and can be found at most butchers. The steak can be used in different recipes and transformed into many different final products.


Arrachera refers to , which is the item here. The Costco arrachera has been marinated with papaya enzymes and is filled with up to 22% marinade.

Arrachera can also mean a marinated flank steak in lieu of skirt steak.

Carne Asada

Carne Asada means cooked beef in Spanish and will be the final product of this cooked arrachera.

The beef only becomes carne asada when it is cooked and ready to be served.

The raw beef will be called skirt steak until it is marinated, which it will then be called arrachera until it is cooked as carne asada.

All 3 names refer to the same cut of beef, but at different points in the cooking process.

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And well deliver it frozen, direct from our farm to your door!

How To Slice Skirt Steak

Skirt steak tries to trick you into slicing it incorrectly.

The skirt is a long, thin steak and it is very natural to want to slice it from top to bottom into thin strips like shown below. This absolutely the WRONG way of slicing skirt steak as this is slicing WITH the grain.

What you need to do is cut the steak, with the grain, into three large sections.

Take the section, rotate it 90 degrees, and then make thin slices AGAINST the grain.

The tenderness of the steak will amaze you.

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