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How To Cook Medium Rare Steak

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Why Sous Vide Your Steak

How to Cook the Perfect Medium Rare Steak – Annabel Langbein

Sous vide precision cooking offers unparalleled control over your steak, letting you very precisely cook the steak to the level of doneness that you prefer. No more guesswork to guarantee a medium-rare temperature. No poking with a thermometer, no cutting and peeking, no jabbing with your fingerâjust perfect results every single time.

It also increases the flexibility of your schedule. With traditional methods, your schedule is at the mercy of the steak. Once you start cooking it, it’s a straight, nonstop shot until the finish line. Sous vide steaks, on the other hand, can be held for several hours before you finish them by searing and serving, which means that your steaks are ready when you and your guests are.

Finally, sous vide offers results that are not attainable by traditional methods. With standard high-heat cooking, you develop a temperature gradient within the meat. The very center may be perfectly medium-rare, but the steak will be increasingly more well-done as you approach the exterior. With a sous vide steak, your meat is evenly cooked from edge to edge.

Cooking steak sous vide is a two-phase process. The first phase involves sealing the steak in a plastic bag and cooking it to the desired final temperature using your sous vide device. The second phase is searing the meat to develop color, flavor, and textural contrast on its surface, and to help render and soften its fat.

Place Your Meat On The Grill And Keep An Eye On It

The cut of meat you choose, its weight and the temperature you desire will determine how long you grill it. Use your meat thermometer to check the temperature, and remove the steaks when they are within 5 to 10 degrees of the desired doneness. They will continue to cook after they are removed from the grill.

Use these temperatures to determine doneness:

  • Rare: 120°F

  • Medium-well: 150°F

  • Well done: 160°F

Many grill enthusiasts like to baste their meat. To baste, simply add your favorite sauces to a bowl and brush the meat with a basting brush each time you flip it.

How To Grill A Medium Rare Steak

A piece of meat sliced across the muscle fibers known as steak is loved by a lot of people. It is sometimes having a bone in it. Some people grill the steak or have pan-fried steak. It is grilled to replicate the flavor steak that is cooked over burning coals in an open fire. It is cooked in sauces such as kidney pie or steak sauce. It is sometimes in form of minced or patties for hamburgers.

Steaks are grilled at different temperatures and for different durations. As a result, you get a very rare or overdone steak. A rare steak is having a red center with cold and soft meat. When you go to a restaurant you tell your preference of degree of cooking to the chef or waiter. It can be rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done.

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How To Cook Steak Well Done

Well done steak has gotten a bad rap, with some chefs even refusing to cook the meat to this doneness. It may seem well done would be the easiest to cook, but in actuality, it is the hardest as cooking until the meat is no longer pink and not drying it out is a challenge. The secret is to do it low and slowthe only way to prevent burning while fully cooking it through the middle.

This steak should not be burnt on the outside. While there is not the faintest hint of pink in the middle, it should be browned through, not burnt through. This steak will feel solid to the touch.

For a 1-inch steak, grill over medium heat between 10 and 12 minutes per side. It should reach an internal temperature of 170 F or higher.

How Do I Know When My Steak Is Done

How to Cook Medium

Below gives you a good benchmark for each level of doneness . Cooking times may vary depending on your oven, so be sure to continue to check on your steak. You want to remove the meat 5° before it reaches the desired temp. Temperature will continue to rise while resting.

  • Rare: Sear outsides then bake about 4-6 minutes in oven until temperature is around 125°F and color is red.
  • Medium-Rare: Sear outsides then bake about 6-8 minutes in oven until temperature is 130°F and color is deep pink.
  • Medium: Sear outsides then bake about 8-10 minutes in oven until temperature is around 140°F and color is light pink.
  • Medium-Well: Sear outsides then bake about 10-12 minutes in oven until temperature is around 150°F and color is slightly pink center.
  • Well-Done: Sear outsides then bake about 12-14 minutes in oven until temperature is around 160°F+ and color is little or no pink.

Note: If you are a visual person, check out this cooking time chart that shows the doneness of each meat.

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How To Make Asian

Begin by prepping the ginger. Simply peel off the skin, then slice thin. Cut the slices into strips, gather the strips together and then slice again in the other direction to finely chop.

Start the sauce by sautéing the ginger in a sauce pan with a bit of oil.

Add the garlic I use a garlic press to mince it right into the pan and cook a minute more. Do not brown.

Add the dry Sherry, soy sauce, brown sugar, tomato paste and water and simmer for 8-10 minutes, or until just slightly thickened.

Stir the sesame oil and butter, then set aside.

Place the steak on a broiler pan or rack over a baking sheet and season with salt and pepper.

Broil to desired doneness about 5 minutes per side for medium rare then cover with foil and let stand for about ten minutes. Its very important to let the meat rest if you cut it immediately, all the juices will gush out of the steak.

Cut the steak into thin slices across the grain. Serve with the brown sauce and enjoy!

How To Cook A Steak In The Oven To Perfect Medium Rare

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For meat lovers, theres nothing better than a juicy steak off the grill.

But now that the cold weather is here, you make not feel like braving the great outdoors with your parka and tongs.

Not to fear, carnivores. We have you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to cook a steak in the oven. Thats right.

You CAN cook a steak in the oven to perfect medium rear right there in your kitchen.

Lets get cooking.

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How Long To Cook Medium Rare Steak

Medium Rare Steak How Long To Cook Medium Rare Steak
Minimum cooking time
Maximum cooking time 15 minutes

The person making the steak can know the cooking temperature by using the instant-read thermometer for the steak. The steak would require a specific temperature for getting cooked. The person should always follow the perfect time and temperature that depends on the thickness of the steak.

The touch test method can be used for knowing how much time the steak is required for being cooked perfectly. To check the temperature of the steak always put the tip of the thermometer in the thickest part of the steak. If someone is cooking the bone-in steak, then avoid putting the thermometer in the bone area. The bone part is hotter as compared to the flesh part.

This can increase the temperature of the bone. Cooking the medium-rare steak in a skillet would be very convenient. To get the grill flavors, the charcoal grill is the best way to get it cooked in just 10 minutes. The person has to turn each side of the steak after 4 to 5 minutes. The steak would take around 10 minutes in the oven.

If you choose to make the steak in the oven then take out the beef from the fridge before 30 minutes. This will bring the temperature of the beef to normal. You can put the skillet in the oven during the preheating mode. Before putting the steak in the oven, make sure to season the steak properly. The temperature should be around 450 degrees.

Why Do Cook Medium Rare Steak Take This Long

How to grill thin steak medium rare, thin steak recipe #steak #grilling #smokingandgrilling

The steak should be cooked perfectly for avoiding the issues of food poisoning. A little or improperly cooked steak can cause food poisoning. Overcooking of steak is a problem as it would make the steak quite dry. The steak should be cooked for 5 minutes on each side as this is the standard time to get the juicy texture of the steak.

Some steaks may take more time of cooking if they are thicker than the average thickness required for the steak. The steak is known for its moisture and tenderness. If the steak is cooked for more time, then the fat present in the steak would be lost. The juice of the steak would start to flow when the steak is cooked correctly.

The steak would turn tough and chewable if uncooked. The temperature of the oven or skillet should be accurate or else it will disturb the moisture and juicy texture of the steak. The thickness and cooking temperature are vital to know the exact time of the steak to be cooked.

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How To Cook Medium Well Steak

This level of doneness is for those who don’t want a lot of pink in their meat. A medium well steak should have just a hint of pink in the very middle of the steak with a dark brown surface and good charring on the top and bottom. The steak will be very stiff but still have a little squish in the center.

For a 1-inch steak, place steak on a hot grill for 7 minutes. Turn and continue grilling for another 5 minutes. Cook to an internal temperature of 155 to 165 F .

Cooking Steak On A Pellet Grill

When you cook steak on a pellet grill, you have the best of both worlds. You can grill steak in a hurry using the direct heat method. Or, you can use the oven capabilities of the pellet grill to do the increasingly-popular reverse sear method. With this method, your steak will get a nice dose of wood smoke while it cooks.

Direct heat method : To grill over direct heat, set the grill to high, close the lid, and allow it to preheat for 15 minutes. Place the steaks on the grill grate and cook for approximately 3.5 minutes per side until the internal temperature of the steak is 135 degrees Fahrenheit .

Reverse-sear method : To do the reverse-sear method, set your grill to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, close the lid, and preheat for 15 minutes. Put the steaks on for 60 minutes, or until they reach an internal temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take the steaks off the grill, then set the temperature of the grill to high. Allow it to preheat with the lid closed for about 10 minutes, and put the steaks back on the grill. They’ll sizzle and brown, getting that terrific Maillard reaction aroma and color. Cook for approximately 4 minutes per side to allow the sear to form, and to get the internal temperature of the steak to 135 degrees Fahrenheit . See all of Traeger’s steak recipes for more ideas on how to cook a steak on a pellet grill.

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The Handy Meat Thermometer

What the timing method lacks in precision, the modern meat thermometer makes up for with technological accuracy. Cooking a medium-rare steak to the perfect temperature has never been easier, whether youre charcoal grilling, searing and then baking, using the reverse sear method, or cooking steak a different way.

Simply insert the thermometer probe into the center of the meat, make sure it is in the medium-rare temperature threshold of 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit, and voila! Your delicious and perfectly cooked steak is ready to be served! But, there are some drawbacks to determining doneness with a thermometer, no matter how advanced.

For starters, inserting a probe thermometer requires you to pierce the meat, creating an escape path for vital juices. Additionally, depending on your cooking method, inserting a thermometer may be inconvenient in tighter spaces, or require you to place the cooking instrument in the direct path of fire or high heat, which can be a hazardous risk. Modern thermometers have infra-red technology that measures surface temperature, eliminating both of these issues. However, its not nearly as handy for determining the internal temperature of a medium-rare steak.

How To Cook Steak Medium Rare The Secrets You Need To Know To Get That Juicy Goodness

How Long To Cook A Ribeye Steak Medium Rare
  • How to Cook Steak Medium Rare? The Secrets You Need to Know to Get That Juicy Goodness!
  • I guess the reason why youre here is because you love a medium rare steak! Well, who doesnt? Its juicy, flavorful and has everything you would ever love in a steak.

    Sadly, the process of how to cook steak medium rare is a carefully thought and designed, process that not everyone can master. Because of this, you would usually end up being disappointed with your steak when ordering in restaurants or when you make one at home.

    Are you already tired of being disappointed with your steak? Do you wish to know the secrets to cooking the perfect medium rare steak?

    Just like you, I am a medium rare steak lover too, and I feel your frustration because I have been in the same situation as you. Thats why I have decided to share with you some of the secrets that I have learned over the years about how to perfectly cook a steak medium rare.

    Are you ready? Lets get started!

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    Cooking Steak On A Charcoal Grill

    Grilling steak over charcoal can be tricky. It’s difficult to know the exact temperature of the cooking surface, and that temperature can vary depending on the type of charcoal you used and how evenly you spread the charcoal.

    Briquette charcoal can give you temperatures of around 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Lump charcoal may be able to generate higher temperatures. You can check for a high temperature on your charcoal grill using the hand test. Hold your hand at grate level, and if you can only keep it there for 2 to 3 seconds before it gets too hot, you have a 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit surface to grill.

    If you’ve got that heat, you can grill using the timing instructions above. But beware your charcoal grill may have hot or cool spots that can affect the cooking time. You’ll have to keep a close watch and you won’t be able to set it and forget it like you can with a Traeger.

    For wood smoke flavor, you can use wood chips. Typically, you add wood chips directly to charcoals, but this can affect the heat you’re generating.

    If you add dry wood chips, they could flare up and burn your steak. If you add soaked wood chips, they will cool down the charcoal. A foil pack added before cooking is probably your best bet.

    Cooking Steak On The Stove/oven

    If you’re cooking a steak indoors, the best method is one that has gained popularity over the last few years the reverse sear. The reverse sear is when you cook the steak rather slowly in the oven, then finish by searing it on the stovetop. The benefit of this method is that you’re less likely to overcook the steak, and you have more control over the sear.

    Preheat your oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit, and put the steaks in the oven on a baking sheet. Cook them until the internal temperature is 110 degrees Fahrenheit which will take about an hour.

    Just before you take the steaks out, drizzle oil in your heaviest skillet and set it over high heat. Take the steaks out, and put them in the pan. Sear them on both sides and finish by searing the edges.

    You can also do the searing process outside on the grill – but then, why would you want to miss out on the ease, consistency, and wood fired taste of cooking your steak on a pellet grill? Makes no sense.

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    The Expert Level Touch Technique

    The final technique when it comes to grilling the perfect steak to medium-rare perfection can require a bit of trial and error. In the long run, however, mastering the touch technique to steak doneness can not only create a perfect medium-rare cut every time, but it also looks pretty darn impressive to friends and family.

    When it comes to execution, a medium-rare steak will have some squish or give when lightly pressed on with your finger. If a steak is rare, it will be all squish and will hold an indent from where its been pressed. A medium steak, or one cooked even longer, wont give at all, or only minimally. It may take some time, trial and error to perfect the touch method, but weve found this is undoubtedly the best for ensuring the perfect level of medium rare doneness time in and out.

    You can use this method as you cook steak to gauge doneness. First, hold your hand up and touch the tip of your middle finger to your thumb. With your other hand, poke the fleshy part of your palm underneath the thumb. What you feel is how your steak should feel for medium-rare.

    After youre done searing steak, hold the steak with a pair of tongs. Then, poke the thickest part of the meat with one finger. Does it feel like the fleshy part of your palm did in your test? If so, your steak should be medium rare!

    The Wrap Up

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