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Should Steak Knives Be Serrated

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What Makes A Great Steak Knife

How to Sharpen Serrated Curved Blade Steak Knives

A good steak knife, like a good kitchen knife, has to be sharp, comfortable in your hand, well-balanced, and strong in order to be effective. If you have an expensive, perfectly cooked steak in front of you, you dont want to be sawing and ripping away at it with a flimsy knife. Steak knives, on the other hand, must be visually appealing.

What Knives Do Steakhouses Use

  • Continue reading to learn about some of our best steak knife sets that you can get right now. Overall, the best option is: Classic 4-Piece Set by Wüsthof
  • The Victorinox Swiss Army 8-Piece Set is the best serrated.
  • Cuisinart Triple Rivet is the best budget serrated knife.
  • Messermeister Avanta is the best straight-edge for the money.
  • The Henckels Set of 8 Steak Knives is the best value.
  • Q: Can I Use A Steak Knife On Food Thats Not Steak

    Why yes, you most certainly can. I like an elegant and chic knife that is versatile and not only used for steak, Ouellet says. While we wouldnt recommend using a steak knife on something like a watermelon or to slice a loaf of bread, if youve made a roast chicken or even a vegetarian dish, its a perfect occasion to break out your beautiful flatware.

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    Best Value: Henckels 8

    For a quality brand with a full-size set, this Henckels set with eight serrated steak knives has excellent ratings. The larger serrations cut through any food easily with little force, and the triple-rivet handles ensure a sturdy hold for the long run. For home cooks looking to use a solid set of steak knives without breaking the bank, Henckels tools are a great option and come with a lifetime guarantee, too.

    To buy: Henckels Triple-Rivet 8-Piece Steak Knife Set, $39 at ,, or

    Best Serrated: Victorinox Swiss Army 8

    Steak knives, Emojoy Steak knife set, Stainless Steel Steak Knives ...

    With thousands of five-star ratings, this lightweight, no-frills set from Victorinox gets high praise across the board. The serrated stainless-steel blades and textured handle allow for easy gripping and slicing, and they can handle the dishwasher in a pinch.

    To buy: Victorinox Swiss Army 8-Piece Steak Knife Set, $31 at or

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    How Much Is The Average Serrated Steak Knife

    When it comes to serrated knives, they come in all different shapes, sizes, and price brackets. You can pick up a quality serrated steak knife for around $40 $60 which will last you for a very long time .

    In my experience its best to stay away from the cheap low-quality knives, these often have bendy blades which can snap regularly, and even end up in your food if youre not careful.

    Not only that, but when these cheap knives snap and break all of the tension is released at once, meaning youll have to duck and run for cover as if it hits somebody this could be a disaster.

    Investing in your tools is essential if youre a passionate home cook, youll want to ensure you using high-end quality tools to prepare and cook your food.

    When it comes to cooking products, I always go for quality over quantity, a good steak knife will last you 3 times over what a cheap and cheerful knife will.

    You dont need to opt for the super expensive serrated steak knifes either, its much better to choose a quality steak knife as well as a good sharpening tool to maintain it rather than spending hundereds of dollars on a super high end steak knife.

    What Is The Difference Between Western Steak Knives And Japanese Steak Knives

    Western steak knives are larger, have a serrated blade, and tend to be curved slightly. The tip of the knife curves down, so theyre effective at cutting through bumpy surfaces like French bread.

    Japanese steak knives are smaller, have a straight blade, and tend to be sharpened on one side only. They have no curve or scalloping. This design makes them good for cutting slices of sashimi or sushi rolls. Many people believe that these cuts are best made with an up-and-down motion along the length of the fish rather than horizontally across it as you would use most other types of.

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    What Are Steak Knives Used For

    A steak knife is a knife that is designed specially to cut the meat of the steak easily without shredding or resorting to the meat. It is an ability that prevents users from spending more time in cutting. Steak knives are very powerful than an average table knife. They are the best tool for cutting chicken breasts and chops. A good steak knife performs various jobs such as:

    • Cutting cooked meat
    • Coring an apple

    How Do You Store Steak Knives

    How to Sharpen a Serrated Knife – Can you Sharpen Serrated Knives?

    Steak knives, like all other sharp knives, should be kept safe from being jostled around or and knocked into by other utensils. You can use a sheath or knife roll if youve got room on your magnetic knife strip, thats an excellent idea, too. Some of the knives we tested came with permanent storage solutions, while other will require an additional purchase. The important thing is to avoid tossing them loose in a utensil drawer.

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    How To Sharpen Steak Knives

    Sharpening a steak knife is a little bit different than a straight-edge knife. You need to follow these steps to sharpen steak knives:

    • Purchase the steak knife sharpening tool
    • Locate one side of the knife with the beveled edges
    • Now place the sharpening rod in serrated scallops
    • Match the diameter of the gullet by moving the rod
    • Now sharpen the first gullet and check out for the burr
    • Continue sharpening groove on the knifes blade

    Can You Use A Whetstone To Sharpen A Serrated Knife

    It is possible to sharpen a serrated bread knife with a whetstone or any other sharpening tool that can reach between the serrations. The sharpening of serrated knives differs from the sharpening of conventional blades due to the fact that they feature ground, concave slats that must be sharpened separately.

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    The Material Of Your Steak Knife

    While older steak knives used to be made from carbon steel it is more common now to find them made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is known to be not only durable but also rust-resistant. This is important if you intend for your steak knives to have a long lifespan.

    Though you may not have many options outside of stainless steel there are different kinds of stainless steel that are worth mentioning.

    • High Carbon Stainless Steel
    • Cold Stainless Steel
    • Tempered Stainless Steel

    High carbon is the most lightweight of the three options making it more flexible when in use. Cold steel will be easier to keep clean and high carbon is for those looking for a more robust steak knife. Whichever stainless steel you decide to go with you can be comforted by the fact that each will last you a long time.

    Whatever steak knives you choose to use in your home or display in your restaurant we hope that these tips will guide you to the best option for you. Remember it is best to select a set of steak knives that has all the right elements for you and your steak versus by how they look on your table. This way you can be guaranteed a fantastic steak cutting experience.

    Bad Packaging Can Dull A Good Sharp Knife

    Steak knives, Emojoy Steak knife set, Stainless Steel Steak Knives ...

    The knives were first inspected for construction and packaging flaws, which can damage the knives en route. One of the most expensive steak-knife sets arrived in a fancy wooden box, but the notches that held the knives didn’t secure them tightly in place, so during transport the tips of the blades had been rubbing against the inside edge of the box, cutting grooves into the wood. That’s good for neither the box nor the knives.

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    Do Straight Or Serrated Steak Knives Have A Cleaner Slice

    The trick to cutting steak is to have a clean slice without losing too much juice. Cutting a steak with the right knife helps you retain as much juice in each slice of your steak for you to enjoy.

    Both options are incredible and would deliver an excellent cut depending on the steak they are dealing with. However, lets explore both options first to see the option you consider the best.

    Whats The Difference Between Steak And Other Knives

    There are a couple of significant differences between these knives and others that make them perfect for cutting meats.

    First, these tools usually have a good balance between the weight and durability of the knife handle and those of the knife blade. In other words, if the handle doesnt feel like its quality to you, then the blade probably isnt worth the money either. The point of a steak knife is that is should work with you to guide itself through a piece of meat with ease, so each part has to be in sync with one another.

    Second, steak knives usually are a quality knife and look good enough to be on display. A lot of people like displaying their steak knife set in the kitchen or dining area in a block, so you may notice that these sets tend to have some of the most eye-catching handles.

    Finally, a knife for steaks usually has a seamless design that leaves no gaps between the blade and handle or anywhere else in between. This helps give each knife a more rigid structure that lends to its ability to cut through meat.

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    Are Serrated Knives Better For Cutting Steak

    Although a sharp straight edge knife is preferable for cutting a steak, serrated blades maintain their sharpness for a longer period of time. However, because their edges might vary throughout the sharpening process, they should only be sharpened when you discover that they have become dull in the first instance.

    Does The Handle Matter On Steak Knives

    The Best Serrated Knives

    To a certain degree, yes. Although the handle may not be as immediately important as the blade, it will make or break your experience using the knife. Ideally, steak knives should have well-balanced handles that are easy to grip, and feel comfortable in your hand. The material used is largely up to personal preference, although price will vary depending on material .

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    How To Sharpen Straight

    It is so simple to sharpen a straight-edge blade. All you need to do is lay the blade flat with both the edge and spine on the stone. This allows the spin to set the most appropriate angle for sharpening. You should then push the blade away from you to the edge of the stone.

    You can sharpen using a stone or a knife sharpener. It is more recommendable to use the whetstone since you would not want to damage your knife. This rectangular block helps to keep the edge of the knife straight and well refined. You need to soak this whetstone in water for more convenient sharpening operations.

    How To Choose The Best Steak Knives

    When purchasing a Japanese steak knife, it is important to consider all of these factors in order to find the best one for your needs. With so many different types and brands of knives on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. By following these guidelines, you can be sure to find the perfect knife for your needs and enjoy the best steak dinners ever!

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    What To Know About Steak Knives

    Steak knives are available serrated with a scalloped edge with sharp teeth, kind of like a mini saw and with straight blades, like little chefs knives. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

    One of the biggest considerations with steak knives that distinguishes them from kitchen knives is that you usually use them on surfaces that are tough on blades, such as ceramic plates. That can cause knives to lose their sharpness more easily than cooking knives, which you tend to use on more hospitable surfaces, like cutting boards.

    Saken Steak Knife Set

    Steak knives, Emojoy Steak knife set, Stainless Steel Steak Knives ...

    The 5 blades on the Saken steak knife set are made from carbon steel and youll get two benefits out of this.

    First of all youll get much longer life out of each knife, thanks to natural corrosion-resistance. Theyll also stay sharper for longer. Thats important given that they have a serrated edge, as I like to minimize the time spent maintaining equipment wherever I can.

    Each knife is built as full tang as well, which means youll have the greatest control over your cutting motion. I find it much easier to cut with precision using a full tang blade, and will always choose it over an alternative when it comes to steak knives.

    The high quality of the knife construction extends to the presentation box as well. That makes it a good option if youre looking to buy a set of steak knives as a gift.


    • Serrated, carbon steel steak knives that truly retain their sharpness for an extremely long time.
    • Presentation box doubles up as a storage box for the drawer.
    • High quality wooden handles that look the part when the tables been set.


    These knives have wooden handles which are triple riveted to ensure stability and longevity. The blade is also full tang which will again give you great control over your cutting motion.

    If you want to pay a little extra, you can even have the knives custom-engraved. I found the options to be a little tacky. Think astrology symbols and the like and you can only apply three of them with a single order!



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    Where Does The Steak Knife Go In A Place Setting

    When setting the table, utensils are placed according to the order they are used. With the plate in the center, the steak knife takes the place of the dinner knife, just to the right of the plate and next to the soup spoon. Salad and dinner forks are placed on the left side of the plate. Be sure to set the sharp edge facing the plate.

    Serrated Steak Knives Cons

    Require a Bit More Maintenance Because serrated knives are designed to grip and tear through materials, they can often become dull quickly if not cared for properly. To keep them performing at their best, you must hone and strop your serrated knives as often as possible .

    Maybe Harder to Find Not all kitchen stores carry serrated steak knives, so you may have to do a bit more digging if youre looking for this type of knife.

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    What Makes A Steak Knife

    Of all the knives that you can own for your kitchen, one is often overlooked and really shouldnt. Im talking about the steak knife. A useful tool in its own right, but it is rarely mentioned when discussing knife sets for chefs. If you already have a knife set, but not a set of steak knives then I would suggest you consider adding them to your collection.

    But what kind of steak knife should you buy? Are there really that many different steak knives to choose from? What exactly makes a perfect steak knife for your kitchen? Well, here are some answers to the questions you have about steak knives.

    Can You Sharpen A Steak Knife

    How to sharpen quickly and easily serrated knife without a special sharpener

    Serrated steak knives are meant to be able to cut through denser pieces of meat, such as beef, without tearing them apart. Although sharpening a serrated knife blade is more difficult than sharpening other forms of cutlery, it is nevertheless achievable. One of the reasons for this is that there is less possibility of breaking the cut or ruining the knife during the procedure.

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    Can You Sharpen Steak Knives

    You sure can! Steak knives with smooth blades are easier to sharpen than serrated steak knives, but both can be whipped back into shape. You can use a whetstone, or follow the directions on an electric sharpener. Of course, you can always have your knives professionally sharpened. Do so when you notice more pressure or leverage is needed to achieve smooth cuts.

    The Paper Test Gave Us An Idea Of Factory Sharpness But Didn’t Tell The Whole Story

    Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

    As Daniel did with chef’s knives, the first and last tests for this review were performed to check the sharpness of each knife. I ran the blade of each knife, from heel to tip, through sheets of printer paper that had been folded in half. This test isn’t a precise measure of sharpness, but it allowed me to see which knives had a factory edge sharp enough to effortlessly slice through paper, and note which ones got snagged and tore at the sheets.

    The knife that performed the worst was the one micro-serrated knife that we tested, which tore and got caught on the paper. The knives that performed best were generally the premium straight-edged knives, while the cheaper knives had more trouble. The Messermeister Avanta was the notable exception to this trend it was one of the most budget-friendly knives of the dozen that were tested, and it sliced through paper just as well, if not better, than ones that cost five times more. It is also worth noting that the serrated steak knife that we tested aced the paper test, cutting through the sheet smoothly even with its saw-toothed edge.

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