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Gifts For A Steak Lover

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Napoleon Prestige Pro 825

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Steak Lovers and Foodies


Sure, your grill can cook. But can it put on a light show? While not the most impressive feature of Napoleons Prestige Pro 825, its light-up control knobs are certainly the most fun: Outfitted with LED Spectrum lights, they can glow in practically any color and cycle through the rainbow on their own. As a bonus safety feature, they will switch to red if you accidentally leave the gas on. The Prestige Pro 825 can run on propane or natural gas, includes scorching-hot infrared burners on the bottom and rear, and a side burner, totaling 1,430 square inches of cooking space. Thats enough space to cook 51 burgers at the same time. An integrated wood chips smoker tray is camouflaged as a control knob, and slides out so you can fill it with chips and add just a hint of smoky flavor to your meal, without having to fill your yard with smog.

Find The Perfect Gift For Meat Lovers This Year Check Out These 10 Gifts For Steak Lovers For This Holiday Season

*This post is sponsored by Snake River Farms and contains affiliate links.

Need some ideas for unique gifts for the steak lover in your life? Give your family member or friend the best cut theyll ever get this holiday season with these great steak gifts.

There are so many different types of gifts, but this list includes a few of our favorites. Steak lovers often have a huge range of preferences when it comes to the cut, the cooking process, and what they like to eat their steak with. Having good quality kitchen tools are are a must have for any home chef, along with great products like gourmet steaks.

Weve compiled a list of various gifts for steak lovers, which we hope might make your search for potential gifts a little bit easier. These are some of the best gift ideas for Christmas gifts, Fathers Day, or any special occasion for the hardcore carnivore.

Steak Connoisseur Bundle $22039 Available At Crowd Cow

One of the best ways to get to know a food or beverage category is tasting similar items back-to-back. Not only can you decide which you prefer, but you better understand the flavor and texture that each has to offer. CrowdCow’s Steak Connoisseur Bundle allows the recipient to do the same thing with top-notch steak. The bundle includes one A5 Wagyu striploin steak, two New York strip steaks, and two beautifully marbled ribeye steaks. They can be stashed in the freezer and thawed out one at a time for dinner, or they can be cooked altogether for a steak feast that’s as tasty as it is educational. We love that CrowdCow is so forthcoming with the information on the farms that each kind of steak was sourced from.

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Rastellis Private Stock Prime Rib Roast

For more than 40 years, Ray Rastelli, Jr. has been in the business of meat. In 1976 he built a butcher shop in New Jersey that he and his brother expanded to multiple locations. Now you can order their steak online in the form of subscription boxes or one-off sets. All their beef is antibiotic, steroid- and hormone-free. Feed the whole crew with this stunning, wet-aged, five-lb. prime rib roast.

Kilne Steak Knife Set

DArtagnan Ultimate Steak Lovers Gift Box, 4.25 lbs ...

These five-inch serrated steak knives make easy work of any meat youre eating. Crafted by the direct-to-consumer brand Kilne, this set give you high-quality blades at a great value. The stainless-steel, hand-forged knife has a full tang, meaning that in your hand its sturdy and balanced, with the ergonomic handle making it especially comfortable to wield. Whats even handier is that the knives come with their own blocks, which are magnetic and easy to tuck out of the way while still protecting the blades.

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Silver Dollar Candle Co Bacon & Bourbon Candle $1695 On Etsy

Silver Dollar Candle Co./Etsy

Bringing it full circle, heres another meat-booze mashup to close things out. This candle is hand-poured in Knoxville, Tenn. and scented like the breakfast of champions, with notes of maple, bacon, and bourbon. Stuff this in someones stocking, and add a personalized message on the lid at no extra charge. Meaty Christmas! has a nice ring to it, but you could also go with a warning not to light this when theyre already hungry. Unless, of course, youve gifted them some actual artisanal bacon too.Buy Now

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American Wagyu Steak Flight $27500 Available At Snake River Farms

Wagyu breed cows, originally from Japan, are known for their delicate marbling and buttery flavor, especially when the cows live happy lives on lush pastures. For the Wagyu lover, it’s hard to do better than the American Wagyu Steak Flight from industry leader Snake River Farms. It includes two American Wagyu Gold Grade ribeye filets, two American Wagyu Black Grade filet mignons, and two pieces of American Wagyu Gold Grade top sirloin, plus a Snake River Farms hat, a thermal bag, and Jacobsen Black Pepper Infused Salt. Whether they choose to cook them all together or stash them away to be savored individually, they’ll remember this thoughtful gift for long after the meat has been devoured.

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Chicago Steak Meal Set

The Chicago Steak Meal Set is the ultimate gift for any carnivore. It features a prized selection of 28 different types of meat, including four eight-ounce premium Angus beef ribeye steaks, 16 four-ounce Angus steak burgers, four six-ounce lemon herb chicken breasts, and four six-ounce premium Angus beef top sirloin steaks. They have been aged up to six weeks and cut by hand, then flash-frozen to preserve their flavor. Each piece is individually wrapped, and the whole set comes packed in dry ice.

Burgers Smokehouse Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey

Omaha Steaks Holiday Gift Guide for Steak Lovers

Burgers Smokehouse hickory-smoked whole turkeys are the ideal gift for a friend, your boss, or a colleague. Tender and moist, they are delivered fully cooked and are delicious served hot or cold. They make the perfect centerpiece for a holiday meal and come in your choice of 8 to 10 pounds or 10 to 12 pounds. Made from the best grade-A turkey hens, they come delivered in a reusable Styrofoam container and are both tasty and impressive.

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For The Weekend Warriors

The Weekend Grill Pack from Holy Grail Steak is an excellent gift idea for steak lovers who would rather spend their time at the grill than in the kitchen itself. This gift package includes:

  • 8 x “Upper” Prime Black Angus Ribeyes ~16oz each
  • 4 x American Wagyu 1/2 lb Burger 2-packs

This gift package is perfect for those who love to grill and perfect for any occasion.

Last Minute Gifts That Cook

Order quick and it will land before Christmas. Make great memories with a table full of Gibsons steak, and smiling faces all around. Can’t be with your loved ones this Holiday Season? We ship nationwide so your salutations arrive in style. There’s a Gibsons Steak product for every budget and palate and this list is only a short guide. Every Gibsons Steak product can be sent as a gift with a short personal message. Order soon to get guaranteed delivery by Christmas Day.

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Holy Grail Upper Prime Porterhouse

One of Americas premier Japanese A5 Wagyu purveyors is also an excellent place to buy Angus beef and American Wagyu too. Holy Grails Upper Prime program curates only the best of the best Prime beefonly around 1,000 head of cattle per year meet the criteriaoffering steaks with the outstanding fat marbling that provides optimal flavor and tenderness. This steakhouse-quality beef comes in a variety of cuts, but for those who like both NY strips and filet mignons, they dont have to choose: Get the porterhouse, a 24 oz. beast of a steak for two.

For The Burger Lovers


Who doesn’t love a tasty burger? If you’re looking to impress the burger lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with The Burger Loader. This burger box comes with 24 8oz burger patties that will impress the most discerning of tastes.

  • 12 x Tajima Wagyu Burgers

  • 12 x Tajima Brisket, Short Rib, Sirloin Burgers

The burger lover in you life won’t be able to thank you enough for a gift of this magnitude.

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Six Ounce Filet Mignon Steaks By Feed The Party

Feed the Party brings you some of the best USDA steaks in the country. Straight from Louisville, Kentucky, these tender black Angus filet mignons will be delivered on dry ice straight to the door of your recipient. Thick, juicy, and hand-cut, they virtually melt in your mouth and make one of the best gifts for meat lovers that we have found. If you need more than 10, you can opt for the 20-steak package and save some money.

For The Serious Grill Masters

The Upper Prime Big Classics Flight from Holy Grail Steak is another great gift idea for steak lovers who appreciate a high-quality steak experience. This gift package includes:

  • 2 x Upper Prime Filet Mignon ~8 oz
  • 2 x Upper Prime NY Strip ~16 oz
  • 2 x Upper Prime Ribeye ~16 oz
  • 1 x Upper Prime Tomahawk ~40 oz

This gift package is perfect for steak lovers who want to experience the ultimate steak experience.

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For The Healthy Meat Eater

The Santa Carota Carrot-Finished Grill Pack from Holy Grail Steak is a great gift idea if you want to give the gift of steak without breaking the bank. This gift package features:

  • 1 x Santa Carota Carrot Finished Ribeye Steak ~16oz
  • 1 x Santa Carota Carrot Finished Strip Steak ~16oz
  • 2 x Wagyu Burgers – Half Pound Patties ~8oz

What makes this a special gift idea is the fact that the beef in this package is primarily carrot-fed, giving it a unique flavor and texture. This gift package is perfect for beef lovers who appreciate a more unique steak experience!

Gift For Steak Lovers Mugs

Top 5 Omaha Steaks Holiday Gift Ideas

This funny hannukah womens pajamas for who love Hannukah, Channukah Jewish Holidays, Happy Llamakah, Jewish llama Christmas stockings, your jewish friends or hebrew friends. Wear this jewish gag gifts while lighting the menorah or spinning the dreidel.

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Who doesn’t love a delicious Philly cheesesteak?!

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This funny jesus workout shirt is perfect gift for training pastor, Lord God believer, religious college athlete, gymnastics trainer, fitness fan, bodybuilding. Wear this cute barbell shirts women while working out and performing deadlifts and squats.

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So, We Meat Again – meat lover

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Christmas gift idea for football lover Kids, Daughter, Son, Brother, Mother, Sister, Dad, Men, Women.

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Non Vegan Anti Vegetarian BBQ Meat Barbecue

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I Love My Girlfriend, Best Girlfriend Valentines Day Gift

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Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer By Soraken

For the ultimate gift for grill-masters, look no further than this wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer. It is designed to monitor your food remotely using your cell phone and features 11 preset temperature levels. When your meat is done, an alarm will alert you to its internal temperature so you will never overcook or undercook your cuts again. It comes with four probes made with metal braiding and a Teflon core that can withstand heat up to 716 degrees so that you can monitor more than one meat on the grill at a time. For the meat-lover who has everything, this thermometer makes the ideal gift.


Smithey No 12 Cast Iron Skillet

Smith Ironware Co.

Unless youve migrated to sunnier climes, your grill will likely begin its winter hibernation soon. That doesnt mean the steak should stop. And, actually, even when grilling season is upon us, cooking in cast iron is the best way to go to ensure a hard sear and delicious crust on your steak. Since 2015, Smithey Ironware in Charleston, SC has been crafting beautiful, polished cast iron pans. This 12-inch skillet features durability, even heating across the surface and a vintage flair.

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For The Host Who Wants To Give The Most

Wagyu is a highly sought-after meat that’s known for its rich and tender texture. This gift package from Holy Grail Steak is an excellent option for those who love to host gatherings. This gift box features:

  • 6 x 8 oz Akaushi American Wagyu Tenderloin Filets
  • 3 x 2 lb Tajima American Wagyu Ground Beef packs

The Wagyu Weekender is perfect for hosting a steak party for friends or family.

Les Trois Petits Cochons Pork

Ultimate Gift Guide For Steak Lovers ($100 and Up)

Your meat-loving Francophile friend probably already knows that “charcuterie” means “cured meat” rather than the recent definition floating around on the internet of “all sorts of food that’s arranged on a board to show off on social media.” For the true charcuterie fan, we love the Pork-Free French Charcuterie Gift Basket at iGourmet. It comes with delicacies such as salmon pate, a truffled meat spread called Mousse du Perigord, duck foie gras mousse, andouille chicken sausage, and more. It also includes classic pairings, such as mini toast, Dijon mustard, and cornichons. All that’s missing is a bottle of Burgundy and a picnic blanket!

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Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker $79 On Amazon


The perfectly cooked steak is a matter of opinion, but a sous vide setup allows you to achieve perfect, precise results every time, and its become affordable enough for everyone to use in their own kitchens. Naturally, this sous vide circulator can be controlled via phone app, but has manual controls for old-school home chefs too. If youre feeling extra generous, throw in a vacuum sealer, which theyll need for this cooking method .Buy Now

A Unique Gift That Will Make An Impression

When it comes to gifting, no one wants to be the person responsible for the oh, isnt that thoughtful comment from your family member, friend or business colleague. Around the holiday season in particular, gift recipients are quick to return unwanted gifts that just didnt match up with their wants, needs or particular tastes.

Chicago Steak Company has a solution for the hard to shop for recipient in your life. Our award winning steaks are sure to please even the pickiest of taste buds. Each of our steak gift baskets or assortments come with complete cooking instructions, impeccable customer service and the full resources of our online Steak University. Chicago Steak Company products not only make great personalized gifts, they are also interactive, allowing the family to come together over the busy holiday season to put together the perfect gourmet meal.

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Our Favorite Gifts For Meat Lovers

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We all know some particularly meat-crazy folks for whom there is no greater gift in the world than a well-cooked steak or rack of barbecued ribs. But if you’re shopping for someone who loves both meat and puttering around in the kitchen, why not invest in their omnivorous future by giving them the tools with which to make their own tasty morsels? We’ve got equipment in a whole range of price points and needs, from a simple carving knife to a fancy electric smoker. Here are just a few select optionsno, choice findsno, prime present ideas! They’re all gifts of the finest gradeyou’ll see.

The Original Bear Paws Meat Shredder Claws $1299 On Amazon

Kitchen Knife Set: Meat Lovers Gift Set |


Because why settle for two dinky little forks when you need to shred some meat? If your giftee is big on BBQ , these meat claws will not only prove useful for quickly shredding a huge pile of protein, but will let them pretend theyre a grizzly bear for a few moments. Win-win! In addition to helping them prep pulled pork, beef, or chicken in a flash, these can be used to lift large roasts from pan to platterthink holiday turkey and ham. They come in a range of colors too.Buy Now

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Be All End All Steak Cookbook

This is for the steak lover who enjoys researching and diving into the details of everything steaks and meat. Aaron Franklin is the king of brisket, but his passion is truly with steak. This book is the be-all, end-all guide to cooking the perfect steak – from buying top-notch beef, seasoning to perfection, and finding the ideal cooking tool. Call him the steak whisperer because you’ll be mastering the perfect steak in no time.

Shop: Franklin Steak: Dry-Aged. Live-Fired. Pure Beef. – $20.96

Holiday Gift Ideas For The Steak Lover In Your Life

Black Friday has come and gone, and the time to buy your loved ones the perfect gift is going to run short before you know it. If you have a steak lover in your life, you want to make sure they receive a gift that is unique and tailored to their love for beef.

Here are seven of the latest and greatest holiday gift ideas from your local Dallas Steakhouse.

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Handmade Glass Salami Ornament $1596 At Sur La Table

Sur La Table

Meaty love can be expressed in many ways. Why not by hanging this delicate glass salami ornament in a place of honor on ones tree? Its hand-crafted in Poland for an heirloom-quality salame that will never go bad. There are a few other equally delightful options to choose from, including a bacon ornament and a roast chicken ornament, depending on the object of your carnivores deepest affection.Buy Now

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