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Where To Buy A Hanger Steak

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Choosing The Right Cut Of Steak

How to Cook Hanger Steak | The Stay At Home Chef

Cuts of steak can be broken down into three sections. Startingon the upper back and moving down to the mid-back are the ribs, theshort loin and the sirloin.

  • The rib area contains cuts such as the Rib-eye Steak, the RibRoast, and the back ribs. This is the least tender section of thethree.
  • The short loin area produces the T-bone, Top Loin Steak, Tenderloin and the Porterhouse.
  • The Sirloin gives the Sirloin Steak, and the Top Sirloin.
  • Other steaks like the chuck, round, and flank come from those areas and tend to be tougher cuts of meat.
  • Strips steaks, such as New York Steak are cut from the T-bone area.

If you are looking for the most tender cut of beef, it is thetenderloin. Other cuts from this area are filet mignon,chateaubriand and tournedos. Though these are the most tenderthey are also less flavorful.

The rib-eye, or rib steak can be a little less tender but far moreflavorful. Small streaks of fat throughout the meat mean moreflavor. So with more marbling you get less tenderness but moreflavor.

Finding a balance between the two, gives you the best steak. Top loin and sirloin are slightly less tender but have more flavor thantenderloin. With cooking cuts of meat such as these there is noneed to marinate or even cook past medium rare.

Some of the most flavorful but least tender cuts of beef aretri-tip or flank steaks. These are also favorites on thebarbeque. Your best bet is to marinate these cuts beforecooking. Also, leave the fat on until after the meat is cooked.

Simple Seared Hanger With Lemon Butter From My Recipes

This recipe really makes the most of a simply cooked Hanger steak, but with a twist, Brussels sprouts!

Once your steak is cooked to perfection, you use the hot skillet for cooking off potatoes and Brussels sprouts for a side, with lemon and herb butter to give it some zing.

While Brussels are a Marmite vegetable, we think youll love this recipe! Get it here: Simple hanger steak with lemon butter recipe.

Why Is My Steak Chewy

Overcooking can make your meat dry but undercooked meat can be quite chewy. Dont be afraid of an instant-read meat thermometer and pull your meat when its ready. For naturally tender cuts like beef tenderloin, that can be as rare as 125ºF, whereas tougher cuts like brisket should be cooked to 195ºF.

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Best Butchers Cuts You Need To Try

May 3, 2019

If you ask someone about their favorite steak you will probably get answers like ribeye, filet mignon, NY strip, or porterhouse. Those are all excellent cuts and are readily available at any steakhouse or in your grocery store meat case. But are you ready to explore some cuts beyond those standard cuts?

Lets cut the suspense right now and I will list the cuts. Later in this post I will explain more about these cuts and give you some links where you can buy them:

  • Hanger Steak
  • Sirloin Flap
  • Teres Major

Butchers cuts are secret cuts of beef that butchers used to save for themselves because they are uniquely delicious with some awesome textures. Everyone knows about ribeyes and t-bones but these other cuts but have you ever seen a hanger steak at your local grocery store?

Back when butchers would break down whole animals they would cut out these butchers cuts and cook them for themselves. Most of them require quite a bit of skill to properly butcher and compared to other cuts they are relatively small. For example, you can probably get 25-30 lbs or ribeyes from one steer but only 2 pounds of teres major. A couple strip loins will weigh in at 25 pounds but each animal only has about 2.2 lbs of hanger steak.

As a result most butchers dont bother with these cuts. But when you can get your hands on them you will find some exceptional steaks with flavors and textures you wont find elsewhere. Are you ready to dig in?

Portion Size: How Much Hanger Steak Per Person

The Real Reason It

How much you rustle up for dinner is dependent on your appetite, but it is typically sold in a 1lb. piece, and most will cook that for four people.

4oz per person is plenty due to its intense beef flavor, especially if its accompanied by tasty sides.

Best effort guidelines suggest that a well-cooked steak loses around 25% in weight once cooked, so that means a 4oz becomes 3oz, so bear this in mind if you have some big eaters around the table.

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What Is Hanger Steak Uses How To Cook It And More

In this article, we look at the hanger steak, covering what it is, where it comes from, why that name, alternative names, how to source it, how to cook it, and more. By the end, youll be a hanger expert, and Im sure you will want to sample some!

The Hanger steak has long been a favorite in Europe due to its flavor and tenderness.

Not many people elsewhere are aware of this cut or have ever cooked it merely because until now, it has been the butchers secret cut.

The Hanger steak is relatively new in the US. Still, it has recently gained popularity in steak restaurants across the country due to its intense flavor and versatile use in many beef dishes.

Most people discover it in a restaurant, but when they come to recreate their newfound favorite dish at home, they cant find it at their local supermarket or butcher.

The Hanger heartbreak is real, but thankfully its rising popularity means this wont be a problem for too much longer.

So, in this guide, we will make sure you walk away with the knowledge on all things Hanger.

Youll discover what it is, where its from, what it tastes like, and most importantly, how to get your hands on one and what to do with it.

So, sit back, relax, and hang with us!


  • 12 Conclusion
  • What Is A Hanger Steak

    Hanger steak, a tasty cut of beef that hangs from the diaphragm of the cow along the plate, or lower belly. Because this muscle does very little work, its extremely tender and packed with beef flavor. Given how delicious hanger steak is, I was surprised by how difficult it was to track down.

    Hanger Steak According to Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in his Bronto burger-sized compendium The River Cottage Meat Book , hanger steak gets its name from the fact that it hangs down between the tenderloin and the rib.

    The hanger steak comes from the muscle that helps support the diaphragm between a cows rib and loin. It gets its name because it just hangs there. In other words, the hanger steak does no work, which means it is incredibly tender. Theres only one per animal and thats the problem.

    So, where exactly does a hanger steak come from, and is it good for broiling? gregg1956 September 20, 2010 . By this time in my life I’ve probably tried about all the different kinds of steak cuts there are, from prime meats to the types of steak cuts not usually mentioned in polite company.

    Hanger steak comes from the lower belly of a heifer or steer and is comprised of a pair of muscles that make a sort of v-shape. Although there is a long inedible membrane running down the middle, hanger steak is often the tenderest cut of meat.

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    Sirloin Flap Or Bavette

    This wonderful cut comes from the bottom of the sirloin near where the flank steak comes from. It has a fairly open texture similar to skirt steak or hanger steak as you can see from the picture below.

    You will see this cut called sirloin flap or bavette. If you are from New England you might also see it called sirloin tip. Up there it is usually cut into cubes, skewered, and roasted over an open coal fire. Sirloin flap is much more versatile than just that though. Whip up a carne asada marinade and you will have some of the best tacos you will ever eat. A Korean bulgogi marinade would do very well on a cut like this and it would also make some great shawarma.

    I would cook this cut hot and fast directly over some hot coals but if you are a bit more daring lose the grate and place the meat directly on some blazing lump charcoal for a caveman style steak.

    Sirloin flap or bavette is usually a 2.5-3 lb piece of meat so there would be plenty to feed a family, especially if you are making some tacos or serving with rice or something along those lines.

    Where To Buy Sirloin Flap

    Everything You Need To Know About Hanger Steak

    Porter Road sells some nice looking 2.5-3 lb sirloin flaps for $42 each. And dont forget their free shipping on orders over $100. Order your sirloin flap from Porter Road.

    Snake River Farms sells an American Wagyu version of this cut also. It will be more heavily marbled than other flaps you will see and at $55 it isnt cheap but it will be delicious. Order your American Wagyu bavette steak from Snake River Farms.

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    Where Does Hanger Steak Come From On The Cow

    There is a clue in the name of the Hanger steak. It is a select cut prized for its full flavor that hangs from the diaphragm of the steer.

    This section of the animal is referred to as the plate primal.

    The Hanger is the crura, or legs, of the diaphragm itself, which is attached to the last rib and front of several lumbar vertebrae.

    It is a roughly V-shaped muscle pairing that has an inedible membrane down the middle.

    Note:For a complete look at all popular beef cuts and where they come from, check out our beef cuts guide.

    Where To Buy Hanger Steak

    Generally, hanger steak is sold in the U.S. as a budget cut of meat, but the increasing popularity of hanger steak both among restaurant chefs and home cooks means it’s no longer quite the bargainbut it is still an affordable and versatile cut. You should be able to find packages of hanger steak in the meat section of your supermarket or at your local butcher.

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    Hanger Steak Vs Other Plate Cuts

    A hanger steak is just one of the strips of meat available within the plate cut area. Even My Chicago Steak, the steak company that fashions its blog as a steak university, fails to really distinguish hanger, flank, and skirt steaks beyond comparative levels of tenderness.

    Flank steaks, which are located around the belly, are lean and skirt steaks, which come from between the abdomen and chest, are less tender because the muscles are used more. Both of these find their full potential with preparation, marinating with the former and tenderizing with the latter. That said, they wouldn’t recommend eating skirt steak as its own thing, but as a steak ingredient for a different dish.

    Hanger steak, though, is protected by the rib cage and, as mentioned, is an incredibly tender meat, meaning no further preparation is needed to enjoy it as the featured food of a meal. That said, in a pinch, you could substitute any of them for the others as long as you address the qualities of each steak.

    Shopping For Hanger Steak

    USDA Prime Hanger Steak for Sale

    Hanger steak is sold either whole, looking somewhat like a “V”, or trimmed of the center gristle, in which case they resemble a tenderloin. If you get a whole piece, make sure to cut away and discard the center main gristle that connects the two tenderloin-ish pieces.

    If hanger steak isn’t available where you are, you might want to try this recipe with a flank or skirt steak.

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    Usda Prime Hanger Steak

    A hanger steak, also known as butchers steak or hanging tenderloin, is a cut of beef steak prized for its flavor. This cut is taken from the plate, which is the upper belly of the animal. Why is skirt steak so expensive? Contributing to the rise in prices is heavy export of the skirt steak to Japan.

    Hanger steaks belong to the flat steak group, which is the same group that flank and skirt steaks belong to. This cut comes from right below the diaphragm of the animal, full of muscle that helps support it. The meat sits between the loin and ribs, essentially hanging out in that spot, giving it its unique name.

    The hanger steak gets its name because it hangs from the diaphragm of the steer. The outer skirt steak comes from right about the same area It comes from right around where the plate, flank, rib, and short loin all join up together.

    Sometimes people will cut it a certain way and call it a faux hanger steak, because you get the same texture as hanger steak without having to pay the price for hanger steak. A really well-marbled bavette steak is one of the better pieces of meat on the animal, says Jermasek.

    The hanger steak comes from the same class of beef that the skirt steaks and flanks steaks come from, known as the flat steaks. The hanger steak is loved for its tasty flavor and its tenderness. It is the most tender steak out of all the flat steaks. Though the hanger steak is a thin cut, it is still loved by a lot of people for its meaty flavor.

    Hanger Steak Vs Skirt Steak

    The main difference between the skirt and hanger steak is the tenderness.

    While the hanger is the most tender cut, the skirt is the least. It is also far less expensive than the hanger steak.

    That being said, all flat steaks will cost less than a rib eye.

    While hanger steaks are tender by nature, skirt steaks will taste much better with a good marinade.

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    Where To Buy Picanha

    Snake River Farms sells some American Wagyu picanha with some insane marbling and texture. They cost $75 for about a 2.5 lb piece of meat. Order your picanha from Snake River Farms.

    Porter Road carries this cut as well but since there are only 2 per animal they tend to sell out somewhat quickly. But Porter Road butchers and restocks their supply most days so if you miss out check again the next day. Their picanha runs $36 and it is in the 3.8-4.2 lb range. Order your picanha from Porter Road.

    What Exactly Is Hanger Steak

    Hanger Steak On the Grill – Cheap Steak Cuts Recipe | BARLOW BBQ

    What is hanger steak, and where would you find it? It may surprise you to learn that the term hanger steak comes from an actual description of how this steak looks while it is still on the cowit hangs from the diaphragm.

    In Europe, hanger steaks popularity is far-reaching as a tender, texturally-rich steak. It has been a go-to cut for many decades but is only just starting to make headway within the United States steakhouse niche. Now, it is popping up on more menus than ever before as patrons discover how incredibly tender hanger steak is, thanks to its positioning.

    The single cut of meat hangs with little obvious function for the cows physique. Unlike other cuts of meat, hanger steak does not see a lot of action or toughen with overuse like other areas. Some even claim that hanger steak is more tender than the loin cuts.

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    Recipes For Hanger Steak

    Similar in texture to the skirt steak and the flank steak, the more tender hanger steak makes a great choice for a variety of dishes from a wide range of cuisines. Feel free to use hanger steak in place of skirt or flank. You can also simply rub some oil on the meat and season it liberally with salt and pepper before cooking it, then serve it thinly sliced with chimichurri, pesto, or a balsamic drizzle.

    Everything You Need To Know About Hanger Steak

    For those who want the joys of steak but lack the budget for cuts like filet mignon and ribeye, there is, as Rachel Ray suggests in a list of five cheap steaks, hanger steak. While noting that hangar steak has indeed grown in popularity, it has remained affordable enough for people to cook with oven fries and have with a bottle of wine.

    In France, where it’s known as onglet, hanger steak is a prized cut served as a steak in its own right. Until more recently, however, in the U.S. you were more likely to find hanger steak as part of a stew . That said, butchers in the United States understood the value of the meat, often saving it for themselves. That’s why hanger steak is also known as butcher’s steak.

    Why has hanger steak not enjoyed the same reputation in the U.S. as in France? It comes down to looks and location.

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