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Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignons Steaks A5 Grade

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Japanese A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon

Comparing Wagyu Beef – Japanese A5 vs Australian MS 8/9 Filet


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Turn your kitchen table into a high-end steakhouse with Japanese Wagyu Beef delivery to your home!

With the highest marbling grade, A5 Wagyu Beef Filet Mignon is the Queen of Japanese Wagyu steak! Wagyu Filet Mignon is the tenderest part of beef, making up only about 3% of the entire cattle. Soft on your tongue with a mellow and elegant taste. Recommended for lean meat-eaters.


Ideal Cooking: Steak, Roast Beef, Katsu

Shipping Condition: Frozen

Trying to sear the perfect steak? Heres what you need to know about prepping and cooking Japanese Wagyu beef steaks.

#grillmaster Series: How To Cook A Japanese A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Ribeye

Posted by Meat N’ Bone on November 17, 2020

You have probably heard of Kobe beef, which is A5 beef from the prefecture of Hyogo, Japan. While Kobe made it famous, the prefecture of Miyazaki perfected the art of A5 beef. Over the past decade Miyazaki has won quite a few prizes for their quality, including a couple Wagyu Olympics.

If you want to try A5 beef there are two ways to go about it: You can go to a fancy steakhouse and pay roughly $35-$45 per ounce or you can cook your own. Today we teach you how to cook your own.

How To Cook A Wagyu Steak

Wagyu steak is known as the best steak in the world.

Cooking it is surprisingly quick, easy, and simple!

Follow these steps and tips on how to cook it perfectly!

This post was sponsored by Legent Bourbon but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Wagyu beef is the most premium steak in the world.

It is considered in such high regard because of its beautiful marbling fat that cooks into tender, juicy, melty, rich beef.

The fat literally melts in your mouth and tastes like butter.

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A5 Japanese Mizayaki Wagyu

Minamoto Wagyu Co. represents the most comprehensive assortment of A5-grade Japanese Wagyu in the world. Certified by the MizayakiNiku, Minamoto is your only online source for A5 Mizayaki Beef and exclusive supplier for Japanese Kobe Beef and Private Reserve offerings – perhaps the planets rarest beef. The World’s Greatest Steaks, all in one place.

A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon Set

Treat Yourself Tonight Wagyu Beef  Crescent Shell


Approximately 8-10 oz each

The Filet Mignon cut is the most tender part making up only 3% of the cattle. Unbelievably soft and tender packed with intense meaty umami flavor. Recommended for more lean meat lovers.

Check cattle ID on the Official Japanese Site

*We avoid shipping over the weekend to prevent potential delays and spoilage

*Any orders placed past 1pm PST will be processed the following day

Three individually packaged filet mignon steaks.

  • Authentic A5 grade Wagyu beef imported from Japan.
  • Certificate of Authenticity is included with every order.
  • Approximately 8-10 oz each
  • Japanese Black cattle .
  • Temperature controlled standard overnight shipping.
  • This item ships frozen.
  • Thawing is normal during shipment.
  • Product of Japan.
  • Delivery within 1-2 Business Days .
  • Est. arrival 2-3 Business Days from order date.
  • Pre-Cut, Pre-Portioned.
  • Great for sharing .

Things to Know

  • Due to natural variations in cattle shape, size, and/or weight, cuts may vary.
  • It is normal to see slight variations in color due to type of product and aging process
  • We recommend customer to place the frozen meat in the fridge 24 hours or longer to fully thaw before cooking

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What Is Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

I wont go into all the details but wanted to give you some basic info on Wagyu. Wagyu basically means Japanese Cow. More specifically when you are talking Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks you are talking about Japanese Black Cattle. These cows have some amazing genetics that produce some incredible intramuscular fat . These cows are also raised and fed much differently than American cattle.

Disclosure: This post is monetized with affiliate links. If you buy something through them I earn a commission which helps support this site and lets me buy more meat so I can write about it.

Above is a great example of a wagyu steak. That one is an olive fed NY strip from Pursuit Farms and is one of the steaks I will show you how to cook.

A couple more quick bullet points about A5 Wagyu before we get cooking:

  • Yes, real Japanese A5 Wagyu is very expensive. It isnt uncommon for a single steak to cost $250 or more.
  • You need to know where to buy Japanese A5 Wagyu beef. These arent steaks you can just get at your local grocery store. Ordering online is your best bet.
  • The A in A5 refers to the yield of the cow and the 5 refers to the amount of marbling. A5 is the best of the best but A4 or even A3 steaks can be fabulous as well.
  • Not all Japanese Wagyu is created equal. You will see some brands like Miyazaki or Kagoshima. Those are good but brands like Kobe, Ohmi, and Hokkaido Snow are better. You can find those three brands available at Pursuit Farms.

OK, lets get cooking!

How To Cook A Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

I get it. You just spent a ton of money on a nice Japanese A5 Wagyu steak and you dont want to screw it up. For most people a nice Wagyu steak will be the most expensive piece of meat they will ever eat and ruining it would be devastating. Luckily cooking a Japanese A5 Wagyu steak isnt complicated. In this post I will show you how to cook a Japanese A5 Wagyu steak and cook it with confidence.

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How To Cook Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

There are a few generally accepted methods to cook a Japanese Wagyu steak. I will talk about the way I cooked mine and then give you a couple other options. All these options are cooked in a pan. Dont fire up the grill for these steaks. There is way too much fat in these steaks that will render out, hit the coals, and cause flareups which leads to nasty soot and bad flavors. Stick with a good pan on your stove. Or if you really want to cook outside put a pan or flat top of some sort on your grill.

Lets talk pans. Stainless steel or carbon steel are the preferred pans for cooking Japanese A5 Wagyu. Cast iron can work but stainless steel and carbon steel are more responsive. They can heat up or cool down quicker than cast iron. I used a couple stainless steel skillets from Made In Cookware which I love.

Here are the three steaks I cooked. On the left is a Miyazaki filet a friend shipped from Cote Korean Steakhouse in NYC. In the middle is an Ohmi strip and on the right is an olive fed strip. The Ohmi and olive fed steaks were from Pursuit Farms. I also had an Australian Wagyu strip from Pursuit that I reverse seared. Just wanted to mention that one because you might see it in some of the pictures.

If you have some thicker steaks like these ones you will want to let them rest at room temperature for 15-30 minutes. For thinner steaks just cook them straight out of the fridge. Many Japanese wagyu steaks are on the thinner side.

Other Ways To Cook Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon

So you didnt learn how to cook a Japanese A5 Wagyu steak above? OK, here are a couple acceptable alternatives:

Cut the steaks in to about 1 inch strips and sear those off in a pan rather than the whole steak. Sear all 4 sides of the strips. The result will be some great, crusty strips of beefy, fatty heaven.

If you have a thicker block of meat you can also slice very thin strips and cook them for just a few seconds on either side. Eat them as the come off the pan. They are so thin that they would get cold by the time you got them all cooked and to to the table.

The two methods above are common ways of cooking these steaks in Japan. Rather than slapping a giant slab of beef on a plate like we do in America they just eat a couple small pieces of steak on rice or vegetables.

If you want to learn a bit more about Wagyu beef Adam Ragusea just published a video with some good information:

His video is sponsored by Crowd Cow which does sell real Japanese A5 Wagyu beef. They primarily sell Kagoshima beef which isnt quite the same quality as the higher end Japanese A5 Wagyu you can get at Pursuit Farms.

So now that you know how to cook Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks what are you waiting for? Order some steaks from Pursuit Farms , get a good pan, and cook.

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Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon Steaks A5 Grade

  • Japanese A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon Steaks
  • 6 oz steaks, approximately 3 lbs
  • Imported from the Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
  • Procured by Authentic Wagyu, LLC
  • Package Form: Individually Vacuum Sealed
  • Product is flash frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed
  • Ships FedEx 2nd Day Air

How Much Does A5 Wagyu Beef Cost

Product Name
Authentic Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks 3 lbs – A5 Grade $749.95 $589.99
Authentic Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks 2 lbs – A5 Grade $499.95 $399.99

. In this manner, how much does a5 Wagyu cost?

A5 Kobe costs $30 per ounce at Cote. Then the Olive Wagyu: The steak, which would cost about $30 an ounce at a restaurant or about $15 an ounce on Crowd Cow, was soft like the A5 Wagyu and incredibly tender â reminiscent of foie Gras.

Additionally, why is a5 Wagyu so expensive? These animals have extreme tie-dyed-like marbling, or intra-muscular fat cells, which makes their meat rich, juicy, tender, and thus more expensive and in-demand. âWagyu fat melts at a lower temperature than other stakes, resulting in a rich, buttery flavor,â Rooker says.

Secondly, how much does Wagyu beef cost?

Narrator: This is wagyu beef, one of the most expensive meats in the world. Produced in Japan and prized for its rich marbling and buttery taste, high-grade wagyu can cost up to $200 per pound, and the cows themselves can sell for as much as $30,000.

Is Wagyu worth the money?

If you haven’t eaten Wagyu beef, your bank account is healthier for it. In steakhouses like RPM Steak in Chicago, the cheapest wagyu costs more than the most expensive filet mignon and is a fraction of the size, but the fat marbling is so intense the meat looks almost tie-dyed.

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What Raised Right Means To Crowd Cow

No Unnecessary Antibiotics

Animal welfare is of utmost importance to us, and we only work with farms and producers that provide humane and clean living environments for their livestock.Better living conditions mean animals are naturally healthier so antibiotics simply aren’t necessary.In the rare cases where an animal gets sick or requires medical attention, antibiotics are only used therapeutically never to promote growth or to “proactively” prevent diseases.

No Added Hormones

We believe animals should develop at their own pace 100% free of artificial growth hormones.In other markets, animals are not typically provided enough space to build up their muscle, so hormones are given to promote growth.In contrast, our farms take the extra time, care, and effort to allow their animals to grow the way nature intended, gaining weight naturally.This translates to not only the safety and health of the animals, but also the premium quality of our products.

Personally Known & Taste-Tested

We have strong relationships with each producer we work with and have done our homework to ensure they meet our high standards.We only supply meat and seafood that we’d put on our own tables a product that’s delicious and raised ethically, cleanly, and sustainably always taste-tested by experts and better than anything you can find in your grocery store.

Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon

A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon Set (3pc)



Kobe Beef is the name given only to the top cattle of the Hyogo Prefecture and limited to A4 and A5-grade only – literally the cream of the crop. Considered by many the pinnacle of steak, Kobe is simply the most sought-after beef on the planet and exclusively available online at Holy Grail Steak Co.

Named after the city of Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture, this remote regions isolated genetics allowed for the development of what is known today as the Tajima line, a very pure genetic breed of cattle whose DNA has been sought after and spread to other cattle throughout Japan but which remains unadulterated in the Kobe region, its purity jealously guarded by the small farmers that comprise the Kobe association. Kobe Beef is extremely rare with under 1,000 head a year exported for the entire globe.

All purveyors of Kobe Beef operate under exclusive license of the Kobe-Niku, and Holy Grail Steak Co. is premier online retailer of Authentic Kobe.

A5 Kobe Filet Mignon – 6oz. steak

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Japanese A5 Filet Mignon


Filet Mignon has never looked this good! Introducing our A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon – featuring more marbling, flavor, and decadence. This cut of meat is Miyazaki Wagyu and is the perfect size for you to enjoy on your own! We recommend reverse searing these beauties or sous vide. Giving ample time for the fat content to render and break down is extremely important when it comes to cooking A5.

All Second City Prime Steak & Seafood Company products come individually vacuum sealed and frozen – guaranteed in your freezer for 6-12 months.

Cut: Loin Primal

Preferred Cooking Method: The preferred cooking method for the A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon is to reverse sear it! Set your oven temperature to 225 degrees fahrenheit. Also, don’t forget to season with ‘The Rub” for some deliciously added flavor! Place your filet on a raised rack, in the oven until you reach your desired doneness, we recommend using a meat thermometer to keep an eye on the internal temperature of your meat.

Preferred Cooking Time: The A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon should be cooked in the oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 130 degrees fahrenheit. Let the meat rest for 7-10 minutes for searing. Then, sear on medium-high heat for 1 minute on each side.

Wine Pairing:

Wagyu A5 Filet Mignon Cube Pieces

*Monday through Friday only Description

Wagyu cattle meat is well known worldwide for its marbling characteristics and naturally enhanced, flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. The finest steak eating experience. Kobe is reserved exclusively to describe Wagyu cattle raised in the Kobe region of Japan. Any Wagyu cattle raised outside of Kobe must go by the names Wagyu or Kobe-style.

100% Fullblood Japanese Wagyu from Miyazaki & Hokkaido Prefecture. The breed of cow that is used is Kuroge Wagyu, also known as “Japanese Black”. It is one of four Wagyu breeds that exist today, with Kuroge being the largest of the four main Wagyu breeds.

Our Wagyu A5 Tender pieces are the ultimate experience to develop any sautéed, kabobs, stir-fry, and stew dishes. These Cubes are versatile and comparatively cost-effective perfect for any quick recipe.

Japanese Wagyu Tenderloin pieces cut into cubes. Each piece is cut with precision and poise by our veteran butchers. This attention to detail provides the highest quality mouth-watering experience every time you order! Challenge your culinary skills with the most tender beef in the world.

  • Grade: A5.
  • Aged: 60+ days wet aged.
  • Weight: 8oz Packages.

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Can You Grill Wagyu Beef

I don’t recommend grilling Wagyu beef.

Wagyu beef is made of mostly fat. The fat melts really quick.

The melting fat can create flare ups in the grill.

The flare ups can cause the steak to cook unevenly or worse, it could burn your really expensive, luxurious steak!!

Cooking it in a cast iron pan or stainless steel pan allows you to evenly cook your Wagyu steak to the perfect temperature.

What Makes Us Better

#GrillMasterRecipes Cooking an A5 Japanese Wagyu Filet Mignon

Tillman’s Meats businessover 40 yearshigh quality standards

  • Our beef is cut fresh and sold fresh in-store. Custom cutting is our specialty and we are masters at it.
  • Our online steaks and meats are all flash frozen and vacuum sealed to lock in that delicious flavor and juices
  • Our knives are sharper and always a cut above the rest!

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Reviews For A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon Set

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    yang g choi 15 August, 2021

    These are a great value. A5 wagyu, filet mignons. Perfectly sized too. I highly recommend these.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Christina 10 August, 2021

    We ordered the exact product earlier in 2020 and we were delighted! They were full of flavor and fork tender. They didnt disappont this time too. Same taste as before. I highly recommend this site.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Danielle Ahlzadeh

    Delicious steaks, just the right size. Tasty and very tender. Ill order again!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Vincent D Nguyen 15 June, 2021

    Perfect!! Came completely frozen after a 2 day ship!! Has the filet tonight! Mama loved it. I ordered some ribeyes just based on the filet taste! You wont go wrong ordering get this meat!! The packaging is extremely professional as well!! Thanks for a great meal!!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Amy hatfield 1 August, 2021

    I sent these to my father for his birthday. He is difficult to buy a gift for because he has everything. He thoroughly enjoyed the steaks. It was a huge hit!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    LaShauna C. 6 August, 2021

    Gave this as a gift and it took a while to get their comments. They said the steaks were tasty and tender. Would buy these again.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Md. Ibrahim K Bhuyan

    I love this filet mington steaks.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Deborah B. 22 June, 2021

    OMG they were the softest filets Ive ever had in my life!! Tasted so much better than the meat Ive ever tried in my life.

  • Rated 4 out of 5

    Linda Widder

  • Rated 5 out of 5


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