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Steak Of The Month Club Butchers Market

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Best For Spanish Sausage: La Tienda

The Butcher’s Market Bone In Ribeye

La Tienda

Why We Chose It: La Tienda offers the largest selection of Spanish food products online, including a variety of cured Spanish sausages.

  • Great for gift-giving

  • Only one subscription type

  • No detail on the exact sausage types included with each shipment

Since 1996, the family-run company La Tienda has been offering authentic Spanish food products to an online community and currently features the largest selection of Spanish food online. Products are chosen from small family artisans in Spain and are warehoused in Virginia, where La Tienda operates. Among various food products, including cheeses, jamón, canned and cured seafood, and even paella ingredients, La Tienda devotes an entire section of its website to Spanish chorizo pork sausage. Sign up for La Tiendas Charctuería Club and receive three monthly shipments of Spanish-style cured sausage.

In total, subscribers receive approximately 5 pounds of sausage over those three shipments. Because they are cured sausages, they are non-perishable and ready to serve straight out of the box. Each delivery includes one or two new sausages of a different style, packed in a cloth gift bag. Types vary from traditional smoky paprika chorizo to peppery salchichón to spreadable sobrasada style sausage. Subscription is prepaid and averages close to $50 per month, including shipping.

Proudly Supporting Uk Business In The Steak And Bbq Community

MY STEAK CLUB are proud to be working closely with quality British business owners, including Farmers, Butchers Suppliers and Manufacturers.

The hospitality and restaurant industry has faced a difficult year, and as businesses adapt to new ways of reaching customers, My Steak Club are pleased to stand alongside them.

Thats why youll find high quality steaks and cooking accessories in our My Steak Club Member Giveaways and Discounts

Best Value: Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks was doing subscriptions before subscription boxes were even inventedand well before anyone ever owned a computer. What started as a small-scale butcher shop in Omaha became a mail-order venture in 1953, which it remains today . Since its inception, Omaha’s ethos has been on high-quality meats at affordable prices.

That remains its focus, but now Omaha sells way more than steaks. Customers can purchase entire meals, from apps to desserts. There are always tons of promotions and changing costs, but grilling and steak boxes can start around $129.99 per month.

Contents of the boxes vary monthly, but grilling boxes feature ribeyes, boneless New York strips, rib-eye crown steak, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and more. The same goes for steak boxes, which can include top sirloin, filet mignon, flat iron steaks, boneless New York strips, and more. Should customers want to vary their subscriptions, there are bi-monthly and quarterly options as well.

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Omaha Steaks Monthly Meals

Cost: $54.99 a month.

Whats inside: Get 3 meals every month that consists of one slow cooker meal, one skillet meal, and one random, yet mouthwatering meal using their world-famous meats. But if thats not for you, theres always gift plans along with a steak of the month club that you can check out.

Kansas City Steak Club

Try our new Steak of the Month Club!

Kansas City Steak Club offers one slightly unusual subscription plan and another that isfamiliar. The more common one is their Kansas City Steak Favorites Club. Thisprovides a different type of steak every month . Thefeatured steaks are listed on the company’s website.

The other option is the Custom Choice Club. As the name suggests,you get to choose the meat that you receive.There is a large selection to choose from, including some that are steak andothers that are not. This amount of control is unusual and appealing.Both clubs have a 3-month , 6-month and a 12-month version.

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My Favorite Carving Board And Serving Platter

I absolutely love my Williams-Sonoma carving board:-). We use it every time we grill meat. The side channels prevent juices from spilling, and the meat is so easy to slice. The link to my exact board is below .

Id LOVE to hear back from any of you who have thoughts or opinions on the topic. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Wishing you a joyful, blessed, and savvy day!!!

Diverse Products Around Shop

The Butchers Markets meats arent only prepared cuts of beef and pork. There is a deli with Boars Head meats as well as made-to-order sandwiches.

But what the Market also has that many other stores do not is their shelf marked exotic meats. Here, shoppers can find items such as poulet rouge, ossobuco and duck fat.

There are all popular to cook with but theyre hard to find, Wilkins said.

Next to these sit turkey bacon, elk, boar, all the way up to alligator meat, kangaroo meat and whole rabbits. And that isnt even scratching the surface of all the kinds of proteins sold here.

The other side of the business at The Butchers Market is the grocery products from local businesses.

We help a lot of local companies who start here before moving on to larger chains, Wilkins said.

There are long lines of shelves with barbecue sauces by North Carolina masters, not to mention all of the North Carolina beer and wine thats for sale, either in bottles, cans or growlers.

The local representation in food does not stop there. The Market carries bread from Stickboy in Fuquay-Varina, coffee from Larrys Coffee in Raleigh and salsa from Yahs in Huntersville. There is also cheese, milk, butter and yogurt from local cows.

The Market also carries large shakers of spices and rubs it puts together itself for the same price as much smaller shakers at typical grocery stores.

Butchers Market owner Derek Wilkins with the Cary stores general manager, Jeff Gregory.

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What Makes The Best Meat Of The Month Clubs Different

Like in any market, there are great variations in the quality of service and products provided by different meat of the month clubs. Certain clubs offer great meat but do not suit most budgets. Some may pleasantly surprise you one month but disappoint you the other. And then there are those that are pretty good but simply do not suit the needs of too many meat lovers.

What makes the best meat of the month clubs different than the rest is that they offer:

  • Invariable meat quality
  • Excellent membership perks
  • Subscriptions for various budgets.

One of the main reasons why you should go with a top-rated meat of the month club is because that way you never have to worry about your upcoming delivery being less satisfying than the last. You can rest assured that even though the products selection may differ from one month to the other, the quality of the meat you get is sure to remain equally high.

Furthermore, these top-of-the-line clubs almost always boast more varied offers than the rest, allowing you to choose between multiple subscription options designed with different preferences in mind. They know their membership base well and design monthly boxes that satisfy the needs of fans of a vast range of meat types and cuts.

Sink Your Teeth Into The Meaty Selection At The Butchers Market

The Butchers Market Wagyu Petite Sirloin Roast

Thanks for being a member of City Paper!

A butcher shop born out of pandemic is here to stay, according to the couple behind the Mount Pleasant venture. In June, Purple Patch owner Patrice Cleary refashioned the bottom floor of her Filipino restaurant to make room for her romantic partner, Chef Bill Williamson, to sell gourmet cuts of meat, seafood, and fresh pasta. Were going to keep building it, Cleary says. We have a bigger vision for it. The Butchers Market just scratches the surface.

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What Is A Chuck Eye Steak

What is a chuck eye steak? It is often referred to as the poor mans rib eye and that is for good reason. Rib eyes are cut from the 6th to the 12th rib of the cow. The chuck eye is cut off the 5th rib. Dont confuse them with chuck steaks. These are chuck EYE steaks. There are only two chuck eye steaks per cow so they arent always available. But when they are, they are quite the treat at a much discounted rate from the lauded rib eye:

The chuck eye does not quite have the flavor of the rib eye, particularly the money muscle around the top, outer edge, and isnt quite as tender, but it is darn close. And for the price difference, its well worth the slight downgrade. To compensate for it not quite being a rib eye, I dont recommend taking the chuck eye steak beyond medium. It also marries well with a marinade prior to grilling or basting during. I always keep my steaks below medium, and opted for the basting with some Andrias Steak Sauce while I grilled it.


Andrias Steak Sauce, reserved for later

No amounts here. I kept it uber simple with this one.

The chuck eye steaks out of their cellophane prison:

Time to season before we prep the grill:

Hit it with salt, black and white pepper:

Prepare the grill for high heat, two zone grilling with coals or burners blaring hot on one side and nothing on the other side. In this case, I used the upper rack of my Infrared Grill as the second zone.

Another layer of sultry, savory deliciousness from Andrias:

Goldbelly Monthly Bbq Subscription

Cost: $89 a month.

Whats inside: Get a fresh box of bbq from amazing bbq joints from all around the country. Best of all, each box can serve 4+ people. Some examples of barbecue places that sent food include Salt Lick BBQ, Dreamland BBQ, Kings BBQ and Pulled Pork, Central BBQ, and Mighty Quinns, just to name a few.

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Best Restaurant Quality: Stock Yards

Stock Yards

Founded in 1893 by the Pollack family in Chicago as a retail butcher shop, Stock Yards is another longtime steak spot. The company is rooted in the tradition of delivering high-quality steaks while touting a loyal customer base. Since its acquisition by US Foods in 2000, the company has had a successful direct-to-home shipment service.

Stock Yards has many subscription options, but the Stock Yards Club and Steakhouse Club stand out. Sign up for a three, six, or 12-month subscription ranging between $200 to $1,300 per month. With each shipment, customers will receive a heaping of USDA prime and USDA choice cuts and constant variety. Customers who choose the Stock Yards Club subscription can receive meat options including a rack of lamb, sliced ham, porterhouse steak, boneless rib eye, oven-roasted turkey, and more. Steakhouse Club members can receive baby back pork ribs, boneless rib eye, a complete-trim filet mignon, and more. While Stock Yards runs on the pricier side, the meat is restaurant quality.

The Best Sausage Of The Month Clubs

Try our new Steak of the Month Club!

Why We Chose It: Heritage Foods is nationally recognized as a premier supplier of pasture-raised meats and partners with artisans for its sausage program.

  • Variety of meat, flavors, and sausage styles

  • Can choose a delivery date

  • Great value and good customer service

  • Single sausage type every month

  • Auto-renew not ideal for gift giving

Founded in 2001, Heritage Foods started as a wholesaler to restaurants, known for its heritage breeds of humanely pasture-raised animals free of antibiotics or growth hormones. It sells beef, pork, lamb, goat, poultry, bacon and cured meats, and various other gourmet provisions. As part of several meats of the month programs, Heritage Foods offers a Sausage of the Month Club.

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Best Meat Subscription Boxes Of 2021

ButcherBox founder Mike Salguero has an obsession with rich and healthy grass-fed beef. But he realized there was an accessibility problem because, as of 2017, only four percent of the beef consumed in the United States is grass-fed. So, with ButcherBox, he’s become focused on selling grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork, and organic chicken.

Starting at $129 for eight to 11 pounds of free-range organic chicken, beef, heritage-breed pork and bacon, and wild-caught Alaskan salmon, customers can order their meats monthly. There’s a 16 to 22-pound plan, which is $238 per month, or there’s a customizable option at $149 per month for nine to 14 pounds of meat, adding up to about 30 meals.

In going the customizable route, subscribers can pick the types of meat they receive and even mix it up. Too much meat? There’s an option of an eight-week delivery period instead of four weeks. Plus, customers can cancel or pause their subscription at any time.

Steak Of The Month Clubs That Will Make You Drool

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If youre a steak lover, why waste your time trawling local stores to make sure you get a quality product when you could just join a steak of the month club? Buying steak online is an easy way to save time, and get a bigger selection of options.

There are plenty of good companies that will send you high-quality, fresh and delicious steaks. These steak of the month clubs mean you dont even need to leave the house your dinner will come to you.

Steak subscription boxes are perfect for any meat eater. They don’t have to be just for dads. My girlfriend loves filet mignon, but I’m more of a ribeye person myself.

The clubs here will send out your steak on a regular basis, often monthly . Many of the clubs provide variety too. This could mean that you get different types of steak in each shipment.

My favorite club from the list is Crowd Cow so far. I haven’t tried all of them, so keep that in mind, but Crowd Cow is definitely my style. Not only do they send super high quality meat, but it’s a variety of cuts, and you also get to learn about the farm where the beef came from.

They feature local, US farms, and you get to try different farms each month as well.

More than a dozen steak of the month clubs offer subscription boxes, so it’s a popular thing. Any meat eater will be happy with this club as a gift, or you can subscribe for yourself if you don’t have a decent butcher in your area .

  • Butcher Box
  • Mr. Steak

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Choosing The Right Meat Of The Month Club For You

When assembling our list of the best meat of the month clubs, we do not make our final choice by simply picking the services that meet our strict requirements and satisfy our objective selection criteria. We listen carefully to what our readers have to say. We base our choice on what you as meat lovers and end consumers look for in a club of this kind.

Based on our extensive research, there are 6 key aspects of a meat of the month club that shape and determine customer experience and satisfaction. These include the quality and selection of the meat included in the monthly boxes, the availability of extra items and perks, the sourcing practices the service employs, and the companys subscription flexibility and affordability.

We will now explore each of these aspects in greater detail to help you understand how we choose the best meat of the month clubs for you and what you should pay attention to when deciding which club to join.

How To Buy Meat:

The Butcher’s Market Wild Boar Osso Buco

The best way to buy fresh meat is to come shop our case. We stock it with fresh items sourced from local farms throughout the day. Dont see what you want? No worries, what you dont see in the case may be in our meat cooler!

To streamline ordering, orders for fresh meat by the pound, deli slices, and custom cuts will also be available for sale through Mercato via the link below. The inventory will be updated daily to reflect our in-house offerings.

If there is a product you dont see, you can call the shop at 1-313-652-0200 to check on availability. If we have those items in stock, we can make them available to purchase by request.

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Best Meat Of The Month Services

Each meat of the month club in our selection is worth a taste and has special qualities that set it apart from the rest. In the following mini-reviews, you can discover the distinctive features of our top picks. Read on and find out what makes every one of them worthy of a spot on our ultimate list of the best meat of the month clubs in America.

Best Luxury: Crowd Cow

Crowd Cow works with independent farms to offer a range of meat subscriptions. This is one of the only subscription boxes out there that allows customers to receive ground beef only if thats what they want. Or, they can opt for the Farmer’s Market Reserve at $144 featuring an assortment of beef, pork, and chickenplus another handpicked item from the brand. The Custom Box lets subscribers choose from Crowd Cow’s most popular cuts such as beef roast, flat iron steak, Norwegian Atlantic salmon, and more. The Steak Lover’s subscription will thrill any meat connoisseur with cuts such as Japanese Wagyu, petite striploin steak, and New York strip steak.

Crowd Cow also touts fancy packages, like the Japanese Wagyu subscription. Included in the box is information about that type of meat, how the specific animal was raised, and information about the meat’s origins.

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Where Exactly Is The Beef From

This month were sourcing our beef from Moraine Park Farms. Moraine Park Farms is owned and managed by Tom and Tracy Dykstra, with help from their sons, Deacon and Crew. Named after the landscape left behind by the glaciers that carved the Great Lakes, Moraine Park Farms consists of the family farm in Zeeland, Michigan, as well as the historic ranch and grazing lands in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This incredible beef is fed a balance of grasses and legumes , typical to what cattle eat when grazing pastures. Theyre also fed a special blend of natural supplements such as brewers grains , flax, apples, and cherry juice collected as a byproduct of the Traverse City cherry industry. This complex diet gives the beef a fuller and more well-rounded flavor profile. His cattle are raised on open pasture and raised with the highest of care and top industry standards. The beef from Moraine Park Farms is slaughtered humanely and then dry-aged 21 days in-house before being cut into your share.

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