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Best Seasoning For Ribeye Steak

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Do You Marinate The Steak Overnight

Grilling Ribeye Steak – Seasoning, Cooking time and Temperature – PoorMansGourmet

On average, I would recommend marinating the steaks for no more than two hours.

The reason is that the marinade does not get past the upper layers of the meat.

So marinating the steaks overnight is unnecessary, especially if you are using ribeye steaks or other relatively more tender cuts.

Marinating steaks overnight can be applicable if you use tougher cuts such as skirt steaks.

How Long Can You Marinate A Ribeye Steak

To let the steak absorb the flavors from the seasoning, you have to at least marinate it for 30 minutes. This will get the seasonings to combine with the meat.

Since ribeye steaks are relatively more tender than most cuts, I suggest that you do not go over 3 hours of marinating or else, you will end up with a cut that is too soft.

What Steaks Are Best For Grilling

  • Ribeyes
  • T-bones
  • Porterhouse

The list can go on and on. Reaching for a quality steak will give you that tender and flavorful steak you want.

We generally reach for KC strips or Ribeyes when we do steaks on the grill. But feel free to use your favorite cut of meat.

Depending on where you live will also play into what is available in your area. Pair your steak with this summer berry salad!

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How To Season Ribeye Steak For The Perfect Steak Meal

Weve dished about how to season ribeye steak for the perfect ribeye steak in your very own kitchen. Now, its time to test it out! Grab yourself some USDA Prime ribeye steaks from Chicago Steak Company. Well get them sent to your home within 5-7 business days, ready for you to enjoy with your family. Dont forget to browse the rest of Steak University to find recipes, cooking tips, and more inspiration for your yummy steak dinner.

Can You Use A Rub Or Marinade With Steak

BEST Steak Marinade for Grilled Ribeye Steaks

Yes, you can use a rub or a marinade with steak. If you plan to grill the steak, a rub is the best option for adding flavor. See below for rub recipes.

Steak that has been marinated has more surface moisture which causes it to cook slower over direct heat. You may have a hard time getting decent grill marks and surface browning on a marinated steak compared to one that is dry before cooking.

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What Is A Ribeye Steak

A ribeye, or rib eye as it is sometimes written, comes from the rib section of a cow, usually between ribs six and twelve.

What makes this cut so desirable is that it comes from a part of the upper rib cage that isnât used very much, producing a tender and flavorful cut with lots of marbling.

Ribeye is somewhat of an outlier among cuts of beef typically, the more tender a cut is the less flavorful it is. Ribeyes buck this trend by being among the most flavorful and tender cuts you can get from a cow.

Kalbi Korean Steak Seasoning

Korean cuisine includes many healthy vegetables and fermented side dishes, but the mains are composed mostly of steaks and small cuts of meat.

So you know they have the best seasonings as well.

If you miss that tasty Samgyeopsal sauce that you have tried, then you should try this seasoning. 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and 2 tablespoons of sesame oil.

It is not a perfectly dry rub, but it does not use too much-wet seasoning.

It is also perfect as it will combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients to let the flavors into the meat.

Add one tablespoon of minced garlic to the mix, sesame seeds, a teaspoon of ground black pepper, and two chopped onions before marinating the steak into the mix and cooking it.

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Ribeye Steak In The Oven

If you love our grilled ribeye steak recipe, you will love it in the oven, too! Follow our instructions for seasoning the beef and for topping with garlic butter, then use our Reverse Sear Ribeye Steak recipe as a guide for how to cook steak in the oven.

My new favorite beefy obsession is birria! You haven’t lived until you try this amazing Mexican Beef Stew!

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What Spices Go Best With Steak

Theres really just one main thing you need to season steak: good old reliable kosher salt! Dont be tempted to use table saltits very fine and will dissolve too quickly once it hits the meat. You can add other spices too , or you can you can use seasoned salt for extra flavor. But if you want to keep it simple, just go with kosher salt. Add a little freshly ground pepper or cayenne, if you like.

Carne Asada Rib Eyesteak Seasoning

If you love Mexican cuisine and you want that amazing taco-flavored meat in your steak, then this is the perfect seasoning for you.

It helps put more flavors into the meat and tenderize it.

Combine two tablespoons of chili powder, one tablespoon of ground ancho chile, and a teaspoon each of ground cumin, oregano, kosher salt, ground black pepper, and crushed garlic.

After covering the steak with the dry seasonings, you can even help the flavors get into the meat by adding a little bit of lime juice and accentuating the flavors with a quarter cup of minced cilantro.

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What Is The Best Way To Tenderize A Ribeye Steak

Ribeye steaks are not usually too tough, but there are instances where it can get too hard that the rub does not get into the meat. There is a simple solution to this problem.

You can use a meat tenderizer to make the ribeye softer but the safest way to do this, in my opinion, is to simply rub a tablespoon of kosher salt on each side of the steak.

Use your hands to press the salt into the meat to break down the meats connective tissues and fibers. This will help the ribeye steak become more tender when cooking.

How Many Steaks Can You Season With This Recipe

How To Make The Best Rib Eye Steak Marinade

2-4 steaks depending on the size are what you will get out of this dry rub steak recipe.

I cooked up 2 large ribeye steaks and I used all the dry rub on the steaks.

While it looks like a lot of rub mix, you really want to pack on the mixture, pressing it into the meat. It adds an insane flavor to the steak.

So every bite tastes better than ordering from your favorite restaurant.

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Whats The Best Steak For Grilling

While not inexpensive, a ribeye steaks flavor is worth the price. Always choose a bone-in steak. The bone adds flavor to the meat, and a thicker steak will always produce a meatier, more tender and flavorful steak. Sometimes hell choose an aged steak, sometimes a prime. Either way, its more about HOW he cooks than WHAT he cooks.

When To Put Dry Rub On A Steak:

There are two methods that work best:

40 Minutes before you cook the steak: This allows the salt to penetrate through the surface and break down the muscle fibers, which results in a more tender meat. During this time, the liquid that initially surfaces has time to reabsorb, which keeps the meat juicy.

Overnight: You can apply dry rub a day in advance and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. The surface may appear to be dryer in the morning but you will actually only lose about 5% of moisture which is far less than what youd lose if you were to cook the steak immediately, which is up to 20%.

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What To Serve With Steaks From The Grill

The addition of rosemary and lemon juice opens up all sorts of options when youâre serving this steak recipe for dinner. The Tuscan flavors give the steak just enough Italian to make it a lovely companion to a nice Herb Risotto that is particularly delicious with some Grilled Asparagus.

Itâs also an easy recipe to double or triple this recipe for summer dinner parties, we usually serve one steak for every two people. A few of our favorite side dishes for groups are Cheesy Polenta, along withGrilled Sweet Potatoesor Grilled Corn on the Cob.

An easy way to create a visually stunning presentation is to slice the steak on the bias, fanning the slices out on a platter.

Serving the steak sliced thin gives it an elegant appearance and helps it go further because people only take as much as they want to eat, which also means you can eat steak more often. And, letâs be honest, as delicious as it is, no one needs to eat a whole pound of steak for dinner.

Our favorite tip that brings the ribeyeâs flavors to life is to sprinkle a little salt over the slices and give it a squeeze of fresh lemon juice right before serving.

In case youâre wondering, this grilled steak recipe is also delicious with NY Strip, T-bones, and porterhouses.

Great On Other Proteins Too

The Best Marinated Ribeye Steaks

Bonus, The Best Steak Seasoning Recipe is great on chicken wings, pork, even fish. Use it for all your grilled proteins this season!

Feel free to experiment with this and let me know how it turns out in the comments below! Id love to hear how this recipe is being used.

Need help grilling your steaks? Check out our post on How To Judge Meat Temperature and 10 Perfect Steak Toppings.

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Seasoning Grilled Ribeye Steaks

There are a lot of ways to season ribeyes. The marbling helps the steaks absorb flavors from herbs and spices. To help the spices adhere to the steaks and to add more flavor we often combine them with a little olive oil and lemon juice.

The ingredients in this recipe were inspired by the classic Italian dish Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, which is traditionally made with a porterhouse. Working together, the rosemary and garlic are magical, elevating the flavors in the ribeyes creating the perfect steak for hot summer nights.

When weâre serving the steak with Grilled Mushrooms we like to use a simple rub that includes smoked paprika, garlic powder, salt, and pepper with a touch of Worcestershire to meld the flavors together.

Spice Rub For Grilled Ribeye Steak

I like to use a spice rub for grilled steak, more than a marinade. I find a spice rub seems to seal in the flavors nicely. Occasionally I will marinate a steak, but tend to reserve marinating for tougher cuts of beef that benefit from a tenderizing marinade. For instance, I will marinate beef overnight when making something like this Tuscan Beef Stew.

How to make a spice rub? Its so easy, theres no need to buy those pre-made rub mixes at the store. When you make your own spice rub, you know exactly what is in it. Find a basic combination you like and you can experiment with variations on it.

My basic go to rub is the cumin garlic blend we use in this recipe. All you do is combine equal parts garlic powder, cumin and salt in a small bowl, then rub it into the meat. I let the steak absorb the rub for about ten minutes, then you are ready for some big flavored grilling!

Our ten year old would tell you he doesnt like spicy food, but he loves any meat I grill with this garlic cumin rub. So its the perfect combo for a family with discerning young palatesenough flavor for the grownups, without overwhelming the kids!

I like to make various sauces to serve with steak, with mushrooms and onions featuring frequently. Check out this Ribeye with Portobello Mushrooms, for instance. But todays recipe shows you dont need to add a sauce with a good quality ribeye steak made with our simple spice rub.

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The Best Way To Grill A Ribeye Steak

Today were looking at the best way to grill a ribeye steak.

We have several in the freezer, so today I pulled one out for me, and one New York strip steak for Midge.

Cooking a ribeye on the grill makes for some seriously good eats.

Just what is the best way to grill a ribeye steak?

So lets get started and find out

How Long To Cook Steak On The Grill

BEST Steak Marinade for Grilled Ribeye Steaks

The exact ribeye grill time will vary slightly depending on thick it is, whether its boneless or bone-in, and so forth. But when cooking this 24-ounce bone-in ribeye, we first grilled it over high heat for 10 minutes per side before moving it to a cooler part of the grill and cooking it for another 20 to 25 minutes.

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Herbs De Provence Steak Seasoning

If you want aroma in your steak seasoning, then this is the one for you.

It is a combination of green spices that counter some of those unhealthy fats in the ribeye steak.

So combine two teaspoons of kosher salt, and a teaspoon of herbs de Provence, sugar, and black pepper in a bowl before rubbing it on the ribeye steak once it is ready.

If you want to make your own herbs de Provence mix, then just combine rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, marjoram, tarragon, parsley, and fennel seed.

How To Do It

Theres one important word youll need to know when it comes to seasoning seared or grilled ribeye steak: generously. You should get into the habit of seasoning generously with steak, rather than sprinkling salt and pepper here and there. Steaks love a good seasoning, and your taste buds will appreciate it even more.

When you season ribeye, add plenty of seasoning enough that you can plainly see it on the surface. Because its a thicker steak, youll want extra seasoning, as it sits on the outside of the steak rather than inside. When you bite into the steak, the extra seasoning on the outside will also help flavor the rest of the bite that doesnt have seasoning on it.

Keep your seasonings in a bowl and pinch a portion with your fingers. Then, sprinkle it generously all over the steak on all sides. Make sure you get around the edges, too. Press the seasoning gently into the meat to help it adhere.

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Make Ahead Steak Seasoning

Another plus about this recipe is that it can be made ahead or made in large batches and saved for later. That way youll always have the tastiest seasoning ready for any BBQ or steak night.

Or in my case, once a week for Lt. Dan.

In fact, its a great edible gift to share with friends. Its a thoughtful and flavorful gift that keeps on giving.

How To Grill Ribeye Steaks:

Best Rib Eye Steak, Restaurant Style
  • Set steaks out to come to room temperature about 30 minutes before grilling.
  • Mix up the dry rub by combining: brown sugar, granulated garlic, kosher salt, smoked paprika, black pepper and dry mustard.
  • Drizzle steaks with olive oil. Season on both sides with dry rub.
  • Prepare grill to about a 400° fire with pecan or hickory wood for smoke flavoring.
  • Place steaks over direct fire to sear about 2 minutes. Move to indirect fire and continue to cook about 3 minutes.
  • Flip steaks and continue to cook until desired doneness. Cooking time will vary based on the thickness of your steak.
  • Remove from grill and allow to rest 10 minutes before serving.

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Freshly Ground Black Pepper

There’s another debate about seasoning steaks, which relates to black pepper. One school of thought suggests that applying the pepper before cooking can cause the pepper to burn while you cook it, imparting a bitter flavor. Followers of this school suggest grinding pepper onto the steaks after searing them or right before serving. The other school simply seasons their steaks with freshly ground black pepper before cooking and doesn’t give it a second thought.

Who’s right? It’s not that the notion of burning pepper is complete nonsense in theory, yes, black pepper could burn. The problem with peppering midway through cooking is that the pepper granules might not stick to the meat. You could pass a pepper grinder at the table, but if you’re cooking outside and eating in an informal style, this may not be feasible. So unless you’ve detected a burnt pepper flavor on your steaks in the past, by all means, season your steaks with freshly ground black pepper before cooking them.

Texas Roadhouse Steak Rub

This seasoning is a little complicated, and you need more ingredients than the others on the list.

You will need two teaspoons each of kosher salt and brown sugar for one serving.

Also, you will need to mix half a teaspoon of paprika, paprika, and chili powder with a quarter teaspoon each of cornstarch, onion powder, and turmeric to make the mix.

When using this seasoning mix, you will need a ziplock bag to combine all the flavors into the steaks.

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