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Best Way To Cook Wagyu Steak

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What Is Bordelaise Sauce

How to cook the WORLD’S BEST BEEF – Japanese WAGYU A5 Steak Experience!

Bordelaise is a classic French sauce originating in the Bordeaux region of France.

While there are many different recipe versions of bordelaise, a classic French preparation will generally consist of a reduction of Bordeaux , herbs, shallots, beef stock or demi-glace and finished with bone marrow or butter.

My spin on a classic French red wine bordelaise provides some red wine options if you dont have a classic Bordeaux.

I also added some more herbs and vegetables for extra depth and the best part is the addition of the beefy wagyu bacon to sauté the aromatics and use as a finisher instead of bone marrow or butter.

How do you pronounce Wagyu?

Wagyu is pronounced Waa-gyuu. The y in Wagyu is pronounced normally and the u sound is extended in length.

How to grill Wagyu steak?

Grill wagyu steak by hard searing the outside of the steak on both sides on the grill. Then, depending on the thickness of the steak, finish in the oven until the steak reaches your desired internal temperature.

What Goes Well With Wagyu Staek

Wagyu steak has an amazing flavor on its own, so it will pair best with dishes that complement that flavor. Try serving it with rosemary roasted potatoes and a simple green salad with a light vinaigrette dressing, or roasted vegetables such as asparagus.

For even more flavor, serve wagyu with black truffle butter. This is a truly incredible combination your family will love.

Don’t Forget To Rest It

Remove your Wagyu just before it is fully cooked, wrap it in foil and let it rest in a warm place for about 5 minutes if you are cooking steaks and 15-20 minutes if you are cooking roasts.

The wrapping while it is still warm will allow the temperature to rise by a couple degrees and resting will allow the juices to redistribute evenly, making it more tender and juicy.

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How To Cook Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

There are a few generally accepted methods to cook a Japanese Wagyu steak. I will talk about the way I cooked mine and then give you a couple other options. All these options are cooked in a pan. Dont fire up the grill for these steaks. There is way too much fat in these steaks that will render out, hit the coals, and cause flareups which leads to nasty soot and bad flavors. Stick with a good pan on your stove. Or if you really want to cook outside put a pan or flat top of some sort on your grill.

Lets talk pans. Stainless steel or carbon steel are the preferred pans for cooking Japanese A5 Wagyu. Cast iron can work but stainless steel and carbon steel are more responsive. They can heat up or cool down quicker than cast iron. I used a couple stainless steel skillets from Made In Cookware which I love.

Here are the three steaks I cooked. On the left is a Miyazaki filet a friend shipped from Cote Korean Steakhouse in NYC. In the middle is an Ohmi strip and on the right is an olive fed strip. The Ohmi and olive fed steaks were from Pursuit Farms. I also had an Australian Wagyu strip from Pursuit that I reverse seared. Just wanted to mention that one because you might see it in some of the pictures.

If you have some thicker steaks like these ones you will want to let them rest at room temperature for 15-30 minutes. For thinner steaks just cook them straight out of the fridge. Many Japanese wagyu steaks are on the thinner side.

How To Cook American Wagyu Beef

Cook your Australian Wagyu Steak Like a MASTER

When it comes to cooking American Wagyu beef, it pays to have several choices in your skillset for showcasing the superior marbling and remarkably robust flavor to full advantage.

At Snake River Farms, technique really is everything from our world-class genetics program to our sustainability practices to our meticulously safe packaging for delivery.

We love experimenting with different cooking techniques, so we break down the basics for you to try at home.

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Why Is Wagyu Beef So Expensive

Wagyu beef is more expensive than other varieties of meat due to how the cattle are raised. They are raised by hand under specific conditions designed to give them stress-free, healthy and comfortable lives. In Japan, wagyu beef production is kept under regulation to ensure these requirements are being met.

Can We Add Sauces Or Use Other Seasonings


But if its your first time trying Wagyu beef, we strongly recommend that you stick to our Legendary Wagyu Steak recipe first to appreciate the taste, texture and flavor of the meat before venturing out to add other flavors to it.

For some ideas on recipe modifications, you can easily add herbs and spices like pepper, rosemary, oregano and thyme.

You can also add sauces like the amazing sweet soy glaze, or try with some mushroom sauce, red wine sauce or even Tiger sauce.

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How Do You Bbq Wagyu Steak

If youre going to cook your Wagyu steak on a BBQ, then your first step will be to remove your steaks out of the refrigerator before you begin cooking them as they shouldnt be put on high heat straight from a cold environment.

Youll want to get your BBQ going now so you can give it some time to heat up to the required temperature.

Then youll want to rub in the salt and pepper into your Wagyu steak to your desired taste. If the Wagyu is a thicker cut, then you might want to use a bit more salt than normal. Dont forget to season the edges of your steaks.

We recommend using fine kosher salt for seasoning as itll absorb quickly into the meat before you begin cooking and give the steak a rich flavor.

When the BBQ is heating up, place your steak down onto the surface, but not directly next to or on top of the flames, and then place the lid on, making sure the lid vents are open where the steaks are placed.

Once your internal temperature of the BBQ has reached 120 degrees, remove the steaks from the grill and let them rest for 10 minutes whilst you get the coals super hot.

Then when its hot enough, place your streaks back onto the BBQ directly on top of the flames and sear the steak on each side for 30 seconds before removing them from the heat and letting them rest before serving.

These New York Strip American Wagyu from Snake River Farms is our favorite to sear over a scorching hot BBQ, the marbling on the meat is just spectacular.

Wagyu Beef Burger With Caramelized Onions

Wagyu GRILLED vs PAN SEARED – Steak Battle!

Okay, how incredible does this Wagyu beef burger with caramelized onions look?

Not only do you get the juicy bite of Wagyu beef, but you also get melted aged white cheddar with a smear of creamy roasted garlic aïoli.

This might just be the best burger youve ever tried.

Who doesnt love dumplings? If I had to pick one comfort food to eat for the rest of my life, dumplings would be it.

Theres something so satisfying about the crispy yet soft exterior and the succulent, meaty filling.

In this recipe, beautifully marbled Wagyu beef is the star. It creates an unforgettable bite that will send you to another dimension.

If you havent bought a sous vide yet, put it on your birthday list!

You wont believe how such a simple appliance can make meat fall-apart delicious.

To create this heavenly gourmet dish, all you need are two ingredients: Wagyu and sea salt.

The vacuum sealer allows the meat to tenderize and cook to perfection then, it gets a quick sear before serving.

Butter makes everything better, dont you think? Its why Paula Deens recipes are all so amazing!

It can even make buttery Wagyu beef better if you can believe that.

This mix of butter, mushrooms, Wagyu, and red wine might sound simple, but it packs quite a flavor punch.

This elegant dish focuses on the mushrooms to create an unparalleled umami taste experience.

If you want to try your hand at fine dining, this is the recipe for you.

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A Quick Note About Dry Aging Wagyu:

Dry aging is a process that reduces the amount of moisture in beef for a richer, more full-bodied flavor. We do dry aging for 1-2 weeks before cutting, but that doesnt mean you cant take it further with your cut. However, make sure youre doing it right. Your regular kitchen fridge likely will not do the trick for this – and nobody wants Wagyu that tastes like the cut-up half onion you left in your fridge a little too long. Please see this post by Barbecue Bible for how to dry age meat at home.

Cook Your Wagyu Wellnot Well

Whether you opt to pan-fry your Wagyu in a well-seasoned cast iron or throw it on the grill to get those perfect char lines, dont overcook it. Well-done Wagyu? Just say no. The best temperature to enjoy the luxurious texture and sweet, buttery flavor of Wagyu is medium-rareand dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

For cooking Wagyu beef, we recommend starting with a well-seasoned cast iron and exploring other cooking methodslike grilling, sous vide, or braisingafter youve mastered the art of the steak and the skillet. Follow these steps:

  • Preheat your cast-iron skillet over high heat.
  • Grease the pan lightly with butter, olive oil, or the pro move of using some of the fat cut from the edges of your Wagyu steak.
  • For a rare finish, sear for three minutes per side. For a medium-rare sear, aim for four minutes per side.
  • Check your Wagyu for doneness by using the magic of the touch test. Or, if youre old school, check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer. Whichever way you go, youre looking for medium-rare or 130°F.
  • Remove the steaks and let them rest for at least five minutes but as much as 10 minutes before enjoying.
  • If youre looking at that last step and thinking, Wait, you want me to wait?! we feel your pain. But resting allows your meats fibers to relax, widen, and reabsorb those delicious juices. If you cut it right away, those juices will just end up all over your plate instead of in your mouth.

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    Searing The Wagyu Beef

  • 1Lower the steak into the skillet. Hold one end of the Wagyu beef with one hand and use chopsticks to lift the other end. Carefully lay the beef seasoned side down in the heated skillet.XResearch source
  • Avoid over handling or stretching the steak because it will make the meat tough.
  • 2Season the other side of the Wagyu beef. Sprinkle more salt and coarsely ground pepper over the top of the steak in the skillet. This should be the side that you didn’t season earlier.XResearch source
  • 3Sear the steak for about 1 minute. Leave the beef in the skillet over medium-high heat for 1 minute. This will give it a chance to brown a bit. If your steak is over 1/2 to 3/4-inch thick, you may need to cook it another minute.
  • You should see liquid appear on the top of the steak after it’s seared for a minute.
  • How To Grill American Wagyu Steak

    Grilled Wagyu Beef Steak

    You cant go wrong with grilling a steak, but due to the high amounts of marbling and juices, youll want to monitor and handle steaks carefully to avoid fire. Follow these guidelines for preparing:

    • Season several hours before cooking with salt and pepper
    • Cook on medium heat and remove from direct heat after 2-3 minutes on each side
    • Remove from heat and let rest after reaching desired temperature

    Visit these guidelines for more tips on grilling steak.

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    Other Ways To Cook Japanese A5 Wagyu Steak

    So you didnt learn how to cook a Japanese A5 Wagyu steak above? OK, here are a couple acceptable alternatives:

    Cut the steaks in to about 1 inch strips and sear those off in a pan rather than the whole steak. Sear all 4 sides of the strips. The result will be some great, crusty strips of beefy, fatty heaven.

    If you have a thicker block of meat you can also slice very thin strips and cook them for just a few seconds on either side. Eat them as the come off the pan. They are so thin that they would get cold by the time you got them all cooked and to to the table.

    The two methods above are common ways of cooking these steaks in Japan. Rather than slapping a giant slab of beef on a plate like we do in America they just eat a couple small pieces of steak on rice or vegetables.

    If you want to learn a bit more about Wagyu beef Adam Ragusea just published a video with some good information:

    His video is sponsored by Crowd Cow which does sell real Japanese A5 Wagyu beef. They primarily sell Kagoshima beef which isnt quite the same quality as the higher end Japanese A5 Wagyu you can get at Pursuit Farms.

    So now that you know how to cook Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks what are you waiting for? Order some steaks from Pursuit Farms , get a good pan, and cook.

    Temps Times And Tips: The Best Way To Cook Wagyu Beef And Kobe Beef

    Now, lets learn how to cook Wagyu steak!

    Although Wagyu and Kobe beef cooks well on a grill, it can be a little more difficult to master the technique than cooking it on the stove in a skillet. We recommend using a cast iron skillet for Wagyu and Kobe beef cooking until you become more familiar with cooking them.

    First, allow your steaks to come to room temperature outside of the fridge. This usually takes about 30 minutes or so, depending on their thickness.

    Then, season your steaks. Some salt and pepper will do, or you can use your favorite steak seasoning, like our very own Chicago Steak Seasoning.

    Preheat your skillet over high heat. Cut off some fat from your steaks around the edges and use it to grease your pan for the best, most natural flavor. Alternatively, you can use a little bit of butter or olive oil.

    Sear your steaks for three to four minutes on each side, depending on how well you like them done. For a rarer cook, go closer to three for a medium cook, shoot for four.

    Check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer, which should read about 130-degrees for medium-rare doneness. Remove the steaks from the heat and pan and allow them to rest for 5 to 10 minutes to allow their juices to flow back through the meat.

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    How To Cook Wagyu Steak: The Ultimate Guide

    Wagyu beef is a type of beef known for its intense marbling, tenderness, and flavor. But how to cook Wagyu steak perfectly? Well, you need to cook it on a grill or pan-fry it.

    When you cook a regular steak, you start by searing it on high heat for a few minutes on each side. Wagyu beef is different therefore, a different cooking method is required.

    First, youll need to cook it on low heat until the internal temperature is 20°F below the desired level. Afterward, you should sear it on a scorching hot surface for a minute on each side until the Wagyu steaks develop a brown crust.

    I have to admit that as a chef with over a decade of experience cooking wagyu beef for the first time was intimidating. And trust me, I cooked thousands of steaks before. I learned and perfected the wagyu beef cooking method through trial and error, so follow along with the step-by-step guide below.

    Tips For Cooking Wagyu Beef Like A Master

    How To Cook Wagyu Beef

    Wagyu beef isnt your run-of-the-mill meat. Yes, you could cook it like any other beef, but why would you want to? Youve invested time and money into the perfect steak, so youve got to get it right.

    Dont worryit doesnt take years of culinary school or hours of Food Network to master the art of cooking Wagyu beef. In fact, with just a little bit of extra time and care, you can maximize the flavor and texture of your Wagyu. Here are five pro tips for making sure youre cooking Wagyu like the pros.

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    How To Oven Broil Wagyu Steak

    Step 1: Turn On the Oven with the Broiler option and set the temperature to High. Wait for a few minutes until it reaches the optimal temperature.

    Step 2: Meanwhile, you can season your steak with the needed seasoning and then place it on a broiler pan. Place the pan into the oven, directly under the broiler.

    Step 3: Let it cook for about 4-5 Minutes, or until you are sure the steak has formed a golden even crust. Do the same with the other side.

    Step 4: Check the internal temperature and remove it from the oven when the desired doneness is reached.

    Step 5: After you remove the steak from the oven, let it rest for a few minutes before you serve it. This way, you let the inner juices incorporate better, making the steak more juicy and tastier.

    The Purpose Of Opsec In The Workplace Is To

    . At WAGYUMAN, we offer a range of premium Japanese Wagyu beef cuts. Order a variety of Japanese Wagyu steaks online, such as ribeye, striploin, filet mignon, and more for delivery!.Wagyu A3 – 17 images – wagyu 10 grade a5 japanese gustor meat boutique, wagyu a5 tri tip japanese just sear, breeding methods triangle b ranch american wagyu cattle, review wagyu.

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