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Perfect Steak On Gas Grill

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How to Grill the Perfect Steak | Weber Genesis II Gas Grill | BBQGuys Recipe

The best steaks will be labelled Prime, AAA or Certified Angus Beef. Choice is next best. There are several good quality cuts of steak that will work for a quick grilling.

My absolute fave cut of steak for maximum tenderness and flavor is a well-marbled ribeye steak . New York Strip Steak , Porterhouse steaks, T-Bone or Filet Mignon, also called Beef Tenderloin are also great.

Steaks like sirloin steak, flank steak and skirt steak will have excellent flavor, but tend to be bit chewier and not as quite as tender.

Tip: Experts will say its best to buy thicker steaks of 1 1/2- 2 inches thick. I think thinner steaks of 1 1 1/4 inch steaks are just fine too, although you wont get as dark a crust on the outside as it wont be on the grill for as long.

Steak Temperatures For Doneness:

  • Rare : 125 degrees
  • Medium rare : 135 degrees
  • Medium : 145 degrees
  • Medium well : 150 degrees
  • Well done : 160 degrees

Steak sizzling on a grill

Let the steaks rest on a platter for at least five minutes, then top them with big fat slices of herb butter.

Juicy grilled steak perfection!! That salty-seasoned crust and compound herb butter are mind meltingly-delicious. Your quest for perfect grilled steak ends right here. Enjoy, enjoy!

Should I Put Olive Oil On Steak Before Grilling

The answer is a resounding yes. When it comes to cooking steak, olive oil is an absolute must-have item. The fact that olive oil should not be added to steaks before grilling is widely believed by many individuals. Chefs throughout the world, on the other hand, advocate that while creating steaks, olive oil should be applied twice to the meat to ensure that the meat is well cooked.

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How Do You Grill A Steak Without Burning It

Grill over indirect heat to achieve the best results. Its certain that youll end up scorching the outside of a thick-cut steak before you can get the middle to a precise medium-rare temperature. Its simple to figure out how to solve this problem: its all about time and temperature. Set up your grill for indirect heat and cook the steaks on the colder side of the grill to achieve the best results.

What Temperature Do You Cook A Ribeye

How To Cook Steak Tips On The Gas Grill

The ideal cooking temperature for a ribeye steak is 135 degrees Fahrenheit, which is medium rare when done properly. At this temperature, the flesh is delicate and juicy, and the color is a beautiful pinkish-red hue. Increased cooking temperatures cause the meat to become dry and gray in appearance, which is not ideal for serving a ribeye.

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Why Youll Love This Recipe:

Im so guilty of claiming perfect this and perfect that I know, Im aware of that.

Perfect is subjective. So lets define what a perfect steak means to me.

Characteristics of a perfect steak:

  • Nice deep brown crust
  • Rosy pink from crust to crust

So, if you agree on those descriptions of a perfect steak, then keep on reading.

How To Grill New York Strip Steak On Gas Grill

Place the steaks on the grill and cook them until they are golden brown and charred. Grill the steaks for 3 to 5 minutes for medium-rare, 5 to 7 minutes for medium , or 8 to 10 minutes if you prefer medium rare. Transfer the steak to a serving platter and serve immediately.

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What If The Steaks Are Frozen

  • First, no matter what steak you choose, or the cooking method, he always recommends allowing your meat to fully thaw and defrost in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours before grilling.
  • Its also equally important to allow the steaks to come to room temperature for at least 30 minutes before cooking them.
  • Once your steaks are fully thawed, its best to season generously with your favorite seasonings on both sides. My husband prefers simple ingredients such as salt, pepper, and lots of garlic powder.
  • When grilling your favorite steak, follow the chart below and it will help you measure your steak to your liking.

How Long Do You Grill A Steak At 450

How to Cook a Steak on a Gas Grill

preheat your grill to medium-high heat and season your steaks about 10 minutes before grilling. The steaks should be placed on the grill. Cook for 3-4 minutes, depending on the thickness of the steak, using the grill lid. Remove from grill and allow to rest for 5-10 minutes. Remove the grill from the heat and place on a paper towel-lined plate. Allow to cool for a few minutes and then serve.

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Salting Your Steak Early Pays Off

There is a belief that salting meat too far in advance of cooking can draw out moisture. While its true that salt can draw moisture towards itself, it’s also true that over the course of 20 or 30 minutes that can actually be a good thing as the salt will begin to dissolve into that little bit of moisture that’s been drawn out.

So, when you drop the steak onto the hot cooking grate, all the sugars and proteins in the moisture will mix with the salt, and any other seasonings you’ve added, which creates a perfectly crisp crust. The flavor of that delicious crust is worth any moisture you may lose.

Top Tips For Barbecued Steak:

  • Preheat the barbecue to the correct temperature before adding the steak. As a general guide, you should be able to hear a sizzle as the steak hits the hot surface. The heat seals the surface, trapping the juices inside.
  • Bring steak to room temperature just before cooking. The meat can become tough if it goes straight from the fridge to the barbecue.
  • Drain any marinade from the steak before placing it on the barbecue to cook. Excess liquid can ignite on the barbecue and cause a flare-up. Plus, if youre cooking steak on a flatplate, the liquid can boil around the meat and make it tough.
  • Limit the number of steaks cooking on the barbecue at any one time. Overcrowding reduces the heat, which can prevent the steaks from cooking evenly and cause them to release juices, making the meat tough.
  • Use tongs to turn your steak. Sharp forks can pierce the surface, which allows the juices to escape.
  • Cover the steak loosely with foil before resting to keep it warm. If you cover it tightly, the meat will sweat and lose its moisture.
  • Clean your barbecue grill or flatplate with a stiff wire brush or scraper while its still warm. This leaves it ready for your next barbie.

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How To Grill Steak Perfectly Every Time

Learn how to grill steak perfectly every single time with this easy to follow recipe where steak is seared on a hot grill and cooked to perfection. Grilling steak doesnt have to be complicated! Grades of Steak There are three

Learn how to grill steak perfectly every single time with this easy to follow recipe where steak is seared on a hot grill and cooked to perfection. Grilling steak doesnt have to be complicated!

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Best Cuts Of Steak For Reverse Searing

How to Grill a Perfect Ribeye Steak on a Gas Grill

Most cuts of steak do really well with the reverse searing process. Thick steaks like rib eyes, porterhouse steaks, New York strip steaks, tenderloins, and tri-tips are perfect for this process. Here are some examples of steak recipes on my site that utilize reverse searing variations for perfectly cooked steaks.

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How Long Do I Cook A 1

The halfway point is 1 minute prior to that turn. For the perfect medium-rare t-bone steak, grill for 10-13 minutes for a 1-inch steak, and 1417 minutes for a 112 inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. Remove the steak from the oven and allow to rest for 5 minutes before slicing.

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How To Grill Steak

Grilling steak can be intimidatingespecially when everyone has a different opinion about how cooked it should be . But I promise you that, in reality, its easier and faster than grilling chicken. Below is our basic guide for grilling steak. Follow our rules and cooking times, and youll be a grill boss in no time.

Remove the chill.

Steak right out of the fridge will cook unevenly. Set yours out at room temperature for 30 minutes before grilling

Be direct.

Direct heat means youre cooking something directly over the flame . Its what gives grilled meat that beautiful dark char. Indirect heat means youre cooking the food to the side of the heat source. For steak, youre mainly dealing with direct heat.

Temperature matters.

The next thing to consider is temperature. If youre not super comfortable in the kitchen, yes, you should go buy a meat thermometer if you dont have one already. If you like your steak medium rare, 130-135° is your range. For medium, its 135-145° and for medium well, 145-155°. Please dont go any higher than that! For all you grill bosses out there, a good way to check if the meat is done is by touch. It should give in a little bit in the middle but bounce back quickly after you press it.

If youre working with a leaner cut, marinate it!

Let it rest.

Dont even think about slicing into your steak until its had a minimum of10 minutes to seal in all its glorious juices.

Slice against the grain.

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Cooking Steak On A Charcoal Grill

Lets talk about how to grill steak on charcoal grills like Oklahoma Joes Longhorn Combo. Steak on charcoal is awesome if you have tried it once before, you would know the mouth-watering taste of it. The type of steak is irrelevant, and if you are an adventurous soul, you can even cook directly on charcoal as well. No, lets stay intact with the topic and focus on charcoal grills!

The initial steps of the cooking remain the same. You will have to take out the steak from the fridge and apply oil and seasoning at least half an hour before the grilling. For a better tasting steak and get a magnificent sear, preheat the grill to up to 600°F.

Now, place the steak directly over the heat and let it sear for three to four minutes before you move them on to the cooler side of the grill. Then, close the lid of the grill and get it cooked.

What Temp is Steak Done On Charcoal Grills?

Well done 160°F +

Note that the temperature of the steak will keep rising for few minutes after you take it off the grill.

Should You Cook Steak On Low Or High Heat

How To Grill The PERFECT Steak Every time! | Cooking Is Easy

Raw. You should be able to feel the palm of your hand right below your thumb. Bring your thumb up to your pointer finger and press it on the same spot of your palm once again. Medium-Rare. Make a medium-sized fist by touching your thumb to your middle finger: Your thumb should now be next to your ring finger. Well-Done.

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How To Grill Top Sirloin Steak Temperature 2021

How To Grill Top Sirloin Steak Temperature 2021. Regardless of the steaks size, you need to preheat your gas grill to a temperature of about 450°f to 500°f before grilling. How to grill top sirloin steak temperature.

Preheat the oven to 450°f. Grill up to 400 degrees fahrenheit, about 350 to 400 degrees f on high. No, top sirloin does not need to be marinated.


Keep the sirloin steak at ambient temperature for 30 minutes. 1 minute before the midway mark, turn around.


Once the grill is hot, put the steaks on the grate over direct heat and close the lid. Set your grill to high temperature direct heat.


Season each side of the steak with some seasoning salt of choice. Heat up your pellet smoker to 225 degrees.heat your grill on high heat, and brush your steaks lightly with to cook top sirloin steak on the to grill top sirloin:


You can tenderize top sirloin steak by pounding it with a meat mallet, or you can use the back of a knife to cut thin slices across the. Grill up to 400 degrees fahrenheit, about 350 to 400 degrees f on high.


What temperature do you cook top sirloin steak on the grill? Place on the grill for four minutes,turn 90 degrees, grill four more minutes, flip, grill four more minutes, turn , grill four more minutes.

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Hood Thermometers Are Evil

First and most important is that great looking thermometer in your grill hood is useless other than in a binary way of is the grill hot, yes or no? The numbers are meaningless.

That thermometer is a cheap thermometer that has a tube probe. It will give an average reading along that probe. But it cant even measure that accurately.

So the hood thermometer measures the air temperature near the top of the hood . Not where the food is cooking. Never rely on it.

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Dont Play With The Steaks

Yes, you should touch the steaks to test for doneness, but that doesnt mean that you should be flipping and moving and poking a lot. Steaks should only be flipped once, and only moved once from a higher to a lower heat. And dont poke them with anything but your finger! Put the meat on a hot grillthey should sizzle immediatelyand leave them there until they release on their own accord. If youre pulling or struggling with them, they are not seared and not ready to flip.

Once ready, flip them once and cook until they feel done. Do not stab them with a fork, which will release their flavorful juices into the flames below. Do not press down on them with a spatula. Just let them cook.

Clean And Oil Your Grill

How To Grill Ribeye Steak On Gas Grill Temperature

No matter what you are grilling, you should always begin with clean grill grates. Not only does this make it easier to flip and remove the food from the grill but it also does not impart any flavors from previous grilled meals, such as barbecued chicken, into the steaks. Make sure to clean your cooking grate using a stiff wire brush. It is best to do this after you’ve finished grilling while the grates are still warm, but you can also clean the grill while it is preheating if you discover caked on residue. Taking the time to brush off old bits of cooked-on food will pay off handsomely when your steaks release from the cooking grate with ease.

You also want to coat the grates with vegetable or canola oil before heating the grill. Pour a little bit of oil on a paper towel and rub onto the clean, cold grill grates.

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Perfect Grilled Reverse Seared Steak

I grew up in a restaurant family and steak was one of the top sellers on our classic American menu. I learned at a young age how to order a steak medium rare and to politely pass on the steak sauce.

However, what I did NOT learn while waiting tables and filling up ketchup bottles at the restaurant, was the best way to grill a steak in my own backyard. After a long and delicious journey of of steak cooking and sampling, I discovered it. THE method for grilling perfect steaks. It is a take on the classic restaurant preparation, made simple for the backyard grill enthusiast. This magical method is called Reverse Searing.

What Temperature Do You Cook Steak On A Gas Grill

Clean your grills cooking grates and set your grills temperature to direct, high heat. Cooking steaks at a temperature between 450°F and 500°F produces the finest results. Place your steaks on the grill, shut the lid, and cook for 2 to 3 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of your steaks. 5.

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Why Salting Time Is Important

If you salt the steaks, say 30 minutes prior, itll do more harm than good. Because when you salt meat, salt draws out the moisture onto the surface of the meat and that moisture wont get reabsorbed within 30 minutes. That moisture will prevent a beautiful sear were looking for in a perfect steak.

Setting The Temperature To Grill Steak On A Gas Grill

Gasmate® Odyssey⢠How to Grill the Perfect Steak

Judging how well a steak is done only by its cooking time is a common mistake. The temperature to grill a steak varies according to the steaks size and thickness, type, and shape of the cut .

To ensure you prepare a perfect BBQ steak, here are the necessary temperature settings to grill your steak on a gas grill. Generally the thicker the steak, the lower the temperature you need to grill a steak.

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What To Look For In A Steak

The main thing that you should look for when choosing a steak is marbling.

If the meat has good marbling, it will be softer when it is cooked and it hardly dries up despite cooking it over direct heat, which you will when you use a gas grill to cook it.

Experts tell you that steaks with more marbling are better. If to buy high-quality steaks online then I recommend that you check out the Snake River Farms as they have the best quality.

When you cook meat with good marbling over direct heat, the fats will melt and produce a buttery texture.

The melted fats will make the steak juicy and start to coat the lean meat that you need to tenderize. From there, the steak will start to become juicier and more tender.

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