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Kansas City Steaks Phone Number

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Allen Brothers Or Omaha Steaks We Choose

Five winners dine with Royals’ Eric Hosmer in “Steaks With Hos”

In this direct comparison of Omaha Steaks vs Allen Brothers, weve noticed a lot of similarities in their meat quality and price range. While we are impressed with Omahas seafood and Allens marbled Wagyu, we think theres a better deal than these two mail-order companies, and thats ButcherBox.

ButcherBox offers grass-fed and grain-finished beef that has the best buttery taste every time. They also have an extensive variety of other products from common cuts of beef, chicken, and pork to less common items like seafood.

You also get to curate your own subscription box and have it delivered to your doorstep, free of charge.

Butcher Box

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What Is The Kansas City Steak Company

The Kansas City Steak Company is a top nationwide distributor of various meats, USDA steaks, and other food products. Established in 1932, they used to be called the S& S Meat Company. Kansas City Steak succeeded in part due to the booming livestock exchange and family stock yards in the area during those years.

The company also has additional meal boxes for any season or many different occasions that you can send through a gift card. Weve ordered some products from the company for two different times and never had any problems with USDA Prime steaks or something else out of stock.

You can find greater steaks variety and flavor with the KC Steak company than what you would buy at your local grocery store. From prime rib roast to special filet mignon to numerous steak cuts such as rib eyes and beef Wellington, they offer many different options. Perfect for Christmas dinner and a good all-year-round feasting.

  • Steaks can be slightly dry
  • Prices are a bit too high

The Grille At Park Place

If you find yourself out south craving a solid steak dinner, then this new addition to Leawoods Park Place is just the place to satisfy your red meat desires. This locally owned, clubby restaurant keeps it simple by serving a fantastic filet, traditional ribeye or 12- or 16-ounce roasted prime rib to tease your taste buds. Start your meal on their open-air rooftop patio, with a drinks and appetizers, before heading downstairs to the dining room for the main event. Finish your decadent dinner with the Grilles signature Chocolate Wow! dessert. 5270 W 116th Pl., Leawood, KS.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Emily Loveland

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Kansas City Steak Company Email Format

Kansas City Steaks

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Find contact info for Kansas City Steak Company employees

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Kansas City Steak Companys Email Format Percentage
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Primary Differences Between Omaha Steaks & Allen Brothers

Though Omaha Steaks and Allen Brothers have many similarities, many factors set the two apart.

For one, Allen Brothers offers a wider selection of Wagyu beef cuts than Omaha Steaks.

On the flip side, Omaha offers more in the way of complete ready-made meals as well as desserts and wine.

Omaha Steaks:

At The Majestic Restaurant

For over 150 years Kansas City has been recognized as the cattle capital of the United States. This reputation dates back to the stockyards along the Missouri River as a destination for the cowboys driving cattle up from Texas. Today The Majestic Restaurant serves the finest dry aged steaks you can find anywhere in the country.

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What To Know About Cooking

One of the big issues Emily and I ran into with Kansas City Steak Company was the cooking process. They give you a booklet that has all of the information needed to make everything from cooking your steaks to heating up the premade dishes.

When we went to cook the steak, we followed the directions outlined in the booklet since we wanted to make sure we were doing everything correctly so they would come out as delicious as possible.

Unfortunately, the was that the booklet lays out the steps, you have to jump between different pages for different steps. For example, on page 10 it tells us the partial instructions for cooking the steak on a skillet. Then you have to jump to page 12 to see how long you need to cook the steak. But on page 12, they have different cooking instructions at the top of the page.

But the most irritating part was that some of the steps dont have spacing between the words. I found it to be pretty tough to actually follow the directions properly because of this.

How Does The Price Compare

Kansas City Steak Co 7.25-8.5-lb Ham or Ham Meal on QVC

They are comparable in price to Omaha Steaks, which isnt something to brag about if you wanted to recommend delicious aged meat thats worth the price. For the level of quality that we received, we think their prices were a bit too much. Yes, you do get a money-back guarantee, and they do an excellent job of honoring it. Thats a plus. But, when you spend a lot of money on meat and steaks, its nice to know you dont need to call or send a mail to the customer service department for an error or refund.

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The Kansas City Steak Company

5 More Attributes

About the Business

Established in 1932. Thank you for choosing the Kansas City Steak Company®. We pride ourselves on providing a fantastic value on the highest quality meats and other delicious fine foods. And weve been doing just that since 1932. At the Kansas City Steak Company® an outstanding, top-of-the-line cut is our standard. Once youve tried a meal with our signature filet mignon, were sure youll want to come back again and again.Our company is based firmly on family values thats why weve been in business for over 80 years. Those standards of integrity, quality and hard work have made us a company you can trust. Thanks again for inviting the Kansas City Steak Company® to dinner.

  • Has anyone purchased the individual Beef Wellington and if so how was your experience?

    You know Ill be honest with you here. Ive purchased for myself, from several of these so-called steak companies where you get a good deal . You get several steaks you get sausages you get patties everything is supposedly flash frozen etc etc.more

    Buddy S. View question details

Recommended Reviews

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Do They Offer Any Guarantees

They Kansas City Steaks offers a complete satisfaction guarantee for customers. Youll read on the website that if you arent completely satisfied with your steaks for any reason, you can request a replacement or a refund. The nice thing about this is that you have 45 days to claim your purchased item, which is better than companies with similar new guarantees.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dave Young

What company does Dave Young work for?

What is Dave Youngâs role in Kansas City Steak?

What is Dave Youngâs email address?

What is Dave Youngâs business email address?

What is Dave Youngâs HQ phone number?

What is Dave Youngâs latest job experience?

Which industry does Dave Young work in?

Who are Dave Youngâs peers at other companies?

Who are Dave Youngâs colleagues?

Is Kansas City Steaks Worth It

Kansas City Steaks

Based on our Kansas City Steak review, they are just average, in our opinion. Their prime rib roast was similar to other services we’ve tried. They also seem to have several mediocre reviews about order quality and customer support.

A better choice from our experience has been ButcherBox. We love that they offer a wide variety of meat and other prime options, including free-range organic poultry and wild-caught seafood. We’ve found their meats to be consistent and the taste to be much fresher than KC Steaks.

What’s next? to read our review of Stock Yards, or take a look at what we think about Cratejoy all-in-one subscription platform.

#1 Meat Delivery Service

  • High-quality meat delivered right to your door
  • Humanely raised without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Customizable meat orders available
  • Select from up to 21 different cuts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of this month

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Kansas City Steaks Menu Items

Youll find that Kansas City Steak company has one of the more diverse high-grade meat offerings you can try on the menu. They boast of providing USDA Prime beef cuts along with less expensive steaks as choices.

Some of their best selections include USDA Prime steak burgers, USDA Prime rib roast, beef wellington, USDA Prime beef tenderloin, and American style Kobe steak burgers. They also offer turkey and whole chicken as well as boneless and bone-in chicken breasts or chicken wellington, if you like a pork replacement.

Here are some of the most popular menu options:

  • USDA Prime steak burgers
  • Pacific Halibut

Customer Support & Service

Omaha Steaks

  • Switching plans Add more steaks on your order if you changed plans its accessible and free-of-charge!
  • Cancellation Cancel your order before the deadline otherwise, you will be charged for the shipment!
  • Refunds The customer will get a replacement for damaged/issued items or a full money refund! The company may acquire photos of those products.
  • Gift Choose between a Gift Card and Gift Basket and purchase it online! Surprise a loved one with Omaha Steaks Gift Card or Gift Basket! Gifts categories are gift by occasion, type, or recipient. Gifts include food or wine!
  • Free Trial Omaha Steaks doesnt feature free trial, but you can get promotion codes!
  • Customizable With Omaha Steaks, customers can customize details about the delivery date, service, etc..

Omaha Steaks Referral Program gives $20 off new members first order, while old members get points that can be used for the next order!

Kansas City Steak Company

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Omaha Steaks Vs Kansas City Steaks

Are you dreaming about sinking into a juicy, perfectly prepared steak? Fortunately, you dont need to live close to a butcher shop to make your dreams come true. Weve taken the opportunity to compare two great steak delivery companies in this review of Omaha Steaks vs Kansas City Steaks to help you decide which youll enjoy more.

About Omaha Steaks and Kansas City Steaks

Omaha Steaks has one of the longest standing reputations in the business. The company has been around since the early 1900s, where it began as a family butchery. Since then, it has grown to serve customers nationwide through its online purchasing and stores. They offer an incredible range of dry-aged steaks, along with other types of meat, seafood, and sides.

Kansas City Steaks is newer to the game but only slightly. They got their start about 15 years after Omaha Steaks and also started as a family business. Today, they service customers by delivering high-quality steaks sourced from local farmers and complementary side dishes and desserts to complete your meal.

  • The long-standing reputation of excellence
  • Great selection of steak and other meats and seafood – including bison and lamb
  • Offers dry-aged steaks
  • An incredible selection of side dishes and desserts
  • Wine service also available
  • Customer service isnt top-notch
  • Minimum order required
  • Good variety of meat options
  • Lots of bundles and meal packages to choose from
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Weight Loss

Kansas City Steaks

Premium Wines By The Glass $85

Kansas City Steak Co 3-or 6-lbs Tenderloin Tips on QVC
  • La Marca Prosecco

  • Sterling Vintners Collection Merlot

  • Louis M. Martini Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Don Miguel Gascon Malbec

  • Sauza Gold Tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice


  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Bacardi Superior Rum, Beefeater Gin,Cointreau Orange Liqueur, fresh lemon juice, Coca-Cola


  • Bacardi Superior Rum, Reàl Blackberry Purée, fresh lime, strawberry,mint, simple syrup, club soda

  • Absolut Citron Vodka, triple sec, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice

  • Ruby Thyme

    Aviation Gin, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, thyme, simple syrup,fresh lemon juice, San Pellegrino Blood Orange

  • Stolichnaya Vodka, fresh lime juice, simple syrup,Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

  • Bulleit The OldFashion Way

    Bulleit Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, simple syrup


  • Titos Handmade Vodka, Cherry Heering Liqueur, fresh lime juice,simple syrup, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

  • Bacardi Limón Rum, simple syrup, strawberries,cucumber, La Marca Prosecco


  • Rich Cream Cheese Filling Baked in a Crumb Crust

  • Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce, Candied Walnuts

  • Upside Down Candied WalnutApple Pie

    Baked Twice with a Candied Walnut Crust, Warm Caramel Sauceand served with Cinnamon Ice Cream

  • Vanilla Bean or CinnamonIce Cream


  • Rich & Silky Chocolate Mousse Pie. Served with Raspberry Sauceand Fresh Seasonal Berries

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Steak Sourcing & Quality

According to their website, Kansas City Steaks serves USDA Prime and Choice beef . They claim to source all of their meat from farms and ranches around Kansas with strict standards for who they work with for a time.

Unlike many other online meat providers, they do not mention the use of hormones or antibiotics given to animals. So, if you are looking at first-rate meat quality from a health perspective, then there may be way better options to purchase.

Jess And Jims Steakhouse

Celebrating more than 75 years in business, Jess and Jims Steakhouse is one of our longest running, family owned, steakhouses left in Kansas City. Located out south in the Martin City area, this no-frills, steak-centric roadhouse has seen the suburbs of Kansas City grow right up to their front door. Writer Calvin Trillin, who, now famously, penned an article for Playboy magazine about his favorite hometown steakhouse in the early 1970s, literally putting Jess and Jim on the map. Today, this award-winning steakhouse still hand cuts its steaks daily, and theirs is one of the few places where you still get your steak and all the trimmings for one price. Every steak they serve at Jess and Jims comes with a house salad, garlic toast and choice of one side. 517 E. 135th St., Kansas City, MO.

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    In Our Historic Speakeasy

    Kansas City Steak Company Giveaway ~ JamericanSpice

    During Prohibition the Fitzpatrick Saloon was converted to a Haberdashery. This was only for appearances as the bar was moved into the basement to create a speakeasy. Today this speakeasy is the home of our Kansas City Jazz Club featuring some of the finest musicians in town performing the music made famous in Kansas City.

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    Kansas City Steak Customer Service Address

    The address of Kansas City Steak customer service or head office: P.O. BOX 20566, Kansas City, MO 64195, USA.

    Custservice provides contact details for leading companies and websites. We do not provide any customer support ourselves. All the information on this website is gathered from the companies websites, social media and customer feedback. We strive for perfection, but can not assure that the information on this website is 100% accurate. In case of mistakes or missing data please help us to remain accurate by sending us your feedback.

    Oz Kansas City Strip Steaks

    These were the steaks that we made in our review video above. You can see that they look fairly similar to the strip steaks youd find in your local grocery store. When it came to cooking them, we followed the instructions in the booklet they send along with the food but it ended up leading to them coming out pretty overcooked. While they still had some flavor, they were very tough to eat.

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    Drawbacks Of Kansas City Steaks

    We felt that their steak was simply an average choice insofar as cooked meat is concerned. The one thing we expect when we order meat from a business like Kansas City Steaks is for the cuts to be flavorful and tender. We tried the Kansas City strip steak, tenderloin, and the prime rib, and we found them to lack flavor and marbling. They were also slightly dry.

    We had to add extra beef broth and seasoning to keep them juicy as we cook. We made the steaks for a holiday dinner along with other ingredients like potatoes, and others who attended also noticed that the flavor just wasnt up to what we want it to be. Maybe we should have used a smoker box?

    Kansas City Steak Company Vs The Competition

    Kansas City Steak Company (16) Medallions & (3) 1-lb Tenderloin Tips on QVC

    Its likely you probably already know that Omaha Steaks is the biggest competitor to Kansas City Steak Company. Both are very similar in terms of what they offerbetween steaks, different cuts of meats, gift bundles, and even their websites.

    However, there are a ton of lesser-known meat delivery services out there these days that also provide a similar service. Heres a look at some of them and how they differ from Kansas City Steaks:

    • Snake River Farms: Known for their American wagyu beef, Snake River Farms offers a similar service to Kansas City Steak Company but focus more on the higher end meats. What I like about Snake River Farms is that they control their entire supply chain, which means more control over the quality of the meat.
    • Crowd Cow: Like Kansas City Steak Company, Crowd Cow has a ton of variety in terms of meats, sides, and desserts. They sell all the same types of meat in addition to game meat such as boar, duck, and elk. Crowd Cow also sells plant-based meats.
    • Porter Road: When it comes to high-quality meat, its hard to beat Porter Road. I love that they do not freeze their meats when they send them as to not compromise the quality and flavor of the meat.
    • Rastellis: Rastellis is one of my personal favorite meat delivery companies. They offer all the same meats and cuts as Kansas City Steak Company as well as many precooked meat options . What I like most is that theyre very open and transparent about their sourcing practices.

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