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Kansas City Steaks Gift Card

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What Makes Kansas City Steaks Different

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Kansas City Steaks claims that it is the flavor of its meat that differentiates it from others. While we can attest to the fact that its products really are as tasty as advertised, we believe that there are several other aspects of this service that are worthy of praise.

First of all, it is known for exceptional flexibility in terms of ordering, which is something we value greatly. The absence of minimum order limitations is not that common and we like the fact that subscriptions are available but entirely optional.

Second, while the volume of its business does not allow it to limit its partner network to small family farms, it never compromises on quality and aims to meet and exceed the highest industry standards. It sources its meat from the most reputable Kansas stockyards and gives it a lot of TLC through its careful wet-aging process, meticulous trimming, and other methods that ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Speaking of satisfaction, we love companies that stand behind their products and Kansas City Steaks is one of them. In case you are not thoroughly impressed by the quality of the items you receive, you can get your money back, no questions asked.

The Steaks section includes such cuts like filet mignon, Kansas City strip steak, ribeye, porterhouse, top sirloin, T-bone, steakburgers, tips, medallions, and prime rib. You can opt for grass-fed, USDA Prime, American-style Kobe beef, sandwich steaks, pre-seasoned steaks, and Kansas City classics.

Drawbacks Of Kansas City Steaks

We felt that their steak was simply an average choice insofar as cooked meat is concerned. The one thing we expect when we order meat from a business like Kansas City Steaks is for the cuts to be flavorful and tender. We tried the Kansas City strip steak, tenderloin, and the prime rib, and we found them to lack flavor and marbling. They were also slightly dry.

We had to add extra beef broth and seasoning to keep them juicy as we cook. We made the steaks for a holiday dinner along with other ingredients like potatoes, and others who attended also noticed that the flavor just wasn’t up to what we want it to be. Maybe we should have used a smoker box?

How Does The Price Compare

They are comparable in price to Omaha Steaks, which isn’t something to brag about if you wanted to recommend delicious aged meat that’s worth the price. For the level of quality that we received, we think their prices were a bit too much. Yes, you do get a money-back guarantee, and they do an excellent job of honoring it. That’s a plus. But, when you spend a lot of money on meat and steaks, it’s nice to know you don’t need to call or send a mail to the customer service department for an error or refund.

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Kansas City Steaks Pros And Cons

To make sure Kansas City Steaks meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages. With a short overview of its pros and cons, you can easily decide if Kansas City Steaks is the right company for you.

  • Over a hundred items available at all times
  • Premium beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, and seafood
  • Nice selection of meals, sides, appetizers, and desserts
  • Vast array of gift options
  • Opt for one-time orders or auto-delivery
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • No free shipping on one-time orders
  • Does not suit all budgets

Steak Sourcing & Quality

$100 Kansas City Steaks Physical Gift Card For Only $80 ...

According to their website, Kansas City Steaks serves USDA Prime and Choice beef . They claim to source all of their meat from farms and ranches around Kansas with strict standards for who they work with for a time.

Unlike many other online meat providers, they do not mention the use of hormones or antibiotics given to animals. So, if you are looking at first-rate meat quality from a health perspective, then there may be way better options to purchase.

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Kansas City Steaks Gift Card

Available Product Types

Gift Card redemption is only available online at or by calling 1.888.527.8325. This card is redeemable for merchandise only and may not be exchanged for cash, unless required by law. Protect your card. We can only replace lost, stolen or damaged cards with satisfactory proof of purchase, and only to the extent there is value remaining on such cards. To check card balance or review the terms and conditions to the card, visit or call toll free 1.800.524.1844. There is no expiration date for this gift card.

Start your order

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Privacy Overview

Is Kansas City Steaks Worth It

Based on our Kansas City Steak review, they are just average, in our opinion. Their prime rib roast was similar to other services we’ve tried. They also seem to have several mediocre reviews about order quality and customer support.

A better choice from our experience has been ButcherBox. We love that they offer a wide variety of meat and other prime options, including free-range organic poultry and wild-caught seafood. We’ve found their meats to be consistent and the taste to be much fresher than KC Steaks.

What’s next? to read our review of Stock Yards, or take a look at what we think about Cratejoy all-in-one subscription platform.

#1 Meat Delivery Service

  • High-quality meat delivered right to your door
  • Humanely raised without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Customizable meat orders available
  • Select from up to 21 different cuts
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of this month

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Customer Support & Service

Omaha Steaks

  • Switching plans Add more steaks on your order if you changed plans its accessible and free-of-charge!
  • Cancellation Cancel your order before the deadline otherwise, you will be charged for the shipment!
  • Refunds The customer will get a replacement for damaged/issued items or a full money refund! The company may acquire photos of those products.
  • Gift Choose between a Gift Card and Gift Basket and purchase it online! Surprise a loved one with Omaha Steaks Gift Card or Gift Basket! Gifts categories are gift by occasion, type, or recipient. Gifts include food or wine!
  • Free Trial Omaha Steaks doesnt feature free trial, but you can get promotion codes!
  • Customizable With Omaha Steaks, customers can customize details about the delivery date, service, etc..

Omaha Steaks Referral Program gives $20 off new members first order, while old members get points that can be used for the next order!

Kansas City Steak Company

  • Switching plans Switch to a different delivery frequency on your Auto-delivery account easy and free-of-charge!
  • Cancellation Change your next delivery date, skip or cancel an order by phone or online.
  • Refunds 100% Satisfaction Guarantee includes quality-related customer issues and shipping related concerns .
  • Gift Gift Services include Business Gifts, Gift Boxed Steaks, Gift Cards & Certificates.
  • Free Trial No free trials only promo codes.

Do They Offer Any Guarantees

Premium Gifts from Kansas City Steak Company

They Kansas City Steaks offers a complete satisfaction guarantee for customers. You’ll read on the website that if you aren’t completely satisfied with your steaks for any reason, you can request a replacement or a refund. The nice thing about this is that you have 45 days to claim your purchased item, which is better than companies with similar new guarantees.

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What Is The Kansas City Steak Company

The Kansas City Steak Company is a top nationwide distributor of various meats, USDA steaks, and other food products. Established in 1932, they used to be called the S& S Meat Company. Kansas City Steak succeeded in part due to the booming livestock exchange and family stock yards in the area during those years.

The company also has additional meal boxes for any season or many different occasions that you can send through a gift card. We’ve ordered some products from the company for two different times and never had any problems with USDA Prime steaks or something else out of stock.

You can find greater steaks variety and flavor with the KC Steak company than what you would buy at your local grocery store. From prime rib roast to special filet mignon to numerous steak cuts such as rib eyes and beef Wellington, they offer many different options. Perfect for Christmas dinner and a good all-year-round feasting.

  • Steaks can be slightly dry
  • Prices are a bit too high

How Do I Redeem A Gift Certificate

There are 4 kinds of gift certificate offered at The Kansas City Steak Company – E-Gift Certificates, Paper Gift Certificates, Gift Cards and Product Gift Certificates.

Product Gift Certificates for a specific item are not redeemable online at this time. To redeem one of these gift certificates please send your certificate along with the shipping information through the mail to P.O. Box 20566, Kansas City, MO 64195 or call us at 1.877.377.8325 and we will be happy to place your order for you.

To redeem dollar amount E-Gift Certificates or Paper Gift Certificates place your order online as normal. Then proceed to checkout. You can enter in your certificate information and click on the Apply button during checkout. If there is a balance remaining over your gift certificate amount, you will need to provide valid credit card information.

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How Kansas City Steaks Works

When shopping at Kansas City Steaks, you do not have to worry about minimum orders, mandatory subscriptions or any other rules and limitations. You can shop whenever you wish, purchase anything you want, and spend as little or as much as you please. You can order as a guest or create an account for speedier checkout. You can place a one-time order, join a monthly gift club or set up auto-deliveries including your favorite items. If you opt for auto-delivery, you can choose the delivery frequency that suits your needs and receive shipments every 4, 8, 12 or 16 weeks.

To place an order, simply start by browsing the companys offer, divided into 7 categories: Steaks, Beef, Other Meats, Seafood, Combos, Meals & Clubs, Sides & Extras, and Gifts & Occasions. The service boasts a highly diverse selection of food products, including popular meats, seafood, and prepared dishes, as well as gifts for meat lovers of various preferences. Its meat selection features beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and turkey, with a multitude of cuts available.

In an effort to make browsing easier, the company has divided each category into multiple sections and the items in each section can be filtered by type and sorted by price and rating. For each item, you can decide on the size and count and state whether you want the company to ship it to your home or send it to someone else as a gift.

Kansas City Steaks Menu Items

$100 Kansas City Steak Company Gift Card Only $80

You’ll find that Kansas City Steak company has one of the more diverse high-grade meat offerings you can try on the menu. They boast of providing USDA Prime beef cuts along with less expensive steaks as choices.

Some of their best selections include USDA Prime steak burgers, USDA Prime rib roast, beef wellington, USDA Prime beef tenderloin, and American style Kobe steak burgers. They also offer turkey and whole chicken as well as boneless and bone-in chicken breasts or chicken wellington, if you like a pork replacement.

Here are some of the most popular menu options:

  • USDA Prime steak burgers
  • Pacific Halibut

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