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Cooking Rib Eye Steak On Grill

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What Is A Ribeye Steak

How to Cook Ribeye Steak on the Grill

The ribeye steak is cut from the beef rib primal section of the animal, often called the ribeye roll. This section of meat comes from between the chuck and the short loin. The ribeye starts at the sixth rib and extends to the twelfth rib, where the short loin starts.

Because this section of muscle doesnt get a ton of work, its well marbled with fat, making this cut of meat so juicy and flavorful. This is what a good steak is all about for many people.

In the photo below, youll see ribeye steaks cut from a ribeye roll. Starting at the top left is the first steak cut from the chuck end. The bottom right is the last steak cut, next to the loin end. Pay particular attention the the muscles that make up the ribeye steak.

How To Preheat The Pit Boss Pellet Grill Before Cooking The Ribeye Steak

The first step in cooking a steak on a pit boss pellet grill is preheating the grill. This means that you need to start with a clean steak so that you can ensure that it is cooked completely. Next, you need to add your firewood and let it cook until its around 350 degrees. Once its done, you can cook it by itself or by pan-frying it. Pan-frying is just how they do it on the pit boss, by constituent parts that are heatable oil and water. You can either dry the fries before cooking them or use boiling water as you do not have to worry about the weather outside.

Steak Temperature & Doneness Guide

Use the guide below to gauge what internal temperature you will need to bring your steak to according to your preferred doneness. Remember to keep in mind that your steak will cook a bit more as it rests. Take the guesswork out of the process by investing in a meat thermometer and removing your steak when its 3-4 degrees shy of done.

Note: Times below are for 1-inch thick Ribeyes. Adjust cooking time for each side by a minute in either direction per 1/4-inch gained or lost.

  • Medium Rare: 145°F
  • Medium: 160°F
  • Well Done: 170°F

Hot Tip: When gauging temperature with your meat thermometer, pierce the steak horizontally so it penetrates the thickest part of the cut. This will yield the most accurate temperature reading.

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How To Cook Rib Eye Steak In The Oven

First allow your meat to come to room temperature before putting it on the heat and make sure its completely dry by blotting it with paper towel. Put a pan on your stovetop and heat it up for a few minutes so its hot. Rub your steak in some oil and seasoning before searing your meat on one side until golden. When you are ready to flip your rib-eye steak, you can then put the whole pan in the oven to finish cooking. Depending on how thick your steak is it should be ready within 6-10 minutes.

How To Cook Ribeye Steak On The Stove

Grilled Rib Eye Steak Recipe

Pan-Seared Method

Looking to test out some Ribeye steak recipes on your stovetop? A pan-seared Ribeye boasts a mouthwatering flavor, giving your meat a rich golden-brown color and enhanced taste.

Be sure your steak is completely thawed before cooking. We recommend thawing in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Once thawed, remove your steak from the refrigerator for 3040 minutes before cooking to bring to room temperature. Season your steak as desired we recommend a generous serving of our Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning.

Here is how to cook a Ribeye on the stove to achieve the best results:

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The Tools You Need To Grill The Perfect Ribeye Steak

One major rule of grilling a ribeye steak is high heat. Im talking seriously, searingly hot heat.get the picture?

And that means starting with good charcoal or a very hot gas grill. If youre using charcoal and want to get that really hot searing heat that creates the perfect ribeye steak, you need to fire up a full chimney of good quality lump charcoal or briquet.

*If want to go old school and use charcoal but dont have a chimney, light a pile of about 100 briquets and let them smolder and get good and hot. When the coals are ready, arrange them in a two-zone fire. Replace the top grate, and allow it to heat up all vents should be fully open.

You should always start with a clean grill and coat the grill grates by pouring cooking oil on a folded paper towel, oiling the grate using long-handled tongs to hold the paper oiled paper towels.

Best Grilled Steak Recipes

There are a few things I look forward to more than grilling ribeye steak, and this is coming from a person who loves recipes on the grill. What could be better than a perfectly grilled steak you can make right at home in minutes?

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A Perfect Steak Every Time

  • This recipe ensures a perfectly juicy ribeye steak every time!
  • Steaks can be cooked in the oven or on the grill.
  • A simple cut of beef is packed with flavor without a lot of fancy ingredients, sauces, or marinades.
  • This is a foundation recipe and truly, anyone can make great steaks.
  • Ive included my favorite tips below to make a restaurant-worthy steak !

How To Pick Out The Best Ribeye Steak

How to Cook a Ribeye Steak

Like so many things in grilling, this comes down to personal preference. That said, your preferences will guide your ribeye selection.

If you dont mind some extra fat, and some extra work, I recommend selecting a ribeye from as close to the chuck end as possible. Steaks from the chuck end will have the biggest portion of spinalis widely considered the best piece of meat on the animal.

The extra work comes from the suggestion to tie those steaks around the circumference with some butchers twine. They tend to start falling apart on the grill as the fat starts to render and the muscles separate.

Ribeye steaks tied around the circumference with with butchers twine.

Its not the end of the world if the steaks start to separate, but from a presentation standpoint it helps to tie them up. In the below example, note the complexus muscle starting to separate from the steak.

If you prefer a little less fat, but still want some spinalis, look for a ribeye that comes from the middle third of the ribeye roll. This will reduce the amount of fat tremendously, while still offering a nice sized portion of the spinalis.

If your preference is for as little fat as possible, while still enjoying the ribeye, select a steak close to the loin end. Youll sacrifice the spinalis as there is little to none located here, but theres also very little fat.

Notice the lack of fat and spinalis on this ribeye which was harvested from the loin end of the ribeye roll.

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How Long Should You Cook A Ribeye Steak

Cooked over high heat, a thick ribeye steak will cook in approximately 10 minutes, about 5 minutes on each side. A thin ribeye steak will cook in approximately 6 minutes, about 3 minutes on each side. The exact cooking time will depend on many factors, so we highly recommend that you cook to temperature, not time.

Use a reliable meat thermometer to check the temperature as you cook. No matter what the clock says, remove your ribeye once the temperature reaches 135 degrees Fahrenheit for medium rare.

How To Properly Season A Ribeye Steak

Season your steak with kosher salt at least an hour, preferably 2-3 hours before grilling it, if you have the time. This allows time for the salt to penetrate into the meat, seasoning it throughout as opposed to just the outside.

Youll hear some experts say that seasoning so early draws moisture out of the steak and makes it dry, blah blah blah. While the salt will draw out some moisture, theres plenty of intramuscular fat in a ribeye to keep it moist. Its well worth the minimal moisture loss in exchange for getting salt into the meat.

Peppering the steak before grilling is as controversial as pineapple on pizza or ketchup on a hot dog. People have very firm opinions on this topic. Heres what Ill tell you. Pepper burns, and gets slightly bitter when exposed to very high direct heat.

Some people really enjoy that slight bitterness, I do on occasion. Others prefer a more pure pepper taste and insist on using pepper only after a steak has come off the grill.

Try it both ways and see what your preference is. Dont be bullied into group think when it comes to pepper.

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What Cut Of Beef Is Ribeye

The ribeye comes from the rib primal section of a cow between the shoulder and loin. This section is where youll find the most tender sections of ribs because the area isnt overly exercised. Butchers typically cut the section from the animal from the 6th to 12th ribs before cutting each rib into individual ribeye steaks.

How To Make Grilled Ribeye

  • Slice the Butter. Let your choice of butter come to room temperature and cut into ½ slices.
  • Dry Marinate the Meat. Rub the Montreal seasoning right into the meat, working it in with your fingers. Cover both sides. Allow the meat to dry marinate for 20 minutes while preheating the grill to 450°F-500°F.
  • Grill. Lay the meat right on the grill and cook per your preference. For a medium-rare center, sear for just 3-4 minutes per side. For rare, medium, and well-done, see the recipe card at the bottom of the page.Note: If cooking a bone in ribeye steak, it may take longer to come to temperature. Keep a close eye on the internal temperature of the meat to make sure youre getting the doneness that you desire.
  • Let Rest & Serve. Before you take the meat off of the grill, top with the butter and let it sizzle into the surface. Let rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing and serving.
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    Your Guide To Cooking Ribeye Steak

    Ribeye is one of the worlds most favorite steak cuts because of its taste and texture. And, its relatively simple to cook with your chosen method, like grilling or pan-searing. If youd like to try some of the best ribeye cuts that your money can buy, check out the ribeye selection at Chicago Steak Company.

    Specialty Methods For Cooking Ribeye Steak

    Traditional methods will give any steak connoisseur a wonderful meal, however, there are also new techniques that inspire cooking innovation and provide their own unique flavor. With each method, your steak should be completely thawed in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Remove the Ribeye from the refrigerator 3040 minutes before cooking to bring to room temperature. Season your steaks to your liking we recommend using our Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning.

    For perfect doneness, we recommend using a meat thermometer.

    Take the cooking process a step further with the professional reverse sear Ribeye method.

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    How To Grill The Perfect Ribeye Steak

    This blog about grilling the perfect NY strip steak is one of the most visited blogs on my site. Its popularity made me realize theres a real need to understand the nuances of grilling different cuts of beef, and explaining how to grill ribeye steak. Here, Ill discuss not only how to grill ribeye, but also dive into how to pick a ribeye, and how to season a ribeye.

    The strip steak, as I explained in that blog, is probably the easiest steak to grill. To grill the perfect ribeye however, is slightly more challenging.

    Why? For a few reasons. First, the ribeye steak is made up of more than one muscle. Each muscle is marbled with various amounts of fat, and cook at slightly different paces.

    Second, ribeye is often offered as bone in ribeye, or rib steak. While the bone does offer some advantages, the meat closest to the bone cooks much slower than other parts of the meat. So, by the time that meat is medium, the rest of the steak might be closer to medium well.

    Finally, unlike the strip steak that is usually cut to about 1 ¼ thick, youll find the ribeye ranges from one to 2 ½ thick. For anything over about 1 ½ thick I recommend the reverse sear method. For this blog Ill be using the constant flip method because the steaks used are just under the 1 ½ thickness.

    Season Your Steak Before Grilling

    Grilled Ribeye Steaks on Weber Kettle | Grilled Rib Eye Steak Recipe Malcom Reed HowToBBQRight

    Grilling steak is a popular American dish that typically requires time and care. Whether youre grilling it on the grill or in the oven, its important to season your steak with salt, pepper, and oil before cooking. This will help to give it a crusty surface and make the meat less juicy. Seasoning also helps to keep your steak from taking on too much flavor from the other ingredients in your meal.

    Enjoy Your Delicious Grill-ribeye Steak!

    Grill-ribeye steak is one of the most delicious and affordable steaks you can get. And if youre looking to cook it up yourself, there are a few easy steps you can take to get the perfect result. Here are some tips to help make your grill-ribeye steak:

    • Preheat your grill according to the manufacturers instructions.
    • Season your steak with salt and pepper before grilling.
    • Grill your steak for medium-rare, about 11/15 inches from the fire, for about 10 minutes per side until browned and cooked through.
    • Serve your steak on a bed of fresh vegetables or in a bowl with your favorite dipping sauce.

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    The Best Ribeye Steak On The Grill

    There are a few things I look forward to more than grilling ribeye steak, and this is coming from a person who loves recipes on the grill. What could be better than a perfectly grilled steak you can make right at home in minutes?

    • Budget-Friendly: One of my absolute favorites is this inexpensive It is so tasty and an amazing value!
    • Budget-Friendly:London Broil is also a great cut that my family loves every time I make it.
    • Splurge: When I want to splurge or impress family and friends, the best beef tenderloin recipe is my go-to!

    Believe me when I say you dont have to go out to an expensive restaurant to enjoy a high-quality grilled steakhouse steak. This grilled ribeye steak recipe, complete with the best compound butter for steak, is the key!

    I will show you how to grill a steak on the gas grill so decadent and tender, you will want to skip the steakhouse and make your own grilled ribeye all the time. My family cant get enough of this ribeye recipe, it is truly one of our favorite steak dinner recipes!

    The compound butter for steaks takes this recipe over the top! Pair this recipe with a side of delicious Elote and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert for a memorable meal!

    Cooking Ribeye Steak In The Oven

    • Salt steak on all sides. Then, leave at room temperature for 45 minutes.
    • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and a cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat with one tablespoon of olive oil.
    • Season steak with more salt, if desired, and black pepper.
    • Sear the steak for 1-2 minutes on one side flip with tongs and sear for 1-2 minutes on the other side.
    • Place the skillet in the oven and cook for another 5-8 minutes until a digital meat thermometer reaches the right temperature for your desired doneness .
    • Rest steaks on a plate tented with foil at room temperature for 5-10 minutes.

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    How To Make A Pan

    There are three ways to make a pan-fry on a pit boss pellet grill. The first way is to cook the steak in the grates. The second is to use butter or oil. The last is to bake the steak. With these ways, you want to make sure that youre trying to get the most delicious pan-fry possible. This is because the pan-fry takes time and effort, and its not going to be as good as it would be with the traditional cooking method.

    Ribeye Steak On Charcoal Grill

    Easy Ways to Grill Rib

    Ribeye Steak On Charcoal Grill. When you do the second turn, position the steak so that it has nice crisscrossed grill marks. A meat thermometer should read 130°f.

    Perfectly cooked pork is a winner for mealtimes. Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil. Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil.


    Grill for about 10 minutes per side, rotating every few minutes to achieve grill marks. When you do the second turn, position the steak so that it has nice crisscrossed grill marks.


    Remove the steak from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature before grilling. A final tip for grilling with charcoal.


    What temperature do you cook steak on a charcoal grill? Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil.


    Ad make pork shine at mealtime with these wonderfully flavoursome recipes. How long do you cook a ribeye on a charcoal grill?


    Ad make pork shine at mealtime with these wonderfully flavoursome recipes. What temperature do you cook steak on a charcoal grill?


    On a charcoal grill, mound all of your charcoal on one side of the grill, and leaving the other side with no charcoal. Remove steaks and let rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.


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