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Steak Locker Vs Dry Ager

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Steak Locker // Dry Age Steak Fridge + Accessories

Steak Locker SL150 Dry Age Fridge Update After 2 Months | Major Fail | 4K
Product Description

Steak Locker is the worlds first chef inspired fridge that professionally and safely dry ages prime steaks at home, saving 70% on current steak prices. This cabinet-sized fridge incorporates the latest cloud technology and allows you to operate the fridge through your smartphone.

This innovative fridge includes many accessories. The Steak Locker Smart App runs on either an iOS or Android smartphone, and will be included as a download instructional leaflet.

The Steak Locker Himalayan Salt Brick is naturally antibacterial and is used to enhance the flavor of the dry age meat, assisting in humidity control.

The Steak Locker Silk Spice Pouch delivers additional flavor and intensifies the natural beef aroma.The Steak Locker Hygrometercontrols the humidity inside the fridge and can be managed by your smartphone.

Product Details
  • 33.07″L x 23.42″W x 23.23″H

Includes: Steak Locker Smart App Access Steak Locker Himalayan Salt Brick Steak Locker Silk Spice Pouch Steak Locerk Hygrometer

Steak Ager Buyers Guide

Steak Locker has developed a unique steak ager. The worlds first and only patented Smart Dry-Age Fridge for enthusiasts of high-quality steaks, meat, charcuterie, cheese or fish.

Steak Lockers steak ager is simply the safest, most economical and professional-quality way to dry-age your steaks, selected charcuterie, cheese and even fish. What makes our steak ager the best is because it allows you to get the most tender and flavorful steaks regardless of their USDA classification. This means you can save money in the long term by no longer needing to purchase only prime cuts of beef

There are a multitude of benefits that come with Steak Lockers dry age refrigerator range. The additional smart features are what makes Steak Lockers dry age fridge range different from every other steak range on the market.

Sirloin Dry Ager Steak

Sirloin is different from a Strip Loin because its a broader term that refers to any steak cut from the sirloin section. And, a top sirloin is leaner and more versatile than New York strip, but the latter is superior in terms of flavor. The main difference is geological in that the sirloin is a bigger region than the strip loin and it’s in a broader category that contains more than one cut of the animal.

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Steak Locker Developed A Smartphone App For Both Ios And Android* Devices To Connect To Your Steak Ager

The primary application is your connection to the real-time digital sensor in your fridge that provides you with instant feedback on critical temperature and humidity operations. This feature will alert your smart-phone when preset values are exceeded, ensuring you won’t lose your dry-aged product due to power failure or other emergencies. Your dry-aged steaks and charcuterie are investments in delectability. Our technology not only means you can make dry-age steaks easily, but also that will never experience loss or waste.

Length Of Time For Dry Aging Steaks

EUROCHEF Meat Ager Dry Fridge Steak Refrigerator Aging Cabinet Beef ...

When deciding on the length of time to keep any of these bone-in cuts in the dry age fridge, we recommend one of these two options. If you know that you enjoy a specific cut at 45 days you can place the entire piece in the locker, butcher it into steaks, place them into vacuum sealed bags and freeze them to enjoy over the next few months. Or, you can place the entire bone in cut into Steak Lockers dry age refrigerator and cut a steak or two off every 10 15 days to see how the flavor develops. With this method its best to apply beef tallow, bacon fat or butter to the cut side to protect it until you cut off the next piece, this helps to reduce loss.

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How To Dry Age Meat At Home

Dry aging meat is not without its costs, both in the required meat and equipment. Drying aging, in short, is going to take more than a box or a bag to do correctly, and the meat that you begin with will shrink in the process. However, for many, the outcome is worth the start-up costs to save money on steaks worth their weight in flavor and tenderness. Here is the comprehensive process to get you started dry-aging meat at home.

Why Dry Age Meat At Home

If youve ever tasted a nicely dry-aged steak , you know well the desperation to recreate the magic. Youve likely seen the expensive meat section of the grocery store and dry-aged meat on that side of the steakhouse menu that makes your jaw go slack. Ever wondered why dry-aged meat is such a delicacy?

Dry-aging meat is an art, full of complexities and options, and requires a premium piece of meat. Dry-aged meat, because of the process required, is much more prized than non-aged or wet-aged meat. An important distinction to make when beginning your dry-aging journey is to distinguish dry-aging from wet-aging.

Wet-aged steak is generally the kind that you find in supermarkets and was invented in the 1950s. This involves vacuum sealing steaks . Wet-aged steaks tend to have a more metallic taste. This is because wet-aging seals off oxygen and enzymatic changes.

Dry aging, on the contrary, has been around for centuries. Dry aging is generally the preferred method as drying aged meat bears richer, fuller, more complex flavors with exposure to oxygen and enzymatic transformations. Dry aging affects flavor and tenderness and requires great skill, care, and a good selection of meat.

With practice, dry aging meat at home yields great cuts of meat without restaurant expenses. Its worth it financially and from a customization standpoint to learn to dry-age meat in the home.

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Modern Technology Paired With Old World Techniques

STEAK LOCKER developed a smartphone app for both IOS and Android devices. The primary application is your connection to the real-time digital sensor in your fridge that provides you with instant feedback on critical temperature and humidity operations. This feature will alert your smart-phone when preset values are exceeded, ensuring you won’t lose your dry-aged product due to power failure or other emergencies. Your dry-aged steaks and charcuterie are investments in delectability. Our technology not only means you can make dry-age steaks easily, but also that will never lose or waste them.

The app has additional features beyond your pivotal access to your Steak Locker’s sensor: it puts product information, handling instructions. tutorial videos, customer service numbers and nutritional and caloric information at your fingertips. All this to ensure you have the very best Steak Locker experience.

Ingredients For The Dry Aged Turkey Recipe

Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition | Dry Aged Steak Fridge Review | 4k
  • 1 12- to 16-pound turkey, preferably a heritage or pasture raised bird
  • Kosher salt 1 tablespoon per 4 pounds of bird
  • Brown Sugar – 1 tablespoon per 4 pounds of bird
  • 1 tablespoon black pepper
  • 10 sprigs fresh thyme, stems removed, finely chopped
  • 5 sprigs fresh rosemary, stems removed, finely chopped
  • Zest of 1 Orange

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How Long To Dry Age Meat

Choosing when to stop the process is part of the art rather than the science of dry-aging meat. A general rule to keep in mind is that dry aging is focused on both tenderization and flavor enhancement. After roughly 28 days, the meat reaches maximum tenderness. After that point, continuing the process is more about flavor intensity and controlling decomposition.

There are other factors to consider as well, such as the meat cut youre using, the kind of mold present, the intensity of your mold strains, the amount of mold present, and your personal preference. Though there is no simple answer to how long you should dry age your meat, 30 days is a good threshold for developing dry-aged flavors. You can leave it longer, however. Over time, youll get a sense of what your personal palate prefers.

Another consideration is how much of the meat youre willing to lose. The longer you dry age your meat, the tougher and thicker your rind will be. This is how much youll need to cut out. Dry aging a long time will produce flavorful meat, but less of it as it shrinks more and more over time. A good rule of thumb is to try dry aging a shorter time before you try to dry age meat longer.

If youre only looking for added steak tenderness, 2-4 weeks should suffice. Beef will be noticeably tenderized in 2-4 weeks. If its that famed, dry-aged flavor youre looking for, 4-6 weeks is a good timeframe. If you love those extra flavors and aromas, you can age your meat 6-8 weeks or more.

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Your Dry Ageing Fridge Can Do So Much More Than Transform Meat

As partakers of lifes fine things, we have been trained to believe that the longer it takes to make something, the better it is. With some exceptions, this mostly holds true. Who doesnt get excited at the prospect of tasting a decades-old whisky or admiring an objet dart that was thousands of man-hours in the making? With this principle in mind, a piece of meat thats been left to age, raw and exposed, for several weeks should be downright thrilling.

Before refrigeration was invented, dry-ageing meat somewhere constantly cool and dry like a cave or cellar was one way to preserve it aside from pickling, smoking or curing. But these days, chefs and butchers embark on this time-consuming practice because successfully aged meat explodes with flavour while also being more tender.

This happens because dry ageing breaks down the meat protein and connective tissue whilst also pulling moisture out, giving us softer meat with more concentrated flavours. Think about it as a reduction. Youre taking away the non-essential elements and allowing the good bits to take the stage. In this case, we are talking about both flavours and texture. This explains why meat pieces that have been dry-aged for extended periods tend to be small and expensive, explains Charmaine Hung of fridge manufacturer Dry Ager.

Warning: Do Not Pull Out The Reservoir Draw Past The Orange Filter As It Is Tricky To Slide Back

EUROCHEF Meat Ager Dry Fridge Steak Refrigerator Aging Cabinet Beef ...

SL150 & SL520 please pull back the reservoir to the orange filter. Unwrap the filter from its plastic cover and replace in slot. Fill the reservoir approximately half way up the drawer. Use regular water.

Here is our new video from our Chef and Co-Founder Claus Schmitz on how to trim large #107

7 Rib Roast into steaks with lots of tips and safety featuresIt will take approx. 9 minutes to view

Robust, secure cloud-based server ensures you always have access to reliable data.

Visual Reports

Fully control your inventory, time lapsed, nutritional info and custom features. Visual timely Reports you can use to follow progress no matter where you are.

Intelligent Sensors

Steak Locker Home Edition is designed with independent smart sensors that provide immediate feedback and safety notifications

Personal Support

Real person to person support staffed by technicians and chefs that can really help.

Chef Designed

Your smart app is a precision instrument designed by professional chefs to provide you maximum yield control.


Our app allows your to have multiple lockers with multiple accounts providing intelligent alerts should problems arise.

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Steaklocker Dry Age System Brings Steakhouse Quality Home

Steaklocker Ill admit, dry aging techniques for steak have always escaped me. To me, its a process thats more or less limited to professional chefs and butchers. Me, Im usually just content with buying a steak thats been pre-aged to whatever point I feel is best. Sure, the dry-aged steaks are significantly more expensive, but its a price most people are willing to pay for the taste. After all, its pretty much impossible for the average consumer to safely dry-age their steaks.

Products do exist to do so dry age bags and the like but the vast majority of them are unsafe at best, and completely illegal at worst. Take dry aging in the fridge due to the high humidity and fluctuating temperature, bacteria can quickly grow on ones meat, leading to a gamut of dangerous illnesses and ultimately ruining the meat. As such, its historically been best to leave dry-aging to the professionals.

That may soon change.

View in gallery

There was a time when dry aging was the domain of chefs and butchers. Thats no longer the case. With Steaklocker, anyone will be able to tenderize their meat just so. Now, if you dont mindIm getting kind of hungry.

The Steak Locker Lets You Dry

Take store bought steaks to Peter Lugar levels by popping them into this at home dry ager.

Theres a reason steak tastes better in a restaurant and it has nothing to do with your grilling prowess: Chefs dry-age moderately priced cuts to make mediocre as flavorful as grass-fed Waygu. For restaurateurs, that means investing in a large and expensive meat cooler that keeps racked steaks at near-freezing temps. Over the course of about three weeks, naturally occurring enzymes break down the chewy collagen and tenderize the meat any additional aging time after that just drives the steak even deeper into flavortown. Until now, this has been the type of thing you should never try at home, as uneven humidity and temperature changes in your fridge can make meat a breeding-ground for bacteria. The Steak Locker, however, is at-home dry-aging salvation. The mini fridge-sized locker fits underneath a countertop and creates a controlled dry-aging environment. A moisture sensor and controller let you dial in your ideal tenderness level, and an app alerts you when the meats ready to cook. Steaks will remain edible for up to 90 days. That $10-a-pound sub-prime ribeye never tasted so good.

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Steak Locker Dry Age Fridge Digital Front Panel

Toggle function Fahrenheit to Celsius

Please ensure that your Steak Locker is plugged into an exclusive 15 amp circuit.

If you do not, the other appliances will affect the current running to the Steak Locker occassionally leading to a short which resets the Fridge.

Toggel the Temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Press the Lock sign for 5 seconds until you hear it beep. Then pres both the Lock and O botton next two it simultaneously for 5 seconds. This will change the setting.

The lock functions lock the fridges setting in place until you un-lock it again by pressing the lock for 5 seconds.

First Lets Talk About The Bad

The Steakhouse [ENGLISH] | DRY AGER

I pre-ordered the SteakAger in August 2018 as a birthday present to myself, the shipping date was October 15, 2018. Then apparently the company had a shipping issue and all orders were pushed back one month until November. Then the orders were pushed back until December. Then many folks received their devices with multiple manufacturer defects which caused some people to ruin expensive pieces of beef. In my case, to make matters worse, UPS delivered my machine to the wrong address 3 times in December before they got it right. When I finally received the SteakAger in January, it was totaled from so much postal handling. Not that this mattered, in fact, because the machine was defective it needed to be replaced with the proper updates regardless. I did not receive my unit until February, six months after my original order.

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Why Is Turkey Traditionally Served At Thanksgiving

The history of the thanksgiving turkey is a bit of a mystery, however, historians have a few different theories on the tradition. As a result of letters and records kept by early American settlers, we know that when the colonists sat down to eat with the Wampanoag, two of the foods on the menu were beef and fowl. This meal would later become known as the first thanksgiving. Whilst we cannot confirm exactly which fowl was served, a letter by pilgrim Edward Winslow mentions a turkey hunting trip prior to the first thanksgiving meal.

Furthermore, the wild turkey is a native bird of North America with Benjamin Franklin claiming that the turkey made a more suitable national bird for the US than the bald eagle. Not everyone agreed with this however.

Steaklocker Could Let You Dry

Dry-aged beef. Its a phrase that gets fancy steak-lovers mouths all drooly. The magic dance of enzymes and moisture reduction creates out-of-this-world flavour and tenderness that, unless youve got restaurant-grade equipment, you cant recreate at home. Steaklocker wants to change that, with a device on Kickstarter that promises to bring that meaty magic to your home kitchen.True dry-ageing takes about 21 days for full effect. Moisture leaves the meat, giving you a more concentrated flavour, and enzymes tenderise the muscle to melt-in-your-mouth butteriness. But leaving an unwrapped steak in your fridge for three weeks will probably give you the experience of e.coli poisoning, rather than five-star steakhouse dining.

So Steaklocker came up with a home-sized ageing cabinet that, for a pre-order pledge of $US555, runs significantly cheaper than the $US5000 or so that a restaurant-grade meat locker will set you back. And with built-in technology that promises to monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity, and a smartphone app that works like a beef baby monitor, youll know exactly when your steaks have reached peak deliciousness. Plus, an in-cabinet UV lamp stops your raw meats from becoming a bacterial breeding ground something your home fridge definitely doesnt offer.

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