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Best Grill Pan For Steak

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Other Factors To Consider When Buying Nice Steak

How to Grill the Perfect Stove Top Steak – Beginner Cooking Tips – Circulon

One thing youll want to think about is the USDA grading system, in which beef is graded as prime, choice or select. Prime cuts are superior, coming from young, well fed cows, with abundant marbling. Choice beef is still high-quality, but it has less marbling than prime cuts. Select beef has the lowest amount of marbling, so it is much leaner than prime and choice beef. It may still be tender, but it will be less juicy and flavorful than the others as well.

Another factor to consider is the dry aging process. During this process, beef spends a certain amount of time in a temperature-controlled environment, exposing it to air, which improves its depth of flavor and tenderness. It is a very scientific process that usually takes place over thirty to forty-five days. Dry-aged meat is more expensive, but it is certainly a treat for an extra-special occasion.

It may seem simple, but the thickness of your cut of beef is also a very important consideration. Cooking steak to perfection is all about the balance of a crisp sear on the outside, and a juicy, pink center. Whether youre cooking on the grill, in a cast-iron skillet on the stove, or even a reverse sear starting in the oven, a slightly thicker cut will help you achieve the right sear-to-pink ratio.

Cuisinel Cast Iron Grill Pan: Best Grill Pan For Durability

Not one for the faint-hearted, the Cuisinel Cast Iron Grill Pan is a true heavyweight that may render it difficult to use for some. Perhaps it should be considered as providing a useful work-out in addition to cooking steaks to perfection. Square-shaped and 10.5 inches in diameter, this pan is compatible with all cookers including induction. There are some useful extras included in the package: a glass lid that will prevent spatters from escaping and retain flavors in the pan. There is also a pan scraper designed to remove pieces of food stuck to the ridges.The manufacturers have looked after their purchasers safety by including a silicone grip with the pan to avoid the possibility of burns being incurred while holding the pan. It also comes pre-seasoned with soy-based vegetable oil with the usual proviso for cast-iron pans that the pan should be treated throughout its lifetime and that lifetime should be one of many, many years.


  • Has a smaller surface area than other pans

The Different Types Of Stove And Cooktops For Grill Pans

There are lot of grill pans available on the market but which one is right for your stove? We have gathered all the information for you to make your buying decision easier than ever. The three types of stove and cooktops we look at are:

1. Induction cooktops There are a growing number of induction cooktops in the market because of their increased speed to heat pots and pans. We have listed out the best induction cookware sets on the market today. We highly recommend cast iron grill pans for induction cooktops. However, normal cast iron scratches the surface of the induction cooktop. In order to prevent this from happening, we recommend buying an enamel induction grill pan. Enameled cast iron is a layer that coats the cast iron to prevent it from scratching.

2. Electric stoves On an electric stove we recommend that you stay away from cast iron pans. The reason is because cast iron is a very solid and heavy that it will take a long time for it to heat up. Generally electric stoves heat less quickly.

3. Glass top stoves Since glass top stoves are prone to scratches, its best to avoid grill pans made from glass, ceramic or cast iron which can scratch the surface. Even aluminum foil can mar the glass top.

Its best to find out which stove and cooktop your kitchen has before deciding on a grill pan. Keep in mind that its cheaper to buy a new pan than replace your cooktop!

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What You Can Expect To Spend

Grill pans cover a wide range of prices depending on the material and brand that you choose.

Raw cast iron grill pans are generally going to be the least expensive option. Most cost between $20 and $50, but there are some boutique options that can get very expensive.

Enameled cast iron options are almost always more expensive than raw cast iron. There are some budget-friendly models in the $40 range, but they quickly go up to well over $100.

Nonstick options are available at several different price points. Budget options can be had for around $20 but these tend to be made from thinner material and less durable nonstick surfaces.

I find that the $50 range offers the best balance of value and performance. Pans over $100 may have slightly more durable cooking surfaces, but in my opinion, theyre often not significantly better than the $50 options.

The Handle Of The Grill Pan

Staub Grill Pan Steak Recipes

When buying a grill pan, you need to pay attention to its handle. The longer the handle is, the less hot it will be.

However, its also important to consider that a long handle adds weight to an already heavy pan. So, you need to make sure that your grill pan also comes with a helper handle.

This is basically a loop that is located opposite your long handle, which can help you lift a heavy pan easily .

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What To Know About Grill Pans

  • When cooking on a grill pan, preheating is key to getting the sear you want. However, not all materials allow for this, so it’s important to decide what you’ll use your grill pan for.
  • Nonstick pans can be great for delicate proteins like fish and work pretty well when grilling vegetables. The downside is that they cannot be used over high heat because too much heat can sap the pan’s nonstick quality.
  • A cast iron pan can take more heat, which can be great when cooking proteins like steak or burgers. But as easy to use as a well-seasoned one can be, some sticking may still happen, especially with delicate foods like fish. Not only does that make cooking a hassle, but it adds to the cleanup time, too.
  • If you want to put your grill pan in the oven for cooking something like a roast, you’ll want to note the oven temperature the material can handle. Some pans can handle up to 500 degrees F, but others can only go up to 400 degrees F.
  • Finally, you’ll want to consider shape. Grill pans typically come in round or square shapes. Depending on how much food you’re cooking at one time, the shape may matter.

Beth Lipton

Best Budget: Ozark Trail Small Cast Iron Griddle

If you’re a grilling beginner or just looking for a cost-effective kitchen addition, this inexpensive cast iron griddle is the one for you. It’s a pre-seasoned, reversible griddle with raised edges on one side for seared steaks and veggies and a flat-top side for breakfast essentials. Note: It’s hand-wash only.

“It’s a great skillet. For the price you can’t do much better,” one reviewer said. “I cooked breakfast on it using the stovetop. It fit nicely over two burners. I highly recommend this item.”

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Greenpan Premiere Ceramic Nonstick Outdoor/indoor Square Grill Pan

Outdoor grilling is great, but when you’re cooking something delicate like a fish fillet, or small, like asparagus, it can be a fraught proposition. Enter GreenPan’s Outdoor/Indoor Square Grill Pan, which is engineered to be used both indoors on the stove or in the oven, as well as on an outdoor gas grill, up to 600 degrees F.

The hard-anodized, 11-inch square pan has low, rounded grill ridges and the interior is coated with a very slick, shiny ceramic nonstick coating that’s durable enough to withstand metal utensils. Stainless-steel loop handles are riveted onto the body, with a design that’s flush on the interior to prevent food residue from collecting in crevices. On a burner, the grill pan heats quickly, with a little uneven heat over the heat source. Grill marks are not as sharply defined as on grill pans with less-rounded ridges, and the slippery finish can cause food to skitter out of reach as you’re trying to flip it but at least it doesn’t stick! Those who hate doing dishes will love how easy this pan is to clean it practically wipes clean with a single swipe of a sponge.

Buy it: $90

John Lewis & Partners Cast Iron Square Grill Pan

Why America’s Test Kitchen Calls the Staub 12″ American the Best Grill Pan

Cheapest price: £35 available at John Lewis

Colours: Comes in frost grey or blue

Diameter: 26cm

Colours: Comes in Marseille blue, deep teal, cerise, satin black, volcanic, flint, teal or meringue

Diameter: 26cm

Dishwasher safe: Yes, but if you do there are special care instructions

Oven safe: Yes

Induction hob: Yes

Le Creuset is internationally renowned for its cast iron kitchenware.

There is a stark difference in price between some of these cast iron products, and this pan is at the higher end of the scale.

How does it compare with the cheaper cast iron cookware in our tests? To find out and read our full review join Which? or log in.

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Best Cast Iron: Finex Seasoned Cast Iron Double

Finex is a small, Portland-based cookware company think of it as a fancier version of the its more famous sister brand, Lodge Cast Iron, which acquired the brand in 2019. This pan is beautifully designed, with an octagonal shape that maximizes the cooking surface, a sturdy design , and beautiful coiled stainless handles that are designed to cool off quickly. The ridges are thicker and deeper than most other grill pans, which more closely replicates an actual grill.

Because of its heft, the pan takes a while to heat up, but when it does, it can achieve screaming-hot temperatures perfect for searing a steak, and will retain that heat uniformly for quite some time. Even with its pre-seasoning and a little additional oil, food stuck a little to the ridges, but with a little coaxing, did release without tearing. The heat dispersed nicely with no hot spots, and the design of the ridges yielded impressively browned grill marks. The handles do get hot, but cool off more quickly than the pan itself. Like any cast iron cookware, the seasoning on this pan needs to be maintained, and it’ll get better and better with repeated use, as the patina builds up. Taken care of properly, this pan is likely to become an heirloom and a great alternative to firing up the outdoor grill.

Buy it: $220 or

Perfectly Cooked Steak In A Grill Pan

October 2, 2015 by Kit

Learn how to cook a steak in a grill pan with these simple step by step photos and instructions!

Dont have a grill? Thats ok I dont have one either. You can still make perfectly cooked steak in a grill pan and it cooks in under 10 minutes. I promise, it is easier than you might think, and I will walk you through step by step.

For this recipe, I teamed up with PRE Grass Fed Beef to cook some of their steaks. PRE is focused on providing customers with the top 10% of grass fed beef from around the world, focusing on taste, tenderness, and juiciness. Since this beef is the best of the best, I didnt want to overly complicate things.

I like my steaks between rare and medium rare- cooked just until they are warm in the middle. You can increase the cook time if you want a medium or well done steak, but with steaks this good, you dont want to overcook them.

PRE Beef is cut to be about 1 1/2 inches thick, and the thickness of the steak determines the cook time. Adjust the cook time based on the thickness of your steak, if necessary.

This steak will cook quickly, so make sure you have everything prepped first. Have mashed potatoes ready, just keep them warm. And slice your shallots and mushrooms.

Then generously coat it with a layer of seasoning salt and seasoning pepper these are spice mixes available at your grocery store that add more flavor than salt and pepper alone.

Rub the seasoning into the beef.

Let the steak cook for 2 minutes.

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M& s Stainless Steel Non

Best grill pan for a stainless steel collection



  • Small surface area for charring

Made of stainless steel, the pan looks stylish with a long metal handle that sits comfortably in the hand.

It can withstand oven heat up to 240 degrees which is useful if youre cooking steaks that want some extra oven-time after being seared in the pan.

Despite its large size, the circular design of the grill lines means theres quite a lot of drainage space around the pans edges. Its ridging produced professional looking charring on all the ingredients we tested, so it impressed in terms of performance.

Being dishwasher safe gives this grill pan an additional element of practicality.

What Is The Most Expensive Cut Of Steak

Best Pans for Cooking Steak in 2020

The most expensive cuts of steak are taken from the most tender parts of the cow, so tenderloin is going to be the priciest cut. It is a very small part of the cow, so the high cost is also a matter of supply and demand.

If youve ever heard of Japanese wagyu or kobe beef, youve definitely heard that they will cost you a pretty penny. Wagyu and kobe beef dont reference cuts of steak they reference the way the cows are bred and raised. These classifications of cows are raised in Japan on a very strict, specific diet, meant to ensure that the beef contains just the right level of flavor and fat. This level of care is what guarantees the high price tag.

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Which Materials Are Most High

While you can find grill pans of all makes and materials, from aluminum and steel to non-stick-coated, McManus has a preference when it comes to long-lasting quality.

We like traditional cast-iron rather than enameled, because as you cook in them over time, traditional pans will acquire a patina of seasoning that improves their release of food, but enameled pans won’t improve or change with use, and the enamel can wear down and become sticker, not less sticky, explained McManus. Cast-iron pans also have more distinct ridges that end up making better grill marks.

However, other materials are generally good to use as long as you care for them properly and know they may not last as long as cast-iron.

Cooks Standard Grill Pan: Best All

The Cooks Standard Grill Pan is one of the biggest-selling vessels of its type, and its easy to see why. An 11-inch pan made from hard-anodized aluminum it exudes the durability inherent in a pan weighing 3.2lbs.This model can be used in an oven for temperatures up to 500°F without any adverse effects, and the generous dimensions ensure that it can cater to sizeable portions. It is compatible with all cookers aside from induction, and the smooth bottom of the pan will not cause any damage to glass stovetops. Comparatively inexpensive for a quality product, it should remain a best-seller.


  • Not compatible with induction cookers
  • Heavy to hold for some

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Types Of Material Affecting Your Steak

Stainless steel This material is non-reactive and very durable which means that there wont be any off flavors transferred from your marinade to your steak. It heats evenly and quickly but doesnt retain heat as well as cast iron or ceramic so youll need to cook over high heat for searing before reducing to lower heats for cooking. Its also the most affordable type of grill pan material, so its great for those on a budget.

Ceramic As previously mentioned, ceramic grill pans are favored due to their ability to withstand high temperatures without warping or cracking. They also maintain even heat distribution which means that your steak wont cook unevenly or burn under high heats . Ceramic is non-reactive with no metallic aftertaste so there wont be any flavors transferred from your marinade during cooking. This makes them ideal for preparing dishes like paella and bibimbap where you dont want other flavors masking the taste of seafood or meat respectively.

Best Grill For Searing Steak

How to Cook the Best Ribeye Steak | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

Jan 18, 2020 | Grills and Outdoor Cooking |

There is no better way to show off your grilling skills than by preparing the perfect steak right? There are as many ways to cook a perfect steak as there are chefs out there starting from the seasoning, over the slow grilling , and finishing with a perfect sear

However, none of this can happen if you dont have the right grill for the task. With so many grills to choose from nowadays, it can be hard to tell which one to get, especially if you have a specific purpose in mind, such as searing steak.

This is why we have picked out the 3 best grills out there specifically for searing a steak. Here is our choice:

You can sear steak any way you like, but you cant achieve the taste you get with a charcoal grill using any other method. If that signature smoky taste of barbecue is what you are after, then you should definitely choose a charcoal grill for searing your steaks.

And what better grill to choose than the classic Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill. This grill is an all-time favorite of grillers around the world, and there are some very good reasons for this.

First of all, even though its quite affordable, this grill is also very durable and well-constructed. In fact, the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill practically proves that you dont need to spend a fortune in order to get a good grill.

The bowl and lid on the Weber Original Kettle are porcelain-enameled, which keeps the heat inside the grill.

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