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What Temp Should The Grill Be For Steak

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How To Use The Electric Grill

How to Temp Steak Accurately – Grill Steak like a Pro!

You can easily grill a steak if you take into consideration the electric grilling time. First, make sure you heat your grill before laying your meat on it. To know if your grill is ready, just hold your hand about 5 inches/13 cm from the heat source. Count the seconds you can keep your hand there comfortably without it getting too hot. If you can’t count more than 3 or 4 seconds it means that the grill is hot enough, and you can throw the steak on it.

These things are good to know, but thats not the only secret for a perfect steak. Most of all, the electric grilling time for steaks depends on your meat. And don’t forget that electric grills are available in two types: ones with grill surfaces on both sides and ones with only one cooking surface. And, as you can imagine, their cooking times differ.

When you want to make a steak using your electric grill, make sure you heat it before laying your meat on it.

How Do You Temp A Steak

The best way to temp a steak is with a meat thermometer. Even if you are cooking your steak sous vide, it is essential to be sure about the internal cooking temperatures. I use a ThermoPro food thermometer because they are affordable and reliable.

First, start by grabbing your tongs and picking up the steak. Many people temp their steaks by sticking the thermometer into the face of the meat on one side. I recommend against this for two reasons. The first is that it gives you a less accurate temperature reading because it only tests a small part of the steak.

The second is that if you then flip the steak, gravity will cause the juices of the steak to drip out which can cause your grill to flare up making it more difficult to control the cooking process. Instead, stick your thermometer into the side edge of the steak, and puncture the meat slightly past where you think the center of the cut is. This will give you a more accurate reading.

How Do You Cook A Steak On A Gas Grill

To cook a gas grill steak, first, you have to cut the meat to a specific size. On top of this, You should apply organic oils such as olive oil, salt, and pepper powder on both sides. Then the grill has to be made by keeping it inside the grill at a specific temperature.

In this case, of course, You should cook different types of sizes at different temperatures.

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How To Cook Steak Well Done

Well done steak has gotten a bad rap, with some chefs even refusing to cook the meat to this doneness. It may seem well done would be the easiest to cook, but in actuality, it is the hardest as cooking until the meat is no longer pink and not drying it out is a challenge. The secret is to do it low and slowthe only way to prevent burning while fully cooking it through the middle.

This steak should not be burnt on the outside. While there is not the faintest hint of pink in the middle, it should be browned through, not burnt through. This steak will feel solid to the touch.

For a 1-inch steak, grill over medium heat between 10 and 12 minutes per side. It should reach an internal temperature of 170 F or higher.

Medium Steak Temperature And Cooking Tips


A medium steak is always a crowd-pleaser. This is our go-to for hosting, as it’s an unpolarizing, easy middle ground for all meat eaters. Not too pink, but not overcooked, a medium steak is a great home base for any griller.

To cook a medium steak, place it on a hot grill for approximately 4 minutes. Flip, rotate, and move to another spot on the grill. Cook an additional 4 minutes, then move to another spot on the grill. Cook an additional 2 minutes, or until it reaches an internal temperature of 135 degrees F . Let rest for 5 minutes, slice and serve.

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Additional Tips When Grilling Lamb

  • Always cook lamb in direct heat and ensure that its fully cooked.
  • Always brine your lamb cuts for at least 40 minutes before grilling. This is to make the meat tender and to lock in the flavor.
  • Sear the lamb first but avoid charring it. After that, continue cooking in moderate heat.
  • Lamb cuts need a longer resting time than pork or beef. A minimum of 5 minutes is the rule of thumb.
  • Theres no difference in cooking time and temperature even if youre cooking a bone-in or boneless lamb meat.
  • Dry the lamb with paper towel before setting it on the grill. After that, season it with your preferred rub or salt.
  • Trim the hard layer of fats around the chops so you wouldnt have to chew aggressively later. Other than that, you should keep your meat cuts as-is.

Required Grilling Time And Temperature Chart For Pork

BBQ Ground Patties

Disclaimer: Pork is prohibited for Muslims. If you are a Muslim, avoid this section. We honor all of our readers.

Pork Chops

  • Preheat grill between 325 and 350 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cook 2 – 7 minutes per side until internal temperature reaches 145 F
  • Resting time 5-10 minutes

The best thing you can do when cooking pork chops is to select the right cut of meat. Blade chops should be your first choice, rib chops second, and loin chops being the third best. Try to get the center-cut if possible. Try to get a one and a half inch thick cut of meat, and it will do superb on the grill.

There are two different ways to brine your pork chops dry and wet brine. We recommend using dry brine. A dry brine is simple all you do is sprinkle some salt all over the meat and let it rest long enough for the salt to penetrate the meat and work its magic. You can brine the pork chops in a little as an hour before grilling or up to a full day.

Pork chops are best grilled with indirect fire, using a two-zone grill. You’re going to want to sear them on the hotter side of the grill and then once they’re well seared move them over to the cooler side of the grill and let the lower heat.

For a medium-rare pork chop, you want the internal temperature to be 135 F, and for a juicy and rosy medium pork chop, you’ll want the inside temperature to be at 145 F.

Ground Pork Patties

Pork Tenderloins

Pork Loin Kabobs

Pork Uncured Ham

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What Should I Cook On High Heats

Cranked right up, most grills can hit temperatures as high as 450-500°F and this level of searing heat should be reserved for searing! Were talking foods that need color more than cooking rare steaks are an obvious example but also ingredients you prefer al dente, such as well-marinated vegetables and fruit. Turn quickly and frequently, using long tongs.

Toasting burger baps will take seconds at this temperature, too. Its also a good heat to use when burning off a griddle before cooking as it will kill any residual bacteria lurking. With the addition of a pizza stone, you can flame grill delicious pizzas in around 10 minutes at this temperature.

Is One Steak Temperature Better Than Another

What is the Perfect Temperature for Grilling Steak

First, lets cover the hot debate of what the best level of doneness for steak is. While some people like a slight pink hue in the center of their steaks, others like them practically mooing. Although most of it boils down to personal preference, there also is some science that goes on when you cook a steak that could make it taste better the more cooked it is.

Most steaks are best at medium-rare to medium. These temperatures cause the fat within the cuts to render, which allows the flavor from fat to move throughout the steak and keep it tender. Cooking only to rare doesnt give the steak quite enough time to benefit from this process, and cooking to well-done can cause the meat to become chewy and lose that tenderness that steaks known for.

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Kamado And Infrared Grills:

These grills take up a slightly different design and cooking time as compared to the other types of grills.

Kamados are heavily ceramic built meaning they hold up more heat and for longer than many other grills, however using charcoal for fueling mostly.

To control temperature on a kamado grill, simply set up the lumps in the grill, light them up and allow the grill to heat up to the surface temperature required for the food. At that temperature, place your food on the grates, close the lid and keep the vent opened quarterly.

Keep cooking and control temperature using the vents.

On the other hand, infrared grills are one of the fastest cooking grills you can find, cooking food in very few minutes.

Infrared grilling times often last about 5 minutes on the average because of the technology used. Preheat the grill for 1 minute to medium-high heat, then cook your food, about 2 minutes on each side.

Due to the fastness of this grill, it is wise to stick to the grill throughout the cooking process so as to not burn the food. Some grills can be very expensive. If you are looking for more affordable models, check out this list of grills under $500.

Top Eight Tips For Grilling From Top Chefs

  • Season the best meat at least one hour before cooking
  • Light the grill one hour prior to grilling
  • Let the meat to come to room temperature before cooking
  • Add flavored wood to your coals for delicious extra flavoring
  • Cook over a range of heat
  • Rest meat halfway through grilling
  • Allow meat to rest a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes after taking it off the grill smoker combo

As you can see, there’s a “resting time” which will allow all the juices, flavors, and taste to settle into the meat after the grilling. Its and resting your meat halfway through grilling , will all go a long way in giving you a juicier, more tasting, flavorful meal. Make sure you don’t forget to do both of those things, as it will provide you with much better results.

You’ll be able to tell a huge difference , from eating the meat when it gets directly off the grill and letting it set for the proper resting time.

Also, remember never to flip any meat with a barbecue fork, this will let all the juices run out of the meat and into the fire, thus causing your meat to dry out faster.

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Moisture Is The Enemy

The Maillard reaction gives grilled steak its irresistible aroma.

That’s why we cook it over fire rather than boiling it something that’s boiling in water can never get over 212 degrees Fahrenheit, because that’s the highest possible temperature of the water.

But some people do effectively boil their steaks on the grill by throwing them on when the surface of the meat is moist with condensation or a marinade.


Grilling wet steak is like starting a race going uphill. Your grill can’t cook your steak until it first evaporates the water which takes a lot of energy. Your steak can’t get past the 212 Fahrenheit marker and toward Maillard levels, until all that water is gone. Meanwhile, the internal temperature of the steak is rising because of the ambient heat around it.

You can end up with the worst of both worlds no browning on the surface of the steak, and overcooked meat within it.

Here are a few ways to banish moisture from your steak:

What Are The Best Types Of Steak For Grilling

What Temperature to Grill Steak on a Gas Grill

Almost any steak works fine on the grill if you use the right grilling techniques and a thermometer. Really thick cuts can be problematic because the crust will burn if you want the steak cooked to medium or well done. Of course, some people like heavily charcoaled crusts on their steaks. You can also coat your steak with a layer of salt to prevent burning the crust of thick steak cuts.The most common steaks for grilling include:

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Steak Doneness: Internal Temps & Cooking Times

We’ll tell you how to cook the perfect steak to your preferred doneness.

Feed your meat-tooth with a juicy thick-cut Traeger grilled steak. Whether you like it fresh from the field, with some pink, or deader-than-dead, weve got you covered. Well teach you how to cook the perfect steak to your preferred doneness.

Here are the basic steak doneness ranges.

Grill Temperature For Sausage

The grill temperature for sausage is controversial but essentially, low at around 140ºF to 160ºF.

However, it’s all about balance. You must ensure the sausage is cooked through to be safe, assuming it is made with pork, but be browned on the outside. If you cook it too slowly the skin will wrinkle by the time it hits a plate too fast, and the skin will very quickly burn, shrink and crack, allowing the juices to escape but, potentially for the middle to remain uncooked.

Poaching sausages first in anything from water to beer in an oven or a tin foil pan on your grill, then browning them briefly on a medium temperature grill can ensure more even result.

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How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak On The Grill

  • Be sure your steak is completely thawed.
  • Bring the meat to room temperature. Remove your steak from the refrigerator 30-40 minutes before grilling.
  • Season steaks as desired we recommend Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning.
  • To cook on a charcoal grill, place steaks over the hottest part of the grill, and sear both sides for 1-2 minutes. Then move to medium, ash-covered coals and continue to grill for the times listed in the chart below. Turn about 1 minute prior to the halfway point.
  • To cook on a gas grill, preheat on high. Sear both sides for 1-2 minutes, then reduce to medium heat and continue to grill for the times listed in the chart below. Turn about 1 minute prior to the halfway point.
  • For the perfect medium-rare top sirloin steak, grill for 9-12 minutes for a 1-inch steak, and 12-15 minutes for a 1½ inch steak, turning about 1 minute before the halfway point. A meat thermometer should read 130°F.
  • Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering lightly with foil. The temperature of the meat will continue to rise about 5°F during this time . The final temperature will read 135°F.
  • Resting steak is also important because the heat of cooking pulls the juices in the meat toward the surface if you slice into it immediately after cooking, those flavorful juices will end up on your plate, not in your steak. Allowing your steak to rest will give the juices time to sink back in and throughout the meat, keeping it moist and flavorful.

How Hot Should The Grill Be For Steak

Extreme High Temp Grilling: Flank Steak

Steak lover always wanted to know that how hot should be grill for the steak? Nowadays, grilled steaks have become one of the most tempting and delicious meals. When the grilling season starts, numerous restaurateurs and food providers illuminating their business grill and doling out delicious steaks, ribs, , and so on. It doesnt matter if youre a grill professional or beginner, meticulousness provokes significant improvements in the flavor and nature of your grilled meat.

The most significant factor while barbecuing the steak is the temperature of the steak grills because the warmth is fundamental to guarantee that the nature of the food isnt arranged and that it doesnt ruin.

The most exceedingly terrible sort of steak is a consumed steak. Barbecuing steak on a propellant grid shouldnt be obscured at this point. The group of a significant number of individuals relies upon steak cooking time alone without considering the grills warmth. As gas barbecues are intended for prompt and hot cooking, it is fundamental to keep up temperature regulators when barbecuing steaks to stay away from the feared consumed and singed steak.

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Establishing The Temperature Level To Grill Steak On A Barbecue Grill

Judging how well a steak is done only by its cooking time is a usual error. The temperature to barbecue a steak differs according to the steaks size as well as density, kind, and form of the cut.

to ensure you prepare an excellent BARBEQUE steak, here are the needed temperature setups to grill your steak on a gas grill. Typically the thicker the steak, the lower the temperature level you need to grill a steak.

Before You Grill Your Steaks

Before grilling your steaks, make sure you trim the excess fat and the silver skin from your steaks. Season the meat the way you like it. Its not necessary to grease your electric grill because the remaining steak fat will melt and will produce some grease that youll use instead of oiling the grill.

You should know that grilling times for steaks are always estimates because there are many other factors that affect grilling. The thickness of the steak is just one of them. The temperature of the meat before throwing it on the grill is another. If your steaks are frozen, take them out the day before you plan on cooking them and thaw them in the refrigerator.

Now you know the electric grilling time for steaks. You may also want to read: Fire Up the BBQ: Grilling Myths to Turn to Ash.

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