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Best Way To Grill Steak

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How To Grill The Ribeye On The Grill

The Best Way to Grill Steak

While the ribeye marinates in the fridge, give the grill gates a thorough clean and preheat the BBQ to medium-high heat.

Prepare a hot charcoal fire, allowing the coals to form white ash or preheat the grill to 450°F to 500°F a higher temperature leaves little margin for error.

Tip: If you use a charcoal grill, start the fire around 30 to 40 minutes before grilling the ribeye.

The fire’s ready as soon as the coals are white or ash-covered. Test the heat by holding your hand 4 to 5 inches over the coals for 4 seconds before it’s too hot .

Cook the prepared ribeye steak on the grill for between five to eleven minutes on each side to achieve your desired taste and texture.

  • Five to seven minutes = Rare
  • Seven to nine minutes = Medium
  • Nine to eleven minutes = Well-done

How To Grill Tri

Tri-tip steak is a triangular cut that’s on the leaner side, which means it’s best marinated for a while before it hits the grill. For a slightly more affordable steak that still satisfies your craving for the richness of beef, tri-tip fits the bill. Chef Frothingham likes a miso marinade with yellow miso paste, honey, sesame oil, sriracha, canola oil, and rice wine vinegar.

  • Preheat the grill.
  • Cook the tri-tip steak for about four to six minutes on each side, or until it reaches your desired doneness. Chef Frothingham prefers an internal temperature of 128 degrees.
  • Let the steal rest before slicing and serving.
  • How To Grill Steak 101

    Everyone needs to learn how to grill a steak properly!! I know it can be intimidating, but it truly is something everyone can master. The first step is to pick out high-quality meat, which is why I am so excited to partner with Country Natural Beef on this tutorial!

    Country Natural Beef is 100% owned by family ranchers and is G.A.P. Step 4 Animal Welfare Certified which means that their animals are pasture-raised, fed a vegetarian diet, provided a safe and enriched environment and never receive antibiotics or added hormones. They also happen to be a Whole30-Approved partner! And I have to say, this is honestly the best beef I have ever tasted. You truly can tell the difference and I am so proud to be partnering with them today!

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    The Perfect Cut Of Ribeye Meat For Grilling

    • A boneless cut of ribeye is easier to cook evenly.
    • Opt for a piece of ribeye around 1.5 inches

    Whether you opt for a boneless or bone-in ribeye steak, both are perfect candidates for the grill.

    The bone adds extra flavor and moisture however, it can complicate the cooking process as the meat next to the rib cooks more slowly.

    Then, to prevent your well-marbled, juicy steak from being overdone before you can achieve a beautiful sear, ensure that the steak is at least 1-inch-thick, even better 1.5-inches-thick .

    A thicker piece of streak allows you to achieve a juicy, medium to rare center with a well-seared exterior.

    How Do You Grill A Frozen Steak

    How to Cook Steak on the Stove: The Simplest, Easiest Method

    Never grill a frozen steak. Frozen steak must be defrosted before cooking.

    Grilling a steak while fully frozen is a health risk because bacteria can form while the steak lingers at low temperatures. Also, the surface of the steak is likely to burn while the inside is raw.

    To defrost frozen steak, put it in a dish in the refrigerator. Most cuts will fully defrost overnight.

    If you need to defrost frozen steak in a hurry, put it under cold running water.

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    The Best Ribeye Steak On The Grill

    There are a few things I look forward to more than grilling ribeye steak, and this is coming from a person who loves recipes on the grill. What could be better than a perfectly grilled steak you can make right at home in minutes?

    • Budget-Friendly: One of my absolute favorites is this inexpensive It is so tasty and an amazing value!
    • Budget-Friendly:London Broil is also a great cut that my family loves every time I make it.
    • Splurge: When I want to splurge or impress family and friends, the best beef tenderloin recipe is my go-to!

    Believe me when I say you don’t have to go out to an expensive restaurant to enjoy a high-quality grilled steakhouse steak. This grilled ribeye steak recipe, complete with the best compound butter for steak, is the key!

    I will show you how to grill a steak on the gas grill so decadent and tender, you will want to skip the steakhouse and make your own grilled ribeye all the time. My family can’t get enough of this ribeye recipe, it is truly one of our favorite steak dinner recipes!

    The compound butter for steaks takes this recipe over the top! Pair this recipe with a side of delicious Elote and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert for a memorable meal!

    How To Cook Medium Well Steak

    This level of doneness is for those who don’t want a lot of pink in their meat. A medium well steak should have just a hint of pink in the very middle of the steak with a dark brown surface and good charring on the top and bottom. The steak will be very stiff but still have a little squish in the center.

    For a 1-inch steak, place steak on a hot grill for 7 minutes. Turn and continue grilling for another 5 minutes. Cook to an internal temperature of 155 to 165 F .

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    How Hot Should The Grill Be For Steak

    Raichlen recommends establishing two cooking zones in your charcoal grill: one thats very hot for searing the steak, and one thats medium for finishing the steak and cooking it through.

    On a gas grill, heat the grill to 450°F with two burners going, which should only take about 10 minutes, then turn one of the burners down to medium to create two cooking zones.

    Not sure if the grill is hot enough? Raichlen’s tip is to hold your hand 3 inches above the grill grate and count “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi…” If you can only hold it there for a second or two, the grill is hot and you’re ready to cook.

    I followed Raichlens advice, and started my steak in the hot zone, then moved it to the medium zone to finish cooking. It worked like a charm.

    Salting Early Pays Off

    How To Cook Steak Like A Pro Chef | The Best Way

    You might have heard the warning that you shouldnt salt meat too far in advance of cooking because it can draw out moisture. Its true that salt draws moisture towards itself, but over the course of 20 to 30 minutes thats a good thing, because the salt begins to dissolve into that little bit of moisture.

    When the steak hits the hot cooking grate, the sugars and proteins in the moisture combine with the salt and other seasonings to create a delicious crust. Any moisture you might lose is well worth the flavor of that crust.

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    How Should The Sirloin Steak Be Served

    Now that you have a perfectly grilled top sirloin, top it with an herbed compound butter or my personal favorite, another good pair – chimichurri. Served with a side of beautifully grilled fingerling potatoes and charred carrots, this is one cookout that everyone is going to be talking about for a while! If you want something more fancy – add a glass of red wine.

    How To Make My Steak Juicy And Tender

  • : it is so nice to add in that little extra flavor!
  • Pierce with fork : this isnt necessary, but piercing the steak with a fork to create some tiny holes allows either your salt and pepper or your marinade to penetrate the meat much faster.
  • Sear on both sides: The sear is the key and then you can move to indirect heat to finish cooking. This seals in all those juices and leaves a nice char on the outside.
  • Do NOT over-cook: remember that your steak will continue to cook after you take it off the grill, so really you should shoot for about 5 degrees under where you ultimately want to be when you take the steaks off the grill.
  • Let rest: Your steak will continue to raise about 5 degrees while resting and this allows the juices to redistribute evenly throughout the piece of steak so when you do cut into it, it will be juicy and perfect!
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    Salt The Steak At Least 30 Minutes In Advance

    Salting is the very best thing you can do for a large steak. You dont need much salt just a nice sprinkle of kosher salt over the entire surface. Then, place it on a rack inside the fridge.

    For best results, youll want to salt the steak a day in advance. If youre running short on time 30 minutes will workbut when it seasons longer, the salt can work its way deep into the meat. As the salt seasons the meat, it also pulls out moisture. Given only 30 minutes, youll have to blot off that excess moisture off with a paper towel. But, with more time, the brine will reabsorb into the meat and create a super flavorful steak.

    How To Cook Steak On Grill

    The Best Way To Grill Steak This Summer
  • Prepare marinade: combine the marinade by mixing together Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic, olive oil, lemon pepper, and lemon juice.
  • transfer steaks to a gallon-size bag or baking dish and pour in the marinade. Make sure that the steaks are covered and seal . Let marinate for 30 minutes. Feel free to do this on the counter so that the steaks are room temperature before cooking.
  • Preheat grill: Preheat grill to 500ºF and rub your grill grates with olive oil.
  • Grill: Sear steaks at 500ºF over direct heat for 2 minutes on each side. Then, turn the grill down to 400ºF and continue grilling for 10-15 minutes flipping halfway. For a medium-rare steak, let cook until the internal temperature reaches 140ºF.
  • Let Rest: let the steaks rest of a plate for 5 minutes so that their internal temperature can continue to rise by 5ºF.
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    Grill Times And Temperature For Steak

    Rare: 120 to 130 F 5 then 3 minutes per side pull off grill at max 125 F

    Medium-Rare: 130 to 135 F 5 then 4 minutes per side pull off grill at max 130 F

    Medium 140 to 150 F 6 then 4 minutes per side pull off grill at max 145 F

    Medium-Well 155 to 165 F 7 then 5 minutes per side pull off grill at max 160 F

    Well-Done 170 F or more 12 then 10 minutes per side pull off grill at max 165 F

    How To Cook Medium Steak

    If you are grilling for a large group of people, this level of doneness often pleases most everyone. A medium-cooked steak should have a thick band of light pink through the middle but have more browned meat than pink overall. The sides should be a rich brown color and the top and bottom charred darkly . This steak will have some play through the middle, but feel firm to the touch.

    For a 1-inch steak, place steak on a hot grill for 6 minutes. Turn and continue grilling for another 4 minutes until an internal temperature of 140 to 150 F is reached.

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    Be Sure To Check Its Temperature

    Never forget to temp your steak before removing it from the grill. Although it might appear done on the outside, the inside could still be raw. If your steak needs a little more time to reach the right temperature inside as indicated by your thermometer, move it to a low-heat side of the grill for a couple of minutes and close the lid for extra cooking time.

    The Oven Cooked Method

    What’s the best way to GRILL the perfect STEAK? | Guga Foods

    It is possible to produce a delicious steak using only your oven. You may not get the same crisp crust as the above methods, but your steak will be evenly cooked.

    For the oven method, season your steak well, and add a generous amount of butter to ensure it stays moist. Preheat your oven to450°F.

    Add your steak to a sheet pan with a rack. Youll want to bake your steak in the oven for around 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the type and size. Dont forget to let it sit after cooking. When you cook a steak in the oven, it needs to rest for approximately 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

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    How Long To Grill Steak:

    The question everyone wants to know. The answer depends on the temperature of your grill, the thickness of the steak, the temperature of the steak when you put it on the grill, the fat content of the steak, etc.

    General, youre aiming for 2 to 3 minutes per side over a super hot flame , then typically a little longer over indirect heat.

    In other words, youll sear the steak on both sides until it has a great deal of color, then move it away from the flame on a cooler part of the grill to continue cooking until it reaches your desired level of done-ness.

    Is It Necessary To Cook The Steaks More After Searing Them

    The most important part of reaching the level of doneness you like is the internal temperature. Searing is largely for flavor. If your steak is thicker, it probably wont reach the desired doneness as fast as a thinner one. One thing that helps ensure you dont overcook your steak, is to leave it out at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. If raising the internal temperature needs to take longer because the steak was too cold, it will cause the steak to get overcooked.

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    How To Reverse Sear Steaks On The Grill

    Once youâre confident with traditional searing, why not move on to reverse searing your next steaks? Reverse searing is exactly like it sounds â you cook the inside of the meat first and sear the outside last.

    Youâll still go through all the general steps of searing, although with the reverse sear method, you can get away with a shorter time for the steaks to come to room temperature since they will be exposed to a lower heat before the sear. However, instead of bumping up your pellet grill to 500 degrees at the beginning, youâll bump it up at the end. In other words, youâll prepare your steaks, pop them onto the grill, let them get to your desired level of doneness and then give them each a three-minute searing job.

    Hereâs the lowdown on the general rules to follow:

    Amp Up The Flavor With Butter Sauce

    Best Way to Grill Steak on Charcoal â Top Tips

    When I first began work on this recipe, I tried dry rubs, oil, and simple salt and pepper. All of these are wonderful things to put on steaks, but I felt like it needed more.

    I settled on basting the steak with an herbed butter sauce. First, because butter. Second, because I have an extensive herb garden and it didnt require a trip to the store. I was worried that the butter might burn on the grill, and leave an acrid flavor, but it didnt.

    It was pure deliciousness. The herbs added complexity without masking the meatiness of the steak.

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    The Searing Question Gets Answered

    Perfect isnât always possible when it comes to grilling steaks, particularly on a pellet grill, but when youâre cooking on a Grilla, youâre on your way. Sick of eating dried up meat, missing the sear or charring? Get a Grilla Grill and reach perfection.

    The secret to cooking the perfect steaks on a pellet grill is a clear-cut technique thatâs easy to replicate. Below, weâll look at two ways to get a steakhouse-quality sear.

    Fourth Position And Testing For Doneness

    As you prepare to turn the steak for the last time, it’s time to start checking for doneness. The steak should show no red around the side and the top side should have a rich brown color. As you pick the steak up to rotate it 45 degrees , feel the density of the steak. A medium-rare steak should be firm but still have a good amount of give. Close the lid of the barbecue and continue grilling.

    After this last position, turn down the heat on your grill and, if needed, test the temperature of the steak. The internal temperatures for different levels of doneness are:

    • Rare: 120 to 130 F
    • Medium Rare: 130 to 135 F
    • Medium: 140 to 150 F
    • Medium Well: 155 to 165 F
    • Well: 170 F or higher

    If your steak needs more cook time, leave it where it is and continue grilling on medium heat until done.

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    Grill Over Indirect Heat

    You might be used to grilling steaks over a blazing hot fire. If youre cooking a 1-inch steak , thats definitely the way to go. When it comes to thick-cut steaks, youll end up burning the exterior before you can reach a perfect medium-rare inside. Solving this problem is easy: its all about time and temperature.

    Set up your grill for indirect heat and cook the steak on the cooler side. This will promote even cooking, inside and out. When it gets close to the desired cooking temperature , flip it onto the hot side of the grill. Sear it for a few minutes on each side until its finished cooking and youve gotten your grill marks. This reverse sear method may seem counterintuitive, but it creates the best browning and a nice, caramelized crust.

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