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What Is The Sauce On Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

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What Is The Sauce On Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

  • Philly Cheese Steak Pizza uses alfredo sauce as its base, but with this Philly Cheeseburger Pizza all you need is the cheese.
  • A simple combination of American white cheese and provolone cheese adds a creamy consistency that takes the place of traditional pizza sauce or the alfredo.
  • The cheeses melt into the crust and will make the most amazing sauce you will love.

What Type Of Cheese Is Best For Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

There are a few different cheeses used for Philly Cheese Steak: American Cheese, Cheeze Whiz and provolone. For this Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, I chose to use Alfredo sauce and mozzarella. The mozzarella melts to buttery cheesy, ooey gooey perfection. You may also layer the Alfredo sauce with provolone if you prefer.

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Can You Freeze Cheesesteak Pizza

Yes, you can freeze Philly Cheese Steak Pizza but be aware the bell peppers become a softer, funny texture. I recommend removing the bell pepper and mushrooms before freezing.

To freeze:

  • Bake pizza according to directions.
  • Let pizza cool completely to room temperature.
  • Add pizza slices to a large freezer safe and lay flat to freeze or wrap entire pizza a few times in plastic wrap then in foil.
  • When ready to eat, bake at 450 degrees F for 20-25 minutes or until heated through.
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    How To Make Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Like Dominos

    Learn how to make a homemade Philly cheesesteak pizza that tastes just like Dominos with this copycat recipe. This recipe for Philly cheesesteak pizza is quick and easy to make! We keep things simple by having you use a readymade pizza dough. But in case you want to make your own pizza crust, we have this Yummy Crazy Crust Pizza Recipe you can follow.

    While Dominos uses top sirloin for the pizza steak, you can opt for any type of beef you want. However, we recommend you use roast beef for that truly flavorful eating experience. We also have an easy but tasty Savory Beef Pot Roast in Crockpot Recipe you can make for this Philly cheesesteak recipe. For the cheese, we added cheddar on top of Dominos provolone cheese. And because some arent used to eating pizza without sauce, we let you use any pizza sauce you desire.

    Were sure that youll enjoy making this Dominos-inspired cheesesteak pizza as much as you will eating them!

    Tips For The Best Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

    Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Recipe
    • You need to cook the veggies in advance for a few reasons. First of all, this helps them release their moisture and keeps your pizza from getting soggy. You also get a sweeter depth of flavor from the onions than we would if we put them on the pizza raw.
    • Another couple things to prevent a soggy crust are to put a cheese base down on your pizza sauce before any other toppings, and to let all the juices drain off your meat and veggies before adding them to the Philly cheese steak pizza.
    • You can also use leftover cooked sirloin steak on your pizza. Just skip cooking it in the skillet, and add it with the cooked veggies on top of the pizza. This is best with steak that is rare or medium, not well done, since it will cook 10 minutes in the oven. Another great way to use up steak is our leftover steak tacos recipe!

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    Whats The Best Store Bought Alfredo Sauce

    Here, the best Alfredo sauces to stock your pantry.

    • Best Overall: Little Italy in the Bronx Alfredo Sauce.
    • Best Budget: Classico Creamy Alfredo Pasta Sauce.
    • Best Gluten-Free: Newmans Own Alfredo Pasta Sauce.
    • Best Vegan: Primal Kitchen No Dairy Alfredo Sauce.
    • Best Classic: RAGÚ Classic Alfredo Sauce.

    What’s A Philly Cheesesteak

    Philly cheesesteak sandwiches originated in – you guessed it – Philadelphia, PA. The famous sandwich was created in the 1930s’ and originally consisted of hot dog buns, chopped steak, and grilled onions. Today, when you think of a Philly Cheesesteak, it should have shaved beef, caramelized onions, and melty cheese on a toasted hoagie roll. Popular vegetable add-ons include red or green bellpepper and mushrooms.

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    How Do You Make Philly Cheeseburger Pizza

  • Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
  • In a large skillet cook ground beef with minced garlic. Once it begins to brown add in the pepper, onions, and mushrooms and cook until slightly tender. Drain and set aside.
  • Place American white cheese around the out surface of pizza crust and then the fill in the rest of the crust with provolone cheese. Add the beef mixture on top of the cheese and spread out evenly. Top with shredded mozzarella and Montreal steak seasoning.
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted and crust has browned slightly.
  • Slice and serve.
  • How To Make Philly Cheesesteak Recipe


    Under no circumstances I declare this as an genuine Philly cheese steak recipe. In actual fact, Ive by no means been to Philly and by no means tried an genuine model.

    That being stated, thiss how we make it and preserve it easy with high quality substances for optimum taste!

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    • Step 1. Toast the buns!!! Buttery crispy toasted buns are every part! You should utilize both butter or mayo. I typically use mayo, if I dont have softened butter.
    • Step 2. Sauté the greens, should youre utilizing. Truthfully, we frequently skip this half, as a result of Garrat doesnt course of onions and peppers properly. But when Ive some available, I add it. I all the time serve it individually although.
    • Step 3. Ensure that to thinly slice the steaks and cook dinner them on excessive warmth for fast 2 minutes, stirring regularly. Right heres a genius trick to thinly slice the meat at dwelling!
    • Step 4. Divide the meat into 4 equal piles, place cheese slices on high to soften. Then put a bun over the meat and flip over.

    Yeah, when you do that Philly cheesesteak recipe, with or with out the cheese sauce, youll perceive why its such a staple in our household! And fairly truthfully, its an ideal informal dinner for an organization too.

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    What Sauce Goes On Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

    Ketchup and mayo would be standard for a Philly cheesesteak, and Ranch or 1000 Island are always nice, and horseradish works well with beef. What sauce is on Dominos Philly steak pizza? Dominos Philly Cheese Steak Pizza no sauce on this pizza, its actually white American cheese underneath fillings and provolone on top.

    Cheese Whiz is currently a favorite topping on cheesesteaks. Leave the red gravy off if you go “wit”. My wife is from Philly and hates cheesesteaks with cheesewhiz and always gets a pizza steak—-red gravy, mozzarella, onions and green peppers.

    Philly Cheesesteak Papadia® … Perfect for On-the-Go. … Loaded with plenty of sliced steak, juicy onions, green peppers and topped with melted cheese and our signature Philly sauce, you’re sure to have heads turning in the office when you unwrap your delectable pocket of pizza/sandwich hybrid goodness.

    More About Dominos Philly Cheesesteak Pizza Sauce Recipes


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    • In a large bowl, combine the flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and ¾ cup of warm water, and mix together well, stirring steadily. Add in the olive oil once the flour begins to stick to the sides of the bowl.
    • Continue to mix together, using your hands as it gets harder to stir. If the dough is too dry and unable to form a ball, add more water a splash at a time and knead together. Once the dough is sticky and forming together, transfer to a flat, floured surface, and knead until smooth, about 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Lightly oil a large bowl, and coat the ball in the oil, placing it gently in the middle once coated. Then, cover with a towel, and leave to rise at room temperature for up to three hours.

    FromServingsEstimated Reading TimeCategoryTotal Time

    • Sauté for about 5 minutes until the vegetables are tender. Add in the roast beef then sauté until heated through. Season with salt and pepper.
    • Place the pizza dough on a baking pan and spoon on the sauce. Top with the roast beef and sautéed vegetables.

    FromCategoryServingsTotal Time


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    • Whisk together yeast, sugar and warm water in a small bowl. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes until foamy.


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    What Sauce Goes On Subway Steak And Cheese

    Subway now sells a sandwich thats a different take on the classic Philly cheesesteak, and it has a subtle chipotle kick. The sub is filled with steak, Monterey cheese, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and jalapeños, and topped with a chipotle sauce.

    Is Brooklyn Style Pizza From Dominos Good

    Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

    On the first few bites, the sauce had surprising character, tangy and vibrant. The crust earns a 3, the cheese gets a 5, the sauce is a 5, and the pepperoni a 6. Overall, because the crust is always the key, the Dominos Brooklyn style pizza earns a 4. Better than no pizza, but really no reason to eat this stuff.

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    Recipe Chef Notes + Tips

    Make-Ahead: You can caramelize the onions and meat 2-3 hours ahead of serving. Simply keep them warm in a crockpot or in a pan over low heat. The meat is thin enough that it will stay tender.

    How to Reheat the Steak: Add the desired amount of steak and onions to a small frying pan over low heat and cook until hot. You can also heat in a microwave-safe bowl until hot.

    How to Reheat the Sauce: Add the desired amount to a small saucepan and heat over low heat while occasionally stirring until hot.

    How to Store: Keep the cooked meat and onions separate from the buns and sauce and cover in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. The sauce will keep for up to 5 days covered in the fridge.

    How to Freeze: Keep the cooked meat and onions separate from the buns and sauce and cover in the freezer for up to 2 months. Thaw for 1 day in the refrigerator before reheating.

    Tools Needed: You can use a flat top pan or a regular large frying pan. You will also need a metal spatula.

    Recipe Variations To Try

    This Philly Cheesesteak Pizza boasts the same tantalizing toppings youll find in cheese steaks: thinly sliced steak, gooey melted cheese, sautéed onions, bell peppers and mushrooms .

    You can also add any of these common toppings :

    • sweet peppers
    • lettuce
    • tomatoes

    So, while Ive kept this Philly Cheese Steak Pizza recipe simple feel free to add whatever toppings your heart or belly desires!

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    What Meat Is Best For Philly Cheesesteak

    Ribeye is the steak of choice for Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. It is well-marbled and tender when cooked. Another cut that we have used with great results is flank steak which is lean but very tender when cut against the grain. You will need a little extra oil on your cooking surface if using flank steak.

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    Your Favorite Philly Cheesesteak Now In A Pizza For All Us Pizza Lovers

    Philly Cheese Steak Pizza Recipe (White Sauce)

    **I created this delicious Philly Cheesesteak Pizza as part of a sponsored post for SocialStars. All opinions are my own. #NewTraDish

    Ive actually never had an official real philly cheesesteak sandwich. I mean, I havent been to Philidelphia since I was younger and back then I dont know that we even thought about trying a Philly cheesesteak. But, I made them all the time while I was working at Legends Grille our version then was grilled up Philly steak meat, with sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms on a hoagie roll spread with lots of cream cheese. Now, with inspiration from Ragú®Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches and their Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff I decided to make a pizza. Everyone loves pizza! I knew that using Ragu® Classic Alfredo Sauce instead of marinara sauce would take this pizza to the next level, and it did!

    Now, the greatest thing about this pizza is how easy it is. I still havent mastered pizza dough, and I dont know if its worth trying for how good the dough is from the baker at our local grocery store. And then you smother that with some Ragu® Classic Alfredo Sauce, your shredded mozzarella cheese, your sauteed veggies and of course your philly meat too. If you go the easy route with the dough like I did, this pizza can be whipped up and ready to go in about 30 minutes. Using Ragu® Classic Alfredo Sauce not only made my pizza quick to make, it also gave it a delicious taste that we loved and I know your whole family will love too!

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    What Sauce Goes Good On A Philly Cheesesteak

    Cheese, onion juice, horseradish sauce and onion caramelized steak make this an amazing mouth-watering meal ed onions and mushrooms, plenty of gooey cheese and a horseradish sauce that will make your mouth water! One of my all-time favorite dishes is that squishy cheesesteak easy to prepare, you wont be disappointed.

    How To Make Philly Cheese Steak Pizza:

    The dough for this pizza comes together fairly quickly with a mix of cream cheese, mozzarella, egg, and almond flour.

    Roll it out between some parchment paper and bake it for about 10 minutes to let the crust firm up a bit.

    When its time to top the pizza, youll want to cook up some thinly sliced steak. I used ribeye, but you can use a cheaper cut if you prefer.

    Cook the steak until its just browned on the outside. Its going in the oven too, so you dont want to turn it into leather.

    After the steak is browned, toss some onions and peppers in the hot skillet and let those soften and brown a bit.

    For the sauce, Im using cream cheese. Just plain old cream cheese. Its creamy, rich, and perfect for this!! Have faith.

    Pile on the steak, veggies, and a little more cheese. Shredded provolone is good, if you can find it. Mozzarella works well too.

    Pop this back in the oven for another 10 minutes or so to melt the cheese and finish off the crust and then its time to dig in!

    Love Philly cheese steaks? Give my Philly cheesesteak casserole a try next!

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    What Kind Of Meat Is Used For A Philly Cheesesteak

    Ribeye is the steak of choice for Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. It is well-marbled and tender when cooked. Another cut that we have used with great results is flank steak which is lean but very tender when cut against the grain. You will need a little extra oil on your cooking surface if using flank steak.

    What Is A Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich Made Of

    Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

    In the U.S., its a thinly sliced beef sandwich cooked on the griddle and served with an onion or cheese sliced roll. The thinly sliced sandwich is normally made with chips and generally contains freeze-dried beef, as far as frozen chips. Uwelijks such as provolone or melted Cheez Whiz are commonly used as cheese options.

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    What Kind Of Cheese Is On A Philly Steak

    In the Philadelphia area, Mozzarella is only used on a pizza steak, a cheese steak made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and a bit of oregano usually on top. Mozzarella has become the cheese of choice on the so-called Philly Cheese Steak. Provolone is more often used on a steak hoagie, as provolone is the cheese used

    For provolone, go for a mild or medium profile with a light smoky flavor. The Bread. History. The first cheesesteak was created by a hot dog vendor in Philly who, when tired of consuming his franks for lunch everyday, had the idea to cook up some thinly sliced steak he bought from the local butcher.

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    Make The Sauted Onions And Peppers Pizza Topping

    Also see the full length tutorial video at the bottom of this post for step by step if its your first time making onions and peppers for pizza toppings. See tips for cutting peppers.

  • Add all ingredients for the onions and peppers to a large pan or large skillet on the stove, on medium-high heat. Sauté all ingredients for ~5 minutes, stirring regularly.
  • Add butter and cook for another 5-10 minutes, stirring regularly. Remove from heat before sautéed onions and peppers brown. They are done cooking when the onions and peppers are roasted on the edges and softened.
  • For more details, see this sautéed onions and peppers recipe.

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    Is Mayo In Philly Cheesesteak

    You can find great taste in your favorite Philly cheesesteak recipe when you incorporate low-cost steak like ribeye, sirloin, or shaved beef. One or more of the optional add-ons can be found on the Philly cheesesteak sandwich, including ketchup, Cheese Whiz, banana peppers, hot peppers, oregano, and or mayo as alternatives.

    The Perfect Pizza Crust

    Ultimate Philly Cheese Steak Pizza Home Made

    In constructing the dough for this recipe, I wanted to create a crust that would remind me of the familiar roll that serves as the vehicle for my beloved sandwich. I needed something light, yet chewy and substantial enough to withstand the weight of all that steak and cheese.

    If you havent attempted to make pizza crust before it can be a bit intimidating. But, Im here to preach that it is beyond worth the trouble. Heres a few tips to get you started:

    Give the Dough Sufficient Time to Rise

    The time your dough spends rising is time spent developing flavor and texture. Rushing the process will only result in a dull dough that wont properly rise during cooking. Be patient.

    Flavor Your Dough

    This dough recipe is simple but that doesnt mean you cant jazz it up. I love adding a couple dashes of seasoning to create dimension. Try onion powder, garlic powder or dried oregano! Add in your seasoning during the stretching process.

    How to Stretch the Dough

    Dont be stingy with the flour! Coat your surface heavily and add more as needed. Gently use a floured rolling pin to roll out your dough. Then, use you hands to gently work your dough to get your desired shape.

    Make Ahead of Time

    If you find yourself wanting to make pizza but dont always have the time I would suggest making your dough ahead of time.

    To thaw, place the pizza dough in the refrigerator overnight and roll it out when youre ready!

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